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00:14 Welcome back! My favorite thing, and even as I travel
00:17 we are going around the world now, especially since this
00:20 program has been out.
00:21 I get to hear testimonies from every place, every country
00:24 and is just amazing that my favorite thing is to watch
00:28 somebody's eyes as they tell you their joy of being
00:31 able to get out from underneath something.
00:33 Whatever their addiction is, whatever their fear is,
00:36 we did this on the first program is when people think
00:40 addiction they think drugs, drinking, but it's sexual
00:43 addiction, gambling, lying, eating disorders, depression,
00:46 anger, and all that stuff.
00:48 But as you see somebody getting out from underneath that
00:52 and you see the joy it is so incredible to see.
00:54 That is, I think, the energy from this program comes from
00:58 the fact that people who were once subject to this stuff,
01:03 has gotten the victory, the recovery aspect of it.
01:06 It makes it so real and makes it such a strong Ministry,
01:09 because someone sitting in the home figuring I am the only
01:12 one, by myself and no one is ever going to see me.
01:14 I'm going to be here and never be able to defeat this
01:17 thing, turns on the television set and hear someone saying
01:19 I used to be right where you're sitting.
01:20 - and I felt the same way.
01:21 Yeah, yeah, yeah and I can tell you there is victory
01:24 because I've got it.
01:26 That to me, I'm glad you mentioned it, because there was
01:29 a person that I met recently that has no idea how
01:33 incredibility gifted she is.
01:34 I know that and I know how that feels because after 10
01:38 years of homelessness, and not being able to read and
01:41 stuff and somebody said God has a plan for you.
01:43 I think are you kidding me, what plan could He have?
01:45 I don't know anything, I don't do anything.
01:47 What would you like to do? I don't know, I don't even
01:50 know who I am.
01:51 So speaking into the lives of somebody that feels just
01:55 that, is just saying I'm excited for God to show you.
01:59 In time He unfolds that for you and you think, stop I
02:03 didn't know I could do that.
02:05 I didn't even know I had that gift or that talent.
02:08 So watching every single one of these testimonies, you see
02:12 people wake up to that.
02:13 That God says you don't even know who you are, and I am
02:17 excited to show you, and I think that is fun.
02:20 Some people are thinking that before He can help me, He has to
02:23 know where my address is, He doesn't know that I exist.
02:26 To come to the realization that He knows who you are.
02:28 He has been following you and tracking you and now He is
02:31 ready for you to make that turn.
02:32 The sadness in the heart of God, that for years and years,
02:36 maybe even from birth, that we believe the lie that we are
02:40 nothing, and God says you have never been nothing, you are My
02:44 Child and I love you.
02:45 That's what maintenance is in recovery and it's amazing.
02:50 As soon as you can get over this fighting for your recovery
02:54 from addiction, then I can start showing you who you are.
02:58 The addiction was never who you are, it's what you fell
03:01 into, that's what your family was into, that's what you
03:03 jumped into in high school or whatever.
03:05 But you are amazing, you are a child of God created by Me.
03:09 Sometimes Cheri, God doesn't even define us the way we
03:12 define ourselves, we allow these things, this baggage to
03:16 define us, and God says I see way beyond that.
03:18 You are not nothing, you are something, you are really,
03:21 really something and I am going to show you that if you
03:25 you'll just give Me an opportunity.
03:26 - exactly! - Yeah
03:27 I have talked many times about when God finally said,
03:30 I'm not telling you not to do your recovery stuff and the
03:34 things you do everyday, but do something else too.
03:37 I learned piano and art and started taking up cycling not
03:41 Long ago and God says let Me show you some things that
03:45 are going to help you laugh out loud.
03:46 We're going to do another role in, in this role in I love.
03:49 I'm going to start with Raven, and Raven has this
03:53 incredible history, she was molested and because of the loss
04:00 of a father, not having a father grabbed hold of what ever
04:03 relationship and really defined herself by that.
04:05 Got in to even homosexuality, maybe I'm gay or whatever.
04:10 She really started to allow God into her life and bring
04:14 healing, it's just amazing.
04:15 You are going to love her.
04:16 Lee and Amy both were into New Age but from different parts
04:21 of the country, they were raised in the same area and
04:26 didn't know each other.
04:28 They were just searching, maybe I'm connected to everyone woman
04:34 in the spiritual realm, and whoever existed,
04:36 or past life stuff.
04:38 They get into a lot of that and both of them came into a
04:42 relationship with God and with recovery and then met each
04:46 other, so with them it's amazing to listen to them.
04:49 Dan and Angela is another couple that we interviewed this
04:55 season, Dan was raised by a schizophrenic mother and had
05:02 this horrible sadness his whole life.
05:05 I'm not even sure that the drugs, the alcohol and the
05:10 occults that he got into was a result of this little child
05:13 that had nothing, and then he got into escort services,
05:17 prostitution, and all this thing.
05:20 At the end of the day, and this is true for any of our
05:24 addictions, at the end of the day we are still empty.
05:27 At the end of the day to grief is horrendous, because I
05:31 have grabbed all this stuff into my life and am empty.
05:34 I am lost, I don't know what to do.
05:35 At that point you step into recovery, and God says you
05:39 have never been lost and I love you and will walk you
05:42 every step and the joy you will see in these testimonies
05:46 are amazing so enjoy the role in.
05:50 It seem like I was trying to put the pieces together
05:52 because in my brain nothing was coming together in
05:55 chronological order.
05:57 But my upbringing was very disturbing, it was.
06:03 I was abused early and I was picked on constantly.
06:07 It seem like I was just the underdog for the majority
06:12 of my life, and after being raped, and the difficulty I
06:18 found the most is that no one seemed to notice that
06:23 something was wrong with me.
06:25 And that just thrills me and it is what I am under-
06:29 standing now, 17 years since I found Christ.
06:31 I found Him again last year after the birth of my first
06:34 child and through many traumatic experiences after the birth.
06:39 You know, go on with that because I think a lot of times
06:42 people think that seeking after means behaviorally I get it
06:46 right, change my behavior and strive to be good enough.
06:49 God said who told you that?
06:51 Right, Jesus has done it all and He showed me, He showed
06:54 me that He is broken over us.
06:56 That's what He revealed to me, He showed me that His pain
06:59 has been caused by my sin and that is what turned me
07:02 around and caused me to fall in love with Him again.
07:04 I just wanted to say that in my situation it was the same
07:08 thing with my growing up years.
07:09 I was in one cult and found the Lord through Billy Graham in the
07:12 middle of two cults and I was involved in another one with
07:15 my husband, but both of those was the same thing where you
07:17 are not good enough, you're not good enough.
07:20 The second one was so severe it was almost like you believe
07:24 all these things and you have to have a lot of faith.
07:27 If you do not have enough faith, perfect faith, then you
07:29 are not good enough and God is not pleased with you.
07:31 Because of the last cult, since I did not have enough faith
07:34 everyone blamed me for all these things that God couldn't
07:37 bless us with because I didn't have enough faith.
07:41 Wow, that is so impressive.
07:42 Cheri I never, it never ceases to amaze me the kinds of
07:45 things that people find themselves in and the kinds of
07:49 coping mechanisms now that they develop for recovery.
07:52 How God assists them in that recovery.
07:55 In fact you can fall into the deepest hole and you could
07:59 get out, that there is hope to get out regardless
08:02 of what you have done, regardless of what you have
08:05 done to yourself, or what has been done to you.
08:07 You can get out, I think that this is a message this
08:10 program has been giving for six seasons.
08:12 Even when you think you are lost you are not because God
08:16 knows where you are and He is ready and waiting
08:19 to help you get found.
08:20 You know even in the last role in where they were talking
08:23 about initially you think it is your addiction, or you
08:27 think it is the alcoholism, or you think it's the drug
08:30 addiction, the sexual addiction like what Dan was saying.
08:34 Then you realize, for Dan, he was raised by a schizophrenic
08:37 mother and you realize how does that feel?
08:41 What kinds of things were set up years before you tried to
08:46 self medicate, you know he talks about paying an escort
08:49 service and he finally has a girlfriend, well he doesn't
08:54 he paid someone $150 and yet for him that was the only real
08:58 connection that he ever had before he started to trust
09:01 in the recovery process and jumped into that.
09:05 The only sense of normalcy he had was abnormal.
09:08 It was a mom who couldn't read, you couldn't fathom from
09:12 one moment to the next, let alone one day to the next.
09:16 So then you develop these mechanisms to sort of heal
09:19 yourself and they don't work so now it is like what do I do?
09:24 It's so crazy, I love when in his interview particularly,
09:27 he was talking about a woman that stepped in to his life.
09:31 She stepped into his life and would say to him that is
09:35 crazy thinking, that is crazy thinking.
09:37 I just have to say God bless you for saying that.
09:41 For addicts that's what we need, someone to hold up
09:44 a mirror and say, most of us are too polite, or we think
09:47 we're too polite that we don't want to just say,
09:50 you know what that is nuts.
09:52 That's nuts, write it down and let's process that.
09:54 She would make him do that, write it down, write exactly
09:57 you thought down and I'm going to tell you every crazy
10:00 thing you have said.
10:02 He said there were times that the entire 8, 9 pages,
10:05 she would say that's a crazy person.
10:07 But that is what he learned was reality and someone stayed
10:10 with him for day after day after day and said we are going
10:14 to walk through this, we're going to learn this.
10:16 A lot of folks have asked me, Cheri what do you think of
10:20 medications or whatever.
10:22 I think there is a place for all that, but we use more
10:25 medications than we need to because people don't stay with
10:28 us, do you know what I mean?
10:30 The body of Christ even, recovery even, AA it doesn't
10:34 matter because they come to meetings every night, 3 times a
10:37 day if you need to, but the body of Christ doesn't
10:41 necessarily have the time to do that.
10:43 So hear me, I'm calling you on that.
10:47 For some of these folks, somebody somewhere said let me
10:53 just stay with you on this, and that is an incredible thing.
10:56 God stays with us and He brings people in our lives that
10:59 actually do the same thing.
11:02 We have another group that I would like to share.
11:06 I love when I get to bring my friends in, because I know
11:09 them and every part of their recovery.
11:11 It's fun to share that with you, so Jason and Rachel had
11:17 probably one of the bigger tattoo shops in our area.
11:22 They are covered and using and crazy, I mean crazy.
11:27 Had a lot of stuff and they decided at one point that
11:32 because of the junk that was coming up constantly,
11:36 that their marriage wasn't going to last, nothing was
11:39 going to work for them and they ended up coming into our
11:44 church just to work with somebody on the marriage issue.
11:48 It was fun to watch God just step in and say welcome.
11:54 You'll enjoy just their testimony and how real it was.
11:59 She had years of prostitution and abuse and cutting.
12:03 He had the same kind of thing, just craziness.
12:07 Had a child born that was strung out on heroin and
12:10 his ex-wife dies in her addiction.
12:14 So then with all that trauma, all that damage you finally
12:19 stand up and say are right I am ready.
12:22 I wish we were smarter, I wish we would say alright I am
12:26 ready sooner, but God says I don't care when you say it.
12:30 I can bandage, heal or whatever so in this particular
12:35 story is about that.
12:36 Then the other two role in's I that I want you to see are the
12:39 same couple, they are some friends of mine.
12:41 He's a meth addict and she's got co-dependencies and
12:46 relationship addictions that are huge.
12:48 I would come into church and look at him and he'd be
12:53 so high, in worship he was hitting the bongos,
12:56 I'm like, you know what?
12:57 Get in the Pastor's office, what is wrong with you?
13:01 He'd say what? I'd say are you high?
13:04 No, I'd say you are high and he was like no I am not.
13:08 He said I have an accountability partner here at church.
13:11 I said who is it? and he would name some Boy Scout that
13:14 has no idea about addictions and can be played easily.
13:18 He finally would admit to being high.
13:20 Knowing that for him the church was the only safe place.
13:24 So one of the interviews I did with them was the whole
13:27 journey coming out of meth addiction, coming out of all
13:30 that and understanding were some of the injury was.
13:34 But I wanted them to do another program talking about the
13:38 roots of that, like when we were talking about Dan earlier
13:41 who was raised by a schizophrenic mother.
13:45 With Jeremy and Heidi, Jeremy was molested as a little boy.
13:49 His father left and he was not protected by a lot of men.
13:54 Lack of stability in his home and then was molested again
13:58 by a pastors wife who said I'm going to leave my husband and
14:02 marry you and then he jumps into meth addiction.
14:05 He had to really allow God, not only the first part of his
14:09 recovery, but then to step into where the roots of all this
14:14 were so they don't just settle there and cause a relapse.
14:18 So enjoy this role in, how I love these guys.
14:24 It wasn't fun, my drinking was, it ruined a lot of things.
14:29 It wrecked my life. - it robbed you?
14:33 It really did and I got a DUl and locked up in a jailhouse
14:37 in orange county and they let me out and I put my car over
14:41 a fire hydrant, and I was trying to get it off the fire
14:46 hydrant with the guys in my car.
14:47 The water is coming up and I am soaked from toe to chest.
14:51 They got me in the car and take me over to the house and
14:54 they did not have any jumpsuits so I spent the night in wet
14:57 clothes until they let me out at six o'clock in the morning.
15:02 So I have to walk 21/2 miles back to my studio, my kingdom.
15:06 Of course I have to call mommy, I got a DUl and as I'm
15:11 talking to her at 6:30 in the morning, I'm cracking a beer.
15:13 Was your mom trying to intervene at all?
15:16 She tried but I was becoming a rebel, I was rebelling
15:21 against everything that she was trying to do for me.
15:27 So I would run away, I was on the streets when I was 16,
15:31 sleeping in these tunnels with a friend of mine.
15:35 I was couch hopping and doing whatever I could, a lot of
15:39 car hopping which is basically breaking into cars and
15:43 finding whatever I could just to get me by.
15:47 The molest wasn't really the hardest one, that was pretty
15:52 easy because I forget that person a long time ago.
15:56 The hardest one was with the pastors wife.
15:59 When we came upon that one I broke down and cried
16:07 like a 15-year-old.
16:10 I love the fact that God just says I am going to walk with
16:14 you, I'm going to teach you, and I know I keep saying that,
16:17 but it is because it is true.
16:20 And there is a part of me that I know and the more we cover
16:24 it, the more I get to where I am thinking, you know what?
16:28 I'm not relapsing when tragedy hits, I'm not doing that kind
16:33 of stuff, but I am still looking at one more step, one more
16:37 thing to learn, one more hurt I didn't know was in there.
16:42 I hope this makes sense, but Brad and I are working on some
16:47 things at one point and he said to me, let's talk about
16:51 because the other day you were really mad at me, and I was.
16:56 I get mad in a quiet way and it's really loud because I'm
17:00 not a yeller and I don't scream,
17:02 you know what I do. - yeah!
17:04 Like he would say what is wrong and I'd say nothing, I am
17:07 alright, and he is like you never are silent.
17:11 So when I am silent people around me say
17:14 okay what happened?
17:15 So he was like, let's talk about it.
17:19 I really don't want to have all this stuff unspoken in our
17:23 lives, so I say whenever I come home from doing an event,
17:27 I'm doing something and even we brought my Pastor in.
17:30 I wanted someone to work with us on this one.
17:32 So Pastor Joe, and I love him, we brought Joe in and I said,
17:37 whenever I come back from a major event, you will ask me
17:41 how much money did you make?
17:43 I'm thinking, I hate that, you ask me that.
17:48 He doesn't understand why do you hate that.
17:52 I just hate that and I said at one point sometimes I feel
17:55 like just shooting you and telling you to leave my house.
17:57 I want a divorce, this is crazy.
18:00 This rage and anger, and I don't want to see him, I don't
18:04 want to come home, I don't want that question to be spoken.
18:07 I know that that is a little over the top, right?
18:10 So finally Joe says, when is the first time you felt that?
18:15 I was on the street working in a club and a heroine addict
18:20 that I was working for said, Cheri,
18:24 how much money did you make?
18:25 I didn't know that I associated that with that question
18:29 when Brad asked me thinking you cannot make this Ministry
18:32 into something that's dirty, or something not good,
18:35 or whatever, and whenever that question was asked,
18:38 I took it all the way back to being homeless on the street,
18:41 and strung out, and working for someone else.
18:43 In that moment I felt like the Holy Spirit said, Cheri,
18:48 let it go it was never about that for him.
18:50 So I think in our recovery when our buttons get pushed,
18:55 we are reacting in crazy ways, we don't even know why we
18:59 are acting and should ask God even in prayer.
19:02 If you have to bring someone in to help you with that.
19:04 Even in prayer just say Jesus where did I just go with that?
19:08 Let Him tell you, he went all the way back to a molest,
19:11 back to an abuse, all way back to a crazy schizophrenic
19:15 mother and God says, I want to set you free from that.
19:19 That's what makes the show so incredibly relational is
19:23 because you have never come from a I got this thing sewed
19:27 up kind of space, you're always in here learning with you.
19:31 I'm in here recovering with you.
19:33 I've got warts, I got holes in my game, I'm not solid,
19:37 I'm not totally healed.
19:38 I'm not saying look at me I've got this thing together.
19:41 Hey we are in here together trying to keep each other from
19:44 drowning and swimming upstream together.
19:47 What I love about that is, and God is saying, He is excited
19:52 that we get close to an issue and He senses that this is the
19:58 time she is going to be able to let that go.
20:00 I think all of heaven just rejoices, there is a celebration
20:03 This has been a plague for years and now she is doing it
20:07 without drugs, but it is still hurtful and plaguing her.
20:10 God says, I really do want the joy of the Lord to be your
20:14 strength, it says that in the Bible, that is our strength.
20:18 But when we have all these injuries, somebody says when we
20:21 have, they were telling me all these infirmities,
20:25 all these things that get at us and they gave
20:29 an example of a tree.
20:30 When you cut into a tree, this huge tree, there is rings
20:34 on the tree that tells the years of how old this tree is.
20:38 But the rings will show years of drought, years of fire,
20:42 years for the tree almost didn't make it, pestilence,
20:45 or abuse or some kind of bug got in there.
20:48 You can actually see that in those rings, but you can't
20:51 see it when the tree is just standing there.
20:52 When you cut into it you can see it.
20:54 I think that in our hearts it is the same way, so God knows
20:57 that we have those years of damage that sometimes we don't
21:02 surrender to Him, and in the fact that I try to do it myself,
21:07 I try to hold myself, try to walk with it is like having
21:10 baggage, I have this extra baggage.
21:12 God says you can't walk with that anymore.
21:14 So in our maintenance part of recovery just saying can
21:17 I give this to You then? Can I just give You this then?
21:20 He says yes, I've been waiting for years.
21:23 So when I gave that thing about the money issue with Brad,
21:27 when he asked me how much money did I make?
21:29 When I saw it for what it was, then when I looked at Brad's
21:31 pain he started to just weep when he realize that I
21:35 thought that he looked at me that way.
21:38 I thought that he had meant it that way, he just cried.
21:41 He said, I have never, I love you with everything in me
21:44 and I would never want to hurt you in that way.
21:47 He said I am so sorry that you have ever been hurt that
21:50 way and I am looking at him thinking so it's ridiculous
21:53 that I'm still carrying this.
21:56 Jesus said yes, give it to Me, surrender it to Me.
21:59 I felt a freedom and it was absolutely unbelievable.
22:03 I know, like you said, as I walk through this journey
22:07 I want to say can we just do a show today because I want
22:10 to tell somebody that.
22:12 When we do the program and line this up we are really saying
22:16 that as we learn, as the person who gives the testimony learns
22:20 we want to share with you so that you can get it.
22:23 Maybe it will cut those years where you are carrying the
22:26 baggage to cut them shorter where you can surrender it
22:30 faster or easier and that I think is amazing.
22:33 It is an amazing thing to be able to do.
22:35 With knowledge comes change of perspective.
22:37 You got some knowledge of where he was coming from and he
22:39 surely got some knowledge of where you are coming from.
22:42 So there comes a change in relationship, they are in if
22:45 for no other reason lies the value of this show.
22:48 That it gives us perspective because it gives us a
22:51 knowledge base, hey she went through that.
22:53 She was strung out on heroine, she was on the street,
22:56 she knows all that stuff, I am not alone.
22:58 Let's see what she did because maybe that will work for me.
23:01 For six years we have been seeing that and we will see it
23:04 again very, very powerfully in this particular season.
23:07 Yeah with everybody story, with everybody's testimony.
23:10 Again I want to say the biggest thing about this season,
23:13 and I really didn't even know how we were going to go with
23:17 this season other than I wanted to present the testimonies.
23:20 I really wanted to just get a visual of how God changes
23:24 a life, but again realizing that the entire base,
23:29 the entire teaching or learning was to press into God
23:34 and to learn to pray.
23:35 'Pressing into His Presence',
23:37 Shelley's book, the thing I loved about that.
23:40 She said that when she gets away from that connection with
23:44 God, when she gets away from that daily bringing it to God,
23:48 and figuring out who He is.
23:50 Sometimes I think we go and just say I want to ask your
23:55 forgiveness for this, and this, and this and okay then this.
24:00 We come and just lay everything out at Him as if somehow He
24:04 needs our junk, I'm not saying that's wrong.
24:08 It's incredible, but He is not a pagan god in that sense.
24:12 He doesn't need us to confess for that reason.
24:14 He says I have all kinds of stuff to give you,
24:17 so if you come just to give Me your junk, and you never wait
24:21 long enough for Me to pour into your life, it will take
24:26 longer, this recovery thing will take longer.
24:28 So the 'Pressing into His Presence' hopefully is a book
24:31 that will teach you how to press in and let His victory, His
24:36 love, His knowledge of recovery, which is greater than mine.
24:41 But His knowledge of recovery can be poured into our
24:46 lives, so I know you have some reference to this book.
24:50 The acronym that she uses is praise.
24:53 So every morning she gets up and spent an hour with God.
24:57 She does it on her laptop, literally writes to Him on her
25:01 laptop, some people can journal in a journal book if you
25:04 like to write.
25:05 Some people don't like to do any of that so they are just
25:07 on their knees and pray, some people don't like that so
25:10 just walk around the house and rant and rave because it
25:12 doesn't matter to God how we do it, it just is the
25:14 connection is important, so praise the acronym is, the first
25:18 part is the P. that you learn to praise God, who is He?
25:22 This is a God that spoke the world into existence and to
25:25 literally speaks and something happens.
25:28 He says I want to speak into your life and I am like all
25:30 right, I'd love that.
25:31 Find out who He is, go through the Bible and literally look
25:35 at, like C. A. what is it that the psalmist said about who
25:39 God is? And start reading some of that so in your heart
25:42 you get a sense that He is bigger than I thought.
25:45 - Precisely. - which is amazing.
25:47 The R. is repentance, there is always a ton of stuff I need to
25:51 come to God with everyday and say you know I really didn't
25:56 want to shoot her but she irritated me, forgive me.
26:00 Forgive me that I'm not more patient.
26:02 - Repenting of the activity with the mindset of by Your
26:06 strength, I'm not going to do this again.
26:08 Years ago we had a Bible study and there was a young lady
26:12 that would come and she would say I went to this party woke
26:17 up with somebody in bed I don't know.
26:18 A week later she went to another party and woke up in bed
26:21 with somebody she didn't know.
26:22 As the facilitator of the Bible study said, I don't want
26:25 to thump on her but the other Bible study students said,
26:28 you know what, stop going to parties.
26:32 Stay home on a Friday night for change, and you'll wake
26:34 up in your own bed.
26:35 It's not to say I did bad, I did bad but I did bad and I
26:41 want to stop that's when recovery comes.
26:43 I want to stop Lord help me to stop. - exactly!
26:45 What is really incredible too is that in this season what
26:48 we are saying, is to stop and ask God how do I do that?
26:51 Where is the damage at? What do You think about that?
26:55 What is so fabulous about God is that He starts loving
26:58 on us and showing us that stuff.
27:00 So the R. is repentance and then you go into A., I have
27:06 to see if I can spell.
27:08 P R A, - it is affirmations of the Bible that says who we
27:13 are and how incredible that is.
27:15 I. is for intercession, how do I pray for someone else?
27:20 - P R A I S, - is for pray for myself, literally saying to
27:26 God I don't even know who I am.
27:29 I'm not even sure that I can lean on my own understanding.
27:33 about who I am and where I stand today so I'm going to ask
27:36 You to come into my life and show me who I am in Your eyes.
27:40 Show me the next step, those things.
27:42 It's called supplication, I am actually going to pray for
27:46 myself and then you end with E.
27:48 I'm going to enter into the stillness of God and let Him
27:51 speak to me, which is amazing.
27:53 When you stop finally and you have said everything you need
27:57 to say and all of a sudden are quiet, God literally shows
28:01 up and says now let Me show you this for today.
28:03 He just speaks into what you need for that day.
28:06 That is absolutely amazing so when you get a solid sense of
28:09 that the likelihood of a relapse is minimal.
28:14 It is the daily connection with God that is huge.
28:18 Do it however you can do it, we have just got this book
28:21 because it is one way to show you.
28:23 So we are going to go ahead and take a break and
28:25 come back for the close.
28:27 I pray that you will just enjoy every single testimony
28:30 this season, hang in there with us we will be right back.


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