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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery
00:12 I'm Cheri and this is going into our sixth season
00:15 so today we are going to introduce you to all the
00:18 incredible guests we have had this season.
00:20 It's amazing and come join us in the café.
00:50 Hi I'm C. A. Murray and as Cheri said we are in our
00:53 six season, if you can believe that.
00:55 Six years, six seasons of letting people do their thing
00:59 and letting people talk about their problems and the
01:02 catharsis that comes from when you just lay it out
01:05 there, and the healing that comes.
01:07 It's amazing. - you know I need to do something before
01:10 we get into our season, I need to do something I know
01:12 you are not comfortable with, I need to pay you a compliment.
01:15 Oh great! Because I am so not comfortable with that.
01:19 But I want to give you flowers while you can still
01:22 smell them, because the other day we went to visit a
01:24 friend who you know has a diagnosis of cancer.
01:27 We went to cheer her up.
01:28 I saw you work with her and be very real with her.
01:33 We prayed together and had a wonderful time and when we left
01:36 there she felt a lot better about what she's going to face.
01:39 She has got to face some tough stuff, but we were there to
01:42 hold her hand and pray with her.
01:43 I wanted to say, because what people see on this set is the
01:46 real Cheri, you're like that on the set, you're like that
01:49 off the set and God has given you a special gift to pull out
01:52 the truth out of people in a very real way.
01:54 I want to thank you for that.
01:55 I've been watching you these six seasons that we have
01:57 been able to share a little bit, I want to say God's
01:59 Spirit is really with you on the set and it is a pleasure
02:01 to work with you.
02:02 Thank you, thank you C. A., and what is really amazing to
02:05 me about that is that I watch somebody that is growing
02:08 in the recovery, like you see them at first and think
02:12 you know what, how are you going to let God take over?
02:15 Are you going to let God do that?
02:16 Then you start to watch that and then when you say, would
02:20 you say, tell your journey on Celebrating Life?
02:23 Tell us what happened, who God is, and what your walk is
02:27 like now and you could see them just light up because
02:31 everything in their life has been so twisted and crashed.
02:34 Now they are going to say something to help someone else,
02:38 that is a part of the whole thing.
02:39 So you watch God do that healing here, and we only get to
02:43 see what is on the camera.
02:44 I almost feel sorry for the viewers sometimes because
02:47 as soon as the camera is off people are praying for each
02:50 other, people are holding each other up, they are talking
02:53 about one more thing and crying that they can't get over
02:56 this, somebody has given them advice, try this.
02:59 What happens behind the scenes is pretty spectacular.
03:02 What happens on the set is good too. - yeah it is!
03:05 You get to facilitate that and I need to say this,
03:08 there is only one Cheri Peters.
03:11 God sort of broke the mold and I don't know if the
03:14 world could stand two.
03:16 You know that's too funny.
03:18 You're a blessing for us, you really are.
03:19 You're funny, I have to just say that this season was fun
03:23 for me because there was a couple things that happened
03:27 to me this season, and I want to say preparing, I'm just
03:31 too flaky to prepare.
03:33 But as I am coming into this season and I knew it was
03:36 coming, we were doing prison ministries, traveling a lot,
03:40 and all of a sudden I had this major death in my family.
03:44 I just really, there was a part in me that said how am
03:48 I going to do this?
03:50 I went to God and was trying to process stuff knowing that
03:53 this is coming up, it was really a difficult time.
03:56 All of a sudden God reminded me, I didn't go back to any
04:00 addictions, I didn't lean that direction.
04:04 I didn't want to run an escape and that kind of stuff.
04:07 With all the stuff going on I wanted to celebrate that.
04:10 You know what for the first time in my life I can get
04:13 hit with things that would send people over the edge,
04:16 I'm not even close to the edge.
04:19 Because God said you're foundation is solid, you're okay
04:22 This is going to hurt, so this season I wanted to
04:27 really introduce that kind of concept that as you grow,
04:31 get things underneath you that are so strong that when you
04:35 get hit, because people think if I get hit, oh stop.
04:39 We live in a world and it's going to come in odd ways,
04:43 like it's going to come with a cancer diagnosis.
04:46 Or maybe a child acting out, with the husband you'll find
04:50 online porn, or with your own junk, I mean it is going
04:54 to come and when it comes, do I have enough in my own self,
04:58 with my relationship with God, that as it comes I can just
05:01 say, you know what? I'm going to get through this.
05:04 Pain is not going to kill me. - right, right!
05:07 A friend of mine told me years ago when I was going through
05:09 some stuff, and I say all the time I've got stuff,
05:12 and you've got stuff, everybody's got stuff.
05:13 Everybody gets a turn, nobody escapes, everybody gets a
05:17 turn, and you have found certainly that in helping others
05:21 you are yourself helped.
05:23 I mean it is a law. - Amen, and Amen!
05:25 When the Bible talks about, and you know I love the passage
05:28 where it says when tribulations come, not if they come,
05:31 but when they come don't back away from them too fast.
05:34 You really will find out who you are.
05:37 Sometimes I find out something, I think I never thought
05:40 I could get through this and then we go to dinner with
05:43 someone who is getting a cancer diagnosis,
05:46 or dealing with something is that I don't have to back away
05:48 from that because I have been through some of that and I
05:51 know what to say.
05:52 So it is like don't back away from things too quick
05:54 and let it play out in your life and really
05:57 develop who you are.
05:59 I love that that's John 16:33, in the world ye shall,
06:01 not might, not maybe, you shall have tribulation.
06:04 You know it is going to come.
06:05 So this season I want to share with you some of the guests
06:09 that we have had, some of them have been so amazing.
06:12 My most favorite is my husband is a fairly new Christian.
06:16 We've been married going on 22 years and he is amazing,
06:20 but he just now is giving it to God.
06:23 He is given it got in a way that he turned to me and said
06:27 I just want to show you how much I love you.
06:29 I'm thinking all right I'll love that.
06:31 So the first role in I want to say, my favorite one is my
06:36 husband Brad, talking about his testimony.
06:38 And speaking of Brad, I have to say this because we thought
06:41 he was a figment of your imagination.
06:43 We had never seen Brad before, heard about him for many
06:46 years and he actually came.
06:47 First of all he's a nice guy, loves the Lord and really
06:50 loves his wife, that is cool.
06:52 Watching his spiritual journey has been amazing to me.
06:55 For the first 14, 15 years of our marriage he could care
06:58 less about any of that.
06:59 I'm doing evangelism and all this stuff and God is telling me
07:02 someday he is going to step up and take spiritual
07:05 leadership not only of the Ministry, but of his home
07:08 and all that stuff.
07:09 I'm like, yeah right, because I'm not seeing it.
07:11 When he did, oh my goodness, it is amazing to me that he
07:16 literally is trying to win my heart, he's praying over the
07:20 home, and the family, and in the Bible.
07:23 So I wanted to share that, when a man steps up and takes
07:27 that role and their family it is absolutely amazing.
07:31 So it's fun that it gets to be my husband.
07:37 The next one that I want to talk about is a guy named
07:40 Reggie, I met him when I was doing prisons in Arkansas.
07:43 He is in prison Ministry, but he himself had been in
07:47 prison, in gangs, and just the way God got a hold of him,
07:51 right in the middle of almost getting killed, by just this
07:55 horrible fight when God gets his heart.
07:57 He steps into that, steps into his journey with God trying
08:01 to find out what recovery was all about.
08:03 He now has this family that is amazing so I wanted people
08:07 to meet the entire family.
08:09 I'd like to do a role ins with all of these, but the other
08:12 one is a guy named Aaron.
08:14 Aaron was another strung out, his parents were Christians and
08:21 Aaron been praying for him for ever.
08:23 One day he is just out of it totally, his heart is beating
08:26 and he thinks he is going to die.
08:28 He could just text on his phone, help me and sent it to
08:31 his dad and it changes everything.
08:33 So I would like you to do enjoy these role ins, man it has
08:36 been an amazing season with these guys.
08:42 But the path that God has walked me through, and the things
08:45 that He has shown me, both me and you have been nothing
08:48 short of miracles along the way.
08:50 So that part is really interesting, I think what's
08:52 really exciting for me is starting to really understand
08:57 what God intends for me as the man of the family, as the
09:01 head of the household.
09:02 - spiritual leader, - spiritual leader, yeah.
09:04 Understanding what that really is and what He is expecting.
09:08 As I start to take it that mantel on, assuming, that place
09:12 what happens to everything underneath me including what
09:16 happens to my relationship with you.
09:18 I didn't know this is going to take a toll on me but I
09:22 really wanted that relationship, especially with him,
09:26 with my father you know.
09:28 My mom was there and she did a whole lot of things for me
09:31 but that relationship with him, I wanted that.
09:35 I used to see kids, even in school, would come up with both
09:38 of their parents and stuff like that and I would just sit
09:41 there and stare, I wanted that relationship with my father.
09:44 One of the things that put things at a wedge for our
09:49 children was that because Gwen wanted to have a career and
09:56 the type of security she saw, she would say I'll deal with
10:04 the kids at a later age.
10:06 She couldn't deal with them when they were very young,
10:09 she said when they become teenagers.
10:12 Well by that time the tree has already grown and you just
10:16 can't bend it at that time.
10:18 So that became a real push and pull for us.
10:26 I love that, I have got to say that there were times in my
10:29 relationship with Brad where he literally got on his knees
10:32 in front of me and asked me to forgive him for the years
10:35 that he wasn't there spiritually.
10:37 As a woman I just wept like a baby, and nothing was fake
10:43 about that, he just wanted to say I'm sorry,
10:46 I just didn't get it.
10:47 I think for a lot of the people that you saw is that in
10:50 their life their walking around saying, I just didn't get it.
10:54 Like Aaron, and with his mom and dad just stayed faithful
10:58 in their prayers for him for ever.
11:00 He says to them constantly, I didn't get it and now he is
11:04 doing a Ministry, he's teaching people about health,
11:06 he's teaching people about how to get some solid ground
11:09 under them as far as their recovery, and he still is this
11:12 little gangster that has tattoos on his face.
11:14 When you look at him you think are you kidding me?
11:17 He is so in love with God, so in love with recovery,
11:20 there is a solidness about who he is and his whole family
11:25 stands behind him too, and it is incredible.
11:28 Look at Reginald, Aaron and wonder how these guys,
11:31 they don't look like gang members because God has done
11:34 such a great work in their lives and of course, Brad we
11:37 all wondered who is the guy that married Cheri Peters?
11:40 We wanted to meet the guy, off course having met him,
11:43 solid guy with a great testimony and it's nice to have
11:46 the whole family working towards one goal now isn't it?
11:49 Amen, and I think what God's goal is for us, in our
11:53 recovery, regardless of who we are, I not only want to
11:56 bring you to a place were you like being your own skin,
11:59 where you are going to be enjoying life and
12:01 you are getting it a being transform all that stuff.
12:04 We come from places where were we are lying, and
12:06 manipulating and running and playing everybody.
12:09 He said I would like to teach you not only how to connect
12:13 with Me, but how to connect with your family and have that
12:17 healthy thing in your home.
12:18 I mean it is huge because we think it is all about us and
12:22 recovery and God just wants to pan back and said you have
12:25 a generation that is going to follow you and all that is
12:29 important. - yeah, yeah, and Reginald has that whole family
12:33 all moving together, it's cool, singing together
12:35 working together and praying together.
12:37 You saw them what I brought them to church on
12:39 one of the Sabbath's and they were full of joy, full of joy.
12:43 Him and his little son doing an evangelistic series,
12:46 he's only 12 years old. - in a mall, that is so cool.
12:50 His whole idea was I think I can do that and his sister
12:53 being seven years old said something to me in church on
12:57 the Sabbath that they talked to me in church.
12:59 She said, I just didn't think God could use him,
13:02 he was eight of years old when he started.
13:04 I am thinking that this is from a gang member, this is the
13:08 children of a gang member.
13:09 I'm like God, how cool are You, I just want to kiss Him
13:13 on the face just and say.
13:14 I think we have no idea that God is capable of coming
13:18 into the worst situation and just bringing life and joy
13:22 and hope, which is amazing.
13:24 It is amazing and exciting, it really is.
13:27 And with this series, what was really interesting,
13:29 I learned about this season is that there was very little
13:32 teaching, because teaching was not a testimony.
13:34 You know that I introduce people right away and got them
13:38 up talking about their stories right away, and I didn't
13:42 even want to take time away from what you visually saw.
13:46 Because what you visually saw was the testimony,
13:48 they could not say anything, but you saw this health in
13:52 this life and joy, absolutely amazing.
13:54 The next role in I want to talk about is that I got sent
13:59 this book from Pacific press.
14:01 This book was about this guy that works for the police
14:05 department and he was the chaplain, but as I started to
14:08 research him, they called him the buzzard.
14:11 I thought buzzard, what is that about?
14:15 They said that if there was someone dead he was around
14:18 because he was gifted at being able to step into the pain
14:22 of someone, family members that lost someone with either
14:25 murder, suicide, or whatever and he was gifted at that.
14:29 So when he come in to talk about not only what he did as
14:33 far as for a living, but what his healing was that left
14:37 him with that gift, because what an odd gift.
14:40 - yeah, yeah it's incredible.
14:41 Several years ago Martin Weber and I did a panel together.
14:45 I made my presentation and then I just sat back and
14:48 listened to what he had to say, very, very powerful
14:51 and God has given him a unique gift.
14:52 And that was amazing, his gift came from his wounds.
14:56 That is where a lot of us don't know in our recovery and this
14:59 season especially I want to show that.
15:01 Most of our wounds, most of the darkest places in our
15:05 lives God brings us to a place of healing, and you think
15:09 He is going to take it from you.
15:11 There is a song that says, heal the wounds but leave the
15:14 scar, and the song refers that you think he's going to
15:17 take it but I'd like to leave that, because that is what
15:20 we are going to work with.
15:21 You can actually speak life into other people because of
15:25 that scar, that wound and that is what Martin Weber as
15:28 a child was so afraid all time.
15:31 Now he is walking into these incredible murder scenes
15:34 and he is not afraid and bringing that kind of hope
15:37 for someone else in their own recovery.
15:39 That term of you using your gifts from your wounds is a
15:42 fantastic concept and we are going to see that throughout
15:46 this year that God gives you victory over it, but leaves
15:50 just enough there to serve as a platform for your Ministry.
15:53 We see that here and it is a great thing.
15:56 The other group that we are going to talk about is my
15:59 favorite, I have had them on before, the Miracle Meadow
16:01 kids, these are kids that are in an alternative school.
16:05 Some corner pointed, some with horrendous issues and they
16:08 are trying to look at, what do I think about recovery.
16:12 Coming from these horrible backgrounds and a lot of times,
16:16 you know family dysfunctions and all that, they jump into
16:19 drugs at school, they are in gangs and all that and now they
16:22 are trying to look at, is it possible that God is bigger
16:26 than this and I can actually have a life?
16:28 And I love that, so just reintroducing some of the kids
16:32 from there, and it's not the same kids.
16:35 Because hopefully the kids from last time have graduated.
16:37 One in particular which was funny on this season,
16:41 I was talking to her and I didn't want to say it's been
16:45 three years isn't it time that you get it?
16:48 And finally she looked at me when I said something,
16:51 and she looked at me and said Cheri I'm staff now.
16:55 Oh good because I was thinking oh my goodness.
16:59 But what I really think about that as how God uses that
17:03 wound to do the Ministry and now she is working with the
17:08 very kids that she was, amazing stuff.
17:10 The last one is Tom and Vicki and you know them.
17:12 - oh yeah, yeah!
17:14 They work here at 3 ABN and have gone through so
17:16 much stuff as far as divorce and divorce recovery.
17:19 So enjoy this role in because each of the people here
17:23 are using what they have been through in order to help
17:27 the next person, so it is not only the recovery anymore,
17:31 it is how I'm going to use that to step out in the world
17:34 and speak life into someone else's life?
17:39 So here I am, the buzzard, venturing forth into these
17:43 deaths situations and I didn't go timidly, I went boldly.
17:47 This spirit of God came upon me and I realized that
17:52 Christ has conquered death.
17:54 It's a terrible thing it's an enemy, but it is a conquered
17:58 enemy, so we can storm the gates of hell.
18:01 We can go into these situations where people are suffering
18:05 the loss of their loved ones and we could bring them hope,
18:09 even though they are in the middle of shock and this is the
18:13 worst night of their life.
18:14 I'm going to be there for them and I'm going to be there
18:17 to represent God to them, and I will help them through that
18:20 night so that when day dawns and their friends wake up,
18:24 their pastor or priest wake up and the counselors wake up
18:28 they will be ready to connect with them.
18:31 But tonight I'm here for them.
18:32 When you meet a kid, for example when Caleb was fresh at
18:37 Miracle Meadows. We would back up constantly because he had a
18:41 way of life, I had a different idea as to where he should
18:44 be heading, and he was like, why are so interested in me?
18:48 He would use the meanest words, call me all the words
18:51 and tried push you right out his life.
18:53 Sometimes he would get in my face and we would have to
18:55 do pastor exchange sometimes, but the thing is working through
18:58 the kid and watching the kid until you're finished.
19:02 Two or three weeks after he understood what you were
19:05 saying, or are would get the picture and then we'd see
19:07 the kid marching at the graduation, they kid whose
19:10 parents had no hope for them.
19:12 Kid who was hooked on drugs, in an out of delinquent halls
19:15 and finally move forward, that in itself is a motivating fact
19:20 to be working with kids like those.
19:22 It's amazing, the day I was trying to, the first time I
19:26 wanted to end my life, right when I was planning to do this
19:29 someone knocked on the door and my dad shows up in the middle
19:32 of the day. A we started talking and I was telling
19:34 everything that was going on, and I think even made the
19:37 words I don't see any hope and he looked at me and said
19:39 you are trying to hurt yourself are you?
19:43 I didn't want to say yes.
19:44 He very clearly said you know you
19:48 have two kids and they need their dad so bad.
19:51 This is just stuff you're losing,
19:55 you can start all over and again.
19:58 I had also grown up in a kind of Christian
20:00 tradition where basic, this is what devastated me too.
20:03 If you get divorced you can no longer serve God.
20:06 It's out the window.
20:08 - a Lot people believe that.
20:10 A lot of people believe it and I was believing it too
20:12 until I had a very wise Christian woman pull me aside,
20:16 an incredible woman that pulled me aside, she was an
20:20 older lady and said to me, you know, He is going to take
20:23 this and uses for His glory.
20:28 You know Cheri, Martin Weber looked so professional,
20:30 he looks like he ought to be in a college, a guy named
20:32 the buzzard it shows what God can do.
20:35 I think it is amazing and even with the kids from Miracle
20:39 Meadows, as they stand up and talk about what their
20:42 journey is like, where they have come from, and some of
20:45 them are seriously gang issues and they are now looking
20:49 at how not to manipulate and how not to lie in
20:51 any of that stuff.
20:53 I love the fact that when they come and do these programs,
20:56 it may be that somebody said you know they're
20:59 not even there yet.
21:00 Our process of recovery is not about being there, I think
21:03 if the Bible is true, and I'm beginning to think it is.
21:06 If the Bible is true it's of the best of the best of us
21:09 are like filthy rags compared to God.
21:11 Compared what we will be at the end of all this, so it is
21:16 like that process of recovery,
21:18 I think is as critical.
21:19 Every step, every time I decide, like I said I'm dealing
21:25 with all these crises in my life and I'm not using.
21:28 Every time I decide that that is part of my recovery.
21:30 Being able to see that is amazing.
21:33 To recover and recovering like Tom and Vicky, they look so
21:36 whole, so healthy and are such good people now you wouldn't
21:40 know there was this kind of trauma in their lives.
21:43 When you go through a divorce and never come out clean,
21:46 you just don't.
21:48 The recovery is a testament of holding on to the arm of faith.
21:51 When Tom was talking up here, I just wanted the kill her,
21:56 and I'm thinking Tom I've known you for a long time, but
21:59 he said that rage that happens when you've been betrayed at
22:03 that level, and how do you then get to a point, like he
22:07 did in this interview, get to a point where you are
22:10 speaking words of comfort to the very person that betrayed you.
22:14 I love the fact that he said to her at one point, if
22:18 anybody tells you that you can't do something because of
22:21 this divorce, have him call me and I will give you a reference.
22:24 you a reference.
22:25 It was he got to that kind of healing and that is why I
22:28 think God is amazing, it is not in our own self that we can
22:31 give that healing, it is that God says that I will take you
22:33 to a place where you will forgive the very abusers in your
22:36 life and speak life into them a lot of times.
22:39 Not every time, but a lot of times.
22:41 And be whole in doing so, that is why we talk about
22:45 Celebrating Life In Recovery, that you are recovered and
22:49 recovering at the same time.
22:51 Every victory, every time you can call the name of your ex
22:55 or give it to the Lord, where they have a problem and you
22:59 can go to them and help them, that's recovery, that is been
23:02 recovered and recovering.
23:04 Not holding onto the anger and the bitterness and even
23:08 research is saying that holding onto that we get ourselves
23:11 physically sick, mentally sick and emotionally sick and
23:15 eventually we will relapse.
23:17 So God just says, get into the word.
23:18 I want to say, this season we are promoting 2 different things
23:22 We always have a book that we promote and one of them is
23:25 Shelley's new book 'Pressing into His Presence',
23:27 because we can't do any of this kind of journey,
23:30 this recovery journey,
23:31 without really pressing into the presence of God.
23:34 Learning how to say to God every day and I'm going to start
23:38 with knowing that You are going to walk me through this day.
23:41 You are going to teach me more this day, so that book was
23:45 I looked at it, how can you teach somebody to even pray,
23:49 I was glad that Shelley is bringing that book out
23:52 because that is one of them.
23:53 Another one and I have two Bibles here, because we always
23:58 look for other books, my husband has a Bible that's says The Book
24:03 He is just really straight- forward, where is my book?
24:08 So I have a recovery Bible that I like and in the recovery
24:13 Bible there are a Lot of them on the market now.
24:15 Goes through even people's testimonies, both through their
24:18 journey, and go to the 12 steps and all that stuff.
24:22 So get a Bible that you can hold onto because people can
24:27 tell you what God says and people can tell you what
24:30 this is all about
24:31 I think we can actually benefit every as we look at the
24:35 fact that God sings over us as we sleep.
24:38 Like it says in Zephaniah, or He has a plan for our life as
24:41 it says in Jeremiah, it says in John that I don't count
24:45 your sins against you and I'm thinking Wahoo, I need that.
24:49 There is another Bible that 3ABN offers that's amazing
24:53 to study Bible for people that literally have gone through
24:56 some of the recovery stuff and you have a sense of where
24:59 God is emotionally in your life and you want to go deeper.
25:02 Deeper is amazing because you start to realize that God has
25:06 been through history in the lives of people to get them
25:10 to stand up and just heal.
25:11 He does that in Nations, He does that in families and
25:15 He does that in individuals.
25:16 So the 'Bible' is one that we are promoting this season, and
25:20 the other one is 'Pressing Into His Presence'.
25:21 About learning to pray, what does that mean?
25:23 Learning to listen to the voice of God.
25:25 It is absolutely amazing when you start to learn
25:28 that, people can pull on you in different kinds of directions.
25:32 You can have all kinds of things hit you, but if I'm solid
25:35 in my heart towards God's heart I know He heart is towards me
25:39 I am going to be blessed.
25:41 So I want you to stay with us, we are going to come back
25:44 and I will show you more of the role ins, amazing who
25:46 has been on this season, but remember get that
25:50 foundation for yourself.
25:51 We will be right back so stay with us.


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