Celebrating Life in Recovery

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Kenneth Cox


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00:14 In most recovery programs, step programs anyway,
00:17 is the first five steps.
00:18 The first five steps will
00:21 help you see who God is.
00:22 Step one in most recovery programs say I am powerless.
00:26 I can't even do this anymore.
00:28 I can't change anything and I'm hopelessly strung out.
00:32 I'm hopelessly defective and so you come into a recovery
00:36 program in that way.
00:37 The Bible says that you come to God in that way.
00:40 It is the same thing.
00:41 The next step says that I have finally come to believe
00:44 that there is a God that can restore me to sanity.
00:47 When I first heard that, I wept like a baby.
00:50 I have never been sane, my family's not sane,
00:52 where are all addicts.
00:53 People my family die of liver disease and cancers
00:57 because of their addictions.
00:58 So I am not saying lightweight addicts, we are a mess.
01:00 So what I found out there is a God they can restore
01:03 me to sanity I was thrilled.
01:04 In step 3, 4, and 5 they talk about looking at your stuff,
01:08 and looking at your character defects, looking at just who
01:13 you actually are and being able to share that
01:15 with God and someone else.
01:16 Most of the time we get to that point and as addicts we
01:19 are going poof, man, that was a lot of work.
01:22 We think we are done.
01:24 I want to say we are not done, that is just the first
01:28 part of it.
01:29 Step 6 is a turning point in your recovery program.
01:33 Step 6 says I'm entirely ready to have God
01:37 remove all these defects from me.
01:41 So I see who God is, I see that I am powerless, I see my
01:44 stuff and now I am entirely ready to have God remove that.
01:48 That is where we have been in this program.
01:50 How do we do that?
01:51 What is really cool is that God gives us this gift.
01:54 The gift is the most incredible gift that I am given
01:58 the character of God, the righteousness of God,
02:02 through the Holy Spirit Christ abides in me.
02:06 When I feel like lying, and I do a lot.
02:10 You know to me, my nature comes up a lot.
02:14 You know Ken, you were saying the old man,
02:17 the old man jumps up a lot.
02:19 Each time I am starting to recognize it.
02:22 I think the Holy Spirit has a little bell that goes off.
02:25 Okay, that's him, but I'm starting to recognize it.
02:28 During that time I can say to God, you know what God?
02:33 I know that You are not a liar so right now can I please
02:37 have You take over right now and show me what it feels like
02:41 to respond to the situation more honestly.
02:44 Let me feel what it feels like to not be a liar.
02:47 I don't know what that means, and you know what God says?
02:49 Absolutely! Thank you for asking Me.
02:52 You are new, let this old guy die.
02:55 Let Me raise the baby up, because the baby is not a liar.
03:00 Do you know what I mean?
03:01 God didn't give us an old nature, He gave us a new nature.
03:03 The same with sexual sins.
03:05 If I'm going to struggle with porn addictions or sex
03:08 addictions, temptations in those kind of ways.
03:11 Those are incredibly intense addictions.
03:14 We will never, in our own strength, be able to fight them.
03:17 I can say wait, wait, wait.
03:19 I am new in Christ, I am dead to that.
03:23 I can step over here and say God show me what it feels like
03:26 to respond in a healthier way to the people around me.
03:29 To my own junk.
03:31 Show me how to respond in a different way.
03:34 Show me how not to get carried away sexually.
03:36 Not to get trapped in that sexual addiction, or drug
03:39 addiction, or workaholic, or rage, or any of that.
03:42 You know what God says?
03:44 Absolutely! And I love that.
03:47 All of heaven, I think the only time that they get
03:50 excited is when we finally ask.
03:52 They all say the same thing, absolutely, what ever you need
03:55 right now we will do for you.
03:58 There is going to be a time in your life that you will
04:00 ask enough to have God show us what
04:03 it feels like to be honest.
04:04 What it feels like to have integrity.
04:06 What it feels like not to get tripped up.
04:08 And pretty soon I'm in a situation, where I always tend
04:11 to lie in, and I can hear myself tell the truth.
04:15 I want to stop and say, Did anyone hear that?
04:18 Are you kidding me?
04:20 And I'm excited because I just did it.
04:23 Well, I didn't do anything, I was just nurtured by God.
04:26 I was just taught by God.
04:28 What is really cool about that whole thing is that it
04:31 feels good to not be in bondage to all that junk.
04:34 It feels good to have this old guy dead.
04:37 I don't want to be a liar.
04:39 I don't want to be a manipulator.
04:41 I don't want to be strung out on heroine.
04:42 I do not want to not be trustworthy.
04:44 God just says I'm going to teach you all those things.
04:47 I think, Amen!
04:48 We are new, you do not have to have the same desires
04:53 anymore, let the old guy die.
04:56 Over time you will change and other people are going
04:59 to see your changes and they are going to go wow.
05:02 You will not see it at first, but there is going to be
05:05 change, and growth, and development.
05:06 It is amazing, bye, this is it until we see you next time.
05:10 Always remember that God is crazy about you, me too.


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