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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Kenneth Cox


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00:10 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery!
00:12 Can we just behave? I don't think so.
00:15 Before you disagree join us in the café,
00:17 and you will see what we are talking about.
00:44 At the start of every season I ask God to bring together
00:47 a truth that we can
00:48 weave into every program.
00:49 In previous seasons we have talked about things like
00:53 just basic foundational truths.
00:55 We went through Steps to Christ,
00:56 we talked about repentance, we talked about prayer,
00:59 we talked about, Who is God?
01:01 The God who created the universe how does
01:04 He interact with me? What does that mean to me?
01:07 So we have talked about that and about the Holy Spirit,
01:09 what an incredible gift that is.
01:11 That was a great show.
01:12 We used a friend of mine's book, Exalting His Word.
01:15 We talked about, How do you get into the word of God?
01:18 How do I open up the Bible and everything that is written
01:20 in that, How do I bring it into my life?
01:22 As an addict, I'm telling you, I need the whole thing.
01:26 I need to know all that stuff.
01:28 We did another program on prayer, communication with God.
01:32 If He knows everything, Why do I pray?
01:36 What is that all about? Is He my friend?
01:40 Is He my counselor? Is He all that stuff?
01:44 We get a whole season on that so I am praying and
01:46 thinking, What is this season going to be about?
01:48 I can't even tell you that it scared me,
01:52 because God said Poof, and I thought no way.
01:55 No way! I am not a theologian.
01:59 I never went to school, that is huge.
02:02 I cannot teach that, there is no way.
02:05 I remember telling God, Do you remember who I am?
02:07 Heroine addict in recovery, homeless at the age of 13,
02:11 I didn't even go to high school.
02:13 Don't ask me to do this.
02:15 I remember saying, let's just do something else.
02:17 I would pick up another book, another thing to study.
02:21 As weird as it is, I love to study the Bible.
02:25 I love to get into things.
02:26 I have five or six different books in front of me,
02:30 I'll want to know what the Greeks says, Hebrew says.
02:33 I'm an addict, and when we want to know something,
02:36 we want to know it.
02:37 We did drugs and we did drugs well.
02:38 When we become Christians, we do that well.
02:41 But I'm afraid of this one thing and so God keeps bringing
02:46 it back to me, bring it back to me, Cheri please trust Me.
02:51 I said no! No! No, I can't do it.
02:57 Then I thought, Do you know how I will try to do it?
03:00 I'll ask different people what they think.
03:03 I'll ask really smart people and I got different
03:08 answers from everybody.
03:11 So I'm thinking, God, they don't even know.
03:15 If you're one of the ones I asked, sorry.
03:18 I got different answers from everybody.
03:20 So I thought I'm not going to do that one,
03:23 let's do something simple, because I'm pretty simple.
03:27 Prayer is simple, repentance, not simple in that it
03:31 doesn't have depth to it, it's simple to understand.
03:35 With repentance, I need to understand what my sin has done.
03:39 People know that I was homeless and was a heroine addict.
03:42 I lived on the streets and manipulated and lied my way
03:46 through 10 years of junk.
03:48 I saw stuff that was so ugly, so ugly.
03:50 I've learned to live in that world.
03:53 When I get into repentance, God didn't say I just want
03:56 you to understand what lying is about,
03:57 I want you to understand the ramifications of
04:00 every lie you told, everyone you seduced.
04:03 I want you to understand the ramifications to what happened
04:06 in their life, with their addictions and all that stuff.
04:10 As my being sorry enough comes up, I'm sorry enough that I
04:14 am repulsed by this sin.
04:16 So I can understand that stuff.
04:19 But this one was huge, it's huge.
04:23 I said, God, He said please, please.
04:28 I kept coming back to it.
04:30 So what we are going to cover this season is
04:34 righteousness by faith.
04:37 What does that mean exactly?
04:39 There is words that people have used for ever.
04:42 Well it's a forensic term, I'm like, What does that mean?
04:48 It's a legal term, it's an imputed righteousness.
04:52 No, it's different than an imparted righteousness.
04:56 I'm thinking stop, I'm a drug addict.
04:59 I don't even know what you are saying.
05:01 So we are going to cover righteousness by faith
05:03 and don't tune me out because what is amazing about this
05:07 concept, we are going to cover it in testimonies,
05:10 we are going to cover it in people's lives.
05:12 We are going to be covering it in a way that we will let
05:15 it unfold without using typical terms hear everyday.
05:18 If you get this truth, man.
05:22 I'm going to tell you a dream, and please when I tell you
05:26 this dream, you may have a tendency to think badly of me.
05:31 Just know that God loves me and He's working on me.
05:35 I go to sleep one night.
05:36 My husband is a professional musician.
05:40 He is really good, he is producing right now the
05:44 Special Olympics, doing all the music for the
05:47 Special Olympics.
05:48 He's done special events that are huge.
05:50 He plays in the orchestra.
05:51 He teaches at the University.
05:53 When they do events for fund raising is going on,
05:57 and people that are donating millions of dollars to
06:01 the archer there.
06:02 I tell you people dress up for those things.
06:05 But I'm in ministry, I don't have a dress.
06:08 Do you have one that is a size 10-12?
06:11 Send it to me, because I don't have one.
06:13 So in this dream I go to sleep and Brad has an event.
06:19 It's huge! I know who is going to be there.
06:22 It is these people that are donating millions
06:24 and they are lovely people.
06:26 They have such cute dresses, so I have to get a dress.
06:30 I know I have to get a dress, and I know I don't have one.
06:33 I have one that I wore for the last eight or 10 years,
06:37 but it is starting to look like that.
06:38 Everybody has seen me in at so I have to get a new one.
06:41 I know if I tell my husband, he'll say you don't have to
06:43 get a new one Hon, you'll look beautiful.
06:45 I'm like shut up, don't even tell me that.
06:47 I want a new dress.
06:49 In the dream I set about getting this dress.
06:56 Could you even understand how good I am at manipulating?
07:01 10 years on the street I got good at it.
07:03 But God has really worked with me, I walk away from stuff.
07:08 He even tries to convince me not to lie,
07:10 that is a hard one for me.
07:11 But I work on it, and the Holy Spirit reminds me when I
07:14 start to lie my head off, the Holy Spirit says, Hon.
07:16 I'm thinking oh man, but I'm working on it.
07:19 In this dream all my old stuff, all my old behaviors,
07:22 all my manipulating self came right out on the table.
07:26 I was trying to find money to get this dress.
07:28 You know that nice dresses like that,
07:31 can cost a lot of money, Right?
07:33 We are not talking about a few hundred dollars, Right?
07:36 So I start manipulating different things.
07:39 In the dream I remember even thinking,
07:41 wow that so doesn't look good on you anymore.
07:44 Manipulative behavior, but it didn't stop me.
07:48 Because why? I wanted a dress. Right?
07:53 I'm doing this event.
07:54 So at the very end of the dream I see myself standing
07:58 there and am in a flirtatious pose.
08:03 I won't show you it.
08:04 But anyhow a flirtatious pose, and I see myself saying
08:08 some words that are old stuff.
08:12 I'm telling myself in my mind, wow,
08:15 I want to wake up because I don't like this.
08:19 All of a sudden, I stopped seeing my face,
08:23 and my pose, and I see who I am talking to.
08:28 I'm talking to one of my past abusers trying to get
08:33 some money and I wake up and I'm sick.
08:37 I'm sick, I want to cry, I want to throw up.
08:41 I thought wow, where did that come from?
08:44 Why would I be in an almost seductive pose in front of
08:49 a past abuser, a past molester to get money for a gown.
08:53 I kept saying, Cheri it was a dream, to stop and let it go.
08:57 I couldn't and finally I got in prayer and said God,
09:02 this is horrible and I can't let it go.
09:05 I keep thinking about this dream.
09:07 I feel like the Holy Spirit said,
09:08 Cheri that's who you are.
09:10 I'm like, shut up, it can not be who I am?
09:13 Because I have done so much,
09:17 I have really come far from that.
09:19 I don't do that anymore, I'm not like that anymore.
09:22 He was clear to me, in Christ,
09:25 you are not like that anymore.
09:29 I am walking you day by day into this new life where
09:33 pretty soon that will not be something you can imagine
09:37 anymore, of yourself.
09:38 But don't lose sight of who you are.
09:40 That is why you need a Savior.
09:43 That is why you need Christ, that is why all
09:46 this stuff is important.
09:47 That is why you need to know this teaching,
09:50 because God says I am not coming back to teach
09:52 this heroine addict, neglected, molested, kid that has
09:57 lied and manipulated her whole life.
09:58 I'm not coming back to teach her to behave,
10:01 I am making you new, totally new.
10:05 When He said that I wanted to weep,
10:09 because I didn't want any part of that person in the dream
10:13 to be what I have to live with the rest of my life.
10:15 He said, you don't.
10:16 That part of yourself is dying day by day and this new
10:21 person, this new life is going to be waking up day by day.
10:25 It is absolutely amazing, it's amazing.
10:27 So we are going to teach some of that.
10:29 I just beg you to stay with me because if you struggle
10:32 with anything, this show is about addiction and people
10:35 think alcohol or drugs, right?
10:37 I mean addiction.
10:39 I have been in my Christian walk long enough to realize that
10:43 we are talking rage, sex addiction, stealing,
10:47 manipulation, and I hate to say this, religious addictions
10:51 because they are horrible, critical spirits.
10:54 Judgment, stealing, gambling, addictions just span the
10:58 gap of behaviors, the Bible calls its sin.
11:01 We don't like that word, I'm not sure why.
11:04 We just call and addiction, we call it recovery,
11:06 the Bible calls it salvation.
11:08 I want to say that we are covering all that stuff.
11:11 So if you deal with any issues, and if you don't, that's
11:15 the biggest issue, stay with us.
11:17 I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.
11:19 He is a theologian and he is gifted man of God that
11:23 teaches and I heard him the other night and he
11:26 was teaching on this very thing.
11:27 Remember, I'm a little bit scared because
11:29 I don't know how to teach.
11:30 I'm sitting in the front row, because I have ADD.
11:32 I can't sit anywhere else.
11:34 I'm sitting in the front row and he won my heart because
11:36 he taught in a way that I thought, even me as an addict,
11:39 I could just understand it.
11:41 I cornered him and made him come on the show.
11:44 So we will be right back, stay with us and you will
11:47 be blessed by this teaching.


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