Celebrating Life in Recovery

After The Fall

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Craig DeMartino


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00:14 Welcome back, you know what is really interesting
00:15 after everything that you said.
00:17 I bet a lot of people just look
00:19 at your foot and say oh man you lost your leg.
00:21 Right! But you have got rods in your back,
00:23 you can't feel half of your body,
00:25 and all that stuff and so I want you to close out
00:28 the program, but I want you to talk to somebody
00:30 that is dealing with all of that.
00:32 All that junk, how do you get up every day?
00:34 Why do you get up every day?
00:35 Why do you fight through this stuff?
00:37 Take it!
00:40 To me the biggest thing is that you go into the situations
00:43 that you think never are going to happen to you.
00:45 I never thought that I would fall off a cliff.
00:47 I never thought that I would have to cut my leg off.
00:48 I never thought any of this would happen to me.
00:50 But you realize when you are in it, that it is a process
00:54 and it's like seasonal changes.
00:56 Just like a really cold winter and you know without fail
00:59 at the end of that winter spring is going to come around
01:02 and you are going to be able to move out of it just like
01:05 spring moves out of winter.
01:07 You see that in your growth, you see that forward movement.
01:10 For me I saw that I was still me.
01:14 I still wanted to go do all the things that I did before.
01:17 The accident did not take my identity away,
01:19 I was still Craig, a Craig that was very different,
01:22 and obviously pieced and parted out.
01:25 I was still me and I wanted to go forward and what
01:28 I realized was all of a sudden God was showing me
01:31 the way through that.
01:32 Not to say that there weren't days that I can't get up.
01:35 There are days literally now, six years later,
01:37 where I am in my wheelchair all day.
01:39 That's what I do, I work on my computer and that is it
01:42 because I feel terrible.
01:45 I'm all achy, I can't move around.
01:47 But I also know that that is one day.
01:49 So in the scheme of my life, in all the events in my life
01:52 that is just one day. Exactly!
01:54 It's going to be over the next day,
01:56 it's going to be a better day.
01:57 So even if I go through periods of time that are really
02:00 dark, and really tiring, and really hard,
02:02 I know that they are just a time,
02:03 they are not the rest of my life.
02:05 This may be a little cheesy, but talking about being over,
02:09 it's nice having you on the program.
02:11 Thank you so much, thank you so much.
02:13 A had to hand you that and I just have to say for anybody
02:17 who is dealing with something.
02:18 I like what you are saying is that some things are transient.
02:20 You are going to have good days and bad days,
02:22 but recovery means getting back up again and I am
02:25 the same person.
02:26 I don't care what is hitting you, you can get through
02:30 without changing who you are.


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