Celebrating Life in Recovery

Native American At-risk Teens

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Holbrook Academy


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00:14 I'm going to have Amber join me for the close.
00:16 because I know you wanted to say something else, what was it?
00:19 Well this is actually amazing because on Halloween night
00:24 between 5 or 4, I had found a bottle of pills and I took the
00:29 whole bottle and I guess that day was grandpa's payday so
00:35 he came back and he and grandma had brought back some pizza.
00:40 I was really sick and I told them I was going to get some
00:44 sleep so, Nobody knew that you had taken
00:48 the pills yet? Yeah no one knew.
00:51 I kept waking up and vomiting.
00:54 That whole day I didn't eat so they thought I was getting sick
00:59 so they forced me to eat and I vomited the whole thing up.
01:04 That night they tried looking for their pills.
01:09 Around 10 or 11 they found out that I took the whole thing.
01:15 So then the whole day to them made sense?
01:18 Yeah! The fact that you were sick
01:20 and the fact that you were in your room. Yeah!
01:23 At some point I try to force myself to throw up because
01:27 I got tired of being sick from it.
01:29 So they took me in to a small clinic and a stuffed a tube
01:37 down my throat and said that I might end up with liver damage
01:45 so they flew me to Flagstaff.
01:48 Some overdoses you end up hurting organs and that is what
01:53 you are saying that you could have had permanent damage.
01:57 Yeah because they came in late and I told them I didn't want
02:01 the tubes down my throat so if I could take charcoal?
02:05 They said no it is too late.
02:08 So I guess when I was in Flagstaff, the hospital,
02:12 and stayed until Sunday and a nurse came up to me and said,
02:19 I was lucky I didn't get liver damage.
02:21 In my head I wasn't thinking I was lucky because it was
02:24 screaming a miracle. I was actually afraid I might
02:27 get liver damage.
02:29 So you knew, even then, this was probably a miracle?
02:33 Yeah! That God more than likely stepped in?
02:37 Yeah and I guess thinking about my past trying to commit suicide
02:43 I noticed that I should stop and I know He wants me to live
02:48 to help others. Exactly I just have to give you
02:55 a kiss with that.
02:56 What's really weird is that we are running out of time.
02:59 What is really interesting is we have seen today a number of
03:03 recoveries at very early stages.
03:07 At early stages, but God is wooing us no matter
03:10 where we are at.
03:11 Even as teenagers where we are young and feel sad.
03:15 We don't even know where to go and Amber was talking about
03:19 the suicide attempt and that at one point realizing that God
03:22 wanted her to live.
03:23 She is still dealing with some of that, each of the people
03:26 that stood up are still dealing with some of those things.
03:29 Amber I want to say that you are in my prayers forever.
03:33 Just because I know that you will be helping someone else,
03:37 like you said and for everybody in recovery, God's deal is
03:41 to come in and give us the courage to heal.
03:45 Some of the damage is from the very core of who are families
03:48 are, and not because they were horrible people.
03:51 Just because they were lost in their own addictions.
03:52 From the very core people will come around us and start walking
03:56 us into recovery and then the next person will stand us up.
04:00 The next person will stand us up and eventually, like what Hep
04:03 was saying, is you see the face of God.
04:05 You realize that God Himself wants to stand you up.
04:08 Not only stand you up but He has a plan for you.
04:10 I love what was said earlier I don't even know what that
04:15 plan is, I don't fully see it myself yet,
04:17 but I know it is right on the horizon and if you are there,
04:23 it might be right on the horizon and if it is already done for
04:27 you look around because somebody needs you to say to them
04:31 can I do anything for you today, can I help you out today?
04:34 I love recovery. Thanks for joining us.
04:38 Celebrating Life in Recovery and always that God is crazy
04:41 about you and me too.


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