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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Rhonda Burnett


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00:13 I want to try and wrap some of this up.
00:18 I love what Rhonda was saying
00:19 that she had a balloon that she put together.
00:23 She put every single thing that she was carrying for many
00:28 years on that balloon.
00:29 It was her visual, I am going to write it out and try to
00:33 think of everything.
00:34 If you have a balloon, get a helium balloon and do this.
00:37 Every single thing from the time you were a little kid,
00:41 as a little kid I can remember carrying so much and I took
00:45 that into my early teens and into my adulthood.
00:48 Definitely into my addictions.
00:50 Write them out and then she said she held it up.
00:53 Held the rock up first, I love this, and when her hand got so
00:58 tired she could no longer hold that up, releases the balloon
01:02 and watches it rise up to heaven.
01:03 That was her indication that she did let go and let God.
01:08 So in this part of our recovery that is going to be a really
01:13 big thing is that I am so going to take every single thing
01:16 that I have been carrying, everything single thing that I
01:20 have been trying to get self-help books about,
01:22 everything that I have been trying to white-knuckle,
01:24 everything that I have been trying to hide from everyone
01:26 that I love, they all know it.
01:27 Just say to God, finally I am done.
01:31 The stuff that is in my pocket I no longer am going to carry.
01:35 The stuff that I have been trying to figure out or behave
01:38 about I am no longer going to be able to carry.
01:42 What is really hard for a lot of us is that we can change
01:45 our behaviors for some time.
01:47 Some people can change a negative behavior for years
01:50 before they realize that they still have it there.
01:53 It is growing and has mold around it.
01:58 God says, don't even keep it there, surrender it to Me.
02:01 It is not about changed behavior it is about getting to the
02:05 point where I absolutely can surrender to God all my stuff.
02:10 All my defects good and bad.
02:12 I am just going to give You everything and then I am going
02:14 to ask You, maybe for the first time, who am I?
02:18 Who are You?
02:20 When we get to that point God says not only can I come in and
02:25 show you, because you know what I found out with God?
02:29 It is He is crazy about me, He absolutely, it was like Cheri
02:34 I love you and He is saying that to you too.
02:37 I love you, I know who you are.
02:39 I know when you laugh outside of all this junk.
02:42 When you finally get a break from desperately seeking
02:46 relationships to fill that emptiness.
02:48 When you get a break from that you are Okay.
02:50 I'm thinking, can You write that down?
02:53 He says, I have. Actually in the Bible He has.
02:58 We are okay, but He says when you surrender all that to Me
03:01 I will literally will come in and show you who you are.
03:03 I will free you of your addictions, I will free you of
03:06 that stuff, but more than that I will actually bless you with
03:10 who you are. You will laugh out loud.
03:12 You will be able to be a blessing to all those around you
03:16 When you walk into the room you can start to see when other
03:20 people are in trouble and help them.
03:22 I think it is absolutely amazing.


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