Celebrating Life in Recovery

Working With Native American Students

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Program transcript

Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dr. Janet Claymore, Duane Ross


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Program Code: CLR00066C

00:14 It always surprises me when God
00:17 takes somebody that is absolutely a mess
00:20 like when Heppy was talking about that at 13 he started
00:24 drinking and I am a drunk.
00:25 I had blackouts from day one.
00:27 It doesn't sound like he had a normal, even alcoholic history.
00:32 I mean he had immediately all that stuff.
00:34 He would go from job to job and started having kids at 19
00:38 years old and as he was talking I could just see his life.
00:41 Even when Janet came in and start talking about her
00:46 addictions and her life and her journey through recovery.
00:50 I am just saying God, You take all of us, all of us at
00:54 different stages and You really do speak into our lives.
00:58 You remind me of Jeremiah 29:11 and it says,
01:11 I am just thinking how incredible is the Creator God,
01:15 the God of everything that God spoke and everything existed.
01:20 He looks at each one of us and says,
01:21 I know exactly who you are.
01:22 We have had a lot of people on the program that I could
01:25 bring up to, but guy that was the Meth addict who shot
01:28 himself in the face and was strung out most of his life.
01:31 If you haven't seen that program, I mean he shot himself
01:34 trying to blow his head off and all he did was
01:36 blow his face off.
01:37 In dealing with that God came in and spoke into his life
01:41 and every single one of us, I was 10 years homeless and on
01:44 the street and all that stuff.
01:45 Every single one of us God said, first He said, stand up.
01:50 Stand up I love you.
01:53 He did not say to me stop using, He said stand up I love
01:56 you and I started to look at what would life look like
02:00 not been strung out on something.
02:03 Not being addicted.
02:04 We had Fred Stoeker, from Every Man's Battle with his
02:06 porn addiction and God said
02:08 the same thing, stand up, trust Me with your recovery.
02:11 Heppy when he said I was scared to death,
02:14 most of us were scared to death but God said stand up anyway.
02:17 Stand up anyway, and after standing us up, after getting us
02:21 to a point where we are brave enough to walk into
02:23 recovery, He says let go and let Me have all that.
02:26 Give Me all that, trust Me with your very life and the next
02:31 thing you see with most of us addicts, is that Janet and Heppy
02:36 are standing up in front of kids that are in school,
02:38 speaking live into them.
02:40 Changing a whole community which was always the hope of the
02:43 people that brought him into recovery.
02:45 I am a heroine addict in recovery with family that are
02:48 addicted and I am looking at the camera saying to people
02:51 all over the world stand up!
02:54 Don't be afraid, let go, let God have these addictions
02:58 because be done with them.
03:00 He wants to change our life, He wants to give you a hope
03:02 and a future, it's incredible.
03:04 See you next week and until then always remember that God
03:06 is crazy about you.


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