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Healing With Prayer

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Gerri Morrison


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00:14 Welcome back!
00:15 It is really interesting to me
00:17 that we look at this testimony
00:19 where Gerri was talking about just spiraling out of control
00:23 with making good money, and doing well, and getting married,
00:28 doing cocaine and soon she is strung out on crack.
00:31 It was amazing to listen to her story and her journey back
00:35 through not only suicide, but some past Pastoral sexual abuse
00:42 and then finding herself in a mental health clinic.
00:45 Then getting to the point where prayer was part of the
00:47 answer, if not all of the answer.
00:50 How do you turn it over, when you say let go and let God?
00:53 How do I do this step because this whole season has been
00:57 how do I do that?
00:58 How do I get to a point, first of all where realize that I
01:00 have an issue, that I realize there is a God that will
01:02 restore me to sanity?
01:04 For some of us being restored to sanity, some of us in a
01:08 mental health hospital totally freaked out and we don't
01:11 hardly know our name, so God has to come in and do
01:13 the whole restoration.
01:14 But how do I get to a point where I begin to trust Him?
01:19 How am I able to turn it over?
01:20 One of the things we have to do is to learn to communicate,
01:23 that communication process is prayer.
01:27 For some reason, I do not know why it is, but we think that
01:30 is a huge magical thing.
01:31 I have watched hard-core addicts and I have said this before
01:35 on many programs, where as soon as they think okay, wait, wait
01:38 I have to pray now.
01:40 They will sit seriously, get on their knees,
01:43 put their hands in position and when they are all in position
01:46 they say God, bestow on me.
01:49 I am thinking, bestow what? What are you talking about?
01:53 When have you ever used that word?
01:55 So it is like that prayer becomes something that is so
01:58 artificial even to them that it doesn't work.
02:00 Then a lot of people back away from it.
02:02 Think of prayer as a dialogue, that I am talking to God.
02:07 I am opening communications with God.
02:09 If I have an issue at work I am going to ask Him,
02:11 hey I have got this issue at work can you deal with that?
02:14 There are times that I am going to get on my knees because
02:17 the reference of God is just so exciting.
02:20 I do realize that He is a Creator God and that is really
02:24 cool, I am going to get on my knees.
02:25 Other times I'm going to be driving down the street
02:27 and going, what's up with that?
02:28 I can't believe I'm here again, and I will be freaked out
02:32 and crazy and there are other times, there was one time
02:36 it was the coolest thing, I was laying flat on the ground.
02:39 Just laying there and waiting for God to speak to me.
02:42 It was the coolest thing, it may sound weird to you,
02:45 but it was unbelievable to me.
02:47 There are times when somebody has come around and I have
02:50 work for somebody who is totally out of control and I
02:53 just silently started talking to God in my mind for that person,
02:56 and watch peace come over them.
02:58 Because that is who God is, prayer is just speaking to God.
03:02 Communication to God, it is nothing magical, it is nothing
03:06 odd, it is nothing weird, it is like I would talk with
03:10 Caroline as my friend.
03:11 It is like I would talk with Gerri as my friend,
03:13 it is making that connection and I cannot do recovery
03:18 without stepping into an intimate connection with God
03:22 that created all things and wants to re-create in me this
03:27 person that He knows that I am.
03:28 Gerri is not a crack addict, she is an incredible woman
03:31 of God and God wants to stand that up.
03:33 So figure prayer out, start praying for everybody
03:37 all the time, definitely for yourself.
03:38 Because we all need it and if you run out of people to pray
03:42 for, pray for me and until next time always remember that
03:45 God is crazy about you.
03:47 Absolutely I am crazy about you too.
03:50 Stay in recovery, connect with God,
03:53 learn how to speak to Him.


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