Celebrating Life in Recovery

Alcohol And Drug Abuse

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dwight Hall, Debbie Hall


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00:15 It's incredible to me to look
00:17 at how individual everybody
00:18 walk is and it sounds like
00:20 sometimes we are all coming
00:22 from different things and some
00:24 is similar, but to God it really is individual.
00:27 I love it, He brought me to Lamentations one time.
00:30 Lamentations 3:21 and I am going to go all the way to 23 or 24
00:35 In 21 it says, "This I recall to my mind, therefore I have hope.
00:40 Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed. "
00:44 When I think of that because of our behaviors why should
00:50 we are driving drunk, or yelling at our wives, our families
00:55 should be totally split apart.
00:57 I think that we are not consumed because God is walking around
01:01 with a lightning bolt seeing who He can throw it at.
01:03 It is just our own stuff.
01:05 We have enough of our own garbage.
01:07 Through His mercies, He just covers that, He puts His hand
01:10 on, He just takes care of us.
01:14 It says that through His mercies we are not consumed because
01:19 His compassions fail not.
01:21 They are new every morning: great is Your faithfulness.
01:24 To me that is amazing that in this journey as I give it to God
01:29 as I turn it over to God, as we look at, Geri you were
01:33 talking about getting the right book and all that.
01:37 As we surrender all that is that we have to realize that God's
01:40 mercy, His guidance, His love for us is new every single
01:43 morning, He doesn't rest in our recovery, we may lax and go
01:49 years and stay in denial, but God doesn't.
01:52 He continuously figures a way to get us to look at it again.
01:56 To step out of line, to step out of our denial stuff.
01:59 To step out of our fears, to step out of our criticism.
02:03 To step out of, and this is a tough one, our unforgiveness.
02:07 You know that I blamed every body on the planet for every
02:10 single thing that happened to me and one day God said will you
02:13 let them off the hook?
02:14 I am like, no! Of course I am not going to, are You crazy?
02:19 He says, Hon, Hon stop, let them off the hook.
02:23 Forgive them and He started showing me even with the people
02:25 in my life, how they got to be where they are at.
02:28 I started to have compassion on the very people that injured me.
02:33 I thought God how do You do that?
02:35 He does that because His mercies are new every day.
02:38 He wants to teach us about recovery, He wants to get us
02:43 in a place where we can finally say for once and all times,
02:47 I trust You.
02:48 I am going to let go and let God.
02:52 It is an amazing place to be.
02:53 I am going to rely on every thing that God knows
02:56 because I know nothing.
02:57 So I want to say thanks for joining us this week
02:59 We will see you next week and until then always remember
03:02 that God is crazy about you Me too!
03:04 God bless.


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