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Our Higher Calling

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Siki Plang, Edwin M Cotto


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 Edwin I want to thank you for joining us.
00:16 Your Ministry is Our Higher Calling.
00:18 We have interviewed, on this season, a number of
00:22 people in your Ministry, today two of you,
00:23 with you and Siki.
00:25 I would like to say a little bit more about what was
00:30 shared today with us and then close in prayer.
00:33 Would that be are right?
00:34 Amen, well as a Ministry I just want to let you know
00:37 that you can have victory
00:39 in your life.
00:40 Because a lot of us came from a background where you would
00:43 think that you couldn't even get out of the situation
00:46 that you are in.
00:47 You feel that way sometimes, but Jesus can do this
00:50 for you if you will just give your heart to Him and
00:52 allow Him to take over.
00:54 He wants to.
00:55 He wants to and He definitely can.
00:57 People think that He can't do it.
00:59 You know you think that because I have been doing this
01:01 all my life, or I have been in this situation all my
01:03 life and it is impossible,
01:05 but with Him all things are possible.
01:06 You just have to give it to Him and let Him take control.
01:09 Alright so pray for us.
01:11 Let's have a prayer.
01:13 Heavenly Father, we thank You because You have given us
01:17 the opportunity to share our testimonies to those
01:21 who are in need.
01:22 We asked Oh Lord, that as we continue on in our Ministry
01:26 that we reach those Father who are in need.
01:29 Those who are listening and those who are hearing Father,
01:32 and let them understand as the word of God says,
01:35 that Your Son, Jesus Christ, as a man,
01:37 learned obedience through suffering.
01:39 We ask Father, You teach them through the suffering
01:42 they are going through, the obedience that Your Son,
01:45 Jesus Christ had and that You give them victory over
01:48 any sin that they are involved, or any addiction that
01:51 You will show them You really are the way, the truth,
01:54 and the life, just like Jesus Christ said He was.
01:57 Thank you for everything that You have done, bless us,
02:00 and bless those who are listening and watching.
02:02 In Jesus name we pray, Amen!
02:04 You know it is really fun to me because when Edwin
02:08 talks about God just help them with addiction and that
02:12 stuff, what is really amazing is the more I get into the
02:15 word of God it says that He delights in our healing.
02:18 Isaiah 57:17 says, that I delight in your healing.
02:22 I see that you are a mess.
02:24 I know where you struggle, I know the fact that with
02:27 my mom, try to self abort six different times.
02:30 She was 14 years old when she had me
02:32 and did know a thing.
02:33 So she couldn't teach me anything.
02:34 So when I step in front of God I don't know anything.
02:38 When somebody says I just want you to love each other.
02:41 I don't know what that means.
02:42 God says, I am excited to teach you.
02:45 I want to step into your life.
02:47 I want to change everything and take every lie,
02:51 every addiction, every twisted thing that you have
02:55 learned to like and I want to free you from that.
02:58 What is really interesting is that as He frees us,
03:02 as He's teaching me not to lie and manipulate, I feel
03:05 like a weight has fallen off from me.
03:07 As He teaches me to laugh out loud,
03:09 not over somebody falling,
03:11 but over just good stuff.
03:13 As He teaches me to get outside and take a deep breath,
03:15 I just realize that I have wanted to breathe
03:18 my whole life.
03:19 I didn't even know how, did you know I wasn't breathing.
03:22 I think what I do that all of heaven just says look at
03:25 her, she is actually growing.
03:28 I hope that for you, I hope you have the same
03:32 experience that you saw Siki have an Edwin have
03:35 where God stepped in and stepped into situations where
03:39 they were a little twisted, little dark,
03:41 seemed overwhelming and little by little these guys
03:45 stood up and realize not only can they get their own
03:49 freedom but there are people in bondage.
03:52 There are people strung out.
03:53 There are people that don't know that they have
03:56 the ability to step out of these addictions
03:58 all over the world.
04:00 All of these men from this ministry said that they
04:03 don't care where you send me, God send me there because
04:06 I want to tell them that there is freedom in Christ.
04:09 I don't care what 12 step program you are on,
04:11 I don't care what program you belong to.
04:13 I don't care if what you are doing with your recovery,
04:17 if you are not handing it over to God,
04:19 I think eventually you will trip up.
04:21 I can't within myself pull anything good out,
04:24 I can't it is not in there.
04:26 I am a manipulator.
04:28 I am damaged and God is not.
04:30 God says, trust Me step over here and not only will I
04:33 give you everything from Me,
04:35 I will give you the ability to feel what it feels
04:38 like to be honest.
04:39 To feel what it feels like to be alive
04:41 and not strung out.
04:42 I'm like, I love that, and want that, and I accept that.
04:46 So God bless you, and try Him, trust Him.
04:50 See you next week.


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