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Why Have You Chosen Me?

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dahiana Jenkins, Damien Jenkins


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00:14 Welcome back!
00:15 You know there are certain testimonies that
00:16 change your life and I think what we heard today
00:19 was one of the ones that have changed me.
00:20 I feel so proud of God when He take someone that knows nothing
00:26 that really has never been given anything and gives them
00:30 all of heaven, pours into them in ways that are unbelievable.
00:33 You watch their entire life change and that is
00:36 what we watched.
00:37 So now we are going to listen to the song that he was
00:39 talking about right before we went on break.
00:41 this song it is Why Have You Chosen Me?
00:44 Jeffrey, you are going to sing that and he heard a CD of you
00:47 singing at first, right?
00:49 Yes! So tell us a tiny bit about
00:52 yourself or about the song or what ever and then
00:54 just bless us with it.
00:57 My name is Jeffrey Sumbillo
00:58 I come from Rapidan, Virginia.
01:00 The song that I am about to sing for you is actually one of the
01:04 first songs I ever sang in public.
01:06 It was one of my favorite songs also before and I was
01:10 really surprised that it was Damien's favorite song and that
01:15 it blessed his life.
01:16 So I pray will bless all of yours.
01:37 Why have you chosen me out
01:44 of millions your child to be?
01:50 You know all of the wrong that I have done
02:03 Oh why have You pardoned me
02:09 forgive my iniquity
02:15 to save me sent Jesus your Son.
02:27 But Lord help me be what
02:33 You want me to be
02:39 Your word I will strive to obey
02:50 my life I now give for
02:57 You I will live
03:01 and walk by Your side all the way
03:14 I am amazed to know that a God
03:21 so great could love me so
03:27 and is willing and wanting to bless
03:37 Your love is so wonderful
03:43 Your mercy is so bountiful
03:49 I can't understand it I confess
04:00 but Lord help me be
04:06 what You want me to be
04:12 Your word I will strive to obey
04:23 my life I now give for
04:30 You I will live
04:35 and walk by Your side all the way.
04:46 my life I now give
04:52 for You I will live
04:59 and walk by Your side all the way
05:13 That is amazing, I love that song.
05:16 You know everything that we talked about
05:20 during that whole first part his testimony and Damien
05:23 I know why this song touched you it is exactly what you said.
05:28 I don't even know why You picked me?
05:30 There was no rhyme or reason to the why that He picks any of us.
05:35 The only thing that I can even go back to is that it has
05:40 nothing to do with me.
05:42 When I say that I mean if has nothing to do with me but
05:46 it has everything to do with me.
05:47 As you sit and think about the testimony that you just heard
05:52 or the song that you just heard remember that God said
05:56 everything stopped when we got lost in these addictions
06:00 and sins and all this junk.
06:02 Any time, any time any of us for any reason starts to look
06:08 towards heaven and say you know I'm done
06:10 I don't I do this anymore God says I will send everything
06:15 I will stop and send angels to help you, I will send
06:18 the Holy Spirit to help you.
06:19 I will send my Son to Live in you through His Holy Spirit
06:23 so He can model that behavior for you.
06:26 I don't even now, Damien didn't know how to act
06:29 how to be honest, how to think clear, how not to hate,
06:32 because that's who he was that was what he
06:34 was trained to be
06:35 and God says my training is going to be so amazing
06:38 because in My training you will feel safe.
06:40 In My training nobody is going to beat you up, in fact
06:43 we are going to lift you up.
06:44 When God lives you up it is just the coolest because
06:47 He leaves you up in ways that you don't even know.
06:50 You didn't even know those were part of you.
06:52 He says trust Me, you may not feel it right away,
06:55 you may not sense it right away, but every single step is amazing
06:59 He chooses you because He loves you.
07:01 I want to say thanks for joining us, it was an absolutely
07:04 amazing program, I think!
07:06 I'm praying that you do too.
07:08 Until next week will see you.


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