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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Barry Steed, Mike Stone


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00:14 Welcome back!
00:15 So Barry, we were talking about there are people out there
00:20 watching and you know they have in their heart that
00:22 they do not want to wake up the same.
00:24 Or they want their life to change.
00:25 Those kind of things, so I would like you to start out
00:27 with prayer for us, and prayer for them, then we are going
00:32 to close, it went by so fast.
00:34 Let's pray, Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before You
00:38 and I say thank you Lord for the opportunity to speak right
00:42 now to a heart.
00:43 Now Lord there may be many but I'm speaking now
00:45 to that one heart Lord, that I pray for that may be sitting
00:49 in a room by themselves.
00:51 They may have weighed out all the options that they have
00:54 Lord and none of them are good.
00:56 Father I ask that You just fill that room with Your Spirit.
01:00 That You would just change and give them hope.
01:03 Lord I pray that dreams are awoken, Father for that one
01:08 that may be even in a marriage that they can't tell all the
01:11 secrets that they feel they are just locked and there is
01:14 no hope for tomorrow.
01:15 Lord you are the giver of dreams You are our hope and You are
01:19 our tomorrow, Your the way, the truth and the life.
01:22 So Father I prayed for all those right now, that they will do all
01:26 they can to get to You.
01:28 You said if we seek You, we will find You, so Lord tonight
01:31 I pray that all around this world that there are those that
01:35 begin seeking You and Lord I know that You are pleased as
01:39 Your children find You.
01:40 I pray this in the mighty name of Christ Jesus. Amen!
01:46 Thank you for joining us, and thank you for your testimony.
01:48 I want to say for anybody watching, it is amazing to me
01:53 to watch, I have watched many people, I have been someone
01:56 that all of a sudden came to God, and I don't even know what
01:59 I'm asking, I'm not, I don't even know how am I asking You
02:02 to be real in my life, I don't even know what
02:04 that means totally.
02:05 I don't even know anything, but as soon as You start that
02:08 surrender, and sometimes it is even before you can even
02:10 say it out loud.
02:11 I always go back to the demoniac in the Bible there is a crazy
02:15 guy in the cemetery screaming and yelling and even cursing
02:19 at God, but there was something in his heart that said please
02:21 don't leave me this Way.
02:22 God heard that and changed his whole life.
02:26 So if you are even at of place where you think there is
02:29 anything in your heart, even deep down in, and you are
02:33 asking God for, don't walk away from me, don't leave me this Way
02:37 Know that all you have to do is even think it, say it out loud
02:43 is even better.
02:44 Journal it is even better.
02:46 Call somebody is even better, but it is like getting into a
02:49 place saying God I am done. I am done trying to fill up
02:52 myself, I am done trying to find the answers myself.
02:55 I am done with the alcohol, I'm done with the drugs, I'm no
02:58 longer going to run to the Internet for my sexual
03:02 fulfillment, my relationships, I have done with all that stuff
03:06 because it is killing me.
03:08 I don't want to get up tomorrow an all those things.
03:10 If you are in that place at all, know that all you have to do is
03:14 say I am done.
03:15 God is waiting for that, He's not even far off.
03:18 He's right there as soon as we say like what Mike was saying,
03:22 he says it and says if You are real have that guy
03:25 walk off the stage and walk towards me.
03:27 God stops, not stops the band, stops the two guys and
03:31 have one guy walk towards him and sit next to him and say
03:35 okay what is up.
03:36 It is like as soon as we say it God is right there and starts
03:40 to move things. What is amazing to me
03:42 is that I have seen Him move things so much that I think
03:45 was that You and all of heaven says absolutely,
03:48 are you kidding me?
03:50 Not only does He move things, but because we still don't know
03:53 what we are doing, we so don't know what the next step is.
03:56 He says I will pour into you, I will pour into you and the
03:59 Bible calls it the fruit of the Spirit.
04:01 Love, joy, peace, self-control.
04:04 Which I so needed.
04:06 All those kind of things I will pour into you because you
04:08 don't have them yet.
04:09 I will give you everything that you need in order to take the
04:12 next step, to stand up, to get your life in order.
04:17 I will give you all that stuff, I will bless your families.
04:20 I will bless your children.
04:21 It's God, is not even anything that I have to come up with.
04:26 It's just God. So if you are in a place
04:29 where you are out there asking any of this stuff,
04:32 have faith and ask Him and wait for it to happen.
04:35 Definitely if you need to call somebody, call us.
04:38 I would love to hear from you.
04:40 If you are out there and you are from a church, start
04:43 loving people more honestly because I am telling you
04:46 people are hurt out there.
04:47 All they need is some compassion in your eyes.
04:50 So until next time always remember that God is
04:53 crazy about you and me too!


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