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The Road Back

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dahlia Brown, Daphne Brown


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00:11 Welcome Back!
00:12 You know some of these things are so heavy.
00:15 You know recovery is tough.
00:17 I don't think we break or have disease, or all of a sudden you
00:22 can see so much on the outside of us.
00:23 Like car accidents, cancer and those things.
00:27 God is still faithful in all this.
00:29 I just interviewed a guy named Craig DeMartino.
00:33 He is a mountain climber and an incredible man of God.
00:36 We are doing the interview and he said, you know one time I am
00:40 on this mountain and I am climbing 130 feet.
00:43 He thinks his friend has him on a line that is hooked up.
00:47 He decides he is going to go down where his friend is.
00:51 130 feet down, so he leans off a cliff and is going to fall
00:55 and his friend of course is going to catch him,
00:57 and lower him down slowly.
00:58 His friend thought, that he wanted to take him off
01:01 that line and so he had totally unhooked him.
01:04 So when he leaned down he fell, hit a tree, the tree
01:07 stood him straight up, and he landed on his feet.
01:10 130 feet down.
01:11 Broke his feet first, his ankles went into his shins,
01:15 his shins went into his knees, his knees went into his hips,
01:18 hips went into his ribs, his ribs went into his lungs.
01:20 Broke his back and his neck.
01:22 So everything broke all the way up before he fell over.
01:27 His Rehab was forever.
01:30 Forever, and lost his leg, did some other things.
01:35 He said during that time, he went through all the stages
01:39 that Dahlia went through.
01:41 Sometimes you think why did I even survive that?
01:44 It took them 5 hours to get him off the mountain.
01:46 They didn't think he would survive any of this.
01:48 He was in a comma forever.
01:51 He said during his Rehab, He really understood who he was,
01:57 who God was, he loves life.
02:00 He loves his family.
02:01 People have surrounded him with all this stuff.
02:03 He sees God for the first time in a different way and has a
02:07 ministry working with people with chronic pain and he has
02:10 chronic pain, he is not out of all that.
02:12 So I want to say that if you are out there and dealing
02:15 with these pretty heavy issues, please hold on to God anyway.
02:20 If you have cancer, if you have fibromyalgia, if you have all
02:24 these things that you think I wish I didn't have them,
02:26 Well, Hello! I so agree with you.
02:29 I wish I didn't have them and do not know why I have them.
02:32 But I am learning that I trust God anyway.
02:35 I really do trust God anyway, that is not lip service.
02:39 So acceptance in any kind of recovery is a huge deal.
02:42 I look at who I am, what I have, what is actually on my plate.
02:47 I somehow get to a place where I say Okay, alright.
02:50 So now I am going to let go and let God take it.
02:54 Take it, teach me how to survive this.
02:56 Teach me how to live with this, teach me what do.
02:59 How do I do one step in front of the other?
03:02 How do I learn to do my life anyway?
03:04 God says, you know what?
03:06 I am going to bless you.
03:07 I am going to bless you in ways you won't even dream of.
03:10 And when I do, please go and bless someone else.
03:14 I am thinking are you kidding me?
03:15 So not only do you want me to get it, is that when I get it,
03:20 show someone else.
03:21 You know what? I am a poster child for the
03:24 Leukemia Society now.
03:25 That cracks me up, I don't know how that happened.
03:27 But how does people deal with chronic illness or things that
03:33 you look at and I am learning and then I teach someone
03:36 else and that is our gig.
03:37 God will bless us in that.
03:39 So I want to say thank you for joining us.
03:41 Please, please email us if you need to say anything about
03:44 this program or your own life because we would love
03:46 to hear from you.
03:47 But until then, take everything you deal with to God and let
03:50 Him bless you, bless someone else and always remember
03:54 that God is crazy about you, me too!


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