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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dahlia Brown, Daphne Brown


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00:12 Welcome Back!
00:13 You know I just want to assure people with the cancer thing.
00:16 I keep getting better.
00:17 My doctor doesn't know why
00:19 but I think it is because there was one point I called JD
00:21 here at 3ABN and said, JD I need prayer because I just
00:25 got told I have cancer and I meant for JD to pray for me.
00:30 He sends it out on the 3ABN prayer line so 5,000 people
00:36 emailed me that night.
00:37 From all over the world, Cheri I am praying for you.
00:39 I'm thinking JD sent it on the prayer line, but the prayers
00:44 were amazing.
00:45 I really think God has His hand on it and it is amazing
00:47 to me every time I go into the doctor she's like you are
00:50 getting better, whatever you are doing keep doing it.
00:51 So if you have been praying, keep praying and know that I
00:55 have not even been sick.
00:56 I hope to stay that way, but I also found out from God
01:00 I learned that I can trust Him.
01:03 If I have to deal with any of this at any level,
01:06 I am beginning to feel like I can trust Him.
01:08 He knows what He is doing and He knows how I need to heal.
01:11 He is also coming back and I am okay so I just want to assure
01:15 people that I'm fine with all this.
01:18 Now I want to introduce you to some friends of mine.
01:20 Daphne and Dahlia I wanted to say thank you for being
01:24 on the program.
01:25 You are welcome!
01:27 This program in particular, when something happens in your
01:32 life that is pretty intense, How do you deal with that?
01:36 How do you stay connected to God? How do you still trust God?
01:39 The first time I heard you guys story I said what really
01:43 I have really been through nothing, I haven't even been
01:47 sick, I just got blood work or a blood test that says
01:50 this so I want to share, you to share a little bit
01:53 about where you have come from and what you guys went through.
01:57 My Name is Daphne Brown and I am from Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
02:05 This is my daughter Dahlia who in 1996 met an almost fatal
02:14 accident on the 19th of September.
02:18 So you were a college student right?
02:21 Just finished college, just started to work.
02:24 Every thing was normal, you were from Jamaica living in
02:28 Florida, great family, nice church!
02:32 Yes, everything was going just good.
02:36 On the morning of September
02:41 19th, I work the 11 to 7 shift and called my daughter about
02:46 6:30 in the morning and she Momma I just wake up,
02:50 and I'm studying my Sabbath School lesson.
02:53 I usually wake her up in the mornings, I call her just before
02:58 She went to work and she didn't call me after when she reached
03:03 work so actually I went to sleep.
03:04 While sleeping I heard somebody on the answering service
03:11 say Mrs. Brown. I didn't pay attention because
03:14 planning, I had another church sister to wake me up later on
03:19 to go to a seminar.
03:21 I said, when I wake up I will listen to the message.
03:27 Then I heard a terrible knock on the door.
03:29 I said, who could that be knocking on my door so loud?
03:33 So when I went out I saw the police and he said,
03:36 are you Mrs. Brown?
03:38 I said yes. Do you have a daughter by the name of Dahlia?
03:40 I said yes.
03:42 Well she met in an accident and they need you to get
03:46 to the hospital.
03:47 I said how bad is the accident?
03:49 He said I don't know but I would advise you to get there
03:52 as soon as you can.
03:53 So as he is speaking, what were you feeling?
03:57 I don't know if I could have held it together as a mom
03:59 because I would know
04:01 I just sensed that the Holy Ghost came over me.
04:04 About 2 to 3 feet away was a telephone hanging on the wall.
04:11 Cordless, I ran to the phone and grabbed the phone.
04:15 I dialed my pastor's number which was Pastor Leroy Labort.
04:19 I said, Pastor the police is at my door and from what I hear
04:24 Dahlia met in accident.
04:26 How bad is she? I said, I don't know but
04:28 just call and pray. He said, Sister Brown I have
04:31 an appointment for 10:00, I cannot come.
04:35 I said, Pastor, you do not need to come, just call on as many
04:37 members as you can, tell them to pray.
04:40 Because from what I hear only prayer can save her.
04:44 He said, well the associate pastor, I will ask
04:48 Pastor Maxwell to come and see you at the hospital.
04:52 Then by the time I put down the phone to call somebody else,
04:57 the phone rung, one of her work brothers called and said,
05:03 Mom, what happened to Dahlia?
05:04 She is not at work.
05:06 I said, well Dahlia had an accident, police at the door.
05:10 Put this on the pager system over head sound,
05:14 tell everybody to pray because only prayer can save her now.
05:17 So your first reaction, because of your trust in God,
05:19 is I said, I have got to get everyone praying? Yes!
05:23 And you know what is amazing to me, I believe even with
05:26 cancer, with accidents, with things that are happening with
05:29 our kids, that prayer is incredible, it is a gift that
05:33 God has given us. Yes!
05:34 He said, I promise prayer is important.
05:36 You just knew that, everybody is praying now.
05:39 So you go to the hospital?
05:42 By the time my church sister, which is 2, 3 doors down,
05:48 I called her and said, Sister Morris,
05:50 Dahlia is in an accident,
05:51 I'm going to the hospital, can you follow me?
05:53 She doesn't drive, I am the only one who drives.
05:57 The police said, do you need me for help?
05:59 I said no, I can manage.
06:01 I was calm and cool.
06:02 Let me just ask Dahlia, I want to ask Dahlia,
06:06 When all this happened, did you get into your car
06:10 to go to work? Yes!
06:11 Do you remember any part of the accident?
06:13 No, the last thing I can remember is going to, coming to
06:18 College BCC, from there on it is blank.
06:20 Okay, so not any of it? No!
06:22 Isn't that sometimes a gift from God? Yes!
06:26 So even at the hospital you are unconscious? Yes!
06:30 So when you get there she is unconscious?
06:32 Yes, so when I reached the hospital I saw this nurse,
06:36 her name is Andrea.
06:37 She saw me walking, she said are you Jamaican? I said yes!
06:41 From the look of her she looks Jamaican and she said there is
06:46 she is upstairs doing CT of the brain,
06:48 but there is a family room over there.
06:50 You may want to go and call some friends.
06:52 By that time Pastor Maxwell was there.
06:55 Two other church sisters who I had called as I was putting on
07:00 my clothes and walking up and down like a mad person.
07:02 The phone, the cordless phone.
07:05 I said, you don't need to come, all you have to do is pray.
07:10 But everybody still came, so two church sisters,
07:13 Sister Kid, now Pastor Maxwell,
07:16 and Carlos, that is her work brother.
07:19 So we all went to the room and had a season of prayer there.
07:24 Then after that I took up the phone and called my church.
07:29 My prayer partner, and said Sister Norma, Dahlia was
07:33 in an accident, pray, call as many people you can find.
07:36 pray for me.
07:37 Then she said who is there?
07:38 So she told me it was her daughter that was the nurse
07:41 in charge, in the emergency room.
07:43 Then she said she is out of CT now, do you want to go
07:50 and see, no she can't, she is not cleaned up yet.
07:57 She said yes her mom is a registered nurse she can take it
08:00 Then we all went up and I run beside her and said,
08:03 Dahlia, Mommy's here and she love you, hold on.
08:07 You are not going to leave me.
08:09 And the church stand beside me and said she can't hear.
08:13 I said, yes, yes, she is hearing.
08:16 Dahlia, I love you, I love you, I love you.
08:18 When you walked in what did you see?
08:20 Because it was a serious accident?
08:23 She was covered in blood all over.
08:26 One side there was a bad cut, that fell on her car.
08:30 Car got out of control and go over the other side.
08:34 There was a truck with a basket that fell on her car.
08:38 They had to cut her out.
08:39 Her right face was smashed, her left face was smashed.
08:46 Her left arm had a fractured bone crushed up in there.
08:52 Her left lung was punctured.
08:54 So by this she was on a ventilator.
08:57 She was covered in blood, she was not touched yet,
09:01 she just went to CT.
09:02 So what is real interesting to me is as a mom when you pulled
09:06 in, when you ran in you said all I need is you to know I
09:10 am here and I love you and you will be okay.
09:12 What you are saying Dahlia, is even with that you didn't know
09:18 anything yet? No, I didn't know anything.
09:19 Everybody is praying still? Yes!
09:23 Everybody is praying.
09:25 I go to a church, at the time, there was about 800 members.
09:29 Then all of a sudden I see people I don't know here.
09:33 People here, but I saw people coming in one by one.
09:38 One by one, by that time it was about 10, 11 o'clock
09:42 in the evening, by 3:00 in the evening almost the whole church
09:45 was there.
09:46 So you felt totally supported? Yeah!
09:49 Completely loved. Yes! and that is why I say,
09:54 it is wonderful to be a part of the family of God.
09:57 I didn't want to leave at night, and the nurse said, don't make
10:01 sense, you are not allowed in ICU, because she was in
10:06 surgical ICU, and I and her little sister who was 14 at
10:10 the time, and there were two people left with us.
10:14 We were sitting there until about 1 o'clock.
10:18 The nurse said, it don't make sense, she is not going anywhere
10:23 now and if anything we will call you, so we went home.
10:26 When I reached home that night, the answering machine was
10:29 knocked out, I had messages from all over world.
10:33 From Germany, from Australia, from Jamaica, every capital
10:41 from America here.
10:42 people, you know it spread like wild fire and months after.
10:48 You know what I love about that, is a time where I believe
10:51 that sometimes when things hit us we don't thing we are even
10:53 going to make it, and there is part of a ministry in the
10:57 body of Christ, are people that love you that says right now
11:00 she just needs to know that we are here. Yes!
11:04 We can't do anything, we can't say anything, nobody is going
11:09 to be able to get in that hospital bed with you.
11:10 Nobody is going to be able to change any of that.
11:12 Except we need to know everybody is here.
11:15 Everybody is praying, everybody is on the same page as far as we
11:21 want her life spared.
11:24 Yes! and you know on the way to the hospital, we were at a
11:29 certain spot and I still remember everyday I pass
11:31 that spot, I turned to my church sister beside me and
11:34 said, you know sister Morris, if I go to the hospital because
11:38 until then we didn't know how bad the accident was.
11:41 But the police said, just reach there as quick as you can.
11:43 I said if I go to the hospital, and Dahlia is still alive,
11:47 she is not going to die.
11:48 That is what you felt the sign was going to be? Yes! Yes!
11:51 I want to know how long was she in the hospital?
11:56 How long was she unconscious?
11:58 She was in a comma for three months, she came out of comma
12:06 but she didn't know what was happening.
12:07 She was talking and saying things she didn't know because
12:11 my mother came to see her and she didn't know.
12:13 My sister went to see her, she didn't know, the doctor said she
12:16 was still in a comma.
12:18 She was talking and would be talking like me and you,
12:20 but she was in a comma that doesn't keep her unconscious.
12:25 She didn't know what was happening.
12:27 She doesn't remember any of that.
12:29 So you don't remember any of that coming out and talking
12:32 to someone? No!
12:33 Not anybody coming in the room? No!
12:35 When did you start to understand or remember, or connect?
12:47 Maybe about February, September, January, February there about.
12:53 My mother came there in December and my sister, from Jamaica.
13:00 She did not know they came and left.
13:03 I remember my mother come and say, Julia, we use to call
13:07 her Julia, see said who am I, she said, grandma.
13:11 Oh which grandma? Cecilia, from Rosefield.
13:15 That is where she is from.
13:19 When everything was finished she didn't remember seeing her
13:23 and saying those words.
13:25 There was a point in the hospital where she actually died
13:29 wasn't there? At one point?
13:31 It was, yes, it was about 6 days after she went to the
13:37 hospital, she got Merca.
13:40 Her recovery would have been much faster if she didn't get
13:44 Merca, and Explain what that is?
13:46 Merca is a germ that is acquired when you spend long in hospital.
13:54 For too long a time, but she was there so it was transmitted
13:59 from somebody going in there with some dirty instruments
14:05 or whatever, but she also had a Craniotomy for evacuation
14:10 of hematoma, she had several surgeries.
14:14 She had eye surgery, she had reconstruction of her face.
14:17 So they had to reconstruct things?
14:20 Yes, they had to reconstruct the whole left side of her face.
14:26 She had her arm still has some rods in there that was put in.
14:32 So when she developed the Merca she had temperature over 104
14:39 degrees, so she had to be in a cooling blanket.
14:43 So that set back her progress.
14:46 So now I want to talk about, they are doing all these
14:51 surgeries, the doctor's are there with you every minute.
14:55 Your church family is with you every minute.
14:58 Definitely you are with her every minute. Yes!
15:00 Now you are starting to come out of that and starting to be
15:05 aware of your surroundings and those kind of things.
15:06 You ended up going into rehab too, so tell me a little bit.
15:11 Then you aware of what was happening? Did you understand,
15:15 Dahlia, the extent of your injury?
15:17 Yes, my mom explained to me, I didn't fully grasp it.
15:25 Being the oldest child of 3, it was like I was a baby again.
15:33 Exactly! That was hard to deal with.
15:36 What did you mean baby again? You had to learn everything
15:40 again right? I had to learn everything again.
15:43 I mean from taking a shower, to cooking a meal.
15:47 I had to learn everything, I had to learn how to redress myself.
15:51 How to comb my hair.
15:52 Exactly, how to walk, put one foot in front of the other.
15:55 How to not cross your legs, in case of falling over.
15:59 Even, at the time I lived in a house that had steps,
16:04 Somebody would have to be there guiding me up the steps,
16:08 and when I was coming down.
16:09 To me, when you say that kind of thing, like when they told me
16:14 I had cancer, I was just shocked about that, is when you know
16:19 you have to learn everything, how did you deal with the anger
16:25 of that, the unfairness of that?
16:27 I have a younger sister and at the time she was
16:31 in medical school. Right!
16:34 I learned from Rehab how to do it again, she helped me
16:43 every morning I would make her late for school.
16:48 Sometimes! Right!
16:51 She went to Rehab and she told them that?
16:56 Dahlia can't do it, with God Dahlia can do it.
16:58 said Dahlia can do that.
17:00 I said, you don't do that? It's like your own spiritual
17:09 growth, you learn one step at a time.
17:12 I had to learn to drive again.
17:13 How to cook again, it just your life is on a building block.
17:18 Starting all over again.
17:19 And fight for your own recovery.
17:21 Did you every feel like, because you said, I went through
17:25 the depression, I went through anger, I went through all that
17:30 stuff, I am learning little tiny things.
17:31 I am learning how to button my shirt.
17:33 I would be like, I don't want to learn this.
17:36 But I want my shirt buttoned.
17:38 Do you know what I mean? Yeah!
17:39 So you have to do it and that is what's...
17:41 That is what she was doing.
17:42 You have to say do it.
17:43 So you fought through that? Yeah!
17:45 When you fought through that, was there a point where all of
17:50 a sudden you began to get a sense of getting yourself back?
17:54 Yes, I after going through Rehab, my goal was to go back
18:02 to work again.
18:04 What kind of work did you do?
18:06 I worked as a physical therapist in the state of Florida.
18:09 That's huge.
18:11 When somebody says right now you are learning how to button
18:15 your shirt, you're saying I was a physical therapist? Yes!
18:18 So you were very competent? Yes!
18:22 In your life that you did, you had all the schooling stuff
18:26 and now you are saying my goal is to get back to work.
18:29 Exactly! Did you?
18:30 My goal was, and I am back at work now.
18:33 I love that!
18:35 I am working as a registered physical therapist now.
18:38 I was in a comma, I had memory loss, but I am working physical
18:42 therapist assistant now, PTA.
18:45 So you are in the same field? Same field yes, only thing I
18:49 am not doing is evaluations.
18:50 But when somebody actually needs the work done you can step in?
18:55 I can do it, Yes!
18:57 Do you help someone that ever been in an accident?
19:01 It is different from accidents, I do knee injuries, shoulder
19:08 injuries, yes, but not motor vehicle accidents.
19:11 To be a physical therapy you have different areas.
19:16 So she doesn't do the trauma, like she was in trauma.
19:21 She doesn't do trauma.
19:22 She does like strokes, and knee replacement and
19:30 hip replacements.
19:32 So you could have been my therapist on my hip replacement?
19:35 I would have loved that.
19:37 So fighting, you fought from this horrendous accident,
19:43 to even come out of a comma to learning how to, did you
19:49 have to learn to speak again too? Yes!
19:50 When she was intubated, that means they put tube into your
19:58 mouth and down you throat so you can breath.
20:00 After 10 days they had to do a tracheotomy, that is why she
20:05 speaks like that.
20:08 They put a breathing tube through her throat.
20:11 So because of that she had to learn to speak all over again
20:15 when the tube was taken out.
20:17 During that time you are not able to talk.
20:20 So during that time, didn't you as a mother want
20:25 to do everything? Yes!
20:26 We didn't get this in, but when she was there, after the prayer
20:34 thing, I requested and she had an anointing.
20:38 She was going to one church and I was going to one and I
20:44 called the Pastor Macline and Pastor Dalficros and Jim MacLain
20:49 and they said all the family should come together one Sabbath
20:54 afternoon and he took the elders from the 2 churches and we had a
20:58 prayer and anointing service for her.
21:00 I believe what it said in James 5, is any among you sick,
21:06 let them call for the Pastor and let them pray over them,
21:12 and the prayer of faith shall save the sick,
21:15 and the Lord shall raise them up.
21:17 From that day she had the accident, until this day,
21:21 I know that it is faith that has kept her alive.
21:25 Amen, so let me go back to the Rehab then, because a lot of
21:30 people would say, is the fight worth it?
21:33 Yes it is worth it.
21:35 In what sense, because you know what, don't you think
21:37 that a lot of us, we think
21:40 I don't know if I could do that.
21:41 I don't know if that happened to me, could I do that?
21:44 You're saying absolutely?
21:46 You have to have the determination to get back to
21:51 were you were before.
21:52 To see that determination, you will give up.
21:57 My mom always taught me to never give up.
22:02 That was something that I could never give up.
22:04 It was tough when I came out, I had to get somebody
22:10 to take me to school, to work, it was unreliable.
22:15 Then I got a job again, and the principles she instilled
22:19 in me, made me go back for driving lessons all over again.
22:24 After driving lessons I started to go to Rehab.
22:27 I got to the point where I said, after going to Rehab,
22:32 I have to work again.
22:33 Then I started working at the Rehab tech, and they said I have
22:36 to go higher.
22:38 Then I started as a Rehab Aide.
22:40 As you go into that, I assume because you have difficulty
22:45 forming speech, that you have difficulty thinking, but you
22:50 your thinking is coming back just fine? Yeah!
22:53 So my assumption shouldn't be there? I should ask you, do you
23:00 difficulty processing still? No!
23:01 What I was taught in Rehab, I like I need to tell Mommy,
23:07 x, y, z, call her something I would forget, but I would learn
23:13 in Rehab, if you get notebook write it down if
23:16 you forget it, it is in your notebook to remind you.
23:20 I still use that technique.
23:21 So what you are saying is because of the short term memory
23:27 loss is that I have to write things down?
23:28 So you don't have the luxury of saying I will remember that?
23:33 Something's I can, some things I forget, because I forget.
23:37 She always walk with a little note pad in her pocket.
23:39 If she thinks she is going to forget it, she writes it down.
23:43 Then is she forgets it, if she doesn't, she doesn't.
23:48 Okay then let me just ask you about your spiritual life.
23:53 How did you process all of this out with God?
23:59 Even me with Cancer I am not even sick yet and I am saying
24:04 God, what's up?
24:05 So did you have to process that out with God?
24:08 Yes, at first my question was why?
24:13 Why and my mom, I said why did it happen, why didn't I die?
24:23 So the big whys were right there.
24:24 After I spoke to God for over two years and He said,
24:31 let Me lead you.
24:32 When I decided to follow Him the why became,
24:37 thank God I'm alive.
24:39 So to go through that period of why didn't I just die,
24:44 that is pretty normal? Yes!
24:46 I think about what you have been through Dahlia with all
24:52 that learning every single thing.
24:54 I can't even imagine, part of me thinks I can imagine a
24:57 little bit, but I probably can't even imagine.
25:00 What does it feel like to not remember what this is for,
25:04 what this button is for?
25:06 How do you get there?
25:08 What you are saying is that was about two years?
25:10 Even saying why didn't I just die?
25:13 Yeah and the Lord said to me one day, when I was saying why?
25:19 He said, trust Me I will take you.
25:23 So I no longer say why, my faith has grown so much.
25:28 I no longer say why, what if, I know if I have something to
25:32 done, He will be there for me, and He will carry me through
25:37 whatever circumstance I am going to go through.
25:38 He will be there beside me.
25:40 And He has been, He has been faithful.
25:42 He will be and He has been.
25:44 There is no doubt about that.
25:46 Let me ask you, I have always wanted to know this.
25:48 When you sense that relationship that is so real that I can go
25:55 through these things, how did that, what has that change like?
26:02 because you have always had a relationship with God right?
26:04 But now it seems like it is way different?
26:08 Yeah, the text in Philippians, "I can do all things through
26:10 Christ which strengthen me. "
26:13 That text has given me a lot of strength.
26:15 If I trust in God I know He will come and do these things.
26:21 My favorite song my Mom use to sing to me when I was sick,
26:25 Day by day with each passing moment, strengthen me to face
26:30 my trial here.
26:31 Trusting in my Father's wise bestowment,
26:34 I've no cause for worry or for fear,
26:38 So if I know I can trust Him in everything, all I have to do
26:41 is walk in His steps and He will cover what ever
26:44 I go through safely.
26:45 Cause you know there are people in the medical staff
26:48 that when you came in with your accident I am sure when they
26:52 found out that you were going back to work, they said,
26:54 this cannot be. Yes!
26:56 They saw you, you weren't expected to live.
27:00 Yet now you are resuming your life, with changes for sure.
27:05 Yes, with changes!
27:06 Where she use to work, I work there sometimes too,
27:10 everybody is so surprised that she is still in
27:13 the physical therapy field.
27:15 I have church sisters, and brethren, when they saw her
27:20 first time, they wouldn't go back because one church sister
27:24 said, you know Sister Brown, when I saw Dahlia,
27:26 I said even if Dahlia lived, she is going to be a vegetable
27:30 for the rest of her life.
27:31 That's what most people were thinking. Yes!
27:34 Nobody can believe, but when we were leaving the hospital
27:38 the Neuro surgeon did not even give me an appointment to come
27:43 back and the rehab doctor said, didn't the Neuro surgeon?
27:47 I said no. He said it is going to be a long slow recovery.
27:51 I turned to him and said, Dr. Stull, if God wants it to be
27:55 long and slow it will be long and slow.
27:58 When I went back in two weeks with her, he could not believe
28:01 she was the same, her recovery was so fast.
28:05 So let me ask you as her mom, I can have a lot of things
28:10 happen to me, but if Jackie gets a hang-nail,
28:12 I'm wanting to help her.
28:15 You know how we are with our kids. Yes!
28:19 So with all this going around, how was your faith, and I'm
28:24 asking that in knowing that the first thing you thought about,
28:28 even when the police were at the door, was to call the Pastor
28:30 So your faith was always strong?
28:32 Yes, always? How was it during this whole thing?
28:34 It was so strong because a lot of people say it is because
28:40 my faith why she made it through.
28:42 Because when everybody, I said she is going to come back.
28:45 She is going to go back to work.
28:47 I never flinched neither right...
28:51 No and all through this until this day, it was about 2 months
28:58 after before I shed a tear.
28:59 When I came out of church, after Sabbath School, I was going
29:03 to see her in the Rehab, a church brother called and said,
29:08 Sister Brown, how is Dahlia and I burst out in tears.
29:11 That was the first time? First time.
29:13 Because why? I just had a strong faith in God
29:17 He was going to take her through and all I requested of people
29:21 were prayer.
29:22 But they gave me everything.
29:24 They brought food to the hospital to me, because I never
29:28 used to go home.
29:29 Because I see all the tears in your eyes.
29:34 I was in need of nothing, I'm telling you.
29:35 Hold on, hold on because I see all the tears in your eyes.
29:38 Is it because you saw the faith every time you looked at her?
29:41 I knew that was it?
29:42 Every time you looked at your mom you saw that she was there.
29:47 And strong! It is important, her favorite
29:52 song is 100, Great Is Thy Faithfulness.
29:56 When I sing the song, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, it reminds me
30:02 of how strong she was and the faith she demonstrated.
30:08 So you were like a rock to her? Yes! Yes!
30:11 When you were finally able to let go, you just needed to cry?
30:18 I mean I just needed to let go?
30:20 Yes, but I don't know why, but it just came out and he was
30:24 standing there and he commented, Sister how is Dahlia?
30:28 I just burst out into tears and that was the first.
30:31 Until this day I don't know how I made it, because I got 2 weeks
30:35 off from work. That's it? Yes!
30:38 I was going in a circle, she was the hospital here, I work here.
30:43 I come from work, I stop here.
30:45 She her and go home and get maybe an hour sleep.
30:48 Then I came back to the hospital and see her, go back to work.
30:52 That's how I went around.
30:54 With a little 14 year old, I don't know how,
30:56 but God saw us through.
31:00 We had good church brethren and neighbors.
31:06 I must include neighbors because neighbors take care of little
31:09 one for me.
31:10 There is a friend of mine that said the biggest thing that she
31:14 remembered when she went through a really tragic
31:16 thing in her family.
31:18 It was that people came around her and she thought she
31:20 remembered the story of the paraplegic that his friends
31:23 put him on a stretcher.
31:25 She said I needed stretcher bearers around me.
31:29 For people to almost carry things for right now.
31:34 You had that for the first couple years that people came in
31:37 with food, people came in with support, people came in to just
31:41 let you know we are praying.
31:42 All those things.
31:43 So it sounds like your faith didn't change much.
31:48 Did it actually grow?
31:50 It grows, it certainly grows.
31:53 Did you ever ask God why?
31:56 I never, I never asked God why?
31:58 How could you say it like that?
32:01 Most people would say why not, why didn't you ask God why?
32:05 Why my little girl? Why my child?
32:08 You know, I don't know but it comes to my mind one time.
32:15 I try to remember, I can't remember now but it is a saying
32:22 we cannot Lord, that purpose see, but all is well
32:27 that is done by Thee.
32:29 I said it to my sister, you know I have know that verse for long.
32:33 It is so easy to say the first part, we cannot Lord that
32:40 purpose see, but how easy is it to say all is well when you know
32:43 daughter met in an accident and could have died?
32:47 But it is true, God has a plan.
32:50 I tell her several time, I have to be there like a rock for her.
32:54 I said we do not know what could have happened to you
32:58 if you had not meet in that accident.
33:00 Maybe you would have been dead some other way.
33:02 Until then we will never understand why some of these
33:06 things happen.
33:07 So your saying it is settled with me that God loves me
33:11 so much, that I know if this was not part of a bigger plan
33:15 we wouldn't be here? Yes!
33:17 So I want to ask you, how has this blessed you guys?
33:24 Is there a blessing that has come out?
33:27 There are lots of blessings that come out of it to me.
33:32 It makes my faith stronger.
33:36 As the disciples asked Jesus why it happened to the man
33:45 that was sick, was it his fault or was it his parents fault?
33:50 He said, that the work of God may be made manifest.
33:54 This could have happened to her to convert somebody.
33:57 Who knows who could be listening to the program,
34:00 going through something like this?
34:02 We do not know and until then we will never understand why
34:07 it happened.
34:08 What about you, when I say that?
34:10 You know when I was sick, most time that she said
34:14 When I was coming out, she said to me this will be a testimony
34:20 to show others that God is alive and He still there and He
34:25 still answers prayers.
34:27 Three things, my faith has grown stronger,
34:31 I was thinking back from when I was born, but after going
34:35 through this ordeal, He has taught me how to trust Him.
34:39 We cannot always see what is done by Thee, I have learned if
34:46 we put our hand in His and let Him lead,
34:49 He will carry us through whatever we have to
34:51 go through safely.
34:52 So what you are saying is that it really did bring you back
34:56 to a stronger relationship with God, that I need to right now.
35:00 Not that I would like to, not that I am going to try to,
35:03 I need to put my hand in Your hand. Yes!
35:06 I need to know that You are God.
35:10 I now know that He still answers and He still hears our prayers.
35:17 You love your job? Yes!
35:20 You love your life? I love my life.
35:21 You have a good car? Yes I do!
35:26 The fact that you are driving again, I think how fun is that?
35:28 You know there is a part of me that says that would be the
35:31 hardest thing for me is my independence.
35:34 You are saying the more healing that happens the more
35:38 independent you become again? Yes!
35:39 Which was a big deal!
35:41 When they passed me at the driving school, my momma said
35:46 to me, you are not going behind a car wheel until I pass.
35:51 I will give you 6 months of driving lessons, and if you
35:55 drive okay, you can go.
35:58 So even though you got okayed by the state, your momma
36:01 was saying, no?
36:03 How fun are you?
36:06 You are saying I am not losing her?
36:10 So what was real interesting is the love she has for you.
36:13 She says just drive with me for awhile.
36:15 So she did the 6 months and you said Okay?
36:17 Yes, I was let her drive with me some time and then I drove
36:25 with her and let her drive alone after.
36:27 Short distance she goes, but she still doesn't go the highway.
36:31 She drives with a phone. She bought me a phone.
36:36 And I have a phone? So we keep in touch.
36:40 She would call me and say, I get so frightened sometime.
36:46 God forgives her little foolishness.
36:49 Somebody go near to her and she nearly hit the person.
36:53 The person swinged over before, she called me crying.
36:57 I said, don't do that, you're going to kill me with that.
37:06 This man nearly run into me, I said wait until everything
37:09 is finished and then call me because I would die with her.
37:14 What is really interesting to me is those are very real things
37:18 that we all would have to go through.
37:19 The fact that you guys are on the program and share those
37:23 with us, I want to say thank you and God bless you with
37:26 all that.
37:27 Your recovery is still happening?
37:30 It is still happening, and I want most important.
37:35 I have a brother and a sister.
37:36 Who's standing, my brother is, both are younger, but they
37:42 stand behind me.
37:43 If I have a problem, I can call them.
37:46 I am going to do surgery some time next month, for my eye.
37:51 They are behind me.
37:53 We didn't get to that, she lost one eye.
37:57 It wrecked all of her face.
37:59 Left side of her face was all lifeless.
38:03 She has a plate and everything that is in there.
38:05 Then she lost the eye, so she had inoculation that is taken
38:10 out of the eye.
38:11 She has a false eye now.
38:13 There is some problem with it, you can see the difference when
38:17 it was put in at first you couldn't, so she is going to
38:19 have a surgery.
38:21 So you still are not done with all the surgeries? No!
38:23 No! Before we break, we are going on
38:27 break and I want to say thank you for being on the show.
38:29 Can we close with prayer?
38:31 No problem.
38:32 Dear Father in Jesus name, Dahlia has been through so
38:38 much and I know that You are the God of healing.
38:42 I just pray Father a special prayer for her upcoming eye
38:46 surgery, I pray for the joy that she has and I love her.
38:51 I love the joy and she has fought, she has returned back
38:55 to work and is driving again.
38:56 You have kept your hand on her.
38:57 I want with every single person watching in this program.
39:01 I want to join together in prayer just saying for her
39:04 recovery, to be 100%, I just pray for her body.
39:09 Her mind, her spiritual condition, her whatever.
39:14 The surgery with her face, but definitely her relationship
39:17 with You, I want to pray for her mom, I want her mom for my mom.
39:22 I want to just pray for her strength, I want to pray that
39:27 people still continue to come around them.
39:30 Continue to uphold and uplift both of them.
39:33 I want to pray Father that Your Holy Spirit will fill them up.
39:36 That they may feel the joy of who You are and that You are God
39:40 I pray that someday when You come back, when we all are
39:44 completely transformed and the twinkle of an eye that we
39:47 don't have to deal with any of this.
39:48 I just want to see them skipping and dancing across
39:51 the sea of glass.
39:52 I thank you that You are God and you say comfort one another
39:56 with those promises.
39:57 I pray for that with every single person that watches
40:00 this program with any addiction that we deal with that someday
40:04 we will never see these things again, we will never see car
40:08 accidents, or death, or addictions or any of this
40:11 stuff that hits us now.
40:13 I just pray Father until that day give us strength.
40:17 Fill us with love, in Jesus name, AMEN!
40:20 Thank you for joining us.
40:22 Thank you for being on the program.
40:24 We will be right back, stay with us.


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