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00:10 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery.
00:13 Have you ever been slammed
00:14 with something and say I can't
00:15 possibly deal with that.
00:17 If that has happened to you you need to stay with us today
00:20 because we are going to cover some of that.
00:21 It's good, come in and join us.
00:49 Welcome back, we talk about when something hits you
00:53 and it is really intense, what
00:54 does recovery look like then?
00:56 Because I went around with my
00:58 recover and I spent years,
01:00 I meant years, think I would get it sooner but I am pretty
01:03 slow, so I spent years coming off of drugs, quitting smoking,
01:08 Quitting smoking was funny because I didn't want to.
01:11 I loved to smoke.
01:12 Do you know what I mean?
01:14 Some people it bugged them and I think they felt bad about it.
01:16 They would realize their lungs, I just felt great about it.
01:20 I loved it, I loved the way it felt, the way it looked.
01:22 I loved all that kind of stuff so it was hard for me.
01:24 I had to learn to be honest.
01:28 I had to learn to tell the time of day, what day it was.
01:32 I was homeless for 10 years so when somebody said I will meet
01:34 you Wednesday at 10, I would remember Friday at 9.
01:38 You know what I mean, because I don't even know.
01:40 But I worked on all those things and through the years I got
01:44 better, and better, and better as far as some things.
01:47 God worked on lying and manipulating and how not to,
01:51 you know how to be more respectful of people.
01:54 How to be less self centered.
01:56 All those things that come up with addicts.
01:58 I felt like this is so cool.
02:02 Every time I turned around it felt like God kissed me on
02:04 the face with this recovery stuff.
02:06 It was like, let Me show you this now and it was just an
02:09 awesome thing for Him to show me different things I had to do.
02:12 Different trust issues, when He said Cheri, you don't know how
02:15 to trust anybody.
02:16 I'm thinking, I mean I was raised by addicts.
02:19 Hard core addicts.
02:20 At 3 years old I remember running around the house just
02:23 getting someone to get out of their stupor enough so they
02:26 could say, do you need anything?
02:28 Are you hungry? Do you know what I mean?
02:30 So God said, I want you to learn how to trust.
02:35 That was a hard one because I thought, you know, trust?
02:38 Why would I trust them?
02:41 You know what I mean? I thought that about everyone.
02:42 I would look for you not to be trustworthy so I didn't have to
02:45 deal with that issue.
02:46 God finally said, we are going to deal with this issue? Right?
02:49 So that came along and it was fun, as fun as working
02:54 on issues can be, but for me it's fun because when God
02:57 unloads you with something, all of a sudden you unburdened
03:00 with something, it is like you can step more and more into
03:03 recovery and it is just a joy at times to figure out who
03:05 you are without all this junk.
03:07 Figure out who God is? How you fit in?
03:09 Well one day, and this caught me off guard, I mean it just
03:16 hit me, one day I am going from, I am going into surgery.
03:22 So I am having surgery done.
03:23 I go to the doctor and he is going to do standard blood work
03:28 to check on the surgery, and all that stuff.
03:30 Then he called me back in and said, Cheri, and I always get my
03:35 surgery with who ever the best doctor is on the planet.
03:38 You know what I mean? I just don't go to my state
03:41 because I am an addict that way.
03:44 So if I find a doctor in Philadelphia and I'm living in
03:47 Idaho, I call them say, can I have you for my doctor?
03:51 So I am going to fly to Philadelphia.
03:53 So I have got to get the blood work done in Idaho.
03:56 So my doctor does the blood work and calls me back
03:59 in and says, I don't think this is going to be
04:02 a good time for your surgery.
04:03 I said, no, no, it is a perfect time, I have a week I am not
04:07 doing any gigs and I just have this time.
04:09 I have to go and get it done and fly back.
04:12 I mean this is a perfect time I've figured it out.
04:15 He says, no, you have cancer.
04:18 I'm like, oh shut up. There is no way.
04:22 I'm thinking there is no way because there is just no way.
04:26 Cancer, what are you talking about?
04:28 And when something hits you,
04:30 you think what do you mean by that?
04:33 So I am like, What do you mean by that?
04:35 You are not going to tell my other doctor, are you?
04:38 He is like, what do you mean by that?
04:40 Of course I am going to tell your other doctor.
04:42 Don't you tell him before the surgery, because I am very
04:45 manipulative and thinking if he thinks I have cancer, he may
04:48 not do the surgery, so you are not calling him.
04:50 So now I am trying to play this doctor not even thinking of the
04:54 cancer and he is, Cheri, don't blow this off.
04:55 I'm not going to blow it off, just let me have the surgery
04:57 then I will come back and deal with the whole cancer thing.
05:00 So I said, what kind of cancer is it?
05:04 He said leukemia.
05:06 I'm like, Oh man!
05:09 So I walk out and he sets me up with a Oncologist and I don't
05:16 know about you but when you hear it, you think Okay!
05:21 And then you think, you are going to set me up with what?
05:24 An Oncologist? Then it hits you more.
05:27 Then I tell my husband who adores me.
05:31 Hon, I have cancer. Then he tears up and I am
05:35 stop because I don't even want to deal with this.
05:40 So I go see the Oncologist, I get the surgery first and
05:43 come back and see the Oncologist and they do more blood work.
05:46 Everything is getting more intense.
05:49 My husbands father is dying at the time so I have to fly
05:53 back home, so I am sitting at the house by myself
05:54 thinking what does this mean exactly? What does this mean?
05:58 Cancer, the doctor says, the first thing this means is
06:02 bone marrow biopsy.
06:04 Has anybody had one of those? I'm telling you they
06:11 don't even tell you.
06:12 I went in innocent and thinking, she said this is only going to
06:16 be intense for about 10 seconds.
06:18 I said, well 10 seconds, Okay.
06:20 So I laid there, and they are going to put a needle in your
06:24 back side, they are going to break your hip, take a piece
06:28 of bone out of there and then they are going to go into
06:31 where the bone marrow is and pull some stuff out, right?
06:34 I'm like, well okay, it sounds intense, I've had a spinal tap.
06:38 So maybe it is something like that.
06:40 But it is nothing like that.
06:41 As soon as I laid down the doctor comes in and they have
06:43 all the equipment and unfolded it, it is all sterile.
06:47 They bring these two big nurses, and I said I wonder
06:50 what they are doing here?
06:51 They are there to hold you down.
06:54 Because it is intense.
06:57 As soon as they break into that part of your body, your body
06:58 it is just like a car that just got hit.
07:01 The air bags go off, and all the alarms so off,
07:03 your body does that.
07:04 So you go into this seizure thing and they hold you down.
07:07 They take the bone marrow out and then she called me later
07:10 with the results.
07:11 I went in, Okay you have cancer.
07:13 So it keeps going.
07:15 I had to really look at, there is things that hit us in life
07:18 that we get hit with it and it is recovery issues.
07:22 I have to stop smoking, or I have to stop doing drugs.
07:27 Or I have a sexual addiction and I really have
07:29 to look at this addiction.
07:30 Or I have anger issues and I really have to look
07:32 at this anger stuff.
07:33 Or I'm a workaholic, or I have to spend more time with my kids.
07:37 But what happens when it is a physical thing?
07:40 Poof, and I can't do anything.
07:44 Do you know what I mean?
07:45 It was a weird thing for me because I thought this is a
07:49 physical thing, God wait a minute, can I go to
07:52 a 12 step program? Can I step in and do this?
07:56 It was really interesting because I hear God say,
07:59 Will you trust Me with this?
08:03 I'm like, Oh Hon, I don't know!
08:06 I don't know, what does this mean?
08:09 So remember I went to surgery right?
08:12 I've got stitches and I've got surgery, but remember how
08:18 long did I say I had off?
08:20 A week, right? So now I have stitches, I have
08:24 surgery, I have two youth events and a camp meeting
08:26 that I have to go to.
08:27 My first youth event was in Wyoming, it was incredible.
08:31 We had an incredible time.
08:32 I had pastor friends that found out about the cancer because I
08:37 called crying, I have cancer!
08:38 They flew in and did an anointing.
08:41 The anointing was so amazing.
08:43 I have got to tell you, I don't know if anybody has anointing
08:47 for healing, but they just come in a pray for you.
08:50 Pray for healing, and so my friend come in, whom I love.
08:53 Not from my state but we work together a lot and he came in.
08:57 But he came in with a strip club owner that met Christ
09:01 and is selling his strip club, is turning one of
09:04 them into a church.
09:05 I love God, I think God is hysterical.
09:07 They came in because they wanted to face to face I met some of
09:12 the family but not everybody.
09:13 So they flew in, the wife was a stripper and she flew in.
09:17 And Stacy and Erin are an incredible couple.
09:20 So everybody flew in and they are going to do this anointing.
09:24 I said Stacy, because you know she is a stripper,
09:27 and ex-stripper would you come in to do the anointing
09:30 with the pastor?
09:31 Ohhh! Am I allowed to do that?
09:36 You know my background.
09:38 I said yes, do you believe in Christ? Yes!
09:41 Do you think the Holy Spirit has a watch?
09:43 That you haven't believed long enough?
09:46 I think you believe in Christ, you know my background better
09:49 than anybody in this room and I am asking you to join
09:52 me in the anointing.
09:54 So she started crying, but she came in.
09:57 So as she came in then her husband Erin came in, it was
10:01 amazing to me. Then the pastor and a few other people
10:04 came in and we did the anointing and Stacy, he brings anointing
10:08 oil out and Stacy says, can I put that on you?
10:12 She is crying and I said yes, yes!
10:16 The pastor says yeah I think it would be okay.
10:19 Biblical I don't know, you know what I mean?
10:22 But he wasn't even looking at that it was just a God moment.
10:25 So she looks at him, and she is so innocent, she says,
10:30 What do I do with it?
10:32 He said just put it on her head, she's like Okay,
10:36 and the entire bottle went on my head.
10:40 It is just like I felt oil on me and I thought how incredibly
10:45 cool was that?
10:46 I left that gig and I went to the next one and the next one.
10:49 So we had the anointing, the next gig was a
10:52 camp meeting but for teens.
10:56 So in the camp meeting for teens I'm there for two days and we
11:00 are having a great time, a great time.
11:03 Other than I have stitches, you know what I mean?
11:06 I just found out I have cancer and I don't know how to process
11:09 that yet and all of a sudden I look up and there is this little
11:14 girl, and she is around the group but never with the group.
11:19 I thought, she isn't with the group, and I started looking
11:24 at her and she has that Michelin tire guy look.
11:28 Like somebody gave her too many steroids.
11:31 So I looked at her and her hair is falling out and there
11:34 is patches of it gone.
11:35 I thought, Oh I bet she has cancer, so I went up and sat
11:40 down and said, can you tell me your story?
11:43 She said what makes you think I have a story?
11:46 I said, everybody has a story.
11:48 She said, I have cancer. I said, shut up.
11:52 You have cancer? because I have cancer.
11:54 So we can be cancer buddies, right?
11:57 She started laughing so hard and we became cancer buddies.
12:02 We hung out together and I watched God healing both of us.
12:06 I thought, God, You can even use this.
12:10 How incredible are you that even the things that scare us,
12:14 God says, don't be scared.
12:17 I am still God and I am still in control and I will take
12:20 even this and bless you beyond what you can imagine.
12:23 So I really got a sense of what it says in the Bible when
12:26 it says don't walk away from your tribulations too soon.
12:29 Don't walk away from your stuff too soon because I will use
12:32 everything and will you get hit with stuff?
12:35 Yeah, we live here but I'll use everything.
12:38 Come back because I will tell you what happened with
12:41 the cancer stuff but I also want to have you meet some friends
12:44 of mine that got hit with something I thought would
12:47 take them out, and it has not, it actually has blessed them.
12:51 and the people around them.
12:52 So stay with us we will be right back!


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