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Shine Your Sink

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Joe Bates, Melissa Bates


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 So it this whole program
00:15 we are talking about how God
00:16 really does bring in healing
00:18 in the most unexpected way.
00:20 I am going to use an acronym that I has seen in a lot of
00:23 recovery books, but it's ready.
00:25 At a the first thing you are going to is
00:27 release control to God.
00:28 We talked on program earlier about every step means something
00:33 when you go into recovery.
00:34 To see your stuff and turned over and realize that there
00:37 is a God and that He is bigger than you are.
00:40 To look at your character stuff, and your defects and know
00:42 I have got tons of them.
00:44 You have to get to a point somewhere recovery where I
00:47 finally say, you know what I'm going to let go on and let God.
00:49 God I'm going to trust you with all of this.
00:53 I had no idea what that meant, because when I said I'm
00:56 going to trust You with all of this, He told me to
00:59 clean my house and I'm like, that is so not fair.
01:03 So ready is the acronym, the first one is the R,
01:06 where we release control to God, no matter what
01:09 He says next, do it, do it!
01:13 When He says to me to clean the house,
01:16 I said no for a long time.
01:19 But I finally said yes and got into that.
01:21 Easy does it is that E for ready.
01:25 So easy does it, do baby steps, do simple things.
01:28 He may not tell you to clean your house.
01:30 He may tell you to do something else.
01:31 But then just do easy steps, start with the little things.
01:34 Like we talked about how silly it is to clean your sink.
01:38 Take the dishes out and just clean the sink.
01:39 Put one load of laundry in, put your shoes on when you
01:43 get out of bed so that you're ready for the day.
01:45 After you get your shower and stuff actually get dressed.
01:47 What ever it is, do easy steps.
01:49 Then it is really interesting, accept changes that
01:53 He is making in your life.
01:54 That is really interesting to look around, if I go in
01:58 and clean something, if I go in and move things
02:01 around the house.
02:02 I love to go in and just take a breath and feel how
02:04 good it feels to be in a room that is not cluttered.
02:06 It feels good all the way to my very soul.
02:09 It is just the weirdest thing.
02:10 So you turn over to God and let Him do it.
02:13 You accept the changes He makes in your life.
02:16 You do baby steps and accept the change and then,
02:19 you replace your character defects.
02:24 I am a slob, I am I can't even help it.
02:28 It is so much who I am.
02:29 God just starts telling me, you know what you are not.
02:32 You really aren't, look at your house.
02:35 Look at when you're husband comes home and how
02:37 comfortable he feels in the house.
02:39 He wants me to iron his shirts.
02:42 I can't quite go there yet so I got him a no iron shirt.
02:45 That was the best I could do.
02:47 That was the first step.
02:48 Start replacing the defects of character with the new
02:52 behavior that you are learning.
02:53 Start allowing them to become who you are.
02:56 What is interesting is that I think all of heaven just
02:59 smiles, they just smile.
03:02 To them, to God, it feels delightful for Him to see us
03:07 accept healing and it actually to be a part of us.
03:10 I guess it is just like any medical stuff, when all
03:13 of a sudden your arm is broken and it is all infected.
03:16 As everything cleans out and starts to heal,
03:19 everybody is in joy about that.
03:21 God feels the same way when we learnt to clean our house.
03:23 When we learn how to set up a home.
03:24 Well we start feeling good about the place we live.
03:27 Those are huge things for Him.
03:29 The next one is yield to the growth.
03:32 That is almost the same, I am just going to allow it to
03:37 do what it is supposed to do.
03:39 Allow the healing to happen in my life.
03:40 What is really funny is that I was at a pastor's house,
03:44 I cannot tell you where because he would be
03:46 embarrassed for me to say.
03:47 He had problems with, how do you say it in a nice way?
03:50 Just sexual issues, just say he had problems
03:54 with sexual issues.
03:55 So I prayed and I heard God tell me to tell him to go
03:59 and make his bed.
04:01 I'm thinking, what?
04:03 So I said to him make your bed everyday.
04:05 He's like, what's that have to do with this?
04:08 You know for me when I heard from God when I prayed for
04:11 you was that any disciplined behavior is going to help
04:14 you have discipline in other areas of your life.
04:17 So you know when you turn it over to God and allow God
04:20 to start working with our recovery, is sometimes the
04:24 things He suggests are just silly.
04:26 They seem silly, all of a sudden when you yield to them and
04:30 you allow them into your life you think these are huge.
04:33 Why did I do this from day one of recovery.
04:36 Because I didn't start clean my house
04:37 for 21 years into recovery.
04:39 Now I am getting healing from very early childhood damage.
04:43 God knew, let Him in.


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