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Highlights Of Season 5

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), C A Murray


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00:11 Welcome back!
00:12 You know it is amazing to me,
00:14 C. A. about this righteousness from God.
00:18 The fact that He does it all it is such a concept
00:21 that we are not used to.
00:22 In any kind of recovery, I want to do something.
00:25 I'm going to do it now and that kind of thing.
00:27 Turn it over, the first time I did that, okay,
00:30 I turn it over and now what?
00:32 It is like you don't know what to expect and God
00:36 literally picks it up pretty quickly, let's do this.
00:39 The whole washing the sink thing that we talked about
00:42 on the first segment.
00:43 You know go in and clean the kitchen.
00:46 I'm thinking that can't be from God, clean the kitchen.
00:49 It has got to be more complicated than that.
00:51 It was like it was real simple baby steps.
00:54 Let's start from the very beginning.
00:56 What guarantees do we have?
00:59 We oft times rely on the plan.
01:02 This is a 12 step program, if I go through 12 steps,
01:05 I am going to be fine.
01:06 You don't have any guarantee.
01:08 The only guarantee you have is that if we commit it to
01:11 Christ, Christ can handle it and will take care of it.
01:14 That is a guarantee.
01:15 So go through your 12 steps, but the Bible says in
01:20 your getting, get wisdom and Jesus Christ, the fear of the
01:22 Lord, is indeed the beginning of wisdom.
01:24 So He under girds and filters His way in and through
01:27 all that stuff, that is your success story right there.
01:31 Getting Jesus.
01:32 A lot of people get that in a lot of different ways.
01:35 Like if you go into even a marriage counselor, not that
01:38 any of you need that, just a marriage counseling.
01:41 When you going to a marriage counselor and they somehow
01:43 half to teach you to just sit with each other.
01:45 Because everybody is off running in their own careers,
01:47 you have raised kids, you don't know how to
01:49 sit with each other.
01:50 So it is real simple, the baby step of sitting with
01:52 each other and learning to laugh together again,
01:54 doing that kind of stuff.
01:56 I think once we surrender to God, once we get to a
01:58 point where we actually surrender to God,
02:00 I am going to look at Him in that way.
02:03 What do I need to know?
02:04 And some of the things are very small,
02:06 most of them are very, very small.
02:09 Try this, do this, learn what this feels like.
02:12 Learn what it feels like to speak honestly.
02:16 Learn what it feels like to be clean for the first time.
02:19 Some people have been strung out for ever and learn
02:21 what that feels like.
02:22 There is an acronym that I thought was really cool and
02:25 one of the recovery books I use and it is called radar.
02:28 Radar says, the R, stands for recognize your stuff first.
02:32 Thing go to the A, accept whatever it is you see.
02:38 Thing go to the D, detached from that and hand it to God.
02:42 Okay, I recognize it, I accept it, I hand it to God.
02:46 Then you go into the second A, accept help,
02:49 accept His help.
02:50 Say to God, what is it that I do right now?
02:54 And the last one, it is really a tough one,
02:58 is do something.
02:59 It is an action, it is that I am going to literally
03:04 respond and act.
03:06 If we do that, God says I will change everything for you.
03:09 I literally will change everything.
03:11 So this whole season is about that.
03:12 How do I realize this is God in His righteousness?
03:16 How do I realize that I am so turning it over to Him?
03:19 I think it is going to be amazing if we can get this,
03:22 we have got recovery.
03:23 Did you want to say something just for the very end, someone
03:26 says something today and I like it.
03:27 The secret of the future is hidden in your daily routine.


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