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Highlights Of Season 5

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), C A Murray


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00:12 Hi! and we are back!
00:13 This has been a very revealing
00:18 dare I say, show for me.
00:19 One, because there are so many people here,
00:22 who I never knew had these histories.
00:25 I like the idea that they felt comfortable enough,
00:29 in the Lord, and with you, and with the show format,
00:34 to be so revealing because I know there are people
00:36 who are going to be helped by this stuff.
00:38 It is incredible.
00:39 What is interesting too is if we all come to God,
00:43 and what this whole program is about this season,
00:46 is if we all come to God tweaked in some way.
00:49 I have met people who says I don't even think
00:53 I have any issues.
00:54 That scares me.
00:55 As soon as you talk with them and get history, you think man,
00:59 if you dealt with this, you could be freed up.
01:03 I think that is what God must say to us.
01:06 So this whole season is about coming to Him with all the
01:08 stuff and trust in the fact that He has got your back,
01:12 or He's got the next move for you.
01:14 Every single one in the program has gotten a sense of God.
01:20 Even if it is not, some of the people we have set their
01:24 testimonies, they are not alcoholics, and like Dwight,
01:28 peeing on window sills.
01:31 I do not know if you know what I mean?
01:32 Because he was way out there in his addiction.
01:35 So if they are not that far out there, they are dealing
01:39 with physical issues like the guy on the Cliff thing.
01:42 Or Deliah Brown with her car accident.
01:46 You are still coming to God completely broken and what
01:51 do I do now, what is the next step?
01:52 You know it is interesting because every year we get one
01:56 or two, it really is just one or two of people that say,
01:59 who is say to us, why are you talking about that stuff?
02:03 Why are you giving the Devil so much credit?
02:05 Why, that stuff doesn't touch us, it doesn't bother us?
02:08 Why are you bringing that stuff up?
02:10 We're Christians!
02:11 As if when you come to Lord to come pristine and perfect.
02:14 You don't come with any history, you just sort of drop
02:16 out of the sky.
02:17 But all of us I said, in my preaching, I got stuff,
02:20 you got stuff, all God's children got stuff.
02:24 We need to talk about this because there is certainly
02:30 healing in discussing it and then we find that there are
02:34 tens, thousands, hundreds of millions of people who have
02:38 the same stuff who simply don't know how to get out.
02:40 This program says there is a way out and Jesus is the way.
02:44 I love that, I absolutely love that.
02:48 God said Cheri, I don't even want you to be embarrassed
02:52 anymore about your stuff.
02:54 I just want you to say, you know what, allow Me, through
02:57 the Holy Spirit, to just live with you, abide in you,
03:02 be with you and allow all the victories I have won
03:05 personally, and Christ has won all the victories.
03:08 All the victories I have won personally,
03:09 I want to just give to you.
03:11 You don't even have to fight anymore.
03:12 You do not have to prove you are going to do it,
03:14 I've done it so just relax in that.
03:17 Now that we have that settled, and that is what this
03:20 stuff is about, now that we have got that settled,
03:22 let Me show you how to laugh.
03:26 We think it is, let Me show you how to tithe.
03:30 Let Me show you how to do the Sabbath.
03:32 Let me show you how to do... and we have all these
03:34 things that we think He wants to show us behaviorally.
03:37 I think He wants to show us how to live, laugh,
03:40 love people.
03:42 It is such an incredible, it is the coolest part of
03:46 recovery because I don't know, I don't how.
03:49 We are going to do one more roll-in,
03:50 well actually two more.
03:52 This next roll-in we are going to show is three
03:56 testimonies all really different of people that not
04:00 only came into healing, really got it themselves,
04:05 and are going out now and teaching somebody else.
04:07 One is Mike Stone and Barry Steed, they have these
04:11 incredible testimonies, incredible histories, and now
04:14 they are going out to the NASCAR race stuff,
04:17 or motor-cross racing and talking to people
04:20 that are out there.
04:21 They were partying and drinking and they say,
04:23 that was the guy was and I was miserable.
04:25 Not to cut you off but what really is cool about this
04:29 This is a niche thing, you have tailgaters at football games,
04:33 you have all these people who seemed to have a great time
04:36 partying and under that is all this pain, this hurt.
04:39 Some people who saw that, used to be that, now they are
04:44 back they are bringing Christ into that situation.
04:46 Their kids are miserable, they are strung out.
04:47 So they are going to go back and do that.
04:49 The other one, a gang member, and then a
04:54 recreational addict that was a physical therapist
04:59 doing all that kind of stuff getting more and more
05:01 lost in his addictions and God called him back.
05:03 In such a loving way and so there is their stories.
05:06 Rhonda Burnett who has alcoholism,
05:10 and has just done just amazing in her own recovery.
05:13 Not only in her own recovery but the fact that she
05:16 now has God for the first time for her, and she is
05:20 making it real for someone else.
05:21 So enjoy these.
05:24 I was sitting there in church service, and they was
05:27 up singing and giving their testimonies and everything.
05:30 I thought to myself, I thought if there is a God and
05:36 He saved all these people from drugs and all that,
05:40 because I was hardheaded and said let one of them
05:45 guys on the stage come down here and talk to me.
05:50 Because I did not have no clue of anybody in the church.
05:54 I thought, that way I knew God did it.
05:59 I have to know there is a God.
06:02 So I know more got the thought out of my mind and the
06:08 two guys on the stage started talking.
06:10 I thought that is strange, they are in the middle
06:12 of singing and these two guys start talking.
06:15 It wasn't 5 minutes and the one guy put his
06:19 microphone down and walked off the platform and
06:23 started walking down the aisle.
06:24 I thought I don't know where he is going but, I know
06:28 he ain't coming down to sit by me.
06:30 He walked right back and sat down right beside me.
06:34 No way, how cool is that?
06:36 He told me, I know you are having a drug problem and your
06:42 wife, you are having trouble with your family and all that.
06:46 At that moment, God took it all away.
06:52 I also robbed people and when they saw that they
06:56 decided this is the man we need to hang out with
06:59 this man to be like him.
07:00 Which is what I wanted, I want them to be like me.
07:02 I liked that, I don't like that, that happened
07:06 but I use that today, because I say well they wanted
07:09 to be like me when I was reflecting the
07:11 character of the Devil back then.
07:13 But now that I have Christ, I want them to not only
07:17 see me but see Christ in me, and follow me now,
07:20 the way am now.
07:22 I did not let my parents run say my life, and I didn't
07:24 let no man run my life, and I sure am not going to let
07:26 God run my life.
07:27 And the spiritual mentor down there, she just reached
07:29 over and patted me on the knee and said, that's right
07:32 Honey you have done such a good job all by yourself.
07:34 I went, awwh, that was it, that was a light bulb.
07:38 That was an epiphany for me.
07:39 I could see right there it was like all my very best.
07:43 I tried so hard Cheri, I wanted to be a good person.
07:46 I wanted to be a good wife and to be good mother.
07:48 I wanted to be a good daughter, a good sister,
07:50 a good employee, I just wanted to be so good.
07:53 I had no power to do that.
07:57 Some of these lifestyles I can't even imagine.
07:59 Do you know what I mean?
08:00 Because God gets us all from such different places.
08:04 You know your background is way different than mine.
08:06 I'm definitely way different than these gangsters
08:08 that are coming out.
08:09 What they had seen, what they have done, their life
08:13 experiences are so twisted and God says,
08:18 you know what, I adore them.
08:20 Yeah, yeah - I adore them.
08:22 He is not phased in any sense by where
08:26 they have come from.
08:28 I said this years ago, maybe 4 years ago when we first
08:31 began, and this is something I appreciate about you.
08:34 No matter what rolls in here you handle it.
08:41 It's like your jaw doesn't drop, or you are not "like
08:44 you did that"!
08:46 You have to be kidding me!
08:47 Because we all got some "you did that" in our lives.
08:51 And God is not phased by this stuff.
08:55 He has seen it all, He has not perplexed, He is not
08:58 shocked, He's not horrified, because He knows it.
09:02 He knows He has a cure for it.
09:03 You know when you can handle even death, when you know
09:06 you can cure death, death is no big deal.
09:08 Exactly, don't be afraid of that.
09:11 So the gang banging, and what is great about this is that
09:14 there are people that are gang bangers who are
09:17 looking for a way out, just don't know how to get out.
09:19 These programs speak to the basic needs of the Christian.
09:23 We talked about the forgotten step you know.
09:26 Okay I have made restitution, now I just want to be whole.
09:29 What does it feel like to be normal?
09:32 What is it like a normal, Yeah! I just want to be normal.
09:34 To the normal now in Christ.
09:36 What I think is amazing to me, is that's what I think
09:39 horrifies God, is that we don't know who we are.
09:43 We are the children of God, created by a God that spoke
09:46 the universe into existence.
09:47 He said you guys think you are gang bangers.
09:50 You don't even know, that is not who you are.
09:53 I love the fact, one time we had a stripper on named
09:56 Harmony and I love her.
09:58 She said she was turning around to dance for somebody
10:00 and God shows her who she is and she said I could never
10:03 go back to that lifestyle.
10:04 Because He showed me how incredible I am.
10:06 I think that is what this step is about.
10:08 Got everything you have done, you have said you are sorry,
10:12 you've turn it over to somebody and asked for forgiveness.
10:15 Now, man, let's sit down and let Me show you what
10:19 life is about.
10:20 It absolutely is my favorite step to look at.
10:24 Even the righteousness of Christ, the fact that He
10:27 knows all this stuff.
10:29 He says I want to pour it into you.
10:30 I want to show you what life is about.
10:33 Is He going figure out, is He going to
10:36 help me wrap my mind around it?
10:37 Because I know your mind is twisted, you know what I mean?
10:41 Let's use my mind right now.
10:43 And I love that.
10:45 That is incredible.
10:46 The text that pops into my mind is Roman 8:1.
10:51 "There is therefore now no condemnation. "
10:54 So when you are look over your shoulder, God is not
10:56 going He's not doing that,
10:59 He is saying come to Me, do you want to be free?
11:01 Come on let's be free, let's be whole now, we can do this.
11:05 We can do it together.
11:06 You asked me, or you just made a statement that
11:09 my jaw doesn't drop.
11:11 I just got back from a Ministry and came over here
11:15 from that Ministry.
11:16 We did Kenya, we did another state here in the
11:19 United States, and then came over.
11:21 A kid was talking to me from a rehab center and he started
11:24 to cry, and he was like 15 and he's adorable.
11:27 Just a cute little model looking kid.
11:30 He says, you know I jumped into the gang and part of what
11:35 I was supposed to do is kill somebody.
11:37 Went to another state with a number of 13, 14-year-olds
11:41 and through a hatchet at a guy I coming out of his house.
11:45 I hit him in the head.
11:47 Nobody knows about that one.
11:50 I just thought, are you kidding me?
11:53 So for me I want to say that is twisted, that is wrong.
11:59 How are you ever going to be whole from that?
12:00 We talk about these gang members, and these druggies,
12:04 and people that have come from lifestyles where they are
12:07 beating their wives and molesting their kids, or are
12:09 strung out on this or that.
12:11 God says, I can offer healing.
12:15 I can literally untwist, that person will come back on
12:18 the other side of this healthy and forgiven.
12:23 They are definitely going to have to make amends for
12:24 all those things, just trust Me on that.
12:27 This whole season is about trust beyond that.
12:30 This next roll-in were going to do just cracked me up
12:33 because we have horrible weather during the time we
12:36 were shooting all these.
12:37 Horrible cancellations, we had to grab people off the
12:40 street to interview sometimes, and that kind of thing.
12:43 Finally I had 5 cancellations, I know that it costs
12:48 to have the camera people here and the studio available.
12:51 I'm thinking, we have to get somebody and I went go over to
12:56 the Thompsonville church right here.
12:57 Ken Cox is there and I and thinking man, and for a
13:01 druggie in recovery, that is like having God here.
13:04 I'm thinking Kenneth Cox, how fun is that?
13:08 I'm sitting in the front row and awe struck because
13:11 there are some people that I loved.
13:15 Doug Bachelor I think is amazing.
13:16 Kenneth Cox are people who have, I think you are amazing.
13:20 First book, I don't know if it was your first book.
13:23 Second.
13:24 Second book that you wrote, See No Evil,
13:27 it changed me.
13:28 I Will Fear No Evil, yeah!
13:29 Incredible stuff.
13:30 What was the name of it again, - I Will Fear No Evil.
13:32 I Will Fear No Evil
13:33 It was incredible stuff to me, so there are people
13:36 that you just put out there and Ken is one of
13:38 those guys for me.
13:39 So I'm sitting there thinking, you are awesome.
13:42 I didn't hear the first 15 minutes that he spoke.
13:44 I didn't hear a thing, I just like, man, I love you.
13:46 Hey, Cheri right here, front row.
13:49 I am just beside myself.
13:51 Then all of a sudden I thought wait, he is preaching
13:53 exactly what the season is about.
13:55 He is talking about feed the baby, or take care of
13:59 the new part of you, the part that is coming to Christ
14:02 and understanding about who God is.
14:03 I'm thinking, cancellations, he is talking about the very
14:07 thing, so the program is over for him and he is standing
14:10 up on stage and I went up and of course he doesn't know who I am.
14:14 I said Ken, my name is Cheri Peters and I love you.
14:19 He said I could tell.
14:23 But he is very polite and I said, would you,
14:26 I have a show Celebrating Life In Recovery.
14:28 He said, yeah I've seen it which I was thrilled about it.
14:32 I said, would you ever be on it, because I had some
14:34 cancellations and we are speaking on this?
14:36 He said yeah, I'm like no way?
14:40 I'm thinking Ken Cox is going be on the show?
14:42 I turned around and all of a sudden I realized that
14:45 our show is if about gang members, and addicts,
14:48 people in recovery, and eating disorders, and cutting.
14:52 I'm looking at Ken Cox and he looks like Moses when he
14:56 came down from the mountain.
14:57 Do you know I mean?
14:59 He was all lit up and I turn around and say can would you
15:02 mind getting a Mohawk, ear rings, tattoos so you would
15:08 fit in and he started laughing, but he came on the program and
15:10 we are going to show the roll-in but he came on
15:12 the program and talked about
15:13 what is righteousness by faith mean?
15:15 What is it mean to be new in Christ?
15:20 To literally make that transition from this addictive
15:24 self to self that allows God to walk you
15:28 through all that.
15:29 So enjoy this roll-in and then we are going to come
15:31 back and talk a little bit about what he presents.
15:37 Just like with yourself, you have sat here and said, well I
15:41 am an addict and all this and that, but Christ also says
15:45 that you are a pearl of great price.
15:46 It said, He would have come and died,
15:50 if it had only been you.
15:52 The first time I heard you say that, I was just coming
15:56 out of homelessness and drug addiction and you were
15:59 talking to a church and you said those things, and I wept.
16:04 Are you talking about me and what I hear you saying,
16:09 is absolutely.
16:10 Because you see you are totally unique, there is not
16:12 another person like you anywhere in all of God's universe.
16:16 There's not another person like each one of us.
16:19 God does not clone, God creates.
16:23 The only people that clone are people who can't create.
16:27 But God creates and God makes each one of us distinctly
16:31 different, so there is not another person
16:34 like us anywhere.
16:35 So I do not care what a person's background is.
16:37 I do not care where they have been and I don't care what
16:39 they have done, they are still unique.
16:42 They are still special, there is not another individual
16:46 like them and that is why it is so important that they
16:49 are not lost. Right!
16:53 Cheri I appreciate so much what Ken Cox had to offer.
16:57 I'm looking forward to seeing the whole program.
17:00 When I saw his name there, I got a little scared.
17:01 Because I saw Dwight and Debbie Hall with a very revealing
17:06 testimony and I said oh no not Ken Cox too because I
17:09 interviewed him once and got his whole life story.
17:11 He didn't reveal anything as far as a shaky past to me.
17:16 So I said well here we go, but he talked about
17:19 righteousness by faith and that kind of thing
17:23 does give us hope.
17:24 It is about surrendering to the Lord.
17:27 It's about giving it to Him.
17:28 Romans 12:1 says, we present our bodies.
17:32 You make yourself available to the working of God
17:35 and they God begins His work in you.
17:38 When I was growing up, when I went into the Ministry
17:40 I was living alone for a while.
17:42 My mother is this kind of antiseptic, worked in a hospital
17:46 emergency room, ex-ray room all of her life.
17:49 So I would clean my house whenever
17:51 she was going to visit.
17:52 When she got there invariability she would take off
17:55 her coat, sit down a little while and then she's in
17:57 the kitchen cleaning and it would aggravate me because
17:58 I had already cleaned.
18:00 I just cleaned that!
18:01 She would find stuff, she would find dirt.
18:02 I told her, your like the Holy Spirit.
18:05 You are always cleaning, you never stop cleaning,
18:08 no matter how clean I think I have gotten this place,
18:10 you find dirt.
18:11 And that is what the Holy Spirit does, always cleaning.
18:13 What I hope what is going to happen during this season,
18:16 is, does the Holy Spirit, does God just find dirt for
18:20 finding dirt's sake?
18:22 Just He just do it for His own sake?
18:25 I think all of heaven says, absolutely not!
18:28 I know that as you, like for me I lie and manipulate and
18:33 was homeless for 10 years and good and all that stuff.
18:36 Every time He teaches me to be more honest, to be more
18:39 to have more integrity, to be able to walk in that place,
18:43 I have better relationships.
18:45 I trust myself more, you know what I mean?
18:47 I trust other people more and all that stuff gets well,
18:50 when God says He is going to step into your life,
18:54 do the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
18:55 through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, I'm going to
18:57 mentor and model for you what it feels like to be healthy.
19:03 Not because I have a checklist, because I want so badly
19:09 for you to be all that.
19:11 I think that we think, I don't know what we think.
19:15 I think the devil has lied to us and said that God wants
19:18 you to not have any fun at all.
19:21 I'm like, that is so not it.
19:23 It is so not it!
19:25 You know this idea that God calls you righteous,
19:29 while He is making you righteous,
19:32 is very, very powerful.
19:33 He says, Cheri, I love you and in my sight,
19:37 since you have given your heart to Christ,
19:39 I don't see that stuff anymore.
19:40 I'm calling you righteous, by the way I am making you,
19:43 what I am calling you.
19:44 At the same time. - At the same time.
19:46 So you get credit for being what He already says you are.
19:50 It is a wonderful thing and it gives you hope and you
19:53 do not have to fight it by yourself.
19:55 He's saying you're beautiful to Me,
19:58 and I am making you beautiful.
20:00 I'm your plastic surgeon, I am making you what I see you as.
20:04 I am also your reality, and that is a great thing.
20:10 I love the way you have said it, because that makes it real
20:12 clear, but I think some people present that righteousness
20:15 by faith in such a way as it is convoluted.
20:19 We do not know exactly what it means.
20:20 But it just means that God is doing it all.
20:22 Precisely, He's doing it all.
20:24 And it's like you can just trust in that, walk in that.
20:27 I'm thinking sometimes I will start to exaggerate or to
20:30 lie or do something like get back in my old stuff.
20:33 I hear the Holy Spirit say, Hon, it never worked.
20:36 Right, right!
20:37 I'm thinking, it is very gentle, like if you start to
20:40 smoke again where you start to drink again or you go
20:42 online with the porn stuff again and you hear the
20:45 Holy Spirit say, it never worked!
20:47 It robbed you of everything.
20:49 That's God's way of moving in and saying I'm going to
20:54 come in and teach you what is not good.
20:57 What's going to kill you.
20:59 Something that pops into my mind, my goodness it is
21:02 Hebrews 13: 5 and 6, where it says to be content.
21:05 One of the things I see with this missing steps in
21:08 recovery is wherever you find yourself just relax.
21:11 Relax and be content.
21:12 Here is where I am God, now You have to get me out of this.
21:16 He says also in that text, I'm not going to leave you.
21:19 I'm not going to forsake you, so chill.
21:21 Be calm, relax we are going to go through this together.
21:24 I am not going to duck out halfway through,
21:26 I will take you all the way to the end.
21:27 Then he says, you can boldly say, and I like this.
21:31 You can boldly say God is my helper.
21:33 So if there's anything I can thump my chest about,
21:36 is that God is on my side because I'm on His side.
21:39 I don't have to do this by myself.
21:41 I can recover and go through this stuff because I have
21:43 the big guy behind me.
21:45 I have got somebody help me out here.
21:46 That is the Lord!
21:47 Never leave me, never forsake me and the last part of
21:50 that text, which is really cool.
21:52 What can Man do to me?
21:54 You know? It says that God is my helper and man
21:57 cannot touch me.
21:58 There is nothing he can do.
21:59 He cannot help me, he cannot hurt me because I am
22:01 in the Lord's hands now and my recovery is not of
22:03 my own making, it is me and God.
22:06 God and me, us together and it is a beautiful combination.
22:13 I love that because I used to think, what if I mess up?
22:16 What if I fall again?
22:17 It is really interesting because I have.
22:20 I've been in recovery almost 30 years now.
22:23 When I think about it, it was 1979.
22:25 There are times that I would just fall flat on my face
22:28 and I know it.
22:29 I wanted to do something and to act out in this way,
22:33 and the Holy Spirit is like nah, man Cheri don't do that.
22:36 You have done that before.
22:37 I would literally have to turn things off,
22:39 to stop hearing them and to be able to act out that way.
22:42 I still fall and act out and then I realize,
22:45 what did I do that for?
22:46 Not only did I act out, but I literally had to shut down
22:50 the voice of God in order to do this sin.
22:53 God says, you know what at the end of it, I am ready for
22:56 Him to say that is enough.
22:58 I have had enough and He doesn't,
22:59 He says did it work for you?
23:01 And I have to say again, absolutely it did not again.
23:04 Over the years some of those sins have dropped off
23:07 completely because they never have worked.
23:09 God was faithful every time I crashed and burned.
23:11 He stood me up every time again.
23:13 I am not saying go ahead and do it anyway.
23:16 I'm just saying I am amazed that God does not get tired
23:19 of doing this stuff.
23:21 That is really, really powerful.
23:22 God will say, OK Cheri, let's debrief.
23:24 Okay, how did it feel?
23:26 It felt good, OK how do you feel now?
23:28 Guilty!
23:29 Guilty, right.
23:31 Shame, guilty all that stuff again.
23:32 So now we had to start building you back up again,
23:33 rather than okay you are on your own now.
23:35 He builds you back up and that is why these programs,
23:39 I say again, are so meaningful because they are part of that
23:42 process, part of that debrief.
23:43 There is somebody else, hey, I did that, and it didn't work
23:46 for them and it sure is not working for me.
23:48 We both need Jesus and Jesus is the answer.
23:51 And He is faithful.
23:52 Precisely!
23:53 And He is cool and He is fun and He loves you.
23:55 When the Bible talks about He delights in our recovery,
23:58 I am thinking, what does it mean?
24:00 Like the first time I saw Isaiah 57:18 where He says,
24:04 I actually delight in your recovery.
24:06 I know all about you.
24:08 I know all your garbage and all your junk.
24:10 I want to stand you up.
24:11 I'm thinking, all of my junk?
24:13 He is like, all of it.
24:16 When I get to the point where all of a sudden, I think
24:19 all these gangsters, you heard it in their voice.
24:21 The people in the ministry, that have been on this season.
24:24 You can hear it in their voice when they get to the
24:26 point where they finally see the magnitude and love
24:29 of God, then you can't help but tell somebody.
24:32 It is not that I learned a Scripture and I want to share
24:34 the Scripture, I saw God and I know that He saw me,
24:38 and He is crazy about me.
24:41 Yeah, you are sharing your experience as opposed to
24:44 something written on a page because you have internalized
24:46 the words on that page are a part of your body now,
24:50 a part of your soul.
24:51 It is you, not just something you read.
24:53 That is absolutely huge.
24:55 We are going to go ahead and take a break and come
24:56 back and bring this whole thing to a close.
24:59 But as we take a break I want you to know that this
25:02 was the hardest season for me because the concept is
25:05 that people do not even stop on a 12 step group
25:09 because this step is just too big.
25:12 Did you turn it over, completely turn it over.
25:14 There is no other way around it.
25:16 You get into recovery at this point you turn it over.
25:18 We are going to be right back, stay with us.
25:20 I have already been blessed, but stay with us will be back.


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