Celebrating Life in Recovery

Grief Among The Family

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Luke Pierson, Mark Pierson


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00:13 Welcome back, you know Luke, I wanted to have you back
00:16 on because I know we have talked about this accident and
00:19 I want to ask you again is it difficult to talk about it?
00:23 How do you feel about that and what is your passion now,
00:26 because you really are passionate about life.
00:29 We'll first it's not difficult for me to talk about it at all.
00:32 I notice a lot of people, sometimes look
00:34 surprised or shocked.
00:35 Like he's not breaking down or falling apart, or he's
00:38 okay with talking about it.
00:39 But I enjoy talking about it with people and sharing
00:42 what I've been through, what God's got me through.
00:44 That there is hope, that there is a life after this.
00:49 To me the world like I said, earlier, nothing matters in
00:52 this world except relationships with people that I have
00:55 and telling them about Jesus.
00:57 God has really put a passion in my heart, like I said,
01:01 to be a missionary because I don't want people to have
01:04 to die not knowing Jesus and not getting to spend
01:07 eternity with Him.
01:08 And that really had to been huge for you because you know
01:11 that Candace died in Christ.
01:14 But you know that there are millions that are dying
01:16 without a relationship.
01:18 Yeah and for me, I just can't imagine what it would be like,
01:21 I lost somebody but I know I will see them again.
01:24 Not knowing if I would see them again or that they
01:26 didn't know Jesus, I don't want anyone to have
01:29 to go through that.
01:30 For me that would be just a terrible thing
01:32 to die and that's it.
01:34 I mean there's nothing else, it would be so hopeless.
01:37 So talk to somebody about what you believe about
01:41 missionary work, what you believe about who we are in
01:43 Christ, because you know we are ambassadors for Christ.
01:46 You know all that stuff, alright - Yep!
01:48 I believe the missionary thing is the best thing you can do.
01:51 I mean you're out there sharing Jesus with people that
01:54 don't know anything about it, that's the most important
01:58 thing in life to me, sharing God with other people.
02:01 God has put a burden on my heart that while I'm here in
02:04 the states are out on the missionary field to encourage
02:07 other people, at my age to do it.
02:09 Because I grew up Adventist also, but no one ever told
02:12 me to give up everything in this world and your life,
02:15 give up your career, money, retirements or whatever
02:18 and just go serve God.
02:19 And tell everybody about God, nobody ever told me that.
02:21 I honestly believe - and you are saying that.
02:24 You are saying you know what, don't work on a career, we are
02:27 ambassadors for Christ that is our career.
02:29 That is who we are, don't worry about accumulating
02:32 riches and all that kind of stuff because they can be
02:35 taken at any moment.
02:36 Don't even worry even about relationships because God is the
02:40 only One that can control that.
02:41 You are saying we are here for a reason - that's right.
02:44 Because even by a young age I had started out working
02:48 in tile at 16 years old.
02:50 I became a tile setter, I had a career, I made good
02:52 money, I owned a few houses, had nice cars,
02:55 and I'm still young.
02:56 It's not like being totally rich, but
02:59 experiencing having nice things, money and houses and stuff.
03:01 People always told me when I have a house it will be
03:03 better and all that stuff or make good money.
03:06 It was always like this doesn't made me happy,
03:08 it did nothing for me.
03:10 It gave me more headaches and more stress and more
03:13 responsibility it wasn't fun - bills - yeah exactly.
03:16 So what I tell people now is look, these worldly things
03:20 do not matter.
03:21 Let's get out there and tell people about Jesus.
03:23 I encourage people my age because, and younger, we are
03:28 young and have energy and most of us are
03:32 not as afraid as older people.
03:34 Yeah because you know I'm scared - people like well, at
03:37 our age - I know what you're saying - like the
03:39 adrenaline rush is well there you go - right.
03:41 Go to Africa and work with child soldiers.
03:43 Go to Uganda or go to Ghana, you really are saying that
03:47 when you are younger you can just step out in this and
03:50 it's just a blast.
03:52 Yeah - watching God move, and watching miracles,
03:53 and knowing that you are a part of all that.
03:55 I wanted to say God bless you and thank you for joining us.
03:58 I want to talk right now about some times when you hear
04:02 somebody that's so mission minded and they are saying go
04:07 out and share Jesus, go out and share Christ.
04:09 We can share Him without saying a word.
04:11 We can share Him by how we laugh and talk to each other.
04:14 You have heard this whole family with other people that
04:17 were coming out of horrendous backgrounds.
04:19 They were being administered to, or this family would
04:22 share Christ with them just by how they held each other
04:25 through this tragedy.
04:26 So it is not about so much a Bible study, it is not so
04:29 much about saying the right things, it is about being
04:32 the right person, knowing who you are.
04:35 And who you are is what is incredible, you are
04:37 ambassadors for Christ.
04:38 God comes in and brings healing into our lives
04:41 regardless of what slams into us, regardless of what
04:43 we are dealing with.
04:44 And it says now literally find out who I am, hook up with
04:48 Me and form that relationship and who you are every
04:51 single moment of your life becomes important.
04:55 You are a missionary, you are a minister all the time.
04:59 And that sounds a lot like a burden, it really isn't.
05:02 It wakes you up, it wakes you up to a world that is so
05:06 real and so cool that everything matters and everything changes.


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