Celebrating Life in Recovery

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Monica Barlow


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00:05 You know, I want to have Monica come back up because
00:08 Monica you know what you really are the catalysts almost
00:11 for all these different things that are happening.
00:13 So what you think?
00:14 I really think it comes from God, you know, I asked Him
00:18 to really give me the desire to read His word and get
00:23 closer to Him and have the Holy Spirit in my life.
00:24 And as that happened then all these things happened,
00:28 because really of myself, I'm incredibly selfish, I like
00:31 to just hang out at home and eat Bon-bons.
00:33 Really God - I'm hanging out with you.
00:37 But God is saying Monica, I need you to do something
00:40 you'll really not want to do.
00:41 I need you to be friends with some people that you don't
00:44 feel like being friends with.
00:45 I need you to take into your home some kids - they
00:47 don't want to be friends with you at first - yeah.
00:49 you have to say you can't smoke weed in my house, you know you
00:53 have to be tough.
00:55 I don't like that, I like everybody to like me.
00:57 You know when you watch,
00:58 like you have been coming here right now, you watch the fact
01:01 that God steps into their life and blesses them with people
01:03 walking around the building.
01:05 How does that feel?
01:06 When you know, that God ordained appointment for these kids.
01:09 I think sometimes it is overwhelming.
01:11 I think I'm just this normal person why is God asking
01:15 us to do this and then I expect these big things.
01:17 How can I expect that us coming here would be that
01:20 powerful, we would have car trouble, and all these kinds
01:23 of things that we should not have come - right!
01:26 Because your husband broke his leg, we are talking huge
01:28 things, and yet as soon as you walked in the door, like
01:31 what Beau was talking about, I felt God's presence,
01:34 I'm tingling all over.
01:35 Stephanie I know has met people that have her similar
01:38 background, including myself, that we are going to hang
01:41 out and all that kind of stuff.
01:42 So you watch these God ordained appointments.
01:43 I want to say thanks for coming and I am blessed by you guys.
01:46 And as we close I want you to get a view of God, what He
01:52 is doing in this world.
01:53 He literally is with each one of us, each one of us
01:56 trying to get us to step out of our addictions, step out
01:59 of our junk, step of what we think we have brought into
02:02 our life, because it's fun, and He is like, you know,
02:04 what trust Me, and I will show you fun.
02:07 I will show you healing.
02:08 I will show you recovery.
02:09 Last night I saw some things that were cool,
02:12 Today I saw on the set some things that were awesome and
02:15 God just Wow's me so I am praying that He Wow's you.
02:17 Until next time want to thank you for joining us on
02:21 Celebrating Life In Recovery.
02:22 I want you to always remember that God is crazy about
02:25 you and me too!
02:26 Remember that, don't let anyone rob you of that.


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