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00:10 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery,
00:11 I'm Cheri your host.
00:12 I travel a lot and I'm blessed by a lot of people I
00:15 meet, and how God is loving on them.
00:16 And for a brief time I get the privilege of stepping in
00:20 and being a part of that love.
00:21 So, I want to introduce you to some of these friends today.
00:23 So come in and join us!
00:51 Welcome back, you know, it is just fun.
00:54 I love to be able to come up and say
00:56 these are some friends of mine, I have been blessed by
00:58 every single testimony, every single one of the
01:01 folks I'm going to introduce you to I have been blessed.
01:03 They have changed me so I'm not even do a
01:07 teaching today, I'm just go to start by introducing.
01:09 First of all I want to introduce you to Monica.
01:11 Monica was funny because I'm doing this Women's Retreat.
01:15 And I'm running a hundred miles an hour, I'm trying to figure
01:18 out okay the time for this, and we're doing Anointing.
01:21 You know how busy it was, every time I turned around
01:23 she's like in my face, poof.
01:26 I want you to talk about that because it cracked me up.
01:29 Well, I knew I needed to talk to you.
01:31 I needed to talk to you about all the teens I was
01:33 dealing with and you were up front all the time.
01:36 Like you said doing Anointing, so I walked outside of
01:40 the Women's Retreat, 400 people.
01:42 I waited out there and say God I need to talk to
01:44 her and I know I do.
01:46 Right then, you miraculously got out of your seat, the
01:49 other lady was speaking, you walked right to me.
01:51 And I'm like so freaked, it was so freaky.
01:54 You came right to me and I went Cheri, I no you're
01:58 really busy, but give me like 15 minutes.
02:00 Your like right now, let's do it.
02:01 So we walked over to your room, and we were able to talk
02:04 about the teens and what we're going through.
02:06 My husband and I having a new daughter, whose mother
02:10 died of cancer - when you say that, that you brought in
02:15 to your home - yeah - okay.
02:17 So talk about that because as you were talking.
02:19 Cause I'm looking at first, this kind of frantic thing
02:22 about, I've just got in a few minutes we have to talk and
02:26 as we get to the room and start talking, I realize, that I love
02:30 you, I love the fact that you are ministering to folks that
02:34 either have been abandoned, because somebody's
02:36 died in their live.
02:37 Or kids not being cared for, and all of a sudden I wanted to
02:41 grab you and say God bless you.
02:43 Where were you when I was a kid?
02:45 You know what I mean, that's for my heart was.
02:47 You know, I would have picked you up in the second.
02:49 I know you would, I know you would and would have loved
02:52 me because you and your husband are just really stepping
02:55 into this ministry.
02:56 At that time, you were like it was kind of new for you,
02:58 people were just coming to you.
03:00 Yeah, we weren't asking, we had just done vacation Bible
03:03 schools in our area, which is very small like 700
03:07 people, we'd get a hundred... We now get 120 kids in an area
03:10 that has hardly any people.
03:12 But Vacation Bible schools, when she is telling me
03:15 this I am thinking, okay, that is kind of cute.
03:18 And then I literally go and speak with her church.
03:22 I see the vacation Bible school, and they have
03:25 made a waterfall slide.
03:27 That is, like, how long is that.
03:29 150 foot - a 150 foot were kids can slide down that, in
03:33 castles, I mean it literally was this entire area that
03:37 was made to this rock climbing wall, that you are
03:41 climbing up the Eiffel Tower.
03:42 So you really do hands-on stuff to minister to these
03:45 kids, to try to get them interested enough to come so
03:49 you can minister to them.
03:50 Right, since we are - and you had them build it themselves
03:53 Well some of the kids as the kids become part of our
03:57 family than they are involved in a thirty foot high rock
04:01 wall Beau built, and painted that.
04:04 Which then we turned into big Ben and
04:08 Stephanie painted it, big Ben.
04:09 We change it up every year to what it's going to be,
04:12 this year it's going to be camouflage.
04:14 It's going to be Operation Rescue, rescuing family and
04:18 friends across enemy lines.
04:19 Wow, wow! And that's what you do that's your ministry.
04:23 I kind of make up the themes and then my husband, the
04:26 mastermind, the imaginer that doesn't get paid.
04:30 Right, but you know, I just want to let people know that
04:33 for a lot of times I see vacation Bible schools, and I
04:36 see some really cool cardboard cutouts and stuff, but
04:40 you guys literally build buildings and waterslides.
04:43 I wish just like sitting there, and I thought if I was a
04:46 kid I would just be hanging out with you guys.
04:48 You couldn't get rid of me.
04:49 Well, the 100 foot water slide was actually on America's
04:52 Funniest Videos - no way - yeah!
04:54 Because my niece went down it and went over the pond
04:57 headfirst in the mud.
04:58 And she got an honorable mention, which is pretty good.
05:03 But very safe, we do get that checked out - very safe,
05:07 other than this mud bank.
05:08 Well mud doesn't hurt anything, you know.
05:10 So the kids we have been doing that for about 14 or 15
05:14 years, so I have like a base of kids that are used to us.
05:17 Can before we go there I would just like to ask you
05:20 where did you come from, that you had that love?
05:23 Because you know you weren't an abandoned kid, I mean.
05:28 I don't know, I think it's God kind of developed in
05:33 Scott and I just love for Him.
05:36 I think it automatically came, we used to run an elderly
05:40 care home and did that for 15 years.
05:42 The love just started coming from looking at people, you
05:47 had to be aware of what they needed, they couldn't
05:51 always tell you - right.
05:52 Taking care of Alzheimer's and Dementia and in doing
05:55 that you are trying to search out what they need.
05:58 So for kids was really similar they're not going
06:01 jump out and say I really need this - right.
06:04 And they may be even acting out of anger and cussing you
06:07 out, but in reality they need you to hold them.
06:10 Well yeah, in fact we were joking last night,
06:12 Stevie was off the stage.
06:13 Stevie was saying. I remember when you first came to be
06:17 VBS, I know I was scared of you because you like beat up
06:20 all the other girls.
06:21 And I would like, Oh no Stevie's I hope they don't get in a
06:24 fight, but Stevie is like she is my main person
06:28 to organize things.
06:30 When she talks the kids listen, she is so ordained of God.
06:34 So your love literally went to these kids, and I went to
06:38 your youth group, because not only did you say
06:40 in that room telling me that you want to put this out there.
06:44 I want to ask you some questions about how God is leading us, and
06:47 I'm just so proud of you.
06:48 I'm so proud of you, and then you said we really need to come.
06:52 We have a Meth problem that kids are getting lost, I'm afraid
06:55 for them and just feel like, we actually got to come and
06:58 hang out with you and hang out with the youth group.
07:01 And I watch these kids from all over the place, from all
07:04 different walks of life.
07:06 Well, do you remember the one guy that got up in the
07:08 middle of your speaking.
07:09 It's because you made him uncomfortable, because he is
07:13 one of the dads that is really a tough dad to deal with.
07:16 In fact in our vacation Bible school - was I nice to
07:19 him? - yet you are more than nice - okay.
07:20 Good because he gets up - before you go - he gets up to
07:23 leave, and I'm thinking, excuse me, I'm not done talking.
07:26 And they look at me like I'm leaving anyway - No! no!
07:29 you're sitting down.
07:30 It's funny because my heart just says. I'm not just
07:34 saying sit down, because I'm trying to be a pain here,
07:37 but I know recovery is incredible and if you could
07:41 only give God a chance.
07:42 I think that for the youth to because I just want to
07:45 say, and I'm getting bold up here because I love him.
07:47 But if you want to give God a chance, I know that your
07:50 life would be just incredible.
07:52 So I hardly let people leave the room, so I feel bad and
07:56 think was, I mean, did I make him sit down - it was
07:58 really good and he was really the one I could tell the
08:01 Holy Spirit is trying to get to.
08:02 Was he the one that went to the bathroom when I said do
08:04 you want us to wait? - yes - did he get back?
08:05 Like I can stop talking until you come back in the room.
08:09 He was like, no! no! and go ahead, would you leave me alone?
08:12 Actually when you spoke at the school, you picked up to
08:15 Kevin, a guy in the audience.
08:17 Kevin and that was so God ordained, because I knew you
08:22 had no way of knowing it.
08:23 But his little 3 kids had been praying, and my VBS and
08:28 every day, I was there when they would pray.
08:31 In their prayers, the kids were like 4, 6, and 8.
08:33 Would pray for their dad in rehab, and then you picked him
08:38 out of the crowd.
08:39 What is really interesting about picking out Kevin is
08:42 that God so told me here is somebody that is
08:45 lost in his addictions.
08:47 Really losing everybody's losing because he is so
08:50 vacant, not present for them.
08:51 God wanted to call him home, and he is still not in a
08:54 place, he is still struggling.
08:55 And I knew even picking him out, and sometimes I just
08:59 want to say, can't just grab you by the face and beg you
09:03 to walk out of that.
09:06 And you know with what Kevin was really interesting is
09:09 when he was picked out that I knew for a minute
09:12 he heard me - yes he did.
09:15 He did try some recoveries, just it was tough - yes.
09:18 That's what you made a big deal about my husband and I
09:21 loving them, the truth is it is God doing it because believe
09:25 me on a Saturday you know I have all the kids home at my house.
09:28 I would like to just do a few lay activities that every one
09:31 else does, but I can't because there's a pond outside, they
09:35 are all jumping in, or we have got to go help somebody.
09:39 That night, Saturday Night Live are youth group, and we
09:43 have to prepare for that.
09:44 Music we've got just fun things we do for that, but yet
09:47 what I'm trying to explain to the kids is that we are
09:51 not trying to entertain them.
09:52 I can't entertain them. I'm not an X-box I can't do all
09:56 these things, but they actually know where they can go
10:00 when something is bad.
10:01 That is the most important thing, if something is
10:04 happening at home, I can call Monica.
10:06 In fact, one girl and my daughter Stephanie were on a
10:10 merry-go-round before Stephanie, my daughter
10:12 before her mother died.
10:13 They were on a merry-go-round and Stephanie pushed really
10:17 hard and hit Lori on the tooth and the tooth broke - no.
10:21 And she didn't call her parents, she called me and Scott
10:24 It was on a Friday and I'm like what am I going to do
10:27 and this girls crying.
10:29 I said we will come pick you up, and we took her to a
10:32 nice Adventist dentist who on a Friday night and fixed
10:36 her so she wasn't embarrassed to meet the world.
10:38 It was just amazing, because I need them to know there
10:42 is some place to run - Amen!
10:43 I want to, I'm going to introduce every single body, but
10:47 I just want to say, I have blessed your passion, and I
10:51 am blessed by the fact that when you reach out to youth
10:56 it's a harder group because they are so abandoned.
11:00 And in their abandonment they are so angry that you
11:03 really have to let them go through that before they trust
11:06 you enough to say, okay, we can play and just be kids again.
11:09 Well usually, they are pretty mad at me, usually they
11:11 don't like be at first - right.
11:13 Because I'm like in their face, a little bit - yeah,
11:15 I can see that.
11:16 But it is just because I know they need something or
11:21 they want to tell me their way of life is okay.
11:24 So I'm saying, how's it going for it - it's not working- yeah.
11:27 Amazing, I want to bring Stephanie up so Stephanie.
11:31 When you talk about Stephanie, you call her your
11:34 daughter, which she is.
11:35 Then Stephanie, she talks about your mom and your mom's death.
11:41 So how did you meet Monica and what happened to your mom?
11:46 Actually, I Monica through VBS, through that same girl
11:51 who broke her teeth.
11:53 Lori, she convinced me to start coming to, she's like oh yeah,
11:57 if you go to their VBS they will get you to go to camp
11:59 for free, I was like I've never been to camp, sure.
12:02 You know for free that will be fun.
12:05 So I started to go and I started becoming
12:09 better friends with them.
12:11 I would go to the night groups and everything to the
12:19 Saturday Night Live and then my mom started getting sick.
12:23 Sick from - sick from pancreatic cancer - okay, wow.
12:28 She was at first, in her pancreas, and then
12:33 moved to her liver.
12:34 Did she have drugs alcohol or any of those kind of issues?
12:38 You know I never really had that close relationship with her
12:43 I only know that she smokes cigarettes and did marijuana.
12:47 I'm not sure that she did anything else, but my mom
12:52 does, Monica knows, some of her friends that she did
12:56 hang out with did do that.
12:58 I remember a lot of times that they were going to a room
13:00 and be in there for a long time.
13:02 I know she didn't like alcohol, but she did once in awhile.
13:07 Okay, so her cancer kept getting worse?
13:10 It got worse and it was really hard.
13:14 I slowly, I watched her slowly die - I can't imagine that.
13:19 It was, I wanted to run away, I didn't want to be
13:24 around, seeing her die - didn't want to feel that.
13:28 I didn't know what to do - yeah.
13:30 I her face, she was always very heavy, and when she
13:37 got sick. We had a hospital bed inside of our house
13:40 because she didn't want to go to the hospital.
13:41 She was very skinny, she was so skinny, her jaw line
13:48 was, I mean, you can see everything.
13:50 She was just yeah, just lost it all, everything her rib
13:55 cage seem to start sticking out more because of all the
13:59 cancer on the inside, and it was really hard.
14:03 One thing I really wanted to, I feel guilty now, I hate
14:09 it, that I did not want to be there.
14:12 But now when I think about it, I cry because I wish I
14:16 had gotten in that bed and laid down right next to her.
14:20 You know - and you know when you say that, that it is
14:22 really tough because my heart just breaks for you
14:25 because I know what you are saying.
14:26 You know, I just buried my dad in December. So I am just
14:30 accepting the cancer and stuff and I want to say that I
14:34 am sorry that you didn't get to but I understand
14:36 your feelings is I just wanted to run.
14:38 You just couldn't deal with the fact that all this is happening
14:41 and I have no control.
14:42 Yeah, it was really tough for me.
14:46 I never really had a relationship with my mom because
14:49 she was very into many guys.
14:53 So it actually was her second husband, I found out was my dad.
15:00 I never got to know him, he liked beat me when a was a
15:06 baby. So my mom used another guy to get away from him.
15:10 And in doing that she felt obligated to stay with that
15:15 guy, because then she had my sister.
15:18 So, she was with him for a while and then she was with
15:23 another guy who molested me for a long time.
15:27 Then when she started getting sick, she was with two
15:31 other guys - do you think anybody has any idea the
15:36 different things that you have had to deal with in your
15:39 life, that you have buried in your heart.
15:42 Did you think, to me when you first started talking the
15:45 first time I met you and you started telling me some of
15:48 this stuff, I just looked at you and thought I had no idea.
15:51 You look beautiful and grounded in Christ,
15:56 and I know you love God.
15:57 When you started, tell me about your life, I just wanted
16:00 to hold you and weep you know, I just want to say
16:03 I'm sorry for all that.
16:05 But when you walked into a church, and somebody sees
16:08 you, they don't know all that stuff, they don't know
16:11 what you have been through.
16:12 I've actually, I never used to be as confident as I am now.
16:17 I used to, my new parents have helped me a lot on that.
16:23 They helped build myself self esteem and made
16:28 me feel that I was loved.
16:33 I have two parents who loved me, even though sometimes
16:36 they really don't want it, are actually going to help me.
16:41 And they are like being a waitress just won't get you
16:46 through, because like my mom was a waitress.
16:49 That's actually all she did really.
16:52 And we barely made it through or buy anything.
16:55 So I was like we were alive, we had a house, and she
17:00 said, but did you own it?
17:01 No! So I slowly started becoming with my worth ethics
17:10 got better and I could go to a job - so after, as your
17:13 mom was dying then you met Monica and those guys through
17:18 vacation Bible school?.
17:20 I had met them before that - okay - and so my relationship
17:24 with them started getting stronger as mom was dying.
17:28 One night my mom told me that I could choose who I
17:32 wanted to go live with, because she didn't want me to
17:35 live with my daddy either, but it is your choice.
17:38 But what is really interesting to me is when both you
17:41 and your sister had to decide where your going to live
17:44 when your mom dies.
17:45 Both of you had different dads in different states and
17:48 its like you were going to be separated with somebody
17:51 that you didn't even hardly know.
17:53 Yeah, my mom was actually afraid that my dad would fight
17:57 more, well actually that my sister's dad would fight
18:01 more was ending up to be like mine.
18:03 I was like okay lets do whatever and for me my dad was
18:07 all of a sudden, like no she can't, I can have my rights now.
18:10 He even had the gall to tell me when I said, that mom
18:14 passed away, it was like he did even know she was sick.
18:17 I'm like, she called you and told you, I saw her come
18:20 out of the room crying and you're saying you're blaming
18:24 her all of a sudden saying Ah she is not sick that's not right
18:28 He was like getting all mad with me, and I'm like, now I
18:32 really know I don't want to live with you.
18:33 And so one day after my mom told me I could pick who I
18:39 wanted to live with, I got Scott and Monica by themselves.
18:44 I was like really nervous, was like, what am I, how am I
18:49 supposed to ask, I want to live if you - we be my
18:51 parents - we be my parents.
18:53 That's really awkward.
18:54 But I did, it was like my mom gave me a choice and I
18:59 picked you guys, and I don't know - what did they say?
19:03 They were like, we will pray about it, but they were all
19:07 smiles and did not make me doubt that all of a sudden I wasn't.
19:12 But I did, I might just ask them I wonder they don't
19:18 want to, that's embarrassing you know.
19:19 Like I was starting to get afraid, but after that night
19:24 it was, everything started working out very well.
19:26 Do you know what I want to ask you, because I am so
19:29 thrilled that Monica stood in front of you.
19:31 I'm so thrilled that she took it to God and I so love
19:35 God for telling them, yes, are you kidding me, yes.
19:39 I know that your relationship with God, because you
19:43 were acting out one point using stuff a little bit.
19:47 And so for you to come back around where you stand in
19:51 Christ now, how did that happen?
19:53 I started, like said a started going to church because
19:58 umm, Laura got me to come to the VBS because then I
20:03 started going to church.
20:04 I mainly was going to the church though, because there
20:06 was two really cute guys there - yeah ha, ha.
20:09 So listen up two guys, you know, you bring people in the building
20:13 That is one of the reasons I started going, but now, one
20:16 of those guys is my brother.
20:19 How odd is that - it kind of is, I get made fun over that.
20:26 But I started like after I was 12, started getting into
20:32 more of a hate thing, because when I was 11, a that's
20:39 when I finally started maturing.
20:41 I finally told Rick, my mom's boyfriend, - stop doing
20:49 this to me - stop get away from me - right.
20:52 He would still try to make me feel bad and stuff and I
20:55 would just start getting angry and wanting to punch him.
20:58 And other things like that, so I really started getting
21:01 into a bad crowd.
21:02 There was one girl who she lied all the time I have no
21:06 clue what she told me that was even truth from any of it.
21:10 But I hung out with her we would go out to drugs, I
21:15 never got into anything serious, but I got, I did a lot
21:20 of marijuana, cigarettes and did alcohol.
21:23 I did a lot of that what ever I could have I took -
21:27 whatever was in front of you - yeah.
21:28 I knew for a fact that I didn't want to do anything like
21:32 Meth, you know, but if I would have kept on at it I
21:36 probably would have.
21:37 Because I wasn't very strong in what I really wanted.
21:39 At what is really interesting for a lot of people that
21:42 they don't know is that escape that wanting to get away
21:45 from all that pain is very intense.
21:47 It's like whatever is going to help me to get through
21:50 these few years I'm going to take - yeah.
21:52 Not realizing that God is looking after you - yeah.
21:57 I hadn't no clue, I was 13, and I had a 16-year-old
22:02 boyfriend and he was turning 17.
22:06 My mom at first, my real mom before she died she was
22:10 like, I really don't know if you should be dating this
22:13 guy, and I'm like it's fine for not doing anything.
22:16 Because she is your mom is coming back to God
22:18 a little bit there.
22:19 She was totally as I start going to VBS more, going to
22:22 church, she was slowly coming to.
22:24 She always knew of God, and we had a Bible in there, but
22:27 it was like the King James version so I was like, I'm
22:31 not reading this thing.
22:32 Because it was hard to understand - it was very hard.
22:35 I tried at one point like this is interesting I am a
22:38 going to try to read it, and she said good luck.
22:39 So I didn't have very much encouragement on that either.
22:46 but I would hang out with them and I would get messed up.
22:52 I would call my boyfriend on the phone and say, because
22:57 I'm still a virgin, technically, but through my mind,
23:03 because of the molestation, I'm not.
23:05 So, I think of the sexual very often - right because
23:10 that's what that damage does - yeah it haunts me.
23:14 It haunts me my sleeps and everything, in my dreams -
23:18 and you know what. I don't even think that people that
23:23 molest people take advantage of kids realize that you are
23:26 haunted by that, it changes to I am and how I see the
23:30 world until God literally puts His hand on that brings healing.
23:33 Yeah - it's huge - yeah, because even lately everyone
23:37 everyone just started breaking down, you know spilling out
23:43 and all of a sudden, because I hadn't said this to anyone.
23:48 I'm still having dreams of having sex and stuff like that.
23:53 But a lot of the guys that live in my household were
23:58 kind of afraid of me, because they kept getting vibes
24:01 from me, that I don't even realize I'm sending off.
24:05 I wasn't having any thing, it was will people from my past
24:12 A lot of times it was just a dark figure - and you know
24:15 what I want to just say because I'm so glad you're here,
24:18 because I love you.
24:20 I think that you come up to my mind a lot as I go through my
24:24 day as I travel and whatever and you are in my prayers.
24:27 So I'm glad you're here, so I would like to go through
24:30 some of that with you because, as that stuff comes back
24:32 at us and it's in our dreams, is in our thoughts and you
24:35 think, what just happened here?
24:37 Because ours just do this normal thing, trying to pray
24:40 and all of a sudden I had these images.
24:42 Then we feel like we are horrible, the devil I think
24:46 oppresses us, and God says, you know what. I promise you
24:49 that, and I will bring you victory with that.
24:52 It is not you, and it is not your fault, and so you know
24:55 what you and I are hanging out before you leave.
24:58 Alright - okay - just to go through some of that.
25:00 And I wish some times that we could get a whole show.
25:03 Just to go through this because, 1 in 3 girls are
25:06 molested in this country and 1 in 4 or 5 boys are
25:09 molested in this country.
25:11 And so we wonder why we are so twisted sexually.
25:13 I just wanted to say, God never intended that, and you
25:16 know that right - yeah - God never intended - I do know that.
25:19 What I am the strongest with God, I don't have those
25:24 dreams, I feel better, I'm more confident I can stand.
25:28 My dad was teaching me to keep my posture because before
25:31 it was like what's up.
25:33 Now I try to keep my posture, and when I'm closest with
25:38 God, I remember to do this and I feel good about doing it.
25:42 But when I'm not - you can see it in your body - I can
25:47 feel it, I start getting cranky a lot, I don't want
25:52 anyone talking to me, I just want what I want
25:55 that sort of thing.
25:57 My problem is I wanted to make friends with everyone.
26:03 Like we have a whole bunch of cousins that came up for
26:07 Michigan and were with living with us.
26:09 And I was just like - cousins from your new parents.
26:11 New parents,
26:12 Yes, and I was like I want to make friends with these
26:16 guys. But then everything because I was trying to do
26:21 selfish things. I was like really hard time with
26:23 it, because everyone was trying to stay away from me
26:26 because you hit a hiccup.
26:28 Could she know I was in recovery, I don't even know like
26:31 when I first came in the church because I had all that
26:34 stuff that you have the molest and the junk.
26:37 And I like come in and I want to be accepted by
26:39 everybody, but I am so inappropriate, I'm like you who
26:42 my name a Cheri and I try to kill myself when I was 8.
26:45 And they are looking at me like poof, poof and because
26:48 we don't know how to act because we've so damaged.
26:50 We literally almost try to overact, which causes people
26:54 to back up and we see then we don't want that to happen.
26:57 Yeah - it really is just a frantic thing.
27:00 And, I literally Steph, want to have a program just on this.
27:05 Right now I want to pray, we have got to take a break.
27:09 I just want to pray that you know what I'm telling you
27:13 through that, do you know, I'm telling the truth - yeah.
27:17 You know that I got through it? - I can see it - alright.
27:20 So I'm telling you, I promise you God will be faithful,
27:24 and you will get through this.
27:25 And He will teach you to stand in Christ, and it's such
27:31 incredible how the stuff will not plague you.
27:33 And we will hang out before you leave and deal some of
27:37 that, but I just think, I think that you are incredible,
27:40 beautiful women of God.
27:42 I think that what He has done in your life is amazing.
27:44 And I wish that I could somehow take that damage and all
27:47 that and have that off of you.
27:50 But God and you are going to work through that - Amen -
27:53 you know that.
27:54 I'm going to have prayer and we're going to take a break.
27:56 Give me your hand - dear Father in Jesus name I just
27:58 pray for Stephanie.
27:59 I pray that every single person out there that
28:02 understand what she just said, and have been through
28:05 molestation, abuse, and loss and abandonment and all
28:08 those kind of things will stand there and say I don't
28:10 even know how to act sometimes.
28:12 And I'm trying I'm trying standing in Christ, I'm trying
28:14 to fight these images and have these dreams.
28:17 I let go of God in this happens.
28:19 I pray for every single one of us that have gone through
28:21 that and I pray for Stephanie as she goes through that.
28:24 I pray that your Holy Spirit just settle us and I pray
28:28 Father with everyone watching these issues, Stephanie in
28:32 particular, keep Your hand on her and let her know
28:35 beyond a doubt that You are faithful in her recovery and
28:39 You will walk her through this stuff.
28:41 There is going to be a time in her life that she is
28:43 wonder where this stuff is because, she has not
28:46 had the dreams anymore.
28:47 She doesn't have the doubt anymore, she doesn't have to
28:50 wonder whether I have acted right or wrong anymore.
28:52 There's not that frantic stuff because You have so healed her.
28:56 And I just claim that in her life and am just so
28:58 grateful to be her friend and so grateful to be a part
29:02 of who she is and I just pray Father that You keep Your
29:05 hand on her and bless her in recovery, um we are going
29:09 to be taking a break, right now, and I'm just going to beg you
29:14 don't watch this program without praying for us.
29:16 Because you know sometimes I think that people think
29:19 that we have so gone through all this.
29:22 and I am telling you that there are people at every level
29:26 every level of recovery, every level of healing and God
29:30 is faithful so we need your prayers.
29:31 But come back, it's way cool.


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