Celebrating Life in Recovery

The Hardest Part Of Forgiveness

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Michael Ehm


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00:05 God is absolutely the coolest.
00:06 So when you think, for me at least, when I think I
00:09 figured it all out, when I think I've healed.
00:11 Not only have I healed and done this forgiveness thing,
00:15 I can teach about this.
00:16 I do Women's Ministry and teach about this stuff.
00:20 And yet then something like today happens, and God
00:22 brings all that to the surface that there is still
00:25 within me something that I have to deal with, that I have
00:28 to look at, and He does it in such a gentle way.
00:31 He just says, you know what Hon, you're stuck here,
00:34 your lost here.
00:35 I don't know if you saw what just happened here with
00:38 me and this guy, this club owner.
00:40 Everything that I wanted to say to him, I wanted to grab
00:44 him by the throat, when I first met him coming into
00:47 the studio, and I'm not like this.
00:49 I just want to say, you know what, I am so not wanting
00:52 you to talk right now.
00:53 I'm having people pray for me and help me do this show.
00:56 And all of a sudden I hear his story, his damage,
01:00 and there is a part of me that just wants to say man,
01:04 I thought it was all me, I thought I was the
01:06 only one damaged here.
01:07 And I want to say I'm sorry, I want to say,
01:09 you know what I forgive you.
01:12 And in saying that and feeling that and going there,
01:16 my whole being just feels like I stepped into
01:19 another place with God.
01:21 A better understanding of what He is trying to do with
01:24 us here, not only forgive us, not only receiving that.
01:27 Not only as healing by stepping into that
01:29 relationship, but I want you so to forgive the
01:31 other person, the person that damaged you,
01:34 because they are damaged too.
01:36 They are damaged too and I am working with all of you guys.
01:39 And there is healing that happens there, and then I'm
01:41 thinking, in my devotions this morning I'm going through
01:46 this passage on forgiveness.
01:47 I'm thinking God, how funny is that.
01:50 How funny is it that today, the show and this about
01:54 forgiveness, and I feel like God just smiled and
01:57 said Hon, it's about time that you got that.
02:00 So, I want to share with you what God was trying to
02:03 share with me before I even came on this program so
02:06 that I could be ready to go there.
02:10 To learn about this forgiveness.
02:12 It says that we all suffer from brokenness in our lives.
02:15 In our relationship with God and in our
02:18 relationships with others.
02:19 Brokenness tends to weigh us down, and it can easily
02:23 turn us back into our addictions.
02:26 It can easily set us up for failure, recovery isn't
02:29 complete until all the areas of
02:31 our brokenness are healed.
02:33 And towards the end of my devotions for this morning
02:35 it says, giving and receiving forgiveness is an essential
02:38 part of our present healing.
02:40 This requires that we make peace with God, with
02:43 ourselves and with those who have alienated.
02:47 I didn't even know that I alienated some club owner,
02:49 I did know that.
02:50 It wasn't even something that I was physically aware of.
02:53 So let me go back to this.
02:56 So once we go through the process of making of amends,
02:58 we must keep our minds and hearts open to anyone who
03:02 maybe we have overlooked.
03:04 God will often remind us of relationships that need
03:07 attention, when these come to mind we should stop
03:09 everything and go to those who we have offended
03:13 or that have offended us.
03:14 And to go to those in to say man, forgive me.
03:18 It is really interesting to me after this program,
03:20 all of a sudden I am feeling a whole weight off of me.
03:24 I'm feeling when Michael's side can you forgive me?
03:27 I can even tell you I even wanted to weep and wanted to say
03:30 you know what, thank you so much for offering me that.
03:33 For giving me even the realization that
03:35 I still had all that junk.
03:36 And I wanted to say God, how cool are You!
03:38 That You never let up on us, that you never stop
03:41 in bringing us further and further into our healing.
03:44 So if you have somebody that you still are having
03:46 stuff against, man forgive them.
03:48 And until then see a next time on
03:51 Celebrating Life In Recovery.


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