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Overcoming Sin

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Ron Woolsey


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00:14 I just want to say thank you for even letting us
00:16 present this topic, because there is certain things
00:19 that I think that people don't want to talk about and
00:21 we don't want to look at.
00:22 I want to go back to where we were at the beginning of
00:25 the show, where we were in Romans in talking about,
00:28 what Paul wrote in Romans 8:1.
00:31 About "there is no condemnation for those who belong to
00:34 Christ Jesus, and because you belong to him the power of
00:36 life giving power of the Spirit has freed you from the
00:39 power that leads to death. "
00:41 So all your sins, you are freed from that because of
00:43 what God has poured into you.
00:45 But my favorite part of that whole Scripture just cracks
00:48 me up because before that, Paul is talking about his
00:51 struggle with sin and that is where I so relate.
00:53 And you know that I'm not just the best reader, so stay
00:55 with me on this as I read I think from Romans 7:11.
01:00 No I'm not going to go from there, I am going down to where
01:06 it says "and I know that nothing good lives in me, that
01:09 is in my sinful nature, I want to do what is right but
01:12 can't," I don't if you relate to that, but I can.
01:14 "I want to do what is good, but I don't.
01:17 I don't want to do what I've been doing, but I do it
01:19 anyway. " And he goes on to say, I'm struggling with
01:23 this and I know what Ron was saying I know that this is wrong
01:27 I'm even tried to get the word of God back of my life
01:29 and I'm trying to do all that kind of stuff.
01:31 I'm literally going to church.
01:32 We had a girl on not long ago on this season, she was a
01:36 stripper working in clubs and going to Sabbath school and all
01:39 that kind of junk, and I know it's wrong.
01:41 This is what Paul is saying over and over, it's like
01:43 I have this bad battle within me and I am trying
01:47 to do the right, I'm trying to stand up,
01:48 I'm trying to switch lifestyles.
01:50 I know, I know, and he is going back-and-forth in this
01:55 battle and finally he says, you know what,
01:56 who is going to save me?
01:57 This is wretched, I'm wretched I'm miserable, I'm
02:00 battling and you can just feel that all of a sudden
02:04 the Holy Spirit brings just brings peace into him.
02:06 He said, so, oh yeah, Jesus will save me.
02:10 I wanted to say that when you struggle, when you
02:12 stand up in your addictions, when you stand up and
02:14 realize that you're very lifestyle may be in question.
02:18 Don't be shamed, go back to Romans 8:1 where it says
02:22 there's no condemnation in Christ.
02:23 Go back to even when Paul says, I understand the
02:26 struggle in which you are dealing with and when you
02:29 step in to your relationship with God.
02:31 If you stumble and fall, I don't want to say so what because
02:34 I do not want to be just disrespectful, stand up again.
02:37 Stand up again, because we have a God that says, you
02:39 know what I know who you are outside of all this.
02:42 I know who you are created to be, it's fabulous,
02:44 absolutely fabulous.
02:46 I can stand as a woman of God in the presence of a holy
02:49 God just feeling so much joy belonging there
02:52 not because of my background, but because of who God is.
02:54 It is just the coolest thing.
02:56 So see you next time on Celebrating Life and Recovery.
02:59 And remember until then, always, always remember that
03:03 God is crazy about you and me too.
03:05 God bless!


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