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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Lemuel Vega


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00:13 Welcome back.
00:15 You know, what is really interesting to me, as we are
00:18 looking at all these things.
00:19 I remember reading in a book called Ministry of Healing
00:22 in a chapter called Saved to Serve.
00:25 In the chapter there's a scene where this woman has a
00:29 vision of the angels being around Christ or around God
00:33 in the throne room.
00:34 They see this addict struggling, standing up and falling
00:37 down standing up and falling down, and the angels
00:40 instead of saying oh, look at that person
00:44 can't they ever get together.
00:45 The angels say, can I have that person.
00:48 Because there are in need encouragement, they're going
00:50 to need someone to help them stand up again.
00:51 And it's got a be harder for them, and I just know that
00:55 I can help them.
00:56 And I saw at scene in and I wanted to weep that
00:58 God's love and mercy towards us, they're not looking
01:01 to take care of the past, or someone that is high
01:04 in Ministry, they are looking to take care of the
01:06 addict or the person in prison, I love that.
01:08 Is there anything that you would like to share
01:10 with us before we leave?
01:11 We have but a few minutes.
01:12 Jesus Christ went looking for that one lost sheep.
01:15 the Bible says there is more joy in heaven.
01:17 Over one sinner that repent, if then and 99, so that
01:21 kind of ties in with what you were saying there.
01:23 I want to tell my friends in the world that if I
01:25 could give you a credit card with an unlimited account
01:28 that you could spend it and get whatever you wanted.
01:29 Unlimited possibilities, would you not take it?
01:32 Jesus Christ has a credit card for each
01:34 and every one of us.
01:35 And it's unlimited possibilities for service for Him,
01:38 is that not right.
01:39 That's right, unlimited and mean there's no end to it.
01:42 I would like to share a favorite Bible verse.
01:44 John 3:16, we probably all know it.
01:47 Some of you have it memorized.
01:48 I don't I'm not very smart.
01:50 I wish that I had got an education, but I didn't,
01:52 we're learning by God's grace.
01:54 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only
01:56 begotten son that whosoever" - - whosoever
02:00 whosoever, who - so - ever.
02:03 I don't care what country what creed whosoever -
02:05 whatever your addiction is - what ever it is what
02:07 every your sin problem is.
02:09 "Whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have. "
02:12 What?
02:13 "Everlasting life" listen to verse 17.
02:15 John 3:16 is what we read, verse 17
02:19 "For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the
02:24 world, but that, but that the world through him might
02:26 be," what? SAVED! "Might be saved"!
02:29 And that is our hope as we seek Him in a daily
02:32 relationship. Lord, I need your help.
02:34 You know, it is amazing to me about that is that image
02:37 of God that we have, that God wants to come and just
02:40 nail us for our stuff.
02:41 No! "For God sent not his son into the world to condemn
02:45 the world" because the world without God was condemned
02:48 and that's why He said is son into this world that we
02:50 might have hoped and salvation through Jesus Christ.
02:53 Let me pull you into a life of recovery, a life of joy,
02:56 a life of where you are not in bondage to all those
02:59 addictions, a life where you are not feeling like you
03:01 don't belong and you are worthless.
03:03 Let me pour into you hope.
03:05 You know, I just have to say.
03:08 Thank you so much for coming on the show.
03:09 How cool is it - God bless you it's been a blessing.
03:12 And I want to think everybody throughout the world.
03:14 Give God a chance, it's worth while is it not?
03:17 One more thing is that I know you have a
03:20 ministry that is unbelievable.
03:21 You go into prisons and I want to bring you back to tell us
03:25 what you are doing now.
03:26 And how God is using you to go, and minister to the very
03:30 people, the very person you were.
03:32 Those are my friends - Amen!
03:33 You know, as you listen to this, as you heard all this
03:38 testimony and seen the joy and the passion that Lem has
03:42 as far as his recovery.
03:43 I want to know that he is no different than you,
03:46 is no different from anybody that is
03:48 struggling with addiction.
03:49 God says if you trust Me, if you step into this
03:52 relationship that I promise you I will join into
03:56 a covenant with you that I will pour
03:58 you out of it and give you a future and a hope.


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