Celebrating Life in Recovery

Beauty Beyond The Ashes

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Program transcript

Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Cheryl McGuinnes


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Program Code: CLR00037C

00:14 It's unbelievable to me to see how God
00:16 works in someone's life.
00:18 Sometimes I hear stories and the stories are, they seem like
00:21 what I consider nothing stories at first.
00:24 What I realize is that every story is important.
00:27 It could be way intense like what Cheryl just shared
00:31 with us about her husband, and flying into the Trade Centers.
00:34 All the aftermath of 9/11, and trying to stand up and
00:37 get a hold of her life.
00:38 But you know, what is really cool to me about
00:40 God is that He doesn't look at the bigness or
00:42 smallness of the story.
00:43 He looks at the heart and the issue behind the stories.
00:47 About forgiveness and bitterness and having that
00:50 so take over your life.
00:51 What Cheryl said, which I thought was incredible, is
00:54 that she literally had to start getting up from bed.
00:57 Making her bed so that she doesn't get back in it.
01:00 Doing the right things, getting outside.
01:02 Letting the sun hit her skin, and taking some
01:05 breaths, and looking around her.
01:06 All of that is important in recovery.
01:08 When I first heard, there is two people in my
01:11 life that I heard their story that just hit me as
01:13 far as my own need to ask God help me with
01:17 forgiveness and bitterness.
01:18 It was Cheryl McGuinness and Joyce Swift were the two
01:21 people that just got me as far as their story and what
01:23 they learned to forgive.
01:24 So I went to God, and I'm like God, you know I'm hearing
01:28 what they're saying.
01:30 I'm hearing about forgiveness, I'm hearing
01:32 that it is important.
01:33 But how do you do that.
01:34 My mom tried to self aboard six different times.
01:36 They didn't love me, I was neglected I was
01:38 homeless by twelve.
01:39 After pregnancy and all that junk, I can't do this.
01:42 And finally I just ask God like what Cheryl said.
01:45 It made be overwhelming to think that your going to do it.
01:49 That you are going to some how muster it up yourself.
01:51 Just stop and say, God, I don't even know where to start.
01:54 I don't even know the first step.
01:57 And what He said, my first step is?
01:59 My parents as far as forgiving and all that.
02:01 He said can you imagine your mom as a little tiny girl.
02:05 And I did, I saw a picture of her one time when she was three.
02:08 And he said forgive her, then, when she was three years old.
02:12 before all this stuff hit her so that she got so damaged in
02:16 her own life that to love her own children were
02:18 difficult, forgive her then.
02:20 So, ask God wherever He wants to take you.
02:23 However He wants to help you, so you can forgive the
02:27 people in your life.
02:28 You can move on in life, you can say to God that maybe I
02:32 can see the possibility, the possibility of forgiving.
02:36 An abuser, a parent that wasn't there, a father, who left
02:41 or someone that murdered her husband.
02:45 You know some of the stories are bigger than others,
02:48 but the bitterness in the root of those
02:51 are the same, they are absolutely the same.
02:54 And God said, I never want to leave you in that place,
02:57 because I promise you, you give that to Me I will teach you
03:01 However I have to teach you individually how to do that.
03:04 You will be able to come out of that with those roots
03:08 pulled out and step into a life of joy and a life of healing.


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