Celebrating Life in Recovery

I Am A Treasure

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Harmony Dust and Ashley Dodson


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Program Code: CLR00036C

00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 Were you blessed, didn't you have a great time?
00:16 I know that when I started speaking about my own life,
00:22 when I started bringing all that stuff out,
00:23 I just healed leaps and bounds.
00:26 Every single time I was so afraid, when somebody said
00:29 I wanted to be rebaptized.
00:31 So I brought all this stuff to my pastor thinking,
00:33 you know I'm not going to lie anymore.
00:34 I'm not going to pretend I'm somebody I'm not.
00:37 I want to tell you every single thing about my life.
00:39 Every single thing about my mom's life.
00:41 Every single thing about my grandmother life.
00:43 My Dad's in a crack house, with a sexual addiction
00:46 that is unbelievable, I'm going to tell you that.
00:47 And if I'm good enough then baptize me, if I'm not just
00:51 tell me to leave the building, because I'm tired.
00:52 I've been here ten years trying to pretend, I'm tired.
00:55 At the end when he said to me, that you know I would be
00:58 honored to baptize you, I almost wept.
01:00 The first time I was getting ready
01:02 to tell the testimony.
01:03 God, what do I tell them, because I'm thinking I'm just
01:08 going to tell you the good part.
01:09 God said, if you don't tell them everything,
01:13 don't tell them anything.
01:14 Because it vindicates who I am.
01:15 It vindicates what I am capable of bringing
01:18 to your life in healing.
01:19 If you are going to be ashamed, then you are still in
01:22 bondage somewhere.
01:23 Work through that before you get up and speak.
01:25 And I'm just like, oh man.
01:27 The more I spoke, the more I healed.
01:32 The more I looked at somebody.
01:34 I would say something horrible, and I'd look at somebody
01:37 and see all this love in their eyes.
01:39 And they say, I'm so thankful that you are
01:41 in the body of Christ.
01:42 I'm so thankful that God stepped into your life.
01:44 And I just would want to cry and I would want to say, really.
01:46 Every time somebody invited me to their home, and weren't
01:50 afraid to let me sit at their table with them, I healed.
01:53 I didn't know how to socialize, so it was really
01:55 difficult to me, my palms would sweat.
01:57 Like I don't even know how to be here.
02:00 But I healed, it was just amazing.
02:03 And I'm going to end with a couple of things.
02:05 One of the things I want you to know is, I read a book
02:07 called The Great Divorce, by C. S. Lewis.
02:10 Incredible, and in the first part of that book,
02:12 he says when you go on a trip you can't take all the
02:16 baggage with you, on every trip.
02:18 And even the smallest souvenir from your previous life,
02:21 will stop you from getting into heaven, will stop you
02:25 from this journey of recovery.
02:27 So this show, when we talk about saying something
02:29 out loud, connect with a body, don't let your
02:33 secrets destroy you, that's why we are saying it.
02:35 It's not that God doesn't love you.
02:37 Because that is a given, God is love, it's who He is.
02:40 It's just saying that anything you hide, anything that
02:43 stays in your pocket, and stays in the closet, will
02:45 somehow get in your way of your recovery.
02:48 In a huge way, so get rid of the souvenirs, get rid of
02:51 all the secret sins that you don't think are getting in
02:55 your way, because it will trash you.
02:57 And remember when I said I am sad that this show is
02:59 going to end, it doesn't have to end here.
03:01 It actually doesn't have to end.
03:03 If you get this message that you need to connect
03:05 with someone, it will go on for every single
03:07 person you connect with.
03:08 Ever single person you help.
03:10 Every single time you get healing in your life.
03:12 And as a church if you hear us, learn to love one
03:17 another, because it's huge.
03:20 The world isn't dying out there because they don't know
03:21 doctrine, not because they don't know what the Bible says.
03:24 It's because they've never been loved, ever.
03:26 They've never been loved by their natural parents.
03:28 They've never been loved by anyone, they've been abused
03:31 in every single way.
03:33 And as they come into the building, all they are asking,
03:35 is it different here?
03:37 Is this place different?


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