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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Harmony Dust and Ashley Dodson


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00:09 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery.
00:11 I'm Cheri your host.
00:12 Have you ever heard the expression that God brought
00:15 a person out of darkness into light.
00:17 Do you want to know what that means?
00:19 Stay with us!
00:20 In my opinion, it's a bigger miracle than the
00:22 parting of the Red Sea.
00:50 Welcome back.
00:51 I love this show.
00:53 I love doing it, I love putting it together,
00:55 I love introducing you to friends of mine, just
00:57 the miracles that God is doing around the
01:00 world are absolutely incredible.
01:01 We are going to do the show a little bit different
01:03 today from a because I have some friends from Milan.
01:05 Also, I want to bring Dr. Doug Weiss back in to
01:08 meet them and kind of go over their testimonies.
01:11 Not so much their testimonies, you know I don't
01:14 when I hear somebody's testimony.
01:15 I understand where people are coming from, hard
01:19 backgrounds, or molest issues or addiction.
01:23 What really excites me is when I hear somebody say,
01:26 then they saw God and God stepped in
01:29 it was this huge thing.
01:30 So are going to talk about all that today.
01:34 We're not only going to talk about how God, not only brings
01:36 you out of that kind of darkness into light, but stands
01:39 you up in ministry, which I think is absolutely
01:41 the coolest thing.
01:42 But you know, first of all I want to share with
01:44 you a little bit.
01:46 We're going to talk about how to be holy in the
01:47 presence of a holy God.
01:48 When I first read that I thought,
01:49 what does that mean?
01:51 You know, I've been on the streets for ten years,
01:53 I have this background is a little different from
01:56 yours more than likely.
01:57 So holy and from a holy God, and I'm thinking holy.
02:01 I don't even know what that word means.
02:03 but it doesn't sound like it's very much fun.
02:05 You know, I may not want to be holy.
02:07 And then I watching Saturday night live,
02:09 and for people haven't seen that show,
02:11 there was a woman there called the Church Lady.
02:13 And she came and she has her hair in a bun,
02:16 and she's like, always kind of mad.
02:17 She has got this black dress on, and serious.
02:20 She holds up a Bible, you know who made you do that?
02:24 Satan made you do that.
02:25 And I'm thinking God, I love you, but do not make
02:28 me the Church Lady, because I don't even like her.
02:31 And I wouldn't even look good in a bun, you know.
02:34 So, I really fought against, I don't know if I
02:37 want to be holy.
02:38 I just want to be fun, you know!
02:39 You can stay the holy thing, I just want to hang
02:42 out with God and have fun.
02:43 And so God kind of showed me, you know what holiness
02:45 is to live a life of recovery.
02:50 Live a life where you like being in your own skin.
02:52 To live a life where you're not manipulated like a puppet.
02:54 With all your addictions and all the junk that was
02:58 told to you as a kid, for some kids that are molested.
03:01 We don't even know how to stay present,
03:02 in any kind sexual situation.
03:04 And we don't know how to love our spouses,
03:06 because of all the junk we carry with us.
03:08 Holiness for God is stepping out of all
03:10 that and being free.
03:12 Step out of all the bondages and all the
03:14 darkness that just kind of wrapped around you.
03:16 God says I'm going to pull you out of all that.
03:19 And He disciplines us in a way that we are able to
03:22 see what's light and what's dark.
03:23 And that doesn't sound good for a lot of people in
03:25 recovery, and so if you're out there and saying
03:27 Cheri I don't like discipline,
03:29 just imagine it this way.
03:30 If I'm going to adopt a kid and I fall in love
03:36 with a little kid that's a gangster, nine years old,
03:39 but a little gangster.
03:40 He steals, and lies, beats everybody up,
03:42 he's s very violent.
03:44 When I bring him into my home, I absolutely fall in
03:46 love this kid, but do you think I'm going to let him
03:49 steal and lie still?
03:50 I'm going to try teach him how to get out of that,
03:53 because I love him and I want him to live a
03:55 life that is good.
03:57 A life where he can connect with other people,
03:59 where he can understand what it feels like to be
04:01 trusted, to be full of joy and
04:04 Just get out of that.
04:06 So when he steals, I'm going to nail him.
04:09 I'm going to say, you know what stealing is not okay.
04:11 When he lies to me I'm going to say, hey buddy.
04:14 I know that you are not a millionaire, your nine,
04:17 you live in my house.
04:18 And every time he lies, hopefully.
04:20 I'm going to come back and say, you know Buddy.
04:24 So as we look at this show we talk about God
04:27 bringing us out of one place into another place.
04:31 Then, setting in front of us a standard, please
04:34 think of the words in a different way.
04:36 He literally adopts us into His house, and says the
04:39 behaviors that you have that you so think are
04:41 normal that are killing you.
04:43 Killing you and keeping you from having an
04:45 incredible life with the people around you.
04:47 I'm going to show you way to get out of them and
04:49 then you'll stand holy in the presence of a holy God.
04:53 And even change a word you'll understand happy.
04:55 In the presence of a happy God, you know what I mean,
04:58 you will use a word that doesn't trigger you.
05:00 Because holiness triggered me.
05:02 I'm okay on that, so stay with that, and then I'm
05:05 going to introduce you to Harmony Dust.
05:06 Harmony, I just want to say God bless you for being
05:09 on the show with us.
05:11 Thank you, it's my honor.
05:12 I'm thrilled - I'm excited.
05:13 You said you would come, I'm like no way.
05:15 I call people here and I said you know what,
05:17 you're going to be blessed.
05:18 And I would like you to start out with your testimony,
05:21 because I want people to know who you are before we
05:24 talk about your ministry.
05:26 Gotcha, I gotcha.
05:27 Yeah, I was raised in Venice, California area
05:29 called Ghost Town.
05:31 My family had a lot of financials struggles.
05:34 My dad left when I was about a year old.
05:36 And I was raised by my mother who was struggling
05:39 with an addiction to cocaine.
05:40 So I just want to say this, because a lot of people
05:44 do not understand that when you're dad leaves you
05:47 really are, you and your mother, are unprotected.
05:50 So you do the best you can, but that is a huge thing.
05:53 And when you say it, we say in our stories, in our
05:56 testimonies, and we say it in a way that people do
05:59 not realize it's unbelievable not to have that
06:01 covering over our families.
06:03 And you know, I'm glad you stop me there because a
06:05 lot of times, I used to gloss over that
06:07 fatherlessness issue because it is so common.
06:10 You know, who even has a father nowadays!
06:12 Where I come from and it is very
06:14 uncommon to have a father.
06:15 But later on, years down the line, I realize that so
06:18 many of the choices that I made came from that void,
06:21 that lack of a really orphaned heart.
06:24 So not having a dad from that early age
06:27 played a huge role in my life.
06:29 Not having the protection not having the covering.
06:31 So, that was a big deal and is a big deal,
06:34 and a lot people can relate to that.
06:35 My mom got involved another relationship, and
06:42 there was domestic violence in my household,
06:43 there was just a lot.
06:44 Not a predictable kind of atmosphere, but one thing
06:47 that did seem to be predictable, unfortunately,
06:50 was that there was this threat of sexual
06:52 abuse throughout my life.
06:53 I was exposed to pornography at three years old.
06:56 And molested by multiple people, men and women,
06:59 and raped as a teenager.
07:01 And it really took its toll on me but
07:04 cause I internalized it.
07:05 I thought it was my fault, I blamed myself like a
07:07 lot of abuse victims do.
07:09 I just thought something must be wrong with me,
07:12 because how do I keep ending up in these situations.
07:14 How do I keep drawing these sort of
07:16 people into my life?
07:17 I really dealt with a lot of blame and a lot of shame.
07:19 I didn't talk about it.
07:21 Can I even jump on there because I think too,
07:24 that somebody is more normal and doesn't have
07:27 that as their every day life, because I had that too
07:30 as my everyday life.
07:31 Is that at soon as somebody even gets into a
07:35 sexualized place with us as children, we know how
07:39 to dissociate and just be gone.
07:40 It doesn't even have to be the act yet, as soon as
07:42 they look at me and I know that that is coming.
07:45 I can dissociate and just deal with what ever is
07:48 happening and then go out and skate.
07:49 Yep Yep!
07:51 The saddest thing, as I got into recovery,
07:54 to realize that it is not just one child,
07:57 it is 1 in 4 girls right now, and 1 in 7 boys.
08:00 So it's huge, but we learned how to associate in
08:03 deal with that as a norm in life.
08:05 And that's what you're saying it was.
08:07 the only constant in your life was that.
08:08 And you do you start to compartmentalize about those
08:12 experiences and you keep them kind of over here
08:14 separate and try to live as normal a life as you can
08:17 over here, you do not know what else to do.
08:19 It does create a life a separation there,
08:21 dissociation definitely.
08:23 So I was sexualized from an early age, and really
08:26 taught that my only value was in my sexuality.
08:29 And you're only power - and my only power.
08:32 Yeah, that's a big one too.
08:34 I ended up at the age of eleven, I met a young boy
08:38 who came, he, you know he was only a little bit older.
08:42 He became almost like a father figure in my life.
08:45 When my mother left for three months, she left me to
08:48 take care of my eight year old brother.
08:50 By yourself in your home.
08:51 Unum, hum!
08:52 I just have to say that because when you told me
08:54 that the first time.
08:55 We were on the radio, but we weren't in the same
08:58 room together, and I just cried for you.
09:00 By yourself taking care of this child.
09:02 And I'm thinking you had no skills anyway,
09:03 because you didn't have any mentor and stuff.
09:05 I'm just thinking man, that's huge.
09:08 And now as an adult looking back, there is some
09:11 rejection, there, but at the time
09:13 I was thinking freedom!
09:15 I was like okay, now I don't have to worry about
09:18 arguing, about how disciplined my brother, no one's
09:21 going to tell me what to do.
09:22 I just started stealing food from the liquor store
09:25 to kind of get by.
09:26 But then this young man he would come along,
09:29 he offered me a sense of security, protection,
09:32 made sure we ate, took us down bought us food.
09:35 There was just a tie that developed there.
09:38 I started to, is years went by, realize he is
09:41 the only one who is here.
09:42 After everyone's left, people came and go,
09:44 people you know hurt you, they've abused you,
09:45 rape you, yet he's here still.
09:47 I was so afraid of being rejected and abandoned
09:50 again that I pretty much obsessively did everything
09:52 I could to keep him in my life.
09:54 Because I didn't think I had enough to offer just
09:57 as a person as the human, one of the ways I thought
10:00 I could make him depend on me was financially.
10:03 And so I mean as young as fifteen I was giving him all the
10:07 money I was making.
10:08 From my jobs, by seventeen, I was stealing
10:11 money from the register work, to fully support him,
10:13 to put him up in apartment and
10:15 everything by seventeen.
10:16 And then left home and by nineteen I was $35,000
10:19 dollars in debt, and on the brink of bankruptcy.
10:22 I just want to say to people because we are not
10:25 seeing the whole picture, because you
10:26 stayed in school.
10:27 I stayed in school during this whole time.
10:29 Shut up, how did you do that, because I'm thinking
10:32 out of all this chaos, and mom being gone, whatever
10:35 you stayed in school probably kept your brother in
10:37 school, all that kind of normal thing.
10:40 You were a good student.
10:42 You know, it's almost how could I've left school,
10:45 because there was a time were I wasn't going to
10:49 school, and my grades start getting really bad,
10:51 but I ended up in a group home when
10:54 I was just turned seventeen.
10:56 It was through that experience, in meeting some of
11:00 the counselors, that had grown up in the same
11:02 neighborhood as I had, that they were going to school.
11:04 And I thought that's my only way out, it's only why
11:06 we get out of the situation, it's only when I get out
11:09 of my neighborhood, it's only when going to break
11:11 some of these cycles.
11:12 I didn't have all the tools, but I knew that was the
11:14 one thing I got to stick to.
11:15 I've got a get out of this - yeah!
11:17 Somebody's got to rescue me.
11:18 Yeah, and even later as just as the circumstances
11:21 in my life got more out of control, the only thing
11:24 I had was coming home, ironically reading
11:27 my psychology books.
11:29 You know like I wasn't seeing myself in any of it
11:32 but oh, I was studying.
11:34 I saw myself on every page, when I went back to
11:36 school either think like I'm schizophrenic.
11:38 I think oh man!
11:40 Yeah, and later a start to become more self-aware.
11:43 But first off, it was interesting, studying the human
11:47 mind, have no self-awareness, no understanding
11:50 of your own choices.
11:51 So, what ended up happening - I want to interrupt,
11:55 but I love you.
11:56 Oh I love you too!
11:57 So a boy at school, knew my financial situation and
12:03 suggested that I become a stripper.
12:05 At first I thought no way I'd set foot
12:08 in a strip club.
12:09 It just seemed like something I wouldn't do.
12:10 This financial thing started spinning out of control,
12:14 and it became more and more like an option.
12:16 I took the idea to a psychology professor that
12:18 I really respected.
12:20 And I was hoping he would say to me no you have got
12:22 a career in front of you, you're worth more than that,
12:25 that's not a good idea.
12:26 Instead, he said well, you don't have
12:28 put on your resume.
12:29 So, he spoke a curse into your life at that moment.
12:32 And I still made the choice to go and audition.
12:36 But that played a big part in it.
12:38 There was no other voice in my life,
12:41 there was no one telling
12:42 me you're worth more, your valuable.
12:45 You know, whatever and so I ended up-
12:48 I just want to break in and say if you just heard that and
12:51 if you are a man in the church please speak into
12:54 peoples lives and let them know that they are valuable.
12:57 And it don't mean to interrupt you, but that is
12:59 such a burden in my heart.
13:00 Just to know that I don't think that we realize
13:03 that there are people that are looking at us and
13:07 saying, Please somebody tell me that I am of worth.
13:11 And not that I'm cute or pretty, or intelligent,
13:15 just in the eyes of God, I have worth.
13:17 Inherent worth, it doesn't have to do with the outside.
13:21 Go ahead, I'm sorry.
13:22 That's a great point.
13:23 I just want to weep when you say that because.
13:27 I wish there was somebody in your life at that time,
13:29 that said, are you kidding me.
13:30 Look at you, you're fabulous and stand up and you
13:33 have such a future.
13:35 And instead you took the audition.
13:37 When I start working at first like everybody else,
13:40 I thought I'll only do this for a couple months
13:42 to control my finances.
13:44 Every dancer I've ever worked with said that.
13:46 Everybody, I use to tell the girls, you'll save money,
13:48 I can open a business hopefully.
13:50 And then sure enough, the psychology professor
13:55 comes into the club a couple months later- with his addiction
13:57 He wanted you there.
13:59 That was a really low moment for me, because he kind of
14:04 encompassed everything I hoped was possible that
14:07 there would be upstanding men, that had good careers
14:10 and lived with a white picket fence or something.
14:12 That's what I had saw in him, and it's gone now.
14:15 It was really devastating.
14:18 I ended up getting totally caught up in the lifestyle.
14:22 The one thing that I didn't do is use, because I had
14:26 seen my mother go through that.
14:28 Let me just say for when I first heard that when you
14:32 said, the only thing I didn't do I wasn't a drug addict.
14:36 And I'm thinking, I don't know how you survived.
14:39 The only way I could survive that lifestyle is I took
14:42 myself out every single day.
14:44 I didn't have to do it in my right mind, and
14:49 if I started to come down.
14:50 I would want to jump in front of a train.
14:52 So, it's like gimme some heroine, give me some drugs
14:55 because I don't want to sit through this life without
14:58 that, I can't do that.
14:59 And so I don't know how you deal with that much
15:02 pain, that much dysfunction without taking yourself
15:05 out with some chemicals.
15:07 The dissociation, I perfected that skill I'm telling you.
15:11 I've had to un-perfect it.
15:14 So that I can be back in touch with reality.
15:16 I mean I could just snap.
15:18 Just a physical sensation to un-feel almost like when you
15:22 are on painkillers, something like that.
15:23 You feel the physical sensation of the numbing,
15:27 you can just oooh.
15:29 And I would be dancing at be studying for tests in my
15:32 mind for school the next day.
15:34 Because you stayed in college.
15:36 Yes I did, I stayed in school that's one thing that I did do.
15:39 and just that relationship, the dynamics of the
15:42 relationship that I was doing everything
15:45 I could to maintain.
15:46 I got worse physically abusive, emotionally abusive.
15:50 And he as with other women, he got another girl pregnant.
15:52 People who watch your show probably don't watch the
15:55 Jerry Springer show.
15:56 They might, but my life was like an episode of the
15:59 Jerry Springer show.
16:00 You could've been on that show - yeah!
16:02 I could have mailed him 25 episodes for that show.
16:05 I was a supporting him, and the baby's Mama.
16:07 One of the guys that I was with was on that show.
16:09 Oh really!
16:11 So to me understand what you are saying that that
16:13 lifestyle that is kind of normal in our lifestyle.
16:16 And it's really tough to look at how normal people
16:19 look at the world, because that's how you live.
16:22 I used to come home from work and watch it because it
16:25 made me feel more normal.
16:26 Just a little - just a little.
16:28 I'm more normal see I'm not the only one out there that
16:30 are dealing with is so that's enough.
16:33 Isn't that funny! I made is sad funny, but it's funny
16:36 because it's so out there.
16:37 You know you're going to get into how you
16:40 got out of that.
16:41 So basically what happened is I met a girl - this
16:44 is my favorite part - it is my favorite part too.
16:48 So, I met a girl in a ballet class at school.
16:51 Shut up, when you said that the first time, I'm
16:54 thinking wait, dancing, stripping, living that
16:57 lifestyle and taking ballet.
16:58 And my mind just froze, I even had to stop you when
17:02 we were doing the interview,
17:03 you were in a ballet class?
17:05 If that's how the enemy twists things, because
17:07 I was actually always very passionate about dance,
17:09 which made it easier to rationalize dancing.
17:11 Stripping, because I'm just like-dancing.
17:13 If they want to make of it, how you have all your
17:16 little rationalizations, - but this is
17:18 an art form for me.
17:19 That's exactly, but you know, ballet, jazz, African dance.
17:22 I always loved it, I danced throughout my life.
17:25 Taking this ballet class, I met this girl, just
17:29 beautiful full of life, just glowing, funny.
17:33 For some reason I was honest with her about the
17:37 circumstances in my life.
17:39 What I did for living, which I normally didn't.
17:42 I found out that she was a Christian - then you
17:44 thought oh man, I can't believe I've done that.
17:47 Oh, she's never going to to talk to me again.
17:48 Next time I showed up a class I was thinking,
17:50 oh my gosh it's okay.
17:52 I'll understand it if she doesn't
17:53 say anything to me.
17:54 And she was just like, hey Harmony how are you?
17:57 And just loved on me and I was so surprised
18:00 because obviously I wasn't raised in the church.
18:03 All I knew about God, is if there was a God,
18:06 and I wasn't convinced that there was,
18:08 He didn't like people like me.
18:10 Because I had been told if you don't believe it
18:12 then you're going to hell.
18:13 You know when you said that, I just want to weep
18:15 because I know that God likes people like us.
18:18 You know what I want to weep because most of the
18:21 world has some how got that message.
18:22 That He doesn't like people like us.
18:24 And I remember one time, in prayer, as saying God,
18:26 who do you like? And who don't You like?
18:28 He said put a mirror under their nose,
18:30 if it steams up I like them.
18:32 I'm like okay.
18:34 That's pretty much it, go ahead.
18:37 I didn't mean to interrupt, you know there's a part
18:40 of me that when I hear that, I just want to run and
18:43 hold somebody and say somebody lied to you,
18:45 God likes you, He loves you,
18:46 He can't do anything else!
18:48 That's huge, that's like the biggest
18:50 revelation to get ever.
18:52 And so that's, actually through this friendship with
18:55 the girl I met in ballet class.
18:57 That is the revelation I started to have,
18:59 because I saw that she liked me and she loved me.
19:01 And she pretty much was the hands and feet,
19:03 and through her I experience the love of God.
19:04 I started realizing, all my gosh, maybe.
19:07 Tell them about her inviting you to church and you
19:10 wouldn't go there.
19:11 That's right! I didn't go there, I didn't want to go.
19:12 I'm not ready to go, I wasn't ready for that.
19:14 But when I did go to church, she invited me to coffee.
19:17 Yeah, she didn't bat an eyelash.
19:20 How cool is that-Yeah, I loved it.
19:21 You can't come in the building that's all right,
19:23 let's go for a walk.
19:24 Right exactly!
19:25 Let's go bowling, let's go have coffee.
19:27 It spoke volumes to me because I thought,
19:28 you know what, I'm not just some project
19:30 on her check list.
19:31 To get brownie points for getting people to come
19:35 to church with her.
19:36 That she actually seemed like she was -
19:38 Can I just say again?
19:39 Do you realize what she just said?
19:41 If you have ears, the Bible says if you have ears
19:44 hear what the Spirit says.
19:45 A lot of times people look at us, as Christians
19:49 as we go to love on them.
19:51 If it's not authentic, if you're truly not into what
19:54 you're doing as far as that person is concerned.
19:56 It used just about numbers, the world is just saying
19:59 don't play me, don't play me.
20:01 If it's just about numbers to you,
20:03 go find someone else.
20:05 But if you truly are interested in me,
20:08 I truly need help.
20:09 I truly need, so it is just like we know
20:15 even a kid knows.
20:16 You know, you can sense when someone is genuine.
20:18 That's what I saw in her.
20:20 So I eventually ended up taking her up on an
20:23 offer to go to church.
20:24 Because I saw something in her life that was missing.
20:27 And I thought all right I'm going to go.
20:29 And I walked in, and I thought I'm home.
20:31 Like I had never even about church home, whatever.
20:33 I'm like I'm home, and I'm telling you they couldn't
20:36 keep me out of that place.
20:37 Every time the doors were opened.
20:38 How cool is that - I was still in the strip club.
20:41 I go to church and then go straight to the club.
20:44 And people think that couldn't be authentic, then.
20:47 But I've met people smoking weed, smoking a joint, studying
20:50 the Bible, the ash of one of my friends, the ash falls on
20:53 the Bible and burns the page.
20:54 He get so freaked out, because all my goodness,
20:57 I just burned the Bible.
20:59 And I said what did you do and he said well,
21:00 I switched to a pipe.
21:02 How funny are you.
21:04 You know, and so God loves on us through those steps.
21:07 We think, how dare us mentioned the name of
21:11 God on our lips.
21:12 And God said, don't you put a stumbling block
21:15 in front of them.
21:16 It took the Holy Spirit this long to get her
21:18 in the building, this is the only time she has felt safe.
21:20 She will drop all that stuff, not because I demand
21:23 her to, but because she is responding to My love.
21:26 Right, it's the goodness of God that
21:28 leads people to repentance.
21:29 That is really what happened for me.
21:33 God did it transforming work in my heart, I began to
21:36 realize that I was valuable and that He loved me.
21:38 He created me with a plan and a purpose.
21:40 And as I started realizing those things, this is
21:43 over a span of time, but it became impossible to live
21:45 in a way that contradicted it.
21:46 I start with small steps.
21:48 I actually decided that I was going to save
21:50 myself for marriage before a quick dancing.
21:52 How funny is that!
21:55 All of heaven, how adorable is she.
22:00 So, that is where really started that journey.
22:05 I think a real defining moment for me was when I
22:10 went somewhere heard this man speak.
22:11 And he just shared his story very simple, five
22:14 minutes ten minutes maybe.
22:15 He had been homeless, he had been at drug addict on
22:18 the streets and he shared John 15:5, "I am the vine,
22:21 and you are the branches, if you remain in Me you'll
22:24 bear fruit, apart from me man can do nothing. "
22:27 It was so simple, but I thought, what if God can
22:29 love him than I think He can probably love me too.
22:32 If so then how do I do this abiding thing?
22:35 I've got to figure it out because I felt like that
22:38 withered branch apart from God.
22:40 I wasn't doing anything, my life wasn't bearing any fruit.
22:43 I felt like a withered dried-up branch that was
22:46 like spinning my wheels my whole life trying to
22:48 do things on my own, it wasn't working.
22:50 Look at the situation, I was in, you know.
22:52 But God was giving you the privilege by
22:55 saying abide in Me.
22:56 Literally, I will graft you into my family,
23:00 onto Me, you'll never be alone again.
23:02 All that for someone in your situation coming
23:06 out that is life.
23:07 It was your very life.
23:09 How cool is that.
23:10 Where I go ahead we're going to break, because
23:14 I want to come back.
23:15 I want to talk about not only did He save you
23:18 and pour everything into you.
23:19 And I feel the Holy Spirit in you from across the room.
23:22 I mean, I just love that about you.
23:24 But He stood to up in ministry right back to the
23:28 very darkness that you came out of to bring
23:31 people into the light.
23:32 That's right - how cool.
23:34 Stay with us, and if you haven't been blessed.
23:37 We need to come to your house to do an intervention.
23:40 I just want to say, stay tuned, there's more to come.
23:43 You are going to be blessed.
23:44 We are going to talk now about how God stands somebody up,
23:47 coming from that place.
23:49 How does He enable us to not only receive His love,
23:53 but to heal to the point where we have something
23:56 to say through the Holy Spirit.
23:58 I know who God is, I know the saving grace of Christ,
24:01 I know how much He loves us,
24:03 and I just got to tell someone.
24:05 It's just absolutely the best.
24:08 Stay with us


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