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The Ten Minute Marriage

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dr. Douglas Weiss


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00:13 I love the fact that God comes in, comes into our life
00:17 and says I will am going to take you from this bondage,
00:20 from everything that even the world says this is fine,
00:24 it's no problem, don't worry about this.
00:26 He says I'm going to free you from all that
00:28 literally bring you into a place of health
00:30 where life is good.
00:32 And Dr. Doug we have covered so much in this show
00:36 and I would like you to summarize for us, during the
00:39 closing, what did we cover and what did we have to remember.
00:42 I think first thing we covered is that your husband absolutely
00:44 loves you and that he tried the basic skills
00:48 that he got of the book.
00:49 Praying with you, looking at you in the eyes.
00:52 There are practical things every men can do to
00:54 encourage his wife and a women can do together so
00:56 that they can really have a core strength in their marriage.
00:59 We covered the government, how to make those decisions.
01:03 We covered how to argue within ten minutes and get
01:05 those things narrowed down so you don't have to have
01:08 that plaque in your relationship all the time.
01:11 We also answered some of the questions, we also dialogued
01:15 about the singleness and how precious singleness is,
01:19 and my belief as a church we need to come around that
01:24 and protect that so that we can have a Godly tradition.
01:28 as a family so that a thousand years from no they
01:31 can say this was the generation that protected
01:33 singleness and moved us into a different place
01:36 than the culture.
01:37 I think we are coming to that place so I think we
01:40 had a really good dialogue with every one here
01:44 in discussing relationships.
01:45 Relationships are critical.
01:47 Here is what is really wonderful, all those skills
01:49 that you and your husband do together out of the
01:51 Ten Minute marriage, they translate to the Father.
01:53 He loves to have you to share His feelings,
01:56 He loves to share His feelings.
01:57 You know what I am saying?
01:58 He likes to be heard, He likes to be looked at,
02:01 gaze upon the Lord.
02:02 He loves this kind of intimacy, face to face.
02:05 Moses said I want to see your face,
02:07 I want an intimate relationship with you.
02:09 I think that is one of the reasons why
02:11 God liked Moses so much.
02:13 It is because he was so persistently chasing the
02:15 face of God, not the hand of God.
02:18 And I think God wants us to chase Him into an
02:22 intimate relationship and practical skills
02:24 that show up in your day to day marriage.
02:27 One of the things we talked about, that is really
02:29 important, is you can only marry a sinner.
02:30 Good as it gets. That's Right!
02:32 We can all do that, we can accept that and kind of go okay.
02:35 Let's walk through how we are going to do
02:38 that process together.
02:39 I want to say thank you so much for doing this.
02:41 Oh your welcome, this has been so much fun today.
02:45 When you think about what we covered on the show
02:48 today, when you think about that ten minutes that
02:51 you can spend with each other as a couple,
02:54 You can go over the ten minutes if you want.
02:56 But don't stress, ten minutes is good.
02:58 And when you take that up to a relationship with God
03:02 Ten minutes with Him, two a day.
03:04 You are going to be blessed, you are going to have healing
03:05 in your life that's unbelieveable.


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