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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dr. Douglas Weiss


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00:13 You have probably thought of a lot of things
00:16 during this show, I know I have.
00:17 And during the first part of my recovery,
00:20 it was amazing to me, because when somebody
00:22 said to me stop heroine you will be fine, I wasn't fine.
00:24 There was a lot of stuff
00:25 What was interesting with everything that God did,
00:28 the first part of my recovery, every single thing that
00:31 came up on the table.
00:32 I'm trying to learn how to socialize, how to do this,
00:35 and I don't know how to trust, I don't know how to not lie,
00:37 I manipulate all time.
00:39 It seem like a lot of things to deal with.
00:42 And I dealt with that one thing at a time,
00:45 Recover today, just anything that comes up,
00:47 if you have something that comes up,
00:48 deal with that one thing.
00:50 Really get a grip on that, and the Bible says
00:52 something that I thought was amazing
00:53 I literally thought was amazing.
00:55 It says don't back away from things too soon.
00:58 If you get hit with something, if you feel like why do
01:01 I always get kind of stuck right here.
01:03 God says don't back away from it don't be afraid of that because
01:06 I'm going actually do a work in your area
01:08 in your life at that thing, and as we work through that
01:12 It's going to develop in you patience.
01:15 The ability to not be triggered so much.
01:20 You know every time I felt put down by a group,
01:22 every single time if I felt and I'm a homeless kid
01:26 I'm strung out, my parents are addicts, my dad just
01:28 just died in December of his addictions.
01:31 80 pounds 6 feet 1.
01:32 I mean I don't have anything to pull from.
01:34 So when I would feel insecure in front of somebody,
01:37 I would literally go all way back to childhood
01:41 and being abused again.
01:43 God says I don't intend for you to have that
01:45 your whole life.
01:46 I want you to not have to trigger back.
01:48 I want you to be able to stand as a woman of God,
01:51 full of joy, and the Holy Spirit.
01:53 I want to pour into your life.
01:55 But if every time somebody hurts your feelings, you trigger
01:57 back to a kid being abused, we're going to stay working
02:01 on that your whole life.
02:02 And so every single thing, as it comes up, as you just
02:07 start to look at something small like, Nyse was saying,
02:10 you know some of your weight stuff.
02:13 That I'm not exercising.
02:14 Know I have some anger issues.
02:16 Now, I hit my kid, or whatever it is, I don't care,
02:19 not that it don't care what it is, It doesn't matter what it is
02:22 Start with that one small thing, and God will do the next
02:25 small thing, and the next small thing,
02:26 Pretty soon, you're not triggering back as far.
02:29 It's amazing to me that I thought I was doing incredible.
02:33 I really thought I was doing incredible, 20 years into my
02:37 recovery, 20 years and now God now can I show you
02:40 what the issue is?
02:41 and I'm like shut up!
02:43 It wasn't the issue nona nona nona nona and it got
02:46 to the core issue for me.
02:47 Was I was never loved or learned how to trust or any of
02:50 that kind of stuff.
02:51 God said really the core issue, all this behavioral stuff
02:54 Is that you don't know how to love and I AM love.
02:57 The Bible says God is love.
02:59 I so know how to do that and I will take you to a place
03:03 that you don't even know
03:04 And right now, because we don't know how to get there
03:06 right away is to just start with the small things.
03:08 Let's start with whatever comes up.
03:10 If you're late deal with their late issues,
03:12 If you lie, if you exaggerate, deal with that.
03:15 If you are gambling, online porn, strung out on drugs, what
03:18 ever deal with what ever is there.
03:19 But God will take you to a place slowly, after taking one
03:22 layer off, another layer, to the point where you get the
03:25 core issues and then when you're done that.
03:27 You're done, you can stand in the presence of a holy God
03:31 laughing out loud.
03:32 Glad to be in your own skin, and that is the coolest part
03:36 of who God is and what He wants for our recovery.
03:38 It is the absolute, that is what He says victory in Christ
03:42 and to know the truth and the truth will set you free.
03:44 The truth is not your victimization.
03:45 The truth is that God loves you and He wants to heal you and
03:49 wants to hang out with you.
03:50 How cool is that!
03:52 See you next time on Celebrating Life In Recovery


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