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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dr. Douglas Weiss


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00:09 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery.
00:11 I'm Cheri your host.
00:13 Do you ever wish that you could be different?
00:15 Normal maybe, but just can't seem to get there?
00:17 Well you're not alone, come join us as we look
00:20 at how we can take control of the
00:21 things that are controlling you.
00:48 In my devotions this morning,
00:50 I was reading a portion of the Pursuit of Holiness
00:53 by Jerry Bridges.
00:54 And the first story he tells,
00:56 had me laughing out loud.
00:57 Okay, picture this.
00:58 Your in your devotions, it's just incredible,
01:02 you're quiet with God, and all of the
01:05 sudden the phone rings.
01:06 And it's loud, it's like a shrilling sound.
01:08 And you pick up the phone and it's one of those
01:10 people I think that God puts on the
01:12 planet to test us.
01:14 And he's arrogant, he's angry, he's rude,
01:16 and by the time you get off the phone,
01:19 you're just thinking poof.
01:20 You are resentful, you're enraged,
01:24 everything that you had worked at this
01:27 morning is gone.
01:28 I no longer feel peaceful, I no longer feel anything,
01:31 I just have to get myself together,
01:33 grab my jacket, get outside.
01:34 I'm outside, and it's cold,
01:35 and I'm like trying to figure out where is that
01:38 feeling that I had this morning?
01:40 You know where is it, where's that kind of
01:42 calm and holy feeling.
01:44 I'm connected with God because it's gone,
01:47 it's gone.
01:48 Having laughing out loud about this,
01:50 is most of you that watch the show know that my
01:53 computer was just stolen from the airport and so I
01:55 had one of those moments then.
01:57 I was prepared for these shows.
01:59 I was in devotions everyday.
02:00 I was so connected with God,
02:02 you would have thought I was Mother Teresa.
02:04 I was just like, I felt the Holy Spirit
02:07 was just on me.
02:08 You know I get to the airport and I'm just
02:10 feeling good and then somebody steal's your
02:12 computer and I'm looking for a gun.
02:14 How do I shoot that guy?
02:16 Does he know that everything
02:17 I own is on that computer?
02:19 My daughter's wedding pictures.
02:21 All the outlines for these shows.
02:22 Every ministry trip that I just so loved is on there.
02:25 And some jerk stole it.
02:28 But it's all gone.
02:29 It's like during those times,
02:31 it's like everything that is in you comes out.
02:36 You know all the stuff you thought you dealt with,
02:38 do you know what I mean?
02:39 Cause you know that anger doesn't just
02:41 fall off somewhere.
02:42 It's in there.
02:43 It just comes to the surface.
02:45 And so we are going to look at this show,
02:46 this show is going to be amazing because we are
02:48 going to look at how do you get a grip.
02:52 So how do you get a grip?
02:54 And I brought somebody on this show,
02:55 that is absolutely changed my life in some of
02:59 the stuff that he has put out there and so
03:02 we are going to come back.
03:03 I'm going to introduce you to Dr. Douglas Weiss.
03:05 He is amazing, what he is going to share
03:07 with you is amazing.
03:08 But do me a favor, grab a pen and paper,
03:11 cause some of this stuff is going to come by and
03:14 you are not going to be able to really sit with it
03:16 until after the show.
03:17 I promise you if you sit with this teaching,
03:20 it will change your life.
03:21 So come back, stay tuned!


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