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Meth Death - The Shawn Bridges Story

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jack Bridges, Gramdma Wilma


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 Cody wanted to say one more thing,
00:16 and I think it's really important, so go ahead.
00:18 If you are out there and you're doing Meth,
00:21 think about your kids, because my dad's not going
00:24 to be there for my wedding night,
00:25 to walk me down the aisle, or for prom night,
00:28 for any night of my life anymore.
00:31 To see your children being born.
00:33 And it's going to be the hardest thing is knowing
00:37 that I'm a teenager,and the most biggest things
00:40 that a teenager want is her daddy.
00:42 Did, you missed him growing up too?
00:44 I'm so glad that you said that,
00:48 so if you are out there, and you're using,
00:49 every single addict that I have
00:52 worked with have kids.
00:54 Thank you, I'm going to bring your grandpa up,
00:56 but every single addict I know out there has kids.
01:01 When I go to prison people have kids.
01:03 And you got it just remember that
01:05 they want you clean.
01:06 My dad I wanted him clean.
01:08 Somebody said you want a different dad,
01:10 No! I want my dad clean.
01:12 Jack, your going to have to wrap it up,
01:15 we have a minute.
01:16 Okay, I just want to let everybody know that
01:19 No More Sunsets, that's the film that Sean done,
01:26 No More Sunsets.
01:27 This was all orchestrated by the Lord and He used
01:32 His message, and Sean's story,
01:34 to get to the people of the world and to tell them
01:37 Drugs Is Not the Way.
01:38 Don't follow Sean to an early grave.
01:41 And even though God loved him, the whole time,
01:46 but we miss him.
01:48 Yes we do. Amen!
01:49 Thank you so much for sharing this story.
01:52 Thank you so much for being on the show.
01:54 You are in my life from now on.
01:58 Your in mine surely, and you are in our lives too.
02:01 And thank you very much for helping to get Sean's story
02:05 out with a Lord's message.
02:06 Real quick, I just want to ask you.
02:08 And we don't have any time,
02:09 so it's gonna be a quick answer.
02:11 How does this affect you watching people's lives
02:15 change every time they watch his film
02:17 or hear his story.
02:18 It makes Sean's death a little easier to handle,
02:20 because we know that he is helping save lives.
02:25 And we don't know how many,
02:27 but we know there's a great number out there
02:29 that are coming back to the Lord through
02:33 watching Sean's video.
02:34 So man, until you actually see the people on the sea
02:37 of glass, you may not know how many people
02:39 Sean has blessed with this testimony.
02:42 See, you next time on Celebrate Life and Recovery.
02:45 And until then, always remember that God is crazy
02:49 about you, me too, and know,
02:51 no matter what is going on in your life,
02:53 that God is bigger than that.
02:56 He can give you forgiveness, and grace,
02:58 and change everything.
03:00 And if you have a child out there,
03:01 that is acting out, pray for them,
03:03 and if you're a grandma, bless you.
03:05 See you next time, Bye!


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