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Meth Death - The Shawn Bridges Story

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00:13 Welcome back in our last segment,
00:15 we were talking about Sean Bridges.
00:17 His life growing up and this was
00:20 an incredible kid this was a little boy
00:22 I saw video films of him and we're
00:23 going to show roll-ins of some of that.
00:25 But I saw video films of this kid running
00:26 around, and looking as happy as anything.
00:28 And as he got into his addictions, as he got lost
00:32 more and more into that, alcohol, and smoking
00:34 and Meth, and literally started having heart
00:38 attacks and huge medical issues when he was
00:41 like in his twenties.
00:42 You know you met his grandmother, and you know,
00:45 I fell in love with her almost immediately.
00:48 It just the heart of this woman saying
00:50 I couldn't do anything.
00:51 And when she said that, that she just prayed for
00:54 him I thought, Oh your did everything.
00:56 So it's your fault that he came back to God
00:58 So talking about when we left,
01:02 you were talking about when he came
01:03 to your church and heard the idea of grace for the
01:07 first time, did you see a change in him when
01:10 he got that in his heart?
01:11 I saw a sparkle in his eye.
01:14 Because you were saying he looked dead.
01:15 Absolutely, absolutely I could see a sparkle of hope.
01:19 You know, isn't it a shame for anyone to wake-up
01:22 without hope.
01:23 I could see hope, in my mind anyway,
01:27 hope reflected in his eyes.
01:29 I tried to explain to him.
01:32 God sent Christ, not to condemn the world,
01:36 but through him that the world might be saved.
01:38 None of us can be good enough, but we can sure
01:41 to be graced enough.
01:42 And what's really interesting than what you just
01:44 said is for an addict, for somebody in recovery, somebody
01:47 that doesn't know God, cause I felt this way
01:49 is I'm thinking of God even looks at me.
01:52 He's going to be so disgusted, and He's going to so
01:55 want to somehow throw some bolts of lightning at me.
01:58 And what you just quoted was Scripture in John that God
02:02 didn't sent Christ to condemn us.
02:03 He said Him, so we could get a true picture of God,
02:06 the fact that He so wants to save us, He so
02:09 wants to bring us to recovery, He so wants to
02:12 wake-up that joy.
02:13 Absolutely, and Sean, I remember him asking me the question,
02:18 He said if I accept Jesus Christ tonight, because I told
02:22 we needed to have prayer.
02:23 He said if I accept Jesus tonight.
02:26 I'm still a drug addict.
02:27 So therefore, if I accept Jesus tonight and I leave out
02:31 tomorrow and take a hit on Meth, then I'm not saved.
02:35 I said, who told you that trash?
02:37 I'm here to tell you that God can save you here and now.
02:43 And yes, He can clean you up, but He has you
02:46 here for a purpose.
02:48 You know Pastor, I want to tell you something,
02:51 and after that I want you pray for us.
02:52 I just got out of recovery doing the heroine stuff.
02:56 All that kind of stuff in 1979, so it's been awhile.
02:59 I remember sitting in the church, and I sat there and
03:02 thought, You know what, I'm just not as good
03:05 as all these folks.
03:06 Am I fooling myself that think that God can save me
03:08 and I'm like a 100 pounds, and I'm strung out.
03:11 Just ridiculously, pitiful, and God gives me this
03:15 literally a vision of what happened.
03:18 Some that happened to me years ago, and I've said this
03:20 before on the show, but I want to just repeat it is
03:23 that He gives me a vision that was a drug house waiting
03:25 for a shipment of heroine and I was just
03:26 I hadn't had a fix that day, so I was not in a good place,
03:30 and I was, you know, a little irritable.
03:33 So the drugs came in, and I just slammed as much as
03:36 somebody gave me and it was too much.
03:38 And I immediately went out, I immediately actually passed out.
03:44 I start seizing, I stopped breathing, and he gives me
03:47 the vision of actually what happened, when it really
03:51 happened in my life I was out.
03:52 I don't remember anything.
03:53 I came out of it and got high again, but you know what I mean
03:56 What He said is I want you to see what happened with
03:58 all the other addicts that were there with me.
04:00 My friends tried to do CPR, well they don't know how to CPR
04:03 so they are trying to pump on my chest, and all that kind of
04:05 stuff, they literally, I'm throwing up,
04:07 because all this stuff and they're
04:09 removing throw-up from my mouth, trying to give
04:11 mouth-to-mouth, some are saying I'm not doing it.
04:13 But most of them were trying to intervene.
04:16 I had a seizure, lost bowel and bladder control.
04:20 So they put me in the shower I came out of that like
04:24 vision or whatever God does when He gives you that,
04:26 and I started crying,
04:27 and thinking I did feel good enough.
04:29 When I started this prayer I didn't feel good enough and
04:32 You show me that? Do you think that helped me?
04:34 And I was literally kind of angry at God, and He said,
04:36 I want you to know that I loved you as much when you laying
04:39 in your own feces, as I do right now.
04:41 So do not make this a behavioral thing, I am your Father,
04:44 and I love you, and that's what you were teaching Sean.
04:46 Because God loves you, you're going to a stumble
04:48 around, maybe for awhile.
04:50 But He's faithful to complete in you, what you started
04:53 tonight by you accepting Christ.
04:55 That's exactly right.
04:57 That's the only way any of us are to make it through.
04:59 None of us can be good enough.
05:01 and if we get that, grace becomes more precious.
05:06 Grace abounds, and it is so amazing,
05:09 when we start talking purpose, Sean said, well I really feel
05:12 like God put me here for a purpose, and I said Amen!
05:15 I feel He did too, He puts us all here for a purpose,
05:18 and that's when Sean ended back up in the hospital.
05:22 He calls me one day on my cell phone, and he says Bud,
05:25 I've got a great idea, and I said was that Sean.
05:28 He said, I found out what my purpose is.
05:31 Now that I got a new heart this so heart is no longer
05:34 needed anyway so I've got a new heart in God
05:37 But my purpose is, I want you to tape me dying,
05:42 so that I may be able to help someone
05:45 the same mistakes that I've made.
05:49 And God put this person in my life two years prior to
05:53 this that did documentary work.
05:55 His name was Chip Rosa.
05:56 Isn't that funny, God says, I'll set it up before
05:59 you call me absolutely so I called Chip, Chip agreed to
06:02 come to the hospital in between a couple days of
06:06 Sean calling me in the hospital.
06:08 Jack, his dad called me and said Sean is in ICU.
06:12 He cannot speak, he had a stroke.
06:14 We're afraid we're going to lose him.
06:16 So immediately I said I'm going to come to the hospital,
06:19 So I went to the hospital, and I remember to this day,
06:21 Jack was standing there beside the bed,
06:23 and Sean was on a ventilator, not opening his eyes
06:26 not saying a word and it frustrated me a little bit,
06:29 that we finally, GOD finally got it worked out, to bring
06:34 documentary and he can't speak, he wasn't even awake.
06:37 So I leaned down to him, and I spoke real loud into his ear.
06:42 I said Sean, you better not die on me, because God has
06:46 found us somebody to do the documentary that you want done.
06:51 So now, I'm going to stop you now.
06:54 I'm going to switchover, we're going to talk to Jim.
06:58 Well first of all, yeah we're going to talk to Jim.
07:01 And he's using the documentary at his place.
07:07 But I'm going to then come up and we're going to just
07:09 talk to everybody again and Jack
07:11 we're going to close with you.
07:12 Can we have a word of prayer?
07:14 Oh Yeah, yeah, I forgot.
07:15 Heavenly Father, Lord, Lord, I just ask heavenly Father
07:18 that You just let your beautiful gift of grace just filter
07:22 through out this world, Heavenly Father,
07:23 Lord you touch those, Heavenly Father, that are struggling,
07:26 God is not about being good enough heavenly Father,
07:29 it's about being graced enough Lord.
07:31 We just pray heavenly Father that you'll let Your love reign
07:33 Just supreme heavenly Father, and touch lives here today
07:37 heavenly Father, and Lord let each and every one of us know
07:40 that it's never too late to except you heavenly Father,
07:43 as a gracious Savior that you are.
07:45 We just continue thanking you for the blessings,
07:47 in Jesus name we pray, Amen.
07:49 One thing, as Mr. Jim comes up.
07:53 I'm going to just say that Sean wanted this video done, he
07:58 wanted it done so that it could touch the lives of other
08:01 addicts, especially kids, and I have talked to Jack and
08:04 Jack is going to say this again at the end of the show.
08:07 He in his heart said that somebody has to know
08:12 Don't trash yourself, don't run from God,
08:16 those kind of things.
08:17 And so go ahead and come up Jim.
08:19 So the video was done.
08:22 It's amazing.
08:23 I 'vet seen it myself and we're going to show some roll-ins as
08:26 we talk but I want to make sure you know everybody
08:29 and you start seeing what happens as Sean died they put
08:32 this video together and how did you see it.
08:35 The video was striking.
08:38 It was powerful.
08:39 Your clinical director at a family counseling center in
08:45 Cape Girardeau, Missouri working with addicts all the
08:48 time we're throughout Southeast Missouri or family
08:52 counseling center, we have two women's co-occurring programs,
08:54 two men's and two adolescent, residential centers and
08:58 two psychiatric centers.
08:59 See, I could fit in any of those centers.
09:02 Oh sorry.
09:03 So if I ever just because I'm such an opportunist, if I ever
09:07 need help, I could just call you.
09:08 There you go.
09:09 I'm on it.
09:10 We are a strength-based spiritual program,
09:12 and hire brilliant talented staff.
09:16 They use loving compassion to engage a client in treatment
09:19 So, you saw Sean dying on this tape and
09:23 felt it would be helpful.
09:25 Sean is actually been to the center three times,
09:28 Before his death.
09:30 And to share with the clients there and even though Sean
09:36 could not communicate well at that time, he could
09:41 communicate addiction and pain with one another.
09:44 He said that he can't communicate because people
09:48 don't realize a drug that he chose to take burned holes in
09:51 his brain, the acids literally changed his ability to speak.
09:55 It does that to lots of people.
09:58 Not just Sean always mentioned in the treatment.
10:02 I say, where do all those people go.
10:04 They just drop off for me, what happened to them.
10:07 You're running around with a bunch of people and all of a
10:10 sudden, where they go, where that's where they go,
10:13 they get sick and die.
10:16 You have some things you want to share with us from the
10:20 people at the facility.
10:21 Well, the clients heard I was coming over here.
10:24 They just watched Sean's video we still show that even
10:28 though he's passed now.
10:29 They said take some things over there,
10:32 let, if you can read them, read them
10:36 if you can't that's okay.
10:37 We want to share a little bit about it.
10:39 As you are looking for one to read I just want to
10:41 thank people for whatever wrote these and sent them to us.
10:45 I want to thank you and God bless you in your recovery.
10:47 It really showed me how drugs can have a real affect
10:52 on your body.
10:53 I was shocked about the adverse effects of Meth, I wish I
10:59 would have seen this before I started using Meth.
11:02 So you as a preventative thing?
11:04 A harsh example of a man who took the drug and
11:08 the drug took him.
11:10 It had a positive impact on me, this should be shown to
11:16 every school child.
11:18 So, you know I'm going to say.
11:20 I'm going to tell, you God bless you in the work that you do
11:24 with helping the us in our recovery and having the
11:26 facilities and know that even in our obnoxious state,
11:31 where we come in where lying and manipulating, you know
11:34 that what you do for us is important and
11:36 it will plant a seed.
11:37 God bless you so I'm going to bring up some of the
11:40 women that have been through your program.
11:41 Alright, so we are going to start.
11:43 I will have Jill come up.
11:47 And Jill when I met you, the Holy Spirit just shines in
11:52 you, and I'm thinking were you an addict, no way.
11:55 Yes, I my drug addiction started when I was 11.
11:59 I started with marijuana.
12:01 I was very angry child.
12:03 I had already been saved and baptized at 9,
12:06 and somebody told me that Jesus saved and I walked that
12:09 that isle, but He wasn't saving me in the way that I thought
12:12 I should be saved you know that things don't go the way
12:15 we think always.
12:16 I did my first line of Meth at 15.
12:19 So when you start at 11 it was smoking,
12:22 drinking, some weed.
12:23 Yeah, Valium's at 13, Meth at 15
12:28 really wasn't that available.
12:34 substituted Ritalin, Vas teen whatever
12:35 I could get my hands on, I was a speed freak.
12:37 My drug addiction escalated until I was 38.
12:43 By the time I was thirty eight.
12:46 So your body really took some hits.
12:50 Yes, yes, I can remember, lying in bed and a whole
12:55 bed shaking from my heart beating.
12:56 Just shaking, shaking, shaking, but not only did I
13:00 destroy my body, I destroyed my family.
13:03 I lost my marriage during that time, the day I came to
13:07 realization of my insanity and where I was March
13:12 third two thousand three at just one three
13:13 I just love that 3, 3, 3, it just really blesses me.
13:16 For people that don't know, it's because of the Trinity
13:19 My husband was leaving, he was walking out the door,
13:26 but his mother, even though we didn't get along
13:29 very well, had told me if I ever wanted prayer
13:31 she would pray with me.
13:32 And that's only thought that was in my mind at
13:35 that time, what she's going to pray with me.
13:37 She lived about three houses from me,
13:40 I took off at a dead run.
13:41 I opened her door.
13:43 You could tell in the flesh that they didn't
13:47 want to help, I had hurt their son, but then God kicked in.
13:50 Because they wanted to tell you your mean,
13:55 You just trashed my son.
13:56 It was horrible I trashed everything.
13:58 But instead they said come in, and we'll pray.
14:00 We did, and I went down on my knees in their kitchen.
14:02 That's Grace yes, yes.
14:05 Grace is only grace, mercy.
14:07 I know what down on my knees in their kitchen and I was like
14:10 God I can't take it anymore.
14:13 If You'll just take me out of this.
14:15 I'll serve you for the rest of my life.
14:18 I will help whoever you put across my path, that was my
14:22 prayer in the treatment center.
14:24 So there it you went from there to a treatment center.
14:27 Yes, I had already been looking for a treatment center
14:29 online and these are like fifty thousand dollars.
14:33 I'm and addict, I don't have any money.
14:35 I'm too busy spending on drugs.
14:36 I went home after I got off my knees, and I called a
14:42 counseling center in Sikeston, which is close to my
14:46 hometown, and they referred me to family counseling
14:50 but in the conversation,
14:52 the man asked me, do you feel like killing yourself.
14:55 I set back for a moment and thought no for the first
14:59 time my life I feel like living for the very first time.
15:03 Yes I know Amen, hallelujah.
15:05 Because most addicts, we feel like dying every day
15:07 of our lives, who wants to live like that.
15:09 You can't live with the drug, and you
15:11 can't live without it.
15:12 I mean, I said they're many of days with a gun
15:14 wanting just to, blow your head off,
15:17 but I couldn't because of my kids.
15:19 You know, they couldn't find me like that.
15:21 So even when Pastor was talking about that hope in that
15:25 grace is that even to that short prayer God woke up
15:29 that hope in you.
15:31 I had a praying grandmother.
15:33 I had praying grandmother.
15:34 Where is Wilma?
15:35 Praying grandmas are huge.
15:38 I went through the treatment center, and I thought
15:41 I hit rock bottom, but I had not hit rock bottom yet.
15:45 I just love that man so much, because he can't stand
15:48 me back up is one of my best friends he knows every
15:51 one of my triumphs in my life.
15:53 And I had many, I was served divorce papers there.
15:57 I knew it was time to get busy then.
15:59 And I started truly working.
16:02 The program that he offered, and I started in on a twelve
16:06 step recovery program.
16:08 But through it all God is at the center of it.
16:12 So let me just say because I want to bring Brandy up.
16:15 But let me just say one thing that's incredible that
16:19 praying is huge, letting people hit rock bottom is huge.
16:23 Because what happens while we do we go on a rescue and
16:27 somebody never hits that place where they are rock-bottom,
16:30 and they will it takes them longer to recover.
16:33 So let them, if they are going to lose license don't bell out
16:36 if they are going to lose her home.
16:38 if a divorce or whatever don't bale them out, because we
16:41 have to see what our addictions to us.
16:43 I'm to go ahead and say thank you and I would love to have
16:46 you back on another show.
16:47 Oh, I would love to come.
16:49 Alright, so right now I'm going to bring Brandy up.
16:53 And so, Brandy when I first saw you, when I turned
16:56 around and I was sitting next to you and I turn around
17:00 and you are the chair next to me.
17:01 And I all of a sudden looked in your face and you look
17:04 just like my sister, who is strung out on Meth today.
17:07 I just want to say, it almost took my breath away.
17:11 I wanted to cry, and I wanted you hold me and I want you to
17:14 go talk to her.
17:15 Take me to her, I will talk to her.
17:17 So tell me a little bit about you, your recovery,
17:23 because I know right now you love God.
17:25 Very much so well, I started when I was 8.
17:28 I was drinking, what was left out of my daddy beers,
17:32 because he drank on weekends.
17:34 So I would drink what was left in the beers
17:36 laying on the table.
17:37 A family member gave me my first line of Meth at 12
17:42 and it just escalated.
17:44 You know, I just want to cry when you say that, because
17:47 can you picture a twelve-year-old,
17:49 a tiny little thing, I can't imagine.
17:53 I couldn't imagine me giving my cousin,
17:56 my little twelve-year-old cousin.
17:58 My twelve year old niece, saying here, take a line.
18:03 I can't imagine.
18:05 So, you are lost, early on in addictions.
18:07 Well I always felt like I never belonged anywhere anyways.
18:10 And when I couldn't have Meth going to school,
18:15 I would do lot of stackers, a bottle week.
18:20 And so what are stackers as people aren't going to know.
18:23 Energy pills kind of like energy drinks now.
18:26 Considers energy pills, diet pills, with lots of caffeine.
18:30 So when people are out there doing it.
18:31 I just want to scream and say be careful, because,
18:35 that can get you too, just like the Meth did.
18:40 I chose to do anything by the age of 16.
18:45 My choice was to do anything that was put in front of me.
18:48 I have snorted things up my nose that did not belong.
18:51 And smoked things that I had no business smoking.
18:54 And when you say that because I was homeless for ten
18:56 years and ran around with some severe addicts.
18:59 Is that some of the things we don't even know are
19:01 going get is high but were going to try it.
19:04 Stick them in our veins or smoke them, and we
19:06 don't even know if it's going to work.
19:08 I remember being at a hotel one time.
19:10 It was four dollars a night, so that's why we stayed.
19:12 The bathroom was down the hall and we didn't have any
19:15 syringes, so we finally look through this
19:17 horribly, dirty hotel.
19:19 Found some syringes in the trash can, and they had
19:22 too many burs on it so we took sandpaper, sandpapered
19:25 them down and fixed all of us with that.
19:27 And I am saying that addicts
19:29 We don't even think it's all about.
19:31 Somehow, just getting high.
19:33 Just getting high. Just getting high.
19:36 And so how did you get out of that?
19:39 How to did I, well I was, I had a daughter at the time
19:44 and my husband took her away from me and told me to get help,
19:47 because at that time
19:48 I was on my crack cocaine binge.
19:51 Because that's a heavy addiction.
19:54 He found Mr. Jim's facility, which I stayed thirty
20:00 days and did outpatient.
20:02 How did you afford it?
20:03 I had insurance and insurance paid for it.
20:08 I graduated, that didn't I stay clean, because God
20:14 blessed me with a treatment baby, as I like to call
20:21 him, he's 2 now.
20:22 I didn't get the message then, until I was on the
20:26 bottom of my knees, holding a fifth of whiskey,
20:31 yelling, God please either help me or kill me.
20:34 either one, and He got me back through the doors.
20:37 I want to stop you, because I think when we do come
20:40 to God with that thing, is please, in your mercy kill me
20:45 because I don't want to breath again.
20:47 And I remember feeling that I don't want to take
20:50 one more breath because I'm so done.
20:52 The people in your life are not trustworthy, I mean,
20:54 I saw some addiction, sexual addiction and damage on
20:57 the street that was huge and saying God heal me,
21:00 or kill me.
21:03 I say kill me a lot just take me in my sleep, please,
21:06 don't let me open my eyes.
21:08 I know what to do this anymore.
21:11 I found God, all them times.
21:14 How, what did it feel like?
21:16 It felt like the whole world had been lifted off my
21:20 shoulders, that's what it felt like, cause I was carrying
21:22 I was God, what! what, I was God.
21:25 Then, through the twelve step program...
21:30 I want a poster with that underneath that, because
21:34 do you know what all of heaven says you know what, for most
21:37 of you guys believe, that and it is ridiculous.
21:39 You are not God.
21:40 And I want to help you.
21:43 I have a sign that's above my kitchen window that
21:46 says in big bold black letters, God is in control.
21:50 And I read that while I'm doing dishes over and over
21:53 and over again just to remind me God's in control
21:56 of my life today.
21:57 And He is going to lead you into a life
22:01 that is full of joy.
22:03 You've been in recovery for how long now?
22:05 A year and 4 months.
22:07 I just want to give you kiss.
22:10 I just want to say congratulations
22:12 for your recovery.
22:13 You have my prayers are going to be for you in every way
22:18 in healing and restoration.
22:21 Definitely spiritual connection with God and
22:23 that my prayer is that you go tell someone.
22:26 I do on a daily basis.
22:28 Good, so go to my sisters.
22:31 In order to keep it, I have to give it away.
22:34 Thank you for coming up.
22:35 I'm going to say, I want you to meet Sean's daughter.
22:39 So Sean has died of his Meth addiction, wanted to put
22:44 a film out, wanted to talk about the different things
22:48 that has happened in his life.
22:49 Wanted to so share with people, you know that this is
22:52 going to kill you, your addictions will kill you.
22:55 And there is a God that says you don't have
22:58 to die this way.
22:59 You don't have to die this way and I want to support
23:01 your life that you will have.
23:03 You will have a life full of hope and joy.
23:04 Some of us make it, some of us don't, and only God
23:06 knows why that is.
23:08 I don't even question Him anymore, but I want to
23:11 introduce you to Sean's daughter and hear from her
23:14 point of view.
23:15 With this whole thing has meant to her.
23:16 So come on up Cody.
23:20 And I just got to tell you, you are adorable.
23:22 You are 14, 13?
23:24 13, You are 13 years old and thank you.
23:26 So this is your dad that we are talking about.
23:30 Do you remember him.
23:32 Yeah, I remember when I was little, but then kind of
23:40 wasn't really around him much.
23:42 Because of his addiction.
23:43 Yeah, and then when we finally got a call I think I was 11,
23:48 10 or 11 when grandpa called and said your dad
23:52 had a heart attack.
23:53 I didn't understand, I was like okay.
23:56 Did you get to go down and see him then?
23:59 Yeah, the night before he died.
24:02 Was he in any place where he knew you were there?
24:05 No, he called me, he called me Maria.
24:09 Who is that?
24:10 That's my other sister.
24:12 How many kids did he have?
24:13 Four.
24:14 By the same mom?
24:15 No.
24:16 All different moms.
24:17 Yeah.
24:18 Okay, are you close to your sisters?
24:20 Yeah.
24:21 Okay, so tell me a little bit about him were talking
24:24 about all these kind of things and how your dad really
24:27 has changed our lives brought us into a place in
24:30 recovery and those kind of things, what do you think
24:32 when you hear that stuff?
24:33 I'm overwhelmed, everybody is listening to what he is
24:39 saying getting the message as he said if he has one kid.
24:45 Just one kid to not do Meth than it was all worth it.
24:51 How bout you, are you going to do drugs?
24:53 No.
24:55 Have you ever been tempted?
24:56 Yes but I'm not.
24:58 I just want to say, and I just want to say Cody from the
25:03 first that I saw you, because I so fell love with your father,
25:05 watching this video, and in meeting your family.
25:08 As I look at you and I think you know what genetically
25:11 you have drug genes.
25:13 The reason I want to tell you that, is you are going
25:17 predisposed to addictions, and you just have to know that
25:20 so that you don't put yourself in any harm's way.
25:23 Don't try a drug, don't drink with your friends,
25:27 go out and learn how to ski, take pictures, or sing,
25:30 or do something that's fun, but don't do any substances,
25:33 because you have your grandma and you know, she's got
25:36 cigarette addiction that cause the breathing issues.
25:38 And your grandpa and your dad, the genetically,
25:42 look at me don't do drugs, alright, okay.
25:47 Let's say, we have not much time left on this segment
25:52 and I wanted just kind of wrap up.
25:56 For one, thank you for your dad, because I can't thank your dad
26:01 so I want to thank you that this story
26:03 is getting out there.
26:04 I wanted thank you, that I know, you go to school
26:07 sometimes and talk with people in recovery.
26:09 Don't you go with them sometimes.
26:10 Yeah,
26:12 and so what is really interesting to me is that
26:16 I'm hoping Sean's story affects you more than anyone else.
26:19 First and then I'm hoping that you keep sharing this
26:23 so that people don't use and don't get
26:25 lost in their addictions.
26:26 You know, we are talking about your dad in recovery,
26:29 but most of all, we so are talking about God.
26:33 We do so are talking about the fact that God,
26:37 until our last breath, until our liver finally says, I
26:41 absolutely can't take anything else.
26:43 That I can't do this anymore, then God will not give
26:46 up on us never, ever, ever, give up on us.
26:48 And He said, I will see you with hope and joy.
26:50 I don't care when you asked me, but ask Him now
26:52 we'll be right back.
26:53 Stay with us!


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