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00:14 You know we have so much more to say about breakfast
00:17 and health and all that kind of stuff.
00:19 So I want you to cover, I know you have books, recipes
00:23 on your website and all that kind of stuff, but you
00:24 need to finish up on breakfast, tell us about, just finish up.
00:29 We have to finish up because if we leave, I mean you did
00:32 an excellent job on that detoxify tropical fruit salad.
00:34 But we leave just that, we're setting us up for the day.
00:38 That right there is good but it's like a five-minute
00:40 worship, you know what I mean it is not enough
00:41 time with the Lord.
00:42 We have got to get the meat of it all.
00:44 What we are going to do is have the brain food for
00:47 the day called a Crispy Golden Granola Crunch.
00:50 Okay are you ready for that?
00:52 Crispy Golden Granola Crunch, alright - excellent!
00:55 All we're going to do is take the sunflower seeds, one of
00:58 the highest sources of vitamins of A and E, necessary for
01:00 the - brain - the brain - see how quick I am!
01:04 You talk in - I'm like right on it!
01:06 And also for a lot all women for the skin, we have
01:09 trashed our skin with smoking and drugs in the
01:12 vitamin E will literally bring your skin back to
01:14 life again, and your hair.
01:15 One of the most nourishing seeds that you can find.
01:18 We are just going to throw that there into the blender.
01:21 We are going to throw in a little bit of sea salt.
01:24 As you see there that is our natural preservative,
01:27 don't waste your money, in the store, buying
01:28 these salts, fancy cereals with all these
01:30 preservatives and additives.
01:31 Make your own it is the cheapest thing on the market
01:34 and the most healthful.
01:35 And you're going to feel good because you know what it
01:37 gives you a sense of accomplishment.
01:39 If you can accomplish on the little things preparing
01:42 in taking care of your body and stuff like that,
01:44 when those big temptations come you will think man
01:46 I've been there and done that.
01:47 I've been walking this morning, I spent time with the
01:49 Lord and I made my own breakfast that's why I say I
01:51 rebuke you and your more for it.
01:53 So we've got some honey so enjoy your honey or
01:56 whatever you want to use to put in there - and there's
02:00 something really cool about hanging out
02:01 in the kitchen in doing this.
02:02 Especially if you're married with your spouse,
02:04 it's really amazing thing.
02:06 If you have been in addiction, if you've been in
02:08 lifestyles that are a little tweaked, this brings you
02:11 back to a healthier place.
02:12 So you learn a lot that you don't really get the benefit
02:15 of knowing each just health.
02:16 The Lord is desiring time, time to study,
02:20 time with the family, and time to eat.
02:23 What happens is we live in a fast-paced society
02:25 so we live a fast life.
02:26 So you eat fast food in your time on earth will be much
02:30 shorter and I will which finish up here.
02:32 So you talk to, show us the book you are talking about
02:35 as you are telling me about what to put in here.
02:37 As a matter of fact what we use in our consultations,
02:39 Oh! I half to tell you this, what she just put in
02:41 there is blackstrap molasses.
02:43 As a matter of fact you need because it provides the
02:45 highest amount of iron, calcium in the body.
02:47 A lot of times we'd use sodas and sugars and stuff
02:51 which deplete our bones and we are just weak.
02:53 Go ahead and put that in there and, last but not least
02:56 put some water and blend all of that up.
02:58 As you see there - alright! Alright!
03:00 What we use in our consultation as you see here
03:03 Encyclopedia of Foods and Their Healing Powers.
03:06 It has a couple recipes that we have done here.
03:09 What we are going to do, this happened to me on one of
03:13 my shows, I didn't have it on and whoosh, you know.
03:15 Shall I turn it on, yes turn it on.
03:24 Okay we are just going to open that up.
03:28 Man we've got some strong hands.
03:30 And what we are going to do is take some coconut,
03:33 that is excellent for the bones, for our muscles.
03:35 We are going to pour that in there and we've got some
03:37 almonds, you can take sliced almonds pour that in there.
03:39 We've got wheat germ, high sources and vitamin E and a
03:41 fantastic brain food.
03:42 And some quick oats, simple - and remembered don't
03:45 try to write this down because he has it on the website
03:48 and we will hook you up with all that kind of stuff.
03:50 This is just really to show you that it is important
03:53 in health and it is cool to put together yourself and
03:56 it's not too tough.
03:57 No it's easy as a matter of fact - can I put that in
03:59 there - go ahead and pour, here I will help
04:01 you while you do the mixing there.
04:03 You are just going to pour it evenly over that.
04:05 As a matter of fact I see we've got a little thing, as a
04:10 matter of fact that I'm about you guys but I don't like
04:12 dishes so because I'm going to bake it anyway I'm just
04:15 going to mix it all in there together.
04:17 Alright cool - alright!
04:19 So we have got that going there, this right here is a
04:23 complete protein, so this is going to help the system.
04:27 No need to take special candy bars or whatever like
04:30 that this right here will do it all for you.
04:33 You know why is it I have watched cooking shows,
04:36 I've watched you on cooking shows, and you guys don't
04:38 make a mess like this is just me?
04:40 Um, um we all, no know you're doing okay - no I'm just
04:45 going to move this up and let you take over.
04:47 This just cracks me up, some of us are going to step
04:51 into the kitchen and we are literally not going to do
04:54 or feel like this is a place where we have been
04:57 familiar with our that we are comfortable with.
04:59 I say be in there anyway, and if you have to cause some
05:02 people wouldn't do this, is literally take your hands
05:05 and move it around - get your hands dirty.
05:06 And it feels amazing, wash your hands and
05:10 all that kind of stuff.
05:11 But get your hands in there and you will start to
05:13 realize that you are learning to bring health into
05:16 your body, your learning to literally take care of
05:19 yourself in great ways.
05:20 All of a sudden you'll feel like Linus on Charlie Brown
05:23 and if it feels messy to you so what!
05:25 Smile and have a great meal.
05:27 Excellent, excellent you are doing fine, fantastic there.
05:30 As you see just mix it, do what ever you want,
05:34 have the kids involved, this is great family time
05:37 and last but not least you can even throw these in.
05:40 One thing I want to recommend is pine-nuts
05:42 excellent for the brain.
05:43 You talked about that in the last, and Brazil nuts,
05:46 those who are dealing with nicotine addiction, coming out
05:48 of stop smoking in all at stuff, you will want to include the
05:51 Brazil nut to your healthy lifestyle.
05:52 We are running out of time - yes.
05:54 So you better quickly say that on your website
05:57 you have all these recipes.
05:59 You have books for health on your website, I'm praying
06:01 that you will be on our show more and more and we
06:03 are going to put this in the oven and let it bake.
06:05 But you aren't done yet so I just want to encourage you
06:09 we can do this just give it a try.
06:11 Take it one step at a time if you only can do milk
06:14 today then that's all you do.
06:15 You have your fruit salad and you finish off at this
06:19 and a handful of nuts and enjoy a
06:21 life in recovery just for you.
06:23 And I want to tell you know what just so be blessed by
06:27 taking care of yourself and thanks for joining us.
06:30 This is a little different for us but I think it's so
06:32 important for you to take care of yourself.


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