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00:12 Welcome back and you know that we are not usually on
00:17 this set at the kitchen.
00:18 It feels funny because I am so domestically challenged,
00:21 my husband is going to see the segment and just crack up.
00:24 But we are here because we are doing the show on
00:27 recovery and on the previous segment we talked about
00:31 that most people don't think of health, they don't think
00:34 that all of it matters what you put in your body.
00:37 So you are going to bless us by showing us some
00:40 things on putting things together but I want you to
00:43 talk almost the whole time, what do we need to know
00:46 in order to get healthy?
00:47 Well you hit that on the head, making changes and
00:51 coming out of recovery.
00:53 Matter of fact let me just stop here, our goal is to be
00:56 recovered, so that is the ultimate goal as you have
01:00 mentioned everything does matter.
01:02 Of course we have to except God, like we talked
01:05 about a little bit earlier.
01:06 I know we took so long to come over here.
01:07 We have to accept God first and then He is going to give
01:11 us the strength to abstain from those past addictions.
01:14 I'm not going to shoot heroine, I'm not going to be
01:16 smoking cigarettes, slamming coffee - but at
01:18 the same time that is not the only addiction.
01:21 There are other addictions and many times as we have
01:24 talked about earlier we transition from these big bad
01:26 addictions and then we come to the nice little cute
01:28 ones that are really still undermining our progress
01:32 and our road through recovery.
01:35 You now to be talking about ice cream
01:36 and all that stuff? - Umm!
01:37 - I knew he was - well that's a whole new, other series
01:41 but we won't get into that.
01:43 As a matter of fact we are going to see
01:44 how health is practical.
01:45 It has to be practical because from a person who has been
01:49 doing any and everything before,
01:50 they are not going to become chefs.
01:52 I'm not a chef, are you a chef - know this is funny for me to
01:54 even be here, cracks me up - well you look like a chef so.
01:57 I figured we carry her out of her comfort zone a little
02:00 bit and we are taking it another step.
02:02 Earlier we were talking about how to start off the day.
02:06 Were going to start off with God we're going to start off with
02:07 devotions, we're going to get outside and get some
02:09 fresh air, and you will notice that throughout the
02:11 next couple shows that the only people recovered is
02:14 when they had a schedule.
02:15 So the second part now that we have our spiritual food,
02:19 you have to get some real nourishment.
02:21 Were not going to run and get donuts or this or
02:25 that and it is not going to help us - it's not even
02:27 going to help us to think.
02:28 It is going to make us weaker, as a result when we're
02:32 driving by that old neighborhood were used to do our
02:35 thing, or see this or do that, our strength and power
02:40 to resist these inclinations are much weaker, why?
02:43 Because the body has not been strengthened,
02:45 of course we have the spiritual strength but
02:47 we need the physical strength.
02:48 The Lord holds us accountable for both
02:49 items - okay teach on!
02:51 What we are going to do is were going to look at
02:52 how to start off your day.
02:54 You cannot start off your day with just anything,
02:56 you have to start off with a good hearty breakfast.
02:58 Alright - alright, I don't know about you guys
03:00 but I love milk.
03:01 I have milk for everything so we are
03:05 going to look at milk.
03:06 But we are going to take not just any milk,
03:07 we are going to do a special milk.
03:09 Remember how we talk about that walnut,
03:10 did you know we can make milk out of walnuts?
03:12 No way - of course.
03:14 As a matter of fact your hands are clean and my hands
03:16 are clean take that walnut as we established earlier
03:19 what does it look like?
03:21 More or less - the brain - it's like the brain.
03:23 So Guys - are you ready for this, what is it good for?
03:25 The brain - the brain!
03:27 Ought oh we have got somebody snacking on the set,
03:28 that's alright go ahead and enjoy it.
03:30 How can you not eat here?
03:32 Well what we are going to try to do is
03:34 eat in order of digestion.
03:35 The problem with trying to make recovery or whatever, we're
03:38 making bad blood, what do I mean by making bad blood?
03:41 We're eating and drinking and call ourselves anytarians.
03:44 We eat anything, anytime, anywhere, anyhow!
03:46 I want to be a Goditarian, do you know what I mean!
03:49 So what we are going to do is to make milk out of this.
03:52 We are not going to squeeze it, I shared this with one
03:55 family where their little girl asked how we make milk
03:58 out of it, are you going to squeeze it?
03:59 Like an orange - no.
04:00 What we are going to do is we are going to
04:03 put this in a blender.
04:04 Watch how easy this is to make.
04:06 We are going to take walnuts, pumpkin seeds.
04:10 I want to put these in here so that we make sure we get
04:12 good nourishment, vitamins, minerals and all that.
04:15 You know pumpkin seeds is also high in zinc as well,
04:17 It has a good amount of zinc which is necessary for
04:20 those coming out of recovery and stuff like that.
04:21 A lot of times when I used to do my rotations through
04:24 the hospital the first thing they would give those
04:25 people is zinc item, or Lithium, or items like that.
04:28 Man watch this you don't have to pay for that, oh yeah
04:31 you do but you can get naturally from the Lord.
04:33 And you get that through the pumpkin seed.
04:34 A lot of times the reason we are going to use this
04:37 too is even though we're dealing with one ailment or
04:41 let's say one situation a lot of times people are coming
04:45 out of recovery, they usually die from something else.
04:48 Not from that addiction or whatever, or a heart attack
04:51 got them, or a stroke.
04:52 Because what happens is that addiction whatever it was
04:54 weakened the whole system so that now their pressure
04:58 went up come the heart stopped working - their arteries
05:00 got clogged - arteries clogged up.
05:02 So were going to incorporate all that and put a little
05:04 bit sea salt in here, about a quarter teaspoon.
05:07 There, the reason why, no preservatives.
05:11 Another thing and make a steps in recovery sometimes
05:15 people are not working well so if you put in extra additives,
05:20 that becomes the new drug.
05:21 So where are start making things from scratch where
05:24 there is no bad things in the system.
05:31 And we are going to take a bit tell bit of honey, about
05:33 two tablespoons of honey.
05:35 So some people will say to stay away
05:39 from sweets, sugars, honey.
05:40 I thought Honey was like a sugar.
05:42 It is not like a refined sugar, like how you get your
05:47 white sugar and all these other types of sugar, corn
05:49 syrup or stuff like that.
05:50 It is more natural I like a little flavor and in it,
05:53 as a matter of fact a little sweetness is good.
05:55 and everybody said God had a sweet tooth too and that
05:58 is why we use that.
05:59 We're going to put a little to water in here and the reason
06:03 why is so we can blend it properly.
06:04 If you put too much water to begin with it won't catch
06:09 the nuts when you drinking your milk you will be chewing
06:12 at the same time, which is not the best thing.
06:14 So go ahead and throw that on your blender there.
06:20 We won't be able to talk were going to let it go
06:23 Let me do it - let me do it - alright.
06:24 So we are just blending all this up!
06:41 Go ahead if you have a regular blender, just blend
06:45 it until you do not hear the crackling noise.
06:48 I just have to say, and this is truly interesting to
06:50 me is that I am coming out of addictions, coming out
06:52 of all the stuff and when I started getting blessed with
06:55 somebody telling me that you can make milk out of nuts.
06:59 Literally when you take them into your body you feel
07:02 them ministering to your body, it's almost like your
07:05 body says thank you so much.
07:08 It's amazing to me because at first I thought it was...
07:12 that's crazy and the more I will literally go in that
07:16 direction and use the soymilks and the walnuts and the almonds,
07:19 for milk that my body was blessed.
07:22 I feel like the healing is if my body is blessed and my body
07:26 gets strength then literally I am operating better and able
07:31 to make decisions with a clear mind, with a clear mind.
07:34 These and we are going to look at some more nuts
07:36 and stuff like that which are excellent
07:37 for the nervous system.
07:39 Are you ready, here we go, we are just going to add
07:40 a little more water - my job.
07:42 Yep were going to crank that up - alright.
07:44 We will put it on high - alright - there you go,
07:49 turn it off.
07:50 Done, nobody has any excuse that this lifestyle is too
07:55 hard or whatever, you just made it.
07:57 How long did it take you there, and you know I am so
07:59 domestically challenged - well you it did and
08:02 you did a good job.
08:03 So we are going to go ahead and knowledge to finish up.
08:05 What's really incredible about this is all the different
08:10 things when people talk about just regular milk
08:13 from cows or animals, is that you have things in it,
08:16 and antibiotics, hormones and things that
08:20 are so horrible for you.
08:22 So difficult for your body to digest and your body is
08:25 not trying to heal itself anymore, it's trying to deal
08:27 with all this junk.
08:28 When you make this kind of milk out of nuts,
08:32 it's amazing to me.
08:34 You have never been an addict so I know that you feel
08:37 blessed by that, you cannot even imagine when you have
08:39 been trashed how good this feels.
08:41 I can't imagine but I guess they say everyone has their
08:45 own addiction but you are hitting it on the head.
08:47 As a perfect example of your own testimony, that when
08:50 you started to use this you notice the difference there.
08:53 It wasn't just anything coming out and you were tired
08:55 and weak and stuff like that.
08:57 So you are going to enjoy this.
08:58 All we want to do today is to give you opportunities to
09:01 give it a try and when you give it a try - I didn't
09:03 even know that during my recovery trying to get healthy
09:06 I didn't know I was allergic to milk.
09:08 Wow, you know what that is so true and I want to share
09:12 something while we get ready here.
09:14 For our next part of the breakfast if you are dealing
09:16 with lactose intolerance, did you know that regular milk
09:19 most times goes undiagnosed dealing with allergies and stuff
09:23 You can do all the scratch tests in the world and they
09:26 would never find out that regular milk is actually
09:29 causing allergies, some of our clients said I'm allergic
09:33 to even fruits and stuff.
09:34 It goes undiagnosed and causes allergies
09:36 to other food items.
09:38 So if you are dealing with a situation like that
09:40 thing go ahead and cut out that regular
09:42 milk there and you could make your own.
09:45 If you are allergic to nuts go ahead and use brown rice.
09:47 Just cook your rice properly and use the same
09:51 ingredients, as a matter of fact hold on - I have to say we
09:54 don't even talk about this.
09:55 I don't know we are going to be cut on this, but
09:58 lactose, if you are lactose intolerant gas and your whole
10:01 digestive system is just going crazy.
10:02 I was surprised at how much of your whole body
10:05 is involved - it affects everything.
10:08 God never intended for people to be sick, you ever been sick,
10:13 majorly sick.
10:14 I was in a car accident one time in my back was
10:16 hurting me so bad I could not even pray,
10:18 literally just to breathe it would hurt.
10:21 Cause that's why say God doesn't want us to be sick
10:23 because when were sick it's almost too late to even pray.
10:25 Now for those who are sick,
10:26 we're not saying hey don't pray.
10:27 Pray, do what you can but let's do what we can to be
10:30 in good health and by the grace of God recover.
10:32 Not only be on the road of recovery but to recover
10:35 fully and we can share this with someone else.
10:37 Okay so morning meal and I brought some fruit out.
10:39 We did the milk there because it's a liquid item.
10:43 Usually we just encourage people to drink water because
10:46 everything is usually has preservatives and additives
10:48 and all but other stuff.
10:49 But if you have to drink juice or something
10:51 like that, go ahead and drink it at the beginning
10:53 part of your meal.
10:54 remember we just said a tiny amount - right.
10:56 Do you remember me saying something about the gas, a lot
10:59 of us are dealing with gas, acid reflux and all these
11:01 things which are making a prior situation even worse
11:04 because we are eating and drinking at the same time.
11:07 So you noticed we made the milk, if you enjoy milk
11:09 drink that before at least 10 or 15 minutes before
11:12 you eat your meal.
11:13 Then we are going to start with something fresh okay!
11:15 Have you ever had like a big meal and then finished
11:17 off with fresh fruit, well we don't want to do that.
11:20 We want to start off the fresh items so I can go ahead
11:24 and cleanse the system.
11:25 If you notice when you eat the fruits it just washes
11:28 down the system and makes you feel great.
11:30 Then you're ready to tackle on that meal and after the
11:32 meal you're ready to tackle on the world.
11:34 The only reason why is because the fresh
11:36 items digests quicker.
11:38 Remember we said that breakfast is not going to be
11:41 only fruits, were going to throw some bananas in here.
11:42 In fact we have a couple items, we're going to mix these up.
11:45 This is what we call the detoxifying, oh, oh we've
11:48 got somebody cheating here in the kitchen, but no worries.
11:50 This is what we call the detoxifying
11:53 tropical fruit salad.
11:55 No need for everybody that is coming out of recovery,
11:58 I need to cleanse my system up, I need to do this to my
12:00 liver, my poor kidneys.
12:02 These poor kidneys and liver's are just taking abuse.
12:04 If you're looking at abuseful situations - because God
12:07 has stuff that we can do it naturally - He has it
12:09 naturally that's why I told you my counselor got
12:11 messed up taking one of these herbal items
12:13 to clean his kidneys.
12:15 His kidneys shut down and he was on dialysis.
12:16 For those coming out of a prior situation where the body
12:19 has taken a little beating and abuse we don't need our body to
12:21 take any extra abuse.
12:23 It can be all natural, if it doesn't come in its natural form
12:26 then it is not natural, do you guys follow that?
12:30 But let me just say something for people who are coming
12:32 from the lifestyles that I have come from, is that we
12:34 can't even stomach water, we don't like the taste.
12:36 Things don't taste right to us and so it is really
12:41 acquiring a taste for what is natural again and that
12:44 it's going to take a process.
12:45 Are you ready for this?
12:46 Whoever burned their tongue before?
12:48 Have you ever burnt your tongue - yes - we're it just
12:49 hung, oh there you go pizza with veggie cheese of
12:52 course, - of course exactly! but watch, but have you ever
12:55 burnt your tongue - yeah!
12:56 Does your tongue stay burnt for 3 or 4 weeks?
12:59 It stays for a few days - a few days so watch this
13:02 for those who are making this change.
13:03 I know it is a challenge.
13:05 I used to eat buffalo wings, I used to do a little bit
13:08 of everything, watch this just give it about 2, 3, 4
13:11 days and your taste buds will change just like that. Amen!
13:14 How cool is that - you will not be in transition forever.
13:16 As a matter of fact, I'm going to do one for you.
13:19 Okay what am I doing?
13:20 What were going to do - woo Hoo I'll be like a
13:23 little Su Chief - alright so I'm a going to do.
13:25 We're going to take that banana and cut it up and
13:27 we are going to look at some other items there while you
13:30 go ahead and do that.
13:31 We just took some pineapples, I'm going to grab the other
13:33 part of the pineapple here.
13:34 So you teach us while I'm cutting up, tell us something
13:38 cool about health because you know what I so believe
13:41 this is one of the most important things for us.
13:43 What anybody is trying to come out of any kind of
13:46 lifestyle is to realize that if you help
13:49 your body with this.
13:50 If you help your body in your recovery, that it will
13:53 be so much easier and unbelievable - the transition
13:55 is a breeze after that.
13:58 So what we have to do we have assist,
14:00 we have to aid the body.
14:01 We just don't come out of recovery and say here hey
14:03 here it is a total brand-new body, no we have to work.
14:05 You know how they say no pain no gain!
14:07 Yeah - same situation here.
14:08 As a matter of fact did you know that this is
14:11 helping you, this banana it's self.
14:12 Most people when they come out of recovery because
14:15 they were on that major high all the time,
14:17 when they come out what happens?
14:19 You go on a major low - exactly!
14:21 Did you know that bananas have small trace
14:23 elements of serotonin?
14:24 No way, and serotonin is what makes
14:27 you feel good - exactly.
14:28 So for those who are coming down and are about to
14:31 fall into depression and stuff like that throw in
14:33 some bananas every morning and by the grace of God
14:36 it will help balance that out.
14:38 Amen, Amen! So we have got bananas there and we are
14:41 looking at some pineapple.
14:42 Pineapple is one of the best items to neutralize
14:44 acid a long with the banana there in the stomach.
14:48 It is also a natural diuretic, so literally if you
14:51 feel puffy and things aren't working it will
14:53 literally kind of work that too.
14:56 More than taking a pill,
14:57 it's healthier and more natural.
14:59 I went ahead and cut it up, we don't want
15:03 no fingers left on the set here because I heard Cheri
15:06 say she's not domestic - he so doesn't trust me.
15:10 I went ahead and cut the papaya for you.
15:14 So the Kiwi, the Kiwi in the papaya.
15:16 The Kiwi helps to boost our immune system.
15:18 A lot of times when you come out you find yourself,
15:21 here you go, you find yourself catching colds and
15:24 flu's quite often or whatever like that so you are going to
15:28 Oh how good this looks - improve this every morning.
15:31 What is your favorite fruit?
15:32 You know I really like mangoes, papayas,
15:35 I like that kind of fruit tropical fruit.
15:37 You can put mangoes in there - I love that!
15:39 The only thing we say is to keep it at a maximum
15:43 of 3 to 4 fruits, and then you're done right there
15:45 Watch this now, let me grab that spoon from you
15:52 - got it - I know you are going to go home and
15:54 your husband is going to be like the man I can't
15:55 believe you did a cook demonstration program
15:57 - you know how fun - watch this.
15:59 When you go back home don't make just any fruit salad
16:01 you are going to do it in style - okay - so what you
16:04 do with that pineapple that we've got.
16:06 We've got it fresh anyway and so all you do is cut it
16:09 out, and then I'll put this to the side here.
16:12 And when he wakes up in the morning and he is
16:14 ready to run off to work and stuff like that,
16:16 I'll put this right here.
16:17 Go ahead and fill those in - how fun is that.
16:20 All of a sudden not only is it good for you but it
16:23 looks fabulous - why can't we do it in style.
16:27 recovery in style and I'm looking forward because I'm
16:31 going to come by and visit with some of you guys.
16:32 So now we can act out in style - there it is
16:35 you know what I mean.
16:36 This wasn't any regular acting out, we went full boat.
16:39 You know my mom told me some of the situations -
16:40 you could have done a film.
16:41 Look how cool this is - and then you've got that
16:45 right there just in case your friends start acting
16:47 up no worries go and enjoy it all yourself as fruits,
16:49 but this is not the only part.
16:52 Can I set this over here - matter fact since you went
16:56 over here already, I want to show you since we were
16:59 talking about detoxifying.
17:00 We do need to clean the body out, yes there are
17:02 some residues of past drugs and certain things
17:04 we used to use in the past.
17:05 But we are going to do it naturally and so we saw in
17:09 breakfast what we are going to use.
17:10 We got the detoxifying fruit salad however we are going
17:14 to try to avoid using fruits and veggies at the same
17:16 time because it causes indigestion, and
17:18 they have different properties.
17:20 But for lunch time, today were not going to do lunch or
17:22 items like that but you have to have lunch.
17:24 The first part of breakfast, were not done with
17:26 breakfast yet because if you read only those fruits
17:28 was going to happen - the blood sugar right?
17:30 Alright blood sugars are good but if you only eat fruits
17:34 for breakfast was to happen in an hour or two - hungry!
17:36 You're going to be starving and then your going to be
17:39 tempted to go to the vending machine and grab that soda.
17:40 And Hostess Twinkies was my favorite thing when
17:44 I was in recovery.
17:45 I literally would put butter on them and put them in the
17:47 oven and I thought that was just heaven - wow!
17:49 And that was my breakfast could, could you imagine how
17:50 strung out I was even in my recovery.
17:53 So if I'm going to do fruits you will be kind of like
17:56 that even though it's healthy.
17:57 It will cause my blood sugars to stay eradicate and I
18:01 will be hungry sooner - yes but that's why this is not
18:04 going to be the only part.
18:05 The second part is coming up here - okay!
18:07 Before lunchtime or something like that if you
18:09 want the best detoxifier in your body,
18:10 here you go you can grab one.
18:11 We won't cut it up today or whatever.
18:13 Artichoke it's a natural detoxifier of the liver.
18:16 It cleans out the liver, it helps with the
18:19 kidneys - and it's so good - and is fantastic.
18:21 However it is not the artichoke dip with the cheese
18:23 and all that good stuff but all you have to do is peel
18:25 it off, you can use it raw, you can use it in soup and
18:28 other items like that.
18:29 So what we are going to do we're going to get the other one
18:31 set up here and come back to you guys and just about a
18:33 second to finished the brain food of breakfast.
18:36 The breakfast of champions at a breakfast in the role to
18:38 recovery as well - alright - will see you in a second.
18:41 Alright!


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