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The Healthy Value Of Food

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00:10 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery I'm Cheri your host.
00:13 And today we are going to look at the fact that in
00:17 recovery everything matters.
00:18 Hypocrisy's once said let food be your medicine and
00:22 medicine be your food.
00:23 So we are going to look at the healing value of food.
00:26 Come on and join us this is going to be good stuff.
00:55 That's brilliant, welcome back.
00:57 I love doing this show, I love bringing stuff to the
01:01 table, I love talking about issues and today we're going
01:04 to do something a little bit different and it is
01:06 going to be a lot of fun.
01:07 I'm not even going to tell you I'm going to
01:09 surprise you with it.
01:10 First of all I want to start out with the book for
01:12 this season Exalting His Word by Shelly Quinn.
01:15 And in one of the section she covers the fact that God
01:17 is a God of new beginnings.
01:19 And that is right God is a God of new beginnings.
01:21 His love and compassion never fail, Lamentations
01:24 3:22,23, say that His mercies are new every morning.
01:28 I am so grateful for that because I'm a mess.
01:30 And if it wasn't the fact that God says today, new day
01:33 let's start over, I don't know that I would be able to
01:36 survive all the different things that I have to do.
01:38 And I want so badly to convince my friends in recovery,
01:41 convince you that every single thing matters.
01:44 That for one you can't stay up for 3 or 4 days at a
01:47 time, I'm talking to my Meth addict friends out there,
01:49 and have it not make you crazy.
01:51 In fact for people that are more normal you can't stay
01:54 up until 11, 12, 1, 2 in the morning and think you are
01:57 going to function the next day, or actually the next few days.
02:00 Because our body has to catch up on itself so everything
02:03 you do matters.
02:05 I'm going to say that a lot this show.
02:07 Like me for instance, I want to be skinny and in health.
02:12 I want to be fit, but I also want to eat ice cream every
02:15 single day, and lots of it, you know what I mean!
02:18 God is trying to show me, you know Hon, and He shows me
02:22 through the Holy Spirit, the Bible, through teaching that
02:24 ice cream is fighting against the goals I have for health.
02:28 In some the things I'm doing maybe fighting against the
02:32 very goals I have in recovery.
02:34 So He is just trying help me pay attention.
02:36 I talk with sex addicts that are just damaged and that
02:40 is our ministry and we work with all kinds of different
02:42 addictions, but talking with sex addicts or porn
02:45 addicts they will say, you know what I want to so not
02:48 get messed up with all that junk.
02:50 Then I tell them just tell me what your day is like.
02:55 They say by the end of the day 11 or 12 at night I will
02:58 sit at the computer, I'm thinking shut up.
03:01 So out of 11 or 12 at night you will sit at the
03:04 computer, that is where you start your surfing and
03:07 you don't think you're going to end up on
03:08 some really goofy sites?
03:09 I'm telling you that everything matters.
03:12 Don't turn the computer on after 8 if you have a
03:14 porn addiction, don't do it!
03:16 Because before 8 we have more control and
03:18 I just think that is true.
03:19 I want to tell you a story about a guy in recovery.
03:24 He has some sexual addictions, he is trying his
03:28 hardest and white knuckling it.
03:29 He is doing whatever he can to not act out sexually.
03:34 He is having some stress at home, the stress is
03:38 getting worse and worse and he tends to act out if he
03:41 is being disrespected or get stressed out.
03:43 All of a sudden his boss is on him, his wife,
03:46 he is distancing himself from her,
03:49 because of the stress at home.
03:50 He says one day after work I'm just going to go and get
03:53 myself a Pepsi, and so he goes to the normal store that
03:57 he always goes to.
03:58 The Pepsi is right there and he walks
04:01 over and grabs it.
04:02 Right next were the Pepsi is in some of those magazines,
04:06 you know what magazine I'm talking about.
04:08 Magazines with a lot of women in it, a lot of sexual stuff
04:12 and he picks up a magazine.
04:13 So he buys the magazine and a Pepsi and goes home.
04:16 Within hours he's acting out and doing things he shouldn't do.
04:19 He gets in his car and is cruising around town looking
04:23 at prostitutes and all that kind of stuff.
04:25 He comes home and is acting out some more and he starts to
04:29 have really some horrible guilt.
04:31 By the end of the day he's acted out like crazy,
04:34 he's guilt kicks in and all that kind of stuff.
04:36 So he goes to his accountability partner and you know
04:39 what they tell him?
04:40 Anybody want to, you want to,
04:42 what do you think they tell him?
04:44 Hang in there or something.
04:47 You'll love what they actually tell him, stop drinking Pepsi.
04:50 Is that right - yeah!
04:52 Wow - so everything starts when you buy that Pepsi,
04:55 don't buy that so again everything matters.
04:59 It's not so much the acting out at the very end of
05:02 something, it's not so much the first bite of ice cream
05:04 I take, it is that every single little thing matters.
05:07 There's, what's that saying?
05:10 There's a saying that little foxes destroy the field
05:13 or something, I mean it's just the little things.
05:15 So everything matters and I want to introduce
05:17 you now to Nyse Collins.
05:19 Nyse I've been waiting for this show forever, I love your
05:23 ministry, I love what you are going to bring to the
05:24 table for us and I want you to just say a little bit
05:30 about what your ministry is and what got you into that.
05:33 Ultimately we are NLC, what we are basically medical
05:39 missionaries turned evangelist, we bring it into the nutshell,
05:41 under a consultant umbrella.
05:42 Our goal is to work with different businesses, groups,
05:45 and churches and stuff like that.
05:46 To provide the information where they can live a
05:48 healthier lifestyle - so healthier lifestyle so you
05:52 can give me a pill or something?
05:53 Oh no it's not that easy - Oh! shut up!
05:55 It is not that easy.
05:56 If it was that easy there were be no disease in this world,
05:58 I mean all of us just eat some apples and we're good you know.
06:02 It is not that easy because diet is one part of it,
06:05 but especially when we are working with different
06:07 addictions and items like that.
06:08 After we do our session, because in a workplace you
06:11 cannot talk about Christian views and stuff,
06:13 we offer consultations.
06:15 Then when we work with individuals on a one-to-one
06:17 basis, than it is like we open up a can of veggie worms,
06:21 you know what I mean!
06:22 It just starts popping out and person who had high
06:24 blood pressure or something like that is not just
06:27 because they have been eating too much salt.
06:28 Maybe they had another situation - porn addiction
06:32 porn addiction or other situations that when stress
06:35 is involved in it, stress alone will cause
06:38 the pressure to go up.
06:39 So we looked at that and try to identify the true core,
06:42 the true character of that situation, then by God's
06:44 grace let's eliminate that problem and then we
06:48 can look at some things in our diet and stuff like that
06:50 You're going to hate the next thing I have
06:51 to say to you - okay.
06:52 You are just a baby, you're just a baby, what got you
06:55 into this - let's say that we are all children
06:58 of Christ, so I figure I'm in the same category.
07:01 Yes! I'm not as mature if you want to put it
07:05 that way - as blessed in years.
07:07 Right! Right! But what happens is I've had a chance to
07:10 taken advantage of the opportunity of my mom.
07:13 Even though I did not turn out the best, she did
07:15 anything and everything on the block.
07:17 5 kids, 4 dads, that only tells you about one addiction.
07:21 She tried every and any drug, a matter of fact even when
07:24 she was pregnant with me, she was out 6 months drinking.
07:28 She fainted and the bartender said Miss, which is more
07:33 important to you, that Vodka or what's in your stomach?
07:37 Your baby - or the baby and it was a little
07:40 wake-up call for her.
07:41 If you notice I'm off a little bit, if something is
07:45 wrong here you'll understand why, I'm just kidding.
07:47 So to me the fact that you have that background so
07:52 you'll understand that what I am saying, everything matters.
07:54 In addiction and recovery everything matters.
07:56 When I first got into addiction and the recovery what
08:00 was really interesting to me was, somebody said,
08:02 you have to drink more water.
08:04 I'm thinking oh yuck! Give me some Tequila.
08:06 That is definitely true we work with a lot of our
08:10 clients who, as a matter of fact I just came back from
08:13 one of my clients, they were severely dehydrated.
08:17 All they want is Pepsi, they love, I can't call the
08:23 name, but a certain kind of drink that they mix up.
08:25 They will drink every other poison and they are
08:28 concerned about drinking tap water.
08:31 There are too much contaminants in the pipes, I'm
08:34 like wait a second you just drank that Pepsi and
08:36 the first ingredient is acid.
08:38 So why are you not concerned about that?
08:40 But yes it's definitely all involved, for those who
08:44 are recovering, they may skip out on that item they
08:48 were dealing with, that addiction before but have
08:50 substituted now with the biggest addiction which
08:52 is probably caffeine - right!
08:54 Or sugar or different items like that, or - so you are
08:57 saying now you must have been to a twelve step group.
08:59 Twelve step group I came in, but clouds of smoke that
09:04 came out of that room was amazing.
09:05 People were slamming coffee, smoking cigarettes and
09:08 eating like pastries or chips.
09:10 I'm thinking, I can even use my brain, I can't even
09:14 think and I need to stay in recovery.
09:17 I am begging people now to pay attention to that because
09:21 you cannot, you are going to trip yourself up just by
09:24 coffee, cigarettes, caffeine and all that kind of stuff.
09:27 True recovery is not eliminating just that one
09:32 situation, true recovery is not just transitioning
09:36 your past addiction to another addiction
09:38 if you follow me there.
09:39 True recovery is abstaining or freedom from all other
09:43 items, not substituting my drugs, or my alcohol.
09:47 Some people don't realize that shopping is an addiction.
09:49 Oh stop! Your off the show. If I known you were going
09:56 there you wouldn't even been invited - I'm sorry.
09:58 And the reason I mention that, the reason I mention that
10:01 it's because a lot of times I work with certain clients,
10:03 ladies, who have severe high cholesterol.
10:07 Why do I have high cholesterol I'm eating right, I'm a
10:10 total vegetarian and we look at the whole situation,
10:13 come to find out they have to work 17 hours a day.
10:16 So they can pay their credit cards off - so ask the
10:18 question, why do you work so much.
10:20 Well I have over $8,000 dollars in credit card bills.
10:23 Which credit card, a certain store brand,
10:26 and I'm like is that really necessary?
10:29 So we helped them - everything matters - right
10:31 everything matters we can help them with their
10:32 cholesterol but that did not solve the problem.
10:36 We could have helped them with heroin, we can helped them with
10:38 crack or whatever, but what is the true cause,
10:40 what is the true cause of that problems?
10:42 So once you identify the true cause that is there, then
10:45 they won't, because what happened with that certain
10:47 client, she switched from shopping to eating.
10:50 So not she's not spending big money on clothes,
10:53 but what happened now she is spending big money
10:56 on going out to restaurants.
10:57 I'm like we didn't - and gaining weight, and adding on
11:00 those extra blessings you know what I mean!
11:02 Which causes low self extreme which causes you want to
11:04 shop - and then what happens it comes right back around
11:07 and she ends up doing the same thing again.
11:09 It's a whole picture, she said what shall we do.
11:12 Number one yes we have to pray, God has given us certain
11:16 guidelines to accept Him and remove yourself from these
11:19 things, but remember you have to have a plan.
11:21 If you don't have a plan you're just setting yourself
11:24 up for trouble - Amen!
11:25 What I love, when I first saw you administering as
11:29 far as health goes, I kept thinking I have to have
11:31 you on the show because I love the fact of giving
11:34 people freedom to understand that everything matters.
11:36 If I'm going to stop a certain addiction, never drink
11:41 anything but water for the first month.
11:43 That sounds like it's really going to kill some one,
11:47 but actually it's going to give you health.
11:48 It is being able to say that just add one or two
11:52 things in that actually will help you to start to get
11:54 your body thinking clearly again.
11:57 Your addictions will then fall off easier.
11:58 Here's another situation, you remove yourself from that
12:01 problem but then you predispose yourself because now
12:05 you're doing all the chocolate cakes in the world.
12:07 And then I love that - I'm sorry, so now you are
12:12 doing all the chocolate cakes in the world and you
12:13 have an increased amount of sugar which sends
12:15 you on a super high real quick.
12:17 In a couple minutes or an hour you will come crashing
12:19 right back down, now you are depressed again.
12:21 Actually some people switch it out with - but
12:24 you don't have to worry about that because
12:25 I can take an antidepressant.
12:27 You see there we go again, we consider medication a mop
12:31 to the problem.
12:32 Me and my buddies always say if you go inside of a
12:34 kitchen in the sink is clogged up in the water faucet
12:38 is on and the water is overflowing, what is the first
12:40 thing we are going to do?
12:41 Are we going to start mopping, are we going to turn off
12:43 the faucet, are we going unplug the faucet, which one?
12:45 It's like hopefully I'm going to go and try to unplug
12:48 stuff - right so you can unplug which is one solution.
12:52 Medicine comes in and just start mopping.
12:55 What we suggest is to get to the source of the problem.
12:57 Let's turn off the what? The faucet!
13:00 Then un-plug, and that I'm plugging is what we are going
13:03 to be talking about detoxifying.
13:04 We unplug this situation, cleaning out the body, then we
13:08 are going to go ahead and mop up.
13:09 So we got to the source of the problem and what the
13:11 medication does it keeps mopping.
13:13 What happens, it keeps overflowing.
13:14 So we are into 2008 now, right!
13:17 I just saw a study in the study was showing how the
13:21 antidepressants are so not working, you know most of the
13:25 country is taking different antidepressants.
13:27 And I'm exaggerating for sure a lot of people are taking
13:30 them and the studies are showing that they did just kind
13:33 of mop up the water.
13:34 Didn't do anything else - it didn't solve the problem.
13:36 It didn't solve the problem and so the fact that we
13:39 really can solve the problem if we pay attention.
13:42 Pay attention and start doing some simple things.
13:45 That is the ultimate goal.
13:47 What do you mean by a schedule?
13:48 Man there is nothing better than every morning spending
13:51 that little quality, said little it should be a lot of
13:54 quality time with God.
13:56 If you don't do that you just might as well quit.
13:59 You might as well run to the local store by all the junk
14:01 food or do this because you set yourself up,
14:04 so that quality time is the most important.
14:06 Second item, lowers tell people sometimes like to
14:09 exercise before I spend that time.
14:11 And the reason why is that a lot of people wake up n the
14:13 morning and grab their Bibles and say Lord I'm going to
14:16 study Your work today and an hour later they are asleep.
14:20 They are in the word literally.
14:21 So we say go out and get some fresh air, clean your
14:24 system and eliminate the toxins - get the sun on your
14:27 skin - yeah and get that run in and start off with a
14:30 good solid, solid breakfast.
14:33 So we start with the spiritual food and now we need to
14:35 make sure we at the physical food.
14:37 Now I don't want to miss this one thing I didn't realize
14:39 in recovery is I think for years I didn't breath.
14:44 You know my breathing was so shallow and when somebody
14:47 said let me teach you to breath, and I'm thinking what
14:49 are you talking about, how crazy is that.
14:51 Talk about just breathing when you go out and walk and
14:53 take a breath, what kind of things does that do?
14:56 Oh it clears out the whole system, expands the lungs and
15:00 you get good breaths as well.
15:02 Once you get fresh air, or oxygen getting into the
15:05 system, you have better circulation.
15:07 A lot of people if you look a lot, those that are
15:11 dealing with depression, you barely see them outside.
15:14 Real shallow breaths, you just, when you take a deep
15:18 breath you don't have no choice but to rise up.
15:21 So people say wait a second, rise up physically and also
15:24 you have a whole new outlook and that is one item.
15:27 Did you also know that the air inside of your house,
15:30 is more likely contaminated than the air outside?
15:33 So I just came from the city New York city.
15:36 Everybody says I can't go exercising, I said why not?
15:38 Because it's polluted outside.
15:39 It is more polluted inside your home and if you stay
15:41 inside your home you may jump back on the computer, you
15:44 may jump on the refrigerator, there is a whole bunch of
15:48 things that happened.
15:49 So we need to get outside and there is something about it.
15:51 People say well should I go to a gym?
15:53 Gyms are okay, but God has given you a free gym,
15:58 go outside, do you know what I mean!
15:59 You know some gyms charge you 50, 60 dollars and
16:02 you can use that money to support God's Ministry,
16:04 3ABN or something, you know.
16:06 Go outside and get the fresh air, get in the sunlight.
16:08 The sunlight hits the skin and converts that into
16:11 nice vitamin D, it's helps the whole system the
16:13 bones and items like that because a lot of
16:15 people who deal with depression sooner or later are
16:16 going to deal with weak bones.
16:18 Let me just say for people that, and I really want to
16:22 say for people that are not in good shape, that really
16:24 have physically got themselves into a place where walking or
16:27 getting outside and exercising is just beyond what they
16:29 can do, go outside and sit on the porch.
16:32 Go sit on a step in it, if the first step is just to
16:37 sit, sit with the sun hitting your skin.
16:39 Get up and get out, people say huh!
16:43 Get up and get out, if that is all you do you will have
16:47 done something good there.
16:48 Huge difference, and take a deep breath, and literally
16:52 for some of us that first couple times taken a deep
16:55 breath and getting used to that, it literally hurts your
16:57 lungs because you aren't used to expanding it like that.
17:00 We have to open up items like that so people don't
17:02 come if you don't take deep breaths for extended
17:05 periods of time sooner or later when you get a cold or
17:07 something pneumonia says in there in a heartbeat.
17:09 That is definitely one aspect that is crucial, crucial
17:14 I have to say, because some people will even
17:17 say to me, Cheri aren't you over exaggerating
17:21 the importance of this, and I just want to beg you
17:24 I wish that we could show a PET scan
17:26 of our brains, and the amount of activity
17:29 in our brains when we are strung out and
17:32 not exercising we are not using our frontal lobe's.
17:35 When you start doing a little bit of exercise, a little
17:38 bit of going outside and taking some breaths, we start
17:40 our frontal lobes working again.
17:41 All that starts to improve in every single decision we make
17:46 in my recovery come from our frontal lobe.
17:48 If my frontal lobes aren't working it is
17:50 harder for me to recover.
17:52 Not impossible but definitely harder and
17:54 I going to relapse more often.
17:56 We can't express how important it is to do that.
18:00 As a matter of fact, I know some people don't like it,
18:02 but they have even shown that those who have drink and
18:05 smoke but exercised on a daily basis are sometimes in
18:10 better health than those who eat right their whole lives.
18:14 Total vegetarian whatever you want to call it, vegan
18:17 whoever, but never exercise.
18:19 Can you believe that! Shut up!
18:20 I'm like wait a second, you're telling me that
18:22 these past ten years, preaching the health message
18:25 but never smoking and telling people if they need
18:28 to do better, but because I don't exercise that
18:30 those who are drinking and smoking but exercising
18:33 are in better condition than me?
18:34 I said man that is serious - so this shows the
18:37 importance - all that matters.
18:39 Everything is involved, we are not saying go out drink
18:43 smoke and then exercise - because you know I was just
18:45 going out and buy some cigarettes because I love the
18:47 smoke - I have to put that disclaimer in.
18:49 I'm not going then - but that is one aspect.
18:54 So of course we have to trust in God,
18:56 that is the most important thing.
18:57 Then we went out and got some fresh air and exercise,
18:59 were following a schedule, but now after we did all that
19:02 we come back home and pop a certain donut company,
19:06 can't say any names but we're popping donuts - you know
19:08 what he is talked about and you know what I mean nice
19:10 sweet ones that burn my teeth and I'll still eat more.
19:14 we'll pop that and then take some coffee and wash it down.
19:18 Is just like the law is you mess up all one you mess up
19:23 on the them, however we are not saying to just give up
19:26 just because you haven't done everything, because everything
19:27 is new every day.
19:28 Right all matters, I love that, if you don't mind I'll use
19:31 that every time, everything matters just keep trying,
19:34 keep making steps.
19:36 If you are content you are not in a good situation, the
19:39 only contentness you want to be is in the arms of God.
19:41 In your home you always need to strive to do better.
19:45 So of course that meal is so important,
19:48 let's flush the system.
19:49 So that cleans you out, detoxes is your liver,
19:51 kidneys, literally your whole system then just wakes up.
19:58 It works for you in your recovery.
20:00 Right for sure, the situation that I mention a little
20:03 bit earlier here come is those that are transitioning
20:05 off of these items, with drugs and items like that.
20:09 You are so sweet items, like heroin, sex, cigarettes.
20:12 You don't have to call by its name
20:14 because everybody understands.
20:16 When they come over, yes some damage has taken place,
20:19 and in because they were so extremely area when they
20:22 came over, they are extreme in the new area and this
20:25 is why in the health area temperance is so important.
20:27 So wait, wait, wait, so I'm in a heroine addict in
20:30 recovery what is temperance.
20:32 We know as some people I can just tell you about a
20:35 good close friend of mine who is dealing with crack
20:37 cocaine and items like that.
20:38 This it wasn't your mom again was it?
20:41 No, as he made the transition he came over when he learned
20:48 about health and stuff like that, he went so gung ho.
20:50 He found out that carrots was good for cleaning out the
20:53 system, he drunk so much carrots as his eyes were
20:56 orange, his skin was orange, I mean he just went from
20:59 going crazy on this drug and going crazy over carrots.
21:04 Of course there are more studies that need to take place
21:06 but certain items have been damaged, and so because that
21:09 person has messed up in that area there their senses or
21:13 their intellectual responses in certain things is a
21:18 little bit more extreme.
21:20 Because now they have found Jesus and they don't want
21:22 to stop talking and it is great, but sometimes you
21:24 have to cut them back and say hey you need to be
21:26 a little bit more moderate.
21:28 You can understand that, it's physiological why they
21:31 are doing with that situation, because some things
21:33 were damaged in the past.
21:35 But does that mean that God forgot about us, no not at all.
21:37 So what we will do as we bring it over, we need to
21:40 follow, it needs to be will balanced
21:41 we need to do it properly.
21:42 If you know what I mean - exactly, exactly!
21:45 And what is interesting is that somebody told me in
21:47 the first part of my recovery is that Cheri don't
21:50 think about what you change in everything, change one thing.
21:54 One thing this month so I added vegetables which
21:58 I thought was going to kill me.
21:59 I added to my plate, veggies, I took out room from my
22:02 plate, so something had to not be there.
22:04 Literally as I added one thing at a time it
22:07 pushed away what was unhealthy.
22:10 I didn't stop smoking, in my recovery,
22:12 for like 5 years.
22:13 I was baptized and hiding in my car smoking my brains
22:16 out, so literally I had to do one thing at a time.
22:21 One thing, and I always encourage if we want to start
22:24 with anything, after we started trusting in God and
22:26 getting the victory you need to start some rest.
22:29 Nothing else is going to work unless you are resting.
22:32 Of course we know, the day of rest, the next rest
22:37 is on a daily basis, some of us are addicts of
22:39 going to bed late.
22:41 People say what! If I asked anybody what time did
22:45 you go to bed last night?
22:46 None of us had gone to bed before 10 o'clock,
22:49 this is this is almost a fact.
22:51 We are addicts, we are my nocturnal addicts, we act
22:54 like bats, cats, and owls if you are missing your rest,
23:00 you are in trouble because your decision-making process the next
23:05 day, as you had mentioned earlier, is off a bit,
23:07 you are not doing things properly and the strength
23:09 that you need to resist the inclinations
23:12 to avoid that addiction is weakened.
23:14 And a study just came out that I was blown away
23:18 by is that serotonin is a neuro chemical
23:21 response in your brain.
23:23 It puts off endorphins and endorphins is what
23:25 makes you feel good. Right!
23:27 If you go to bed after midnight all your serotonin
23:31 for the next day didn't get produced.
23:34 Serotonin of production is from 8 to midnight, and only
23:37 if you're sleeping.
23:38 I'm like oh God please don't say that is true.
23:41 You hit on the relation of the serotonin and the
23:43 melatonin is only produced, you already mentioned
23:46 the serotonin, melatonin is produced around 10 to 2.
23:49 Now this is funny I was sharing this with one group and
23:51 in the pastor said guys that's your healing hormone.
23:56 He said if you are not to bed on time, just like Santa
23:59 Clause if you're not sleeping, it's not coming.
24:01 You just missed your healing for the day.
24:03 We are missing our healing every day - and I've got to
24:07 ask, I got to beg people to hear that,
24:10 because I didn't know that.
24:11 In the first part of my recovery, I am trying to fight
24:13 for recovery, I'm trying to do the right thing, and
24:16 think the right thing.
24:17 I can not think the right thing if I'm not having this
24:20 production happened, and God made it to where He said if
24:24 you take care of yourself, drink some water and get
24:26 to bed on time, I naturally put this in your body to
24:30 reproduce itself every day, unless you do not
24:35 take care of yourself.
24:36 Unless you stay up all night, or stay up until the wee
24:38 hours of the morning.
24:39 There are more aspects - so why don't
24:41 you just take a Prozac then?
24:43 I know - you know what you are right you can if you
24:46 want to have suicidal thoughts, so it is your choice.
24:49 That is just what happens - that's the side effects
24:52 from the drugs are huge and God says if you do this in a
24:55 natural way the side effects are health.
24:59 Quick fixes is quick losses, you've gained a lot
25:02 and you lose a lot real quick.
25:04 The key here is almost that old saying no pain no gain,
25:08 but the good news is the Lord paid the price for us.
25:12 He took all the pain already so all we have to do
25:14 is accept it now.
25:15 Once we accept that then we make steps
25:18 slowly but surely.
25:19 Matter of fact you could do it overnight if you have
25:21 the faith of a what? Mustard seed!
25:24 If we have the sake to say to the mountain to jump in
25:26 the ocean, can you imagine an addiction to the Lord is
25:29 not a problem, but watch this.
25:30 The Lord even agreed with simple natural remedies.
25:33 King Hezekiah begged for more years, the Lord could have
25:39 just bought it and Hezekiah could've been healed.
25:41 But what did the Lord do?
25:42 The Lord said I need you to do a little natural
25:45 remedy, get a lump of figs and put it on the
25:48 area and then go wash off.
25:50 He saw the man who was blind all his life the Lord Jesus just
25:53 could've said go see them and he could've been healed.
25:57 The Lord Himself even approved of simple natural things,
26:00 in our environment, in our society, in food.
26:02 The Lord did a little poultice and mixed it up.
26:06 This is a natural remedy, it was a treatment.
26:08 and told him to wash it off, so even the Lord approves of it.
26:10 You know I'm just thinking out loud, I think the Lord
26:14 allowed these things, or used these measures because
26:17 sometimes when He heals us or He takes away these
26:20 addictions so quick and we have not put any effort
26:24 into it, what happens to us?
26:26 We go right back and do the same thing again - exactly!
26:28 So sometimes He gives us - and the Bible says it's
26:31 like a dog returning to its vomit.
26:32 He gives us a little time to work at it, try, pain,
26:37 take it a step at a time.
26:38 The man who was beside the pool of Bethesda for
26:41 how many years, many years.
26:43 The Lord could have easily healed him and He did,
26:47 only as he accepted the faith, He took away his problem.
26:50 He said get up and go walk.
26:52 But when He caught up with him later that day I'm sure
26:54 that guy was jumping for joy, oh my goodness I've been
26:57 sick for so many years and now I'm healed.
26:58 The Lord said now that you have been made whole,
27:01 now that you feel better, please don't go back
27:03 and make the same mistake.
27:04 If you do - don't eat any of those donuts again.
27:06 Stay away from that ice cream - if you fall back
27:10 into that addiction, it says it comes even worse,
27:13 sometimes 7 times worse.
27:14 So now I just left donuts but if I go back to those
27:17 donuts, have a donut, the chocolate this and that
27:19 then I'm going to need some caffeine, I'm going to need this
27:22 then I'm going to talk about this, I'm going to
27:25 desire more spices.
27:26 Did you know there is a direct relation between
27:28 using spices and alcohol.
27:30 It is a direct relation, as you use more salt and
27:35 spices, it increases your desire to drink at mealtime.
27:39 If you continue to drink at mealtime it causes
27:41 intestinal fermentation, but you desire
27:43 also a more intense stimulant.
27:47 So simpler we can get, especially during recovery,
27:52 the easier our recovery is going to be.
27:55 If we put in rest and exercise and stuff like that
27:58 we are going be able to use our frontal lobes more.
28:00 Okay so I'm going to open up because we are
28:02 are running out of time.
28:03 I'm going to open up for questions, I'm just
28:06 going to say I know that there are a number of
28:09 you that have questions.
28:10 J. D. we are going to start with you, do you have
28:12 anything that you would like to ask Nyce?
28:14 First of all I just love it that God is the God of
28:18 new beginnings and I believe that with all my heart.
28:20 I also love that phrase it everything matters.
28:22 The question that I have for you Nyce is what do
28:26 we do after detoxification?
28:29 Is there a plan?
28:31 The first step, everybody is in detoxification, how do you
28:38 detoxify and stuff like that.
28:39 Do I need to take this herbal cleanse, do I need to do
28:41 this, do I need to clean out everything?
28:43 Well not quite, I never saw Jesus given somebody
28:47 a secret remedy and put it in and they
28:50 flush everything out.
28:51 Not quite, He takes care of you naturally is
28:54 what I can say, I have veggie's best kept secret that everyone
28:58 can use and the reason why we are a little hesitant about
29:01 detoxifiers, one of my accountant actually
29:05 went and did this herbal, special detoxification
29:07 something, I don't know what
29:09 happened, all I know is that he did it.
29:11 And the next day he was in the hospital
29:13 his kidneys had shut down.
29:14 So a person who has been in an abusive situation,
29:18 the body has taken a beating, they cannot now turn
29:23 around and go and bombard it again, even though its
29:26 natural items natural supplements and stuff like that.
29:29 One of veggies best-kept secret, and we talked about it
29:32 before it is artichokes.
29:34 Artichokes takes care of the liver, and the reason
29:36 why we want to look at the liver is the liver goes ahead
29:38 and filters and helps clean.
29:40 So anybody who is coming off a drug addiction or any item
29:43 like that - I love artichokes - is that right - yes.
29:46 Artichoke is the best, diabetes, high blood pressure,
29:49 but especially it detoxifies the liver naturally.
29:54 So what's this you just go ahead and eat it,
29:56 incorporate it into your diet, and I'll share with you
29:58 guys a little tip or two how we can prepare it.
30:00 Everybody sees it and doesn't know how to use it,
30:02 but hey let's go ahead and do that.
30:04 Also you would not think it but radishes is fantastic.
30:08 Though spicy things are good spice because it goes in
30:11 hot a little bit but never comes out hot.
30:14 If I can say that, that goes ahead and promotes a bile
30:20 secretion and goes ahead and eliminates toxins as well.
30:24 After you have done that what you want to make sure to
30:26 do is follow a complete meal.
30:28 Folks fruit in the morning is not breakfast.
30:31 Fruits alone, you have to eat, we are not rabbits,
30:35 we are humans.
30:36 So after you have your nice fruits and items like that,
30:41 you need to follow up with some kind of a whole-grain.
30:43 Did you know that whole grains is one of the best thing
30:45 for a person who is coming off of addiction, or
30:47 depression, or mental disorders, anything.
30:49 A whole-grain, what are the whole grains, your oats,
30:52 your brown rice, whole wheat pasta,
30:54 all these are whole grains.
30:55 Enjoy them, make your own granola and items like
30:59 that and finished off with a good handful
31:01 of raw unsalted nuts.
31:04 Whether they beat Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews,
31:06 pine nuts, don't go home with out it you
31:11 need to include pine nuts.
31:12 You know they are doing a study now with black walnuts,
31:14 it helps lift depression.
31:17 All nuts as well, a little surprise or something,
31:21 we are going to do something a matter of fact with walnuts.
31:23 I always tell people, what a walnut looks like,
31:25 when you look at the Walnut it looks like what! the brain.
31:28 So what is it good for, it's good for the brain.
31:31 We are the surprise is and it is so amazingly cool,
31:34 we are going to as a group take a break and then we
31:38 are going to meet up in the kitchen and Nyce is going
31:42 to show us exactly what does he mean.
31:44 How do we prepare foods for healing,
31:47 or foods for helping in our recovery.
31:48 So this is going to be the coolest segment ever and
31:51 we are going to meet up in the kitchen.
31:54 The secret for us is we are literally going to take a
31:57 break, change, go get something to eat up.
31:59 You are just going to have a little tiny break
32:02 and come right back!


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