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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), C.A. Murray


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00:12 Just incredible stuff, Celebrating Life in Recovery
00:18 season 3 is something you do not want to miss.
00:21 Real TV, real life television, life-changing television
00:27 any number of adjectives, Cheri we could use.
00:29 You know what cracks me up about this whole season 3, is
00:32 because the computer was stolen, but cause my notes were
00:36 stolen, cause I was so not prepared for anything that
00:39 I've really feel that God took control for the entire
00:42 season, it was left in His hands 100%.
00:45 I didn't come in and try to pretend that I knew what I
00:48 was doing, I had to so rely on Him every night and every
00:50 morning in devotions He would prepare for the next day.
00:54 So I think that even with that, that I am might just
00:59 have to have my computer stolen every season.
01:01 It would be a little expensive for my husband.
01:03 Incredible, we are having really a value added feature.
01:08 Actually season 3 is a little bit longer than
01:11 seasons 1 and 2.
01:13 This is kind of exciting because there was so much good
01:15 stuff we couldn't take anything out, you know we had to
01:17 keep it all in there.
01:19 So there are 1, 2, 3, extra shows in season 3 and
01:22 they are all extremely powerful.
01:24 When we did the shows it was really funny because they
01:26 said that, work on have to pick a couple were not going
01:29 to show, and we were all like no way.
01:32 Because we felt the Holy Spirit, we knew what was
01:35 happening here, we knew what people shared and it was
01:38 like okay we try to fix them and then somebody would
01:41 say, I thought that was the best one ever.
01:42 And so they were tried to pick another one and so I
01:45 think we get the benefit of airing 15 programs.
01:49 Yeah it's exciting.
01:50 You know we have in our production crew, Brad is
01:53 directing this and Cheryl is producing it, they are
01:57 kind of low-key personalities.
02:00 Brad comes in and says, we've got some extra shows here
02:04 what are we going to do?
02:05 And Brad says this all the time, the first season this
02:09 is some of the greatest we have ever done.
02:11 In the second season Brad said boy, this is
02:13 better than last year.
02:14 This year Brad said we've done some of the best
02:16 stuff we've ever did.
02:17 And is not giving it the high privilege,
02:19 he is not blowing things up, he said this is really,
02:21 really good stuff.
02:22 So what do we cut out, well we don't cut out anything.
02:25 We give it all to you because, we taped it all, you need
02:28 to see it all, it's all life-changing, it's all God
02:30 blessed, and it is all Celebrating Life in Recovery.
02:33 I have to say going back to our theme for this whole
02:37 season come is that there is a couple scriptures that
02:40 I make sure I put it right now.
02:41 One of them is Isaiah 43:18, where it says, "forget the
02:45 former things, do not dwell on the past. "
02:47 Well let thing go, I'm doing a new thing here.
02:49 I just want to say for anybody in recovery, anybody on
02:52 these programs, anybody including myself that God is
02:55 saying you know what, don't let the past just hang
02:58 on you, forget that.
02:59 Not forgetting it that you never think about it because
03:02 it is your testimony and all that stuff, but the power
03:04 of it is no longer there.
03:05 Another one I want to bring up is 2 Corinthians 5:17-20,
03:10 "where it says you are new in Christ,".
03:12 And it goes on to even say you are not only new in
03:14 Christ but ambassadors for Me.
03:16 I he want you to speak for Me, that you will literally, I am
03:20 reconciling the world to Myself through you.
03:23 When I think about that, sometimes I'm thinking
03:25 how cool is that.
03:26 I also want to say one thing because I don't have a lot
03:29 of, I never get to say that this is please e-mail us and
03:31 call us and let us know what you think.
03:33 If you have a testimony, if you have a testimony if you
03:36 have something that God has done in your life or is doing
03:39 in your life because I like those better.
03:41 You know they are just more real is He is doing
03:44 something in your life call us e-mail us even
03:47 if we don't put it on the program at least
03:49 I can rejoice with you.
03:51 It is way cool, way cool.
03:53 Yeah one of the things that we have learned through
03:56 this program is that your testimony touches somebody
03:58 else and if you're going through it there is something
04:01 else is going through it and needs to hear what
04:04 you have got to say.
04:05 Exactly, they will know us by our love for Christ and the word
04:09 of our testimony.
04:10 and it's not our testimony what you know about the Bible,
04:13 which is way cool.
04:14 But what you know about God in His current miracles in
04:17 your life, what He is doing now with people around you,
04:20 How He's is wrapping this whole thing up, and how you're
04:23 standing in the presence of a holy God.
04:25 Standing there saying, you know I think I'm actually
04:27 standing here and I belong here.
04:29 I'm like how cool is that.
04:30 This season I just want you to grab folks and tell them
04:34 about the program.
04:35 If you have anybody that's a mess set them in front of
04:39 the set, if you have to tie them down, do not let them a
04:41 miss any of these programs because I think it will
04:44 change their life.
04:45 I want to say see you next time on Celebrating Life In Recovery.
04:50 Always remember that God is crazy about you.
04:53 Me too, and know that you have got to get in
04:56 the word, you've got to stay grounded and what God says
04:59 about you and not what you say about you.
05:01 It's huge it's absolutely is huge.
05:04 Bye-bye!


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