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00:12 It is amazing to me, just to think of the programs that
00:15 we actually did this time, and the people that got to come on.
00:17 My friend Harmony and Ashley and Ron and Shannon,
00:23 and literally knowing what they shared.
00:25 Ashley, who had just gone through this abortion and
00:29 trying to deal with that, and coming back to God and she
00:32 has got Bulimia, and she's got all that kind of stuff.
00:34 She steps into the church and wants badly to tell
00:37 someone, and realizes that it is kind of inappropriate
00:40 to talk about sin here.
00:42 I'm like - that's interesting, that's kind of like a DAH!
00:46 I know - this is not the place, get to the hospital and
00:48 get healed, and all that kind of thing.
00:50 You know we look at some of these things we are talking
00:52 about, we have used the term raw.
00:54 We have talked about strong subjects.
00:55 In 1 John, he says, "if we say we have no sin we deceive
01:02 ourselves," so - we call God a liar - precisely.
01:05 If you may not see your situation precisely reflected,
01:11 but maybe there is someone you know, someone God is
01:14 calling you to minister to, someone who may come into
01:16 your life, who has some of this baggage.
01:19 It will equip us to not go around with our mouths open.
01:23 You know I've never seen that.
01:26 I never heard that.
01:27 It's here, if it's in the world is in the church because
01:29 people who are in the church have come from the world.
01:32 They don't always get free of their baggage when they
01:34 come out of the baptismal pool.
01:35 So they need healing and that's what Celebrating Life In
01:38 Recovery, in that process is all about.
01:40 And literally to be able to say let's celebrate that
01:43 whole journey, and I love that.
01:45 It's like when all of a sudden God, I'm such a baby, so
01:49 He doesn't show me my junk right away.
01:52 When I first got into recovery He showed me tiny things,
01:55 a heroine addict has to go, tequila has to go, you can't
01:58 smoke weed, I mean those kind of things.
01:59 But 20 something years into recovery He said you never
02:03 have let anyone love you, or trust people,
02:05 and all that kind of stuff.
02:06 So He starts revealing that and then even after that He
02:09 says, you're still manipulating, you're still having
02:11 that kind of stuff.
02:12 He starts unfolding that a little at a time.
02:15 I think as the body of Christ, when we are actually
02:19 truly Christians to each other, we can help each other
02:21 unfold that quicker.
02:22 But it's like all that takes time.
02:24 God says I will walk with you, and I will never leave or
02:26 forsake you - yeah, yeah.
02:28 That's were getting in to the Word of God, exalting His
02:30 word and lifting all that up.
02:31 The whole season is about is that I have to know that
02:34 when I truly get a glimpse of who I am, and I forget
02:37 that God saved me, it rocks you.
02:41 God says you half to know that in the Bible it says I
02:44 will never leave, that I will finish the work in you,
02:46 that I am in here for the long haul.
02:49 All of heaven stopped to make sure that you got back home,
02:54 so don't be afraid to look at this stuff.
02:55 So like I have to know it is in the Word.
02:57 You know I noticed something about you, you are like me.
02:59 When you get excited you get loud.
03:01 This is like loud TV - I live loud.
03:04 I did not know, my Audio Engineer, John Leaman told me
03:09 we have to keep turning the volume down on you because
03:11 the more invested you get the louder you get.
03:13 It didn't occur to me that when you get excited you get
03:15 loud, so that's another thing it's a loud television,
03:18 because you have a lot of things going on that people
03:21 are passionate about.
03:22 With that passion comes some volume, comes some energy.
03:25 I believe in this - yeah - do you know what I mean, I
03:27 believe that what we are trying to do, and I believe
03:29 that there are people out there that are watching this
03:31 program that literally are healing as we are presenting
03:35 some of these things.
03:36 So I believe that so much that sometimes I even forget,
03:39 somebody says well look at this camera, I say no! no! I
03:42 want to look right at you guys.
03:43 Do you know what I mean it is because I believe this.
03:46 I think if we actually saw the face of God and saw who
03:48 He was, who He is and how much He adores us, how much He
03:52 loves us, how much it saddens Him that we hold on
03:55 to these secret sins that we think are bringing us pleasure.
03:58 He says they are robbing you of who you are, robbing you
04:02 of your birthright, and I'm thinking I just so want to
04:05 put it out there that we have to trust God.
04:07 Trust God to give back into His word - yeah!
04:09 You know we get a lot of, and I will use this term, of
04:11 anecdotic evidence but I say that a lot of people call and
04:15 say, I love this program and I watch this program.
04:19 It ministers to me, it's changing my life.
04:21 We don't have any Arbitron ratings, we don't subscribe
04:24 to any big service we just get anecdotic stuff.
04:27 people send letters, people make calls, people send e-mails.
04:30 People tell us it's reaching us, it's touching us, it's
04:33 it's helping us, it's saving us, it's showing us Jesus.
04:35 Keep on doing what you're doing and we are dealing with
04:39 some very weighty issues, but we are in the last days
04:43 as you well know.
04:44 Christ is coming soon and we have to get this stuff
04:46 swept away, vacuumed up before He comes.
04:49 The only way to do that is to talk about it and that is
04:51 what we are doing.
04:52 So I'm going to show you this next roll in.
04:55 We have a family, Jack Bridges, filmed,
04:59 literally did a documentary of his son
05:01 dying of Meth addiction.
05:02 His son asked him, did you know I am dying.
05:05 I could hardly even process or say a sentence and I need
05:08 you to show people what Meth looks like at this stage.
05:13 He's a young guy in his 20's, he has had two major heart
05:17 attacks, he's had a stroke.
05:19 The Meth has fried his brain, put holes in his brain.
05:22 They start doing this documentary, so I asked them to
05:25 come, his father to come and do the show.
05:27 His father brings the grandmother who prayed and loved
05:30 this kid all his life.
05:31 The guy Shawn is his name, Shawn's daughter who is 13,
05:35 brought his ex-wife, brought the pastor that brought
05:39 him to Christ before he died, brought the clinical
05:41 director of a rehab center that Shawn used to go to when
05:44 he could speak to minister to the other Meth addict's.
05:47 He brought 2 new Meth addict's into recovery.
05:50 So when they came I'm thinking it is just going to be a
05:53 program with this father and myself and all the sudden I
05:57 realize that everybody has a testimony here.
05:59 One of the Meth addicts that was new in recovery, her
06:03 teeth were a mess, and she is skinny and I looked at her
06:07 and realized she's like my younger sister
06:09 who was lost in Meth.
06:10 I wanted to say when we were doing the program, man!
06:16 do you realize how real this is, that we are literally
06:19 trying to show a level of which God works.
06:23 Every single one of these people God worked at,
06:25 even the guy that died.
06:27 I want to get him back to bring him back before he dies,
06:30 at the resurrection I want to see this guy again.
06:32 It was amazing, so we are going to show a roll in with
06:34 the Bridges, Cheryl McGuinness is a friend of mine,
06:38 I have worked with her before.
06:40 Her husband Tom McGuinness was one of the pilots was
06:44 flown into the World Trade Center at 9/11.
06:47 And literally she had to deal with the fact that he
06:50 wasn't just killed flying into the trade Center, he was
06:53 murdered, with his throat cut, before they hit the trade Center
06:56 So she knew, what was his last minutes like and had to
07:00 work on how do you forgive that?
07:02 Then Monica Barlow, her group of, she ministers to
07:06 foster kids, which I love.
07:08 And so I want to show you these and then we'll come right back.
07:13 He stared using ephedrine's and pseudoephedrine
07:17 Age of 23- He lost his appendix,
07:21 they were eaten completely up from the ephedrine's.
07:25 and pseudoephedrine ephedrine's from what the
07:28 doctors told us, it had holes and was leaking poison.
07:32 Can you imagine at 23?
07:33 23- wow - after he healed up from that evidently he
07:38 had started the use of Meth, some of the harder drugs.
07:41 That is when he had his first heart attack at 26.
07:44 What was it like for you to watch your grandson jump
07:48 into a drug addiction, and be lost in that?
07:51 It was heart breaking - I bet it was
07:54 because I couldn't do anything.
07:57 I couldn't, I talked to him, I didn't know how to talk
08:03 to him - you just knew something was wrong - yes.
08:06 I prayed for him and I would tell him I prayed for him.
08:11 He'd say okay Granny.
08:15 In my mind and in I think audibly I was screaming, just
08:21 this isn't it, but he didn't go away so he came in and sat down.
08:26 I remember looking at him and saying do you have
08:31 something to say, and even he was almost speechless as
08:35 to how to say what he had to deliver
08:37 How-to I tell her this.
08:38 How do I tell her.
08:39 I was almost rude when I was saying do you have
08:43 something to say to me?
08:44 It's like who are you sitting in my living room, do you
08:47 have something to say to me?
08:48 He was like, you know there was these people all around
08:53 me, and I'm thinking what could he possibly have to say to me?
08:57 I don't even know this man, he was the
08:58 chief pilot from American Airlines.
09:00 He came in and said Flight 11, your husband was on
09:04 Flight 11, and it was flown into the World Trade Center.
09:10 Hijacked, crashed and there were no survivors.
09:13 I wanted to run away, I didn't want to be around seeing
09:19 her die - I don't want to feel this, I don't know
09:21 what to do - yeah!
09:23 Her face, she was always very heavy, and when she got
09:30 sick we had a hospital bed inside our house because she
09:33 didn't want to go to a hospital.
09:34 She was very skinny, she was so skinny her jaw line, I
09:41 mean you can see everything - you just lost all that weight.
09:44 Yeah she lost it all and then her, everything, her rib
09:48 cage just started sticking out more because of
09:51 all the cancer on the inside.
09:53 It was really hard and during that I really wanted to,
09:58 I feel really guilty now, I hate it, but
10:03 I did not want to be there.
10:05 But I think about it now and once you while I start
10:08 crying because I wish that I would have just got in that
10:11 bed and laid down right next to her, you know!
10:16 You know the English language is so limited we keep saying wow!
10:18 You want to come back to wow because these
10:20 testimonies are so powerful.
10:22 Cheryl McGuinness I interviewed shortly after 9/11.
10:26 The wife of the Copilot of Flight 92, that crashed into
10:32 into Pennsylvania, she had to go through a lot of this same stuff
10:35 What do I do with my life, how to address the people
10:42 that were responsible, how do I face tomorrow,
10:44 you know all those questions.
10:46 Then you had the Jesus component which helps you get through, she
10:49 she did no interviews and I'm not going to give
10:52 her name right now.
10:53 She chose Sixty Minutes came up, and she said I
10:56 don't want to talk about it.
10:57 But she did do one for us, we did a Christmas show
11:00 right after 9/11.
11:01 She did that one interview for us that I am not going to
11:05 talk about because I need to process this.
11:07 I need to get myself in right relationship with God,
11:09 because everything I know has now been changed and tested.
11:13 With Cheryl what was really interesting to me, because we
11:15 have worked together a number of times, is that when she
11:18 finally got brave enough to go to ground zero and stand there.
11:21 She said I'm standing there looking at all this ash and
11:23 all this wreckage and God gently says to me the biggest
11:28 thing that will bring healing into your life in your
11:31 children's life, is for you to forgive them.
11:33 She said I stood there and just thought,
11:35 God what is He talking about?
11:37 That's what I think is incredible about her testimony
11:40 is the tragedy is horrible but the victory is her
11:45 walk through forgiveness and her walk into her
11:48 relationship with God so strongly that she really
11:50 understands forgiveness.
11:51 When somebody in prison, like she goes to prison, and
11:55 somebody says I'm in here because I raped and murdered
11:57 this little girl, and she says you know God forgives you.
12:02 When she says it because she knows it,
12:04 do you know what I mean?
12:05 Forgiveness is forgiveness and is extended to all of us
12:08 regardless of what we think.
12:11 The only way we are going to know that is getting into
12:13 the word of God and getting out of what I feel about it.
12:16 Do I feel the Strip Club owner should be forgiven,
12:19 absolutely not, you know what I mean!
12:22 But God says I forgive him.
12:25 Do I feel the demoniac should be forgiven, no I think he
12:27 should be slowly tortured, I mean he's cussing at God, he's
12:31 not even coming and asking for forgiveness.
12:33 So just torture him and be done with it, but God says no.
12:36 Get into the word I want to forgive everybody.
12:38 I want to bring everybody into a place where they just
12:41 love life and enjoy taking a breath.
12:43 That they are happy in their own skin.
12:46 That's huge - that's what's so important about this
12:50 show is that it is not theory, it's not philosophy,
12:55 it's actual people living out actual life situations.
12:59 It is not quote reality TV, real life television where
13:03 people have wrestled with the issues of life and through
13:06 the power of God are getting victory over that.
13:10 Huge - we get to see that, we get to walk through
13:12 that experience with them.
13:13 Even one of the programs you just saw a clip of, the guy
13:17 dying of Meth addiction, Shawn.
13:18 His entire family came onto the set to just give a piece
13:22 of what that meant to them.
13:23 The grandmother still locked in her addictions all her
13:26 life is on oxygen because she smoked for ever.
13:28 The daughter who is 13 has already kind of walked out
13:32 and tested drugs a little bit.
13:34 Just being able to watch every single one of them had a
13:38 testimony, and watch all that kind of stuff that God is
13:41 working with every single one of us to bring us in
13:44 a place of recovery - yeah!
13:45 Sometimes when I leave the programs, I walk away from
13:47 the set, I just have to sit with myself and think did I
13:50 just see what just happened?
13:51 That not only am I hearing the testimonies, did I know
13:54 them, as they bring them in I want to share them with you,
13:57 but I watched continued healing happen here as we present it.
14:01 I'm thinking how cool is this program.
14:03 And I hate to say that being the host of the program,
14:06 but I know that it is bigger than that.
14:08 I know that it has nothing to do with me, all it has to
14:10 do with is giving someone the opportunity to show what
14:13 God is doing and then vindicating God in the process,
14:16 because all of us are a wreck.
14:18 The more I get into Ministry I meet the coolest of the
14:21 cool, do you know what I mean?
14:22 I meet people that can quote the Bible back and forth
14:25 and can quote Spirit of Prophecy and can quote all this
14:27 kind of stuff, but I know their struggles too.
14:29 I know that there is not any of us that God is
14:32 constantly on the journey with and let's just put that
14:35 out there to get people courage to stand - yeah!
14:37 You touched on something that, you put a pin in, it is not
14:42 about digging up people's junk, it's giving God the glory.
14:48 Given the knowledge that whatever you're junk is,
14:51 God can handle it.
14:52 Number 1, it doesn't surprise Him, He has seen it before,
14:54 He's dealt with it before, and if you turn it over to
14:56 Him He will take care of it in your life also.
14:59 This show highlights that God can, and it is a God can
15:02 show - He is absolutely crazy about you - yeah!
15:05 He is absolutely, Shawn is dying in that one program,
15:08 Shawn Bridges.
15:09 He is dying, the Meth has poured acid on his brain, he has had
15:14 those heart attacks, he can't even physically speak.
15:16 His last word was, because he had come back to Christ,
15:21 his last words were, you know what, film this
15:23 so somebody knows.
15:25 But God loved him, absolutely loved him even though
15:29 He allowed him to rest - yeah - just rest.
15:31 Because your addiction will take you out and I'm just
15:33 going to give you a break from that till I raise you.
15:35 That is kind of a mind blowing thing that you can
15:38 destroy your life, but as long as there is some brain
15:42 function you can say Lord take me now, and boom!
15:45 Got it he's gone so come judgment day when we are
15:49 ascending and look over he's going to be ascending too.
15:52 That's an incredibly - in his right brain, in his right
15:57 mind - precisely yeah!
15:58 You know what I want to say is that if there is any
16:00 body out there that just heard that and thinks that you
16:02 can just play around until the last minute and say God.
16:05 I know that people say that, I've heard them say that
16:09 and their logic is good because they're going from
16:11 this kind of carnal reasoning, but I'm telling you sometimes
16:15 when you get to the last breath, you get to the last day
16:18 you won't have the right mind to say it.
16:20 So today is the day of salvation.
16:23 I just buried my father, and my father I love him but
16:26 they told him he can have all the morphine he wanted
16:28 because he is dying.
16:29 He's like yeah-ho did you just hear that!
16:31 I wanted to say goodbye and he's drug seeking.
16:34 So don't lie to yourself, don't lie to yourself because
16:36 God says I have a plan now and you may get to a place
16:40 where you can't make that right decision.
16:41 Right, the pastor in me just jumps up to Galatians 6:7,
16:43 "Be not deceive God is not mocked. "
16:45 You can't play games with Him and you don't want to get
16:47 into that death-bed kind of thing.
16:49 You do not want to do that.
16:50 Today's if you hear His voice harden not your heart.
16:53 When you step up and stand up, Jesus is standing up with you.
16:57 We see that over and over and over again in these
16:59 stories and it is refreshing and affirming and life-
17:03 changing to know that the same God that did it for Cheri
17:06 can do it for me, can do it for you!
17:08 We are going to have another roll in.
17:10 I want to share with you 3 people that are brought on
17:14 the sets, a couple people brought on the set this time
17:16 that really are experts in their field.
17:19 One of them is an expert in health and
17:22 his name is Nyce Collins.
17:24 Incredible guy, Nyce Life Ministries and just really
17:26 works food and healing.
17:28 So I brought him in and then the other guy, Dr. Doug Weiss.
17:30 Dr. Doug Weiss, I mean he is just the real deal as far
17:34 as healing, I did a lot of my healing through stuff that
17:37 he has put out there.
17:38 He was born out of wedlock, he was abandoned as a child,
17:42 he was put in Foster cares, he was molested a number of times
17:45 and all that kind of stuff.
17:46 So he came out of that and God so brought this guy into
17:49 healing that he sits next to you, you just want to say
17:52 what can I do now?
17:53 You know that he has the answer and you know that he has
17:56 lived it, so we are going to show you a little bit about
17:58 what they presented.
17:59 Oh man, on the set behind the scenes we were all healing
18:03 like crazy, like crazy with these guys.
18:09 That is one aspect, so of course we have trust in God.
18:12 It is the most important thing then we went out and got
18:15 some fresh air and exercise and we're following a
18:16 schedule, but now after we did all that we come back
18:19 home and we popped a certain donut company.
18:23 I can't say any names, but we're poping donuts - you know
18:25 what he is talking about - you know what I mean a
18:26 nice sweet ones.
18:27 Oh man I used to love them so much they burn my teeth
18:30 and I would still eat more.
18:31 Will pop that and then take some coffee and wash
18:34 that down too.
18:35 It's almost like the law, you mess up on one
18:39 you mess up on them all.
18:40 We have to except God first that He is going to give us
18:43 the strength to abstain from those past addictions, but
18:46 then - I'm not going to shoot heroine, I'm not going to
18:48 be smoking cigarettes - of course - I'm not drinking
18:50 coffee - but it the same time that is not the only addiction.
18:53 There are other addictions and many times, as we have
18:56 talked about earlier, we transition from these big bad
18:58 addictions and that we come to the nice little cute ones
19:01 that are really still undermining our progress.
19:04 And our road through recovery - that's what we were
19:07 talking about ice cream and all that stuff.
19:09 Actually when I came to the Lord I was in Bible school,
19:11 I came 3 days later, I was in Bible school and in my
19:14 dorm room and I'm saying God if you are going to use me,
19:16 like couldn't you have chosen a different path?
19:18 You know like you make decent parents, give me the Bible
19:21 when I was 6 years old, and do all this kind of stuff.
19:24 Why did I have to go through all this abuse,
19:25 abandonment, and neglect?
19:26 But I didn't know he had a ministry for me to set
19:27 captives free, so I had to be a captive to set captives free.
19:30 Amen - that was His design for me.
19:32 Some of us look at our scars and don't realize they are
19:34 His scars for us - wow!
19:37 So we can release scars for others, instead of being a
19:40 baby about it, say, listen these are my scars, now
19:44 you use them for Your glory, use them for Your kingdom
19:46 and I will open them up and let You heal them so that
19:50 You can heal through them.
19:51 To see what I'm saying - yes!
19:52 Some of us want to get into, no I want to hide my scars,
19:54 and you block the Ministry of the Spirit of God when you
19:57 block your scars - Amen!
19:59 He's not looking for perfect people, He is looking for
20:01 screwed up people and you might qualify.
20:02 I qualify - I'm saying in general we qualify.
20:06 He is looking for those flawed people that will say that
20:09 I am flawed and loved.
20:10 I'm going to say something that you met not get, but men
20:12 do not understand that because the way that they are
20:16 made they think physical relationship, the ribbed abs,
20:19 slick hair and a nice shirt, that their woman is going to be
20:22 attracted to them.
20:23 Totally off - it really is, how funny is that -
20:26 because we like the package thing and that works for us
20:29 the visual thing - that works for us.
20:30 But for women they are all roused and enamored by us
20:33 by emotional proximity, how close am I to your heart?
20:37 Now you see most guys don't know how to get a woman's
20:39 heart closer to them so they struggle their whole marriage.
20:41 The Ten Minute Marriage gets a guy to have his wife's heart
20:44 get closer to him all the time.
20:46 Well then she is enamored by you and hence there is more
20:50 activity in that area of your life without all the stress,
20:53 Do you see what I'm saying? - Exactly
20:54 It's like guys you put the oil in the engine the engine
20:57 runs smoother, oil-engine, oil-engine, simple concept.
21:01 Okay and guys get it.
21:05 You know is really funny to me with have Nyce Collins
21:08 and Dr. Weiss on is that Nyce and I tried to do a
21:10 cooking show together, and I'm in the kitchen, on the set
21:13 of 3ABN, and we don't usually do that.
21:15 I'm like man I want to call somebody up,
21:17 I'm like cooking at 3ABN, on their set.
21:21 All of a sudden I think that and I look at the counter
21:26 where you guys do the cooking show, and we're in the kitchen.
21:28 Usually when people do the cooking shows everything is
21:31 neat and I had stuff everywhere.
21:34 We were trying to make granola and it was on the floor,
21:36 it was on the counter and I thought
21:38 I shouldn't even be on this set.
21:40 But it was really fun and Dr. Weiss is, it was really
21:44 incredibly cool because he talked about marriage and
21:47 relationships and getting a grip on the stuff that controls you.
21:51 Trying to get control of that and how do
21:53 you do that through the word?
21:54 It was so powerful - yeah and as far as education is
21:58 concerned one of the things that I learned is that if
22:02 you are in recovery, there are certain kinds of foods,
22:05 certain kinds of combinations that you need to stay away from.
22:08 There is actually food that can help you get a grip on
22:11 your life - exactly.
22:12 That is powerful - and there's food that will stimulate
22:14 all that craving and stuff and then pretty soon you're using
22:18 and you don't realize that you literally set yourself up.
22:21 Yeah, because once you ate - exactly.
22:22 I so want to do that show and I am praying that we will
22:27 be able have that segment there a lot, because when somebody is
22:31 changing their whole lifestyle, our chemistry is out of
22:34 whack, our livers clogged up, our blood vessels are
22:39 clogged up and like how do you clear all that stuff out?
22:41 I was going to say our were whole intestinal tract but you
22:44 know that's kind of gross, but it is clogged up, I'm serious.
22:46 So it's like were be enabled to say if I'm going to do
22:50 recovery, let me do it the most honest.
22:51 Even drinking water, addicts will say I just can't
22:55 handle water, but they can down tequila.
22:57 You know what I mean, I thinking if you can get a taste
23:01 for tequila you can get a taste for water.
23:03 So now I want to show one more roll in.
23:05 The other when it's I have a couple friends, Mark
23:09 Thorton is a football player, has this incredible story.
23:12 A great friend of mine and I got to have him come on the
23:16 show and do a program doing his testimony.
23:18 And you would just get blessed by this.
23:23 And the other one is the Otto family, and what is funny
23:25 about that is, they weren't even scheduled for the show.
23:27 They were walking by the studio and I heard their
23:30 testimony and I literally asked everybody can we do a
23:33 program and I was told yes.
23:35 I think people are afraid say no to me because they just
23:37 love me, so they said yes.
23:39 So the Otto family said, well when are we going to do that?
23:43 I said, oh! right now - right now.
23:45 And one of the kids looked at me, so cute, he's said you
23:47 know I feel a little geeky right now, can I change?
23:49 I'm like absolutely you got five minutes, go change and
23:51 get back on the set.
23:52 We did and I was so thrilled to present young people, to
23:58 me it doesn't matter if you are young and love God,
24:01 get a hold of me.
24:03 I want to put you on the set because we need to know
24:05 that it doesn't matter our age.
24:07 So watch this you will be blessed.
24:11 And then I got arrested right after that and so delivery
24:16 of a controlled substance in Idaho is punishable
24:19 up to life in prison.
24:20 And this would be my third felony at this point.
24:25 When they came to arrest me, I'm like I have not
24:28 delivered anything, and this is how arrogant that I was.
24:31 The policemen came into my place of business, into my Pub and
24:34 Deli, I'm cooking lunch, he comes in and we have a
24:36 warrant for your arrest.
24:37 I'm like warrant for what, I haven't done anything.
24:40 Well we don't know and I'm like well if you're going to
24:43 arrest me you need to call and find out what
24:46 I have a warrant for.
24:47 And so was the grace of God but they obliged me and went
24:50 along with the thing.
24:51 Delivery of a controlled substance, I'm thinking I have
24:55 not delivered anything, I'm like no you have got the wrong person
24:58 They are like we are going to take you to jail.
24:59 I'm like what's the bond, we don't know, I'm like well
25:03 you're going to have to call find out what the bond is
25:04 because I'm not going with you.
25:06 Now mind you these people have guns
25:08 I'm thinking who would do that?
25:11 You see I, um, met a little boy in Mozambique last year.
25:15 And every time I stepped out of the house to go about
25:18 like missionary work, this little boy would just drop
25:20 everything he was doing and fasten his eyes on me.
25:23 He spoke Portuguese so I could respond to him all I
25:26 could do was stare back into the eyes of this little boy.
25:29 And time would pass and he would just keep looking, just
25:31 this big smile on his face, and I was wondering what was
25:34 going on and later I found out that this
25:36 boy didn't have a father.
25:38 He just had a mom that looked after him in a big brother.
25:41 This is what he said to the other children in the
25:44 village, he said I do not have a dad but if I did have a
25:47 dad I want him to be Jonas.
25:49 That is what he called me is Jonas, it is like
25:52 Portuguese, I want him to be Jonas - wow!
25:55 This little boy I realized, I look back at those scenes
25:58 of him just staring and realizing that
26:00 he was finding value.
26:02 He was feeling like he was worth something, and so he
26:04 said I don't want you to just be my friend, I don't want
26:07 you to be my big brother, I want you to be my father.
26:09 Although I had gone to church all my life, churched just
26:14 seems so irrelevant to me because I'm feeling these
26:19 feelings of kind of depression.
26:20 These anxieties I am having as a little kid.
26:24 I'm getting all of this information from our church
26:27 members, and from my pastors, but it is just so much
26:30 intellectual and so much information.
26:31 I could not relate to that, because I am insecure,
26:34 I'm struggling for my identity.
26:38 You know of course we had a chance to talk and meet with
26:41 Mark, that is a consecrated young man.
26:44 I say that young man that he has grown children,
26:45 high school age children.
26:47 An incredible guy - incredible guy!
26:48 You know that Otto family, their testimony reminds me of
26:51 a Bible study I used to do in New York City.
26:53 With show people that would meet on Friday night, this
26:55 one young lady who singing in a disco group and every
26:58 week her testimony would be the same.
26:59 I went sleep with somebody woke up and did know who his name
27:01 and I need you to pray for me.
27:02 After a while the group said will you cut that out.
27:05 We'll you just stop it? Please find the Lord.
27:08 Go to bed with Jesus and stay with Him and that kind
27:11 of thing, just stop it.
27:12 I am so glad to see that God is reaching into that
27:15 industry, and bringing out people.
27:17 Just going down grabbing those lives and pulling them
27:20 out of the fire for His kingdom.
27:22 You know we are going to go on break but I just have to
27:25 say is when I see somebody coming out of that industry,
27:28 I want to grab them and say can you work with me because
27:31 I'm going to LA and I want you to meet so-and-so.
27:33 And I can think of all kinds of folks so want them to
27:36 talk to, so the fact that we put them on the program
27:38 and got to say this out loud is incredible.
27:42 It's incredible and that is what this whole
27:44 program has been about.
27:45 Right come right back so stay with us, and I'm praying
27:48 that you have been blessed.


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