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Walking Dead

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Damas Manderson


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Program Code: CLR000135C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 I think I'm always amazed
00:16 even when you start talking about the time again,
00:18 this was 18 months ago and I'm looking at you
00:21 and I knew even during the prayer
00:23 that you were gonna be sitting some day just full of joy,
00:26 knowing that it was all working out.
00:28 Talk a little bit about the property again,
00:30 I know there's a connection here to the US
00:33 and then I want you to talk to somebody out there
00:36 that maybe feels like I'm walking dead now.
00:38 I don't get it.
00:40 I'm hopeless. Okay.
00:41 Well, thank you.
00:43 So the property, we've been blessed,
00:44 the three families have been blessed
00:46 in acquiring a 1400 acre property
00:48 in one of the most pristine areas
00:50 of New Zealand in Rotorua.
00:52 A $22 million property.
00:55 Somewhere around that figure.
00:56 Yeah. Yeah.
00:57 Isn't God great?
00:59 And you know what? Crazy.
01:00 It's not about the money, it's about the mission.
01:03 There are three families that have come together
01:05 for one purpose
01:06 and that is to provide an environment
01:09 where ministry can take place
01:11 and so we're almost like an umbrella.
01:14 So it's gonna be for young people,
01:15 we're gonna do a leadership program
01:18 to disciple young people and all people alike,
01:20 marriage retreat,
01:22 health and wellness
01:24 and here's the beautiful thing,
01:26 when Jesus says,
01:27 "With two or three together in His name,
01:30 we can do all things."
01:31 We understand, the three families understand
01:33 what it means to work together in Christ
01:36 and synergistically use the skill sets
01:38 and the gifts that He's given each individual in that family
01:42 to achieve a kingdom result.
01:45 And that's why, yeah,
01:46 so we're not gonna specialize in one
01:47 because that's too small.
01:49 He wants us to provide an environment in 1400 acres
01:52 where ministry can take place
01:54 and as long as we stay true to the core
01:56 and that's developing vertical and horizontal relationships
02:00 where Jesus Christ is the center.
02:01 Amen.
02:03 Then the impossible is possible
02:05 'cause we're living the impossible,
02:06 so only God gets the glory.
02:08 Amen.
02:09 Not only that, the property and the property in America,
02:12 in La Porte, Indiana,
02:13 there we're also gonna do some similar things.
02:15 That's incredible. I got to say, thank you.
02:16 We are running out of time
02:17 but if you are out there and you are feeling like,
02:19 The Walking Dead and you are hopeless,
02:21 do not give up, do not give up.
02:23 Grab somebody, let them speak into your life,
02:26 let someone pray for you,
02:27 let someone step in and where you cannot see God,
02:33 let them just be there for you at that time.
02:35 Until next time,
02:37 always remember that God is crazy about you, me too.
02:40 Don't give up.
02:41 It's amazing when God's steps in.


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