Celebrating Life in Recovery

Marriage With Some Rocks Pt.2

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Richie & Timari Brower


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Program Code: CLR000133C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 Welcome back.
00:14 I am so proud of God all the time,
00:16 I want to kiss him on the face.
00:17 I wanted to scream that when I said,
00:20 I want to be well,
00:21 I had no idea that you were gonna give me my own self,
00:24 my family and my children in the process.
00:28 And it sounds like in your life,
00:30 the same thing
00:31 and you said, "You've still seen so much."
00:33 Yeah, yeah.
00:34 We've made a commitment, we wanna keep growing.
00:36 So we had a tough spot,
00:38 not too long ago and our counselor said
00:40 something that was really significant,
00:41 when we had to tell us why, I mean,
00:43 we're in marriage ministry, right?
00:44 Right.
00:45 So the devil comes and says,
00:47 "What are you doing?
00:48 You guys, don't have..." What do you guys know?
00:49 And she just simply rephrased,
00:51 reframed the whole issue and said,
00:52 "You know, you guys are in a really heavy
00:54 growing phase, right now."
00:58 Yeah, that's what we do,
01:00 we hit growth phases, don't we?
01:02 And I think that, for me, that just changed everything.
01:04 I was like, "Oh, this is hard.
01:05 We're in a growth phase."
01:07 And even visually,
01:08 when you wanna say that is that,
01:09 when you go out to prune a tree,
01:12 a fruit tree that you want to bear more fruit,
01:14 that pruning is never easy.
01:16 And so we think we're gonna get it
01:17 and we're gonna be home free at that point,
01:20 if we are not dealing with this on a daily basis,
01:23 we will start believing lies again.
01:25 So and so counseling has helped,
01:27 anything else, Timmi?
01:29 No, I think just what Richie said, you know,
01:31 if our goal is 'oneness,' Biblical 'oneness.'
01:34 Then we have to be committed to re-evaluating
01:38 how are we doing now at on a pretty constant basis
01:41 because there's always gonna be things that come in
01:44 and the reason that's important,
01:45 you know, Genesis 2, at the end of the chapter,
01:47 and Moses, you know,
01:48 talks about being naked and unashamed
01:50 and that's what we're going for and, you know,
01:54 I don't think any of us will arrive there completely,
01:56 but that's still what we're working towards.
01:58 And so to keep working because,
02:00 I want our marriage to be characterized
02:02 by naked and unashamed.
02:03 And I love that 'cause it's saying that
02:06 most of us really have this illusion
02:09 of what we see a relationship being,
02:12 we have a picture in our head
02:14 and I think that there are times
02:17 and I know you guys know that
02:18 and I wanna say thank you, for being on the program
02:20 and sharing so far but I wanna say,
02:22 to anybody watching,
02:24 we have a picture in our mind of what is love.
02:26 What is relationship?
02:28 Who am I in relationship?
02:29 And that picture, a lot of time,
02:31 was taken in our pain,
02:33 was taken at a time that we had no idea.
02:36 We were watching a movie about love
02:38 and God himself says,
02:41 "Give me the picture."
02:42 Because I can't heal you with that picture,
02:45 because that's not what love is and so being able to say,
02:49 "Am I brave enough, my knees are shaken,
02:52 my hands are trembling
02:53 and I'm surrendering my very picture of love to God
02:56 and asking Him, 'What is it?
02:59 What is it? Who am I?
03:01 How are you going to put me in relationship
03:03 when I'm afraid of my own shadows,
03:05 sometimes depending on where you come from?'
03:08 And God said, 'I promise you, I'm a great counselor,
03:11 I'm a good accountability partner,
03:13 I know who you are the day after resurrection
03:15 and I will bring you to a place of healing.'"
03:19 It is absolutely the coolest thing.
03:21 Don't be afraid to surrender to God.
03:23 Don't be afraid to check yourself
03:26 and really work through this stuff
03:27 and don't be afraid to love the person in front of you.
03:30 Until next time,
03:31 always remember that God is crazy about you,
03:33 me too,
03:35 Don't be afraid. Turn it out.


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