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Marriage With Some Rocks Pt.1

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Richie & Timari Brower


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Program Code: CLR000132C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 So welcome back.
00:14 For anybody that says I want more,
00:16 go to the website, we have links,
00:19 write to Richie and Timmy.
00:22 We have some stuff you can get as for marriage,
00:24 relationships, anger,
00:25 all of that kind of stuff, but for right now,
00:27 I have to say I really do relate to you,
00:30 thinking that I was always the problem.
00:32 And so I love the fact that you unfolded that for us.
00:35 Is there anything you want to kind of close
00:37 with for those that are listening,
00:39 for women that are just saying I don't know?
00:42 Yeah, you know,
00:43 I think one of the things that's been
00:44 so amazing to me in our journey is that
00:46 God has been so faithful
00:47 bringing the right person at the right time
00:49 when I'm asking.
00:50 And that create a safety net,
00:52 that gave a lot of courage to be able to stick with it
00:56 and persevere when things were really hard.
00:58 And I couldn't see the way through
01:00 but the people who,
01:01 we invited in were able to caste a vision
01:04 that was beautiful
01:06 and they were saying you can do it,
01:08 hold on.
01:09 Amen.
01:10 And they loved each other,
01:12 they worked through what you're working through
01:13 and you can see the love with them.
01:14 And they loved us.
01:16 Amen.
01:18 Did you feel the same?
01:20 You know, for me it was different,
01:22 for me it was just really a matter of recognizing,
01:25 oh my, I remember one night literally
01:27 after we had a fight walking down the driveway
01:29 from where we were living,
01:30 looking up at the sky and saying God,
01:32 is there any part of this mess that's my responsibility.
01:36 Which part of the ways of prayer
01:37 he's quick to answer
01:39 and that is the long ways from there to go on,
01:42 oh, my look at what I'm contributing,
01:45 look what I'm doing
01:46 and to be able to turn to this woman and say,
01:47 I'm so sorry,
01:49 I have behaved in destructive ways towards you.
01:51 I have not honored you or loved you well.
01:53 Would you forgive me? Will you forgive me?
01:55 Huge and that's a huge journey,
01:57 but that process began with all these friends
02:01 wrapping their arms around us in ICU
02:04 and saying we love you too much to let you go.
02:07 That process began in my heart.
02:08 So when you guys broke through the surface
02:10 and actually took a breath
02:11 and realize that you were gonna make it,
02:14 that you felt love for each other.
02:17 What was that like and talk to somebody
02:19 that maybe doesn't know that moment yet?
02:21 Yeah, you know,
02:23 I don't know if I think of a specific moment,
02:26 but I think for me probably when they came,
02:30 I say you know what, we're gonna make it
02:32 is when we descended into that spiral of conflict again
02:35 but we came out closer to each other.
02:38 And so I would just say to you,
02:40 if you're in a place where you don't feel any hope right now,
02:42 or you're desperate, you feel like,
02:44 this is not gonna last,
02:47 look for a team, pray for a team,
02:48 God has people
02:50 because relational hurts are best healed in relationship
02:54 and so pray for a team
02:56 and ask God to bring loving people around you
02:58 and then surrender yourself to the process
03:00 and be willing to get honest about your part.
03:02 There is hope,
03:04 you don't have to stay stuck where you are.
03:06 I absolutely love that,
03:07 and I want to just say thank you so much.
03:09 Thank you for joining us,
03:11 thanking you for being so vulnerable with us,
03:13 and thank you for hanging there,
03:15 in there with each other,
03:17 because you know there is so many people
03:18 that need to know
03:19 how to do that in their own life.
03:21 Thanks for having us, this is been fun.
03:22 You know, with anybody watching, again,
03:25 if you need any additional help, support,
03:27 whatever go to the website, contact us,
03:30 don't do this by yourself,
03:32 and a lot of churches
03:34 will have groups that are running
03:36 that you can step in and join them
03:38 and sometimes you think
03:40 but I don't want to say anything,
03:41 then don't say anything,
03:42 just sit down
03:44 and start to listen to one person
03:45 after another, after another,
03:47 after another talk about their journey
03:50 and you'll be surprised that we're all the same.
03:52 We all struggle and we really look good
03:54 week to week in Church,
03:56 but there are some of us that just say Anna,
03:59 we got through those years, we got through that time
04:01 and I love her, I love him,
04:04 and so I'm glad you joined us today,
04:07 I'm glad you heard all of this
04:08 and if you're there find someone,
04:10 love some one meant to you.
04:12 Until next week, always remember
04:13 that God is crazy about you, me too,
04:16 God bless.


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