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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Stacey Bekkela


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 Welcome back.
00:14 So, you know, we're listening to...
00:18 We were listening, you, Stacey, talking about your life
00:21 and your journey to a place
00:23 where you now have a home that's safe and you have kids
00:26 that have no idea of this kind of world.
00:28 They don't know what it feels like to be around parents
00:30 that don't love them.
00:32 You've got all of that, kind of, stuff,
00:34 you got Aaron looking at you and I loved
00:36 when he looked at you and just said,
00:38 "Thank you, thank you for hanging in there with me."
00:41 And then you've got Jennifer that's in transition.
00:43 This is what do, you know, what do you mean
00:45 'cause, you know, I'm afraid.
00:47 So even as you say, just turn it over to God,
00:51 just turn it over to Jesus.
00:54 That's not as easy for some folks.
00:56 So when did that get instilled with you
00:58 and do you remember a story or something
01:00 that you can share with us,
01:02 when even as a kid that you just got it.
01:05 So I remember standing in the kitchen
01:07 with my great grandmother and it was the time
01:12 when I had to go and live with her.
01:15 She said to me,
01:16 she must have been able to see some look in my face
01:19 or I don't know, I don't even remember
01:21 what I must have said but she says, "You know, hon.
01:24 Not everybody out there is bad,
01:27 the world does have some good people,"
01:31 'cause I must have been of the opinion, early on,
01:36 that it's just a world full of bad people.
01:38 Suspicious of everybody.
01:40 Everybody and everything and I was terrified
01:42 and, you know, she was a helping hand to say,
01:46 "Not everybody is bad."
01:48 And it's very true. There are some good people.
01:51 You know, I love when you say that
01:53 because there's a part of us, especially in transition.
01:56 Especially, as we're changing lifestyles,
01:58 is I have to look for those people that,
02:01 not are perfect but just can't...
02:03 They're just good, they're just nice folks,
02:06 are very real and when we start talking about
02:08 reaching out and calling somebody
02:10 and doing all that kind of stuff,
02:12 is I have to know that they're out there
02:14 and I don't care if I see a thousand people,
02:17 out of that thousand people,
02:18 there's gonna be one or two people in there
02:20 that I, you know, if I ask Jesus,
02:22 if I ask God, "Who do I call?"
02:25 He'll point him out.
02:26 So she taught you that really young.
02:29 She didn't.
02:31 And, you know,
02:33 and that was even after I had found the Lord.
02:37 You know, like I said around the age of eight
02:39 and I just had been through so many things,
02:43 the next several years that followed,
02:45 I found myself back down to the...
02:48 Feeling hopeless and as a child, I mean,
02:52 my children are so full of hope,
02:53 I'm sure that had to...
02:55 Really been hard for my great grandmother
02:57 to see that look of despair...
02:59 In a little eight year old.
03:01 Oh, sure. Yeah. Or younger.
03:04 So...
03:05 So you know that I have a family,
03:09 you have a family, there are still really lost.
03:11 What would you wanna say to them?
03:13 We have just a few seconds left.
03:16 Don't give up hope.
03:18 I'd say, just don't give up hope.
03:21 There's a God out there that is crazy about you and I
03:24 and everyone and...
03:28 Just seek out those people
03:30 that are willing to help to hold you up.
03:33 You certainly know the ones that are harmful
03:36 and stay away from those people and...
03:38 Be wise about that.
03:39 Yep, you have to, you know, use your brain to figure out
03:46 who to stay away from but yeah,
03:50 just seek out those that are willing to help you.
03:53 So again, I can't believe you're on the program.
03:55 I love you. Thank you for joining us.
03:57 Thanks for having me.
03:59 I love what you said, Stacey,
04:01 and I just want you to hear that out here too,
04:04 I'd say, never give up.
04:05 We've come from...
04:07 Some of us, some pretty dark places,
04:08 some pretty intense places but God never gives up on us.
04:12 Let's not give up on the people we love
04:14 and when somebody is transitioning,
04:16 walk alongside of them.
04:17 Until next time, always remember
04:19 that God is crazy about you, me too.
04:22 God bless.


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