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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Aaron Bekkela


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behaviour.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 Welcome back, you know, we're talking about Aaron
00:16 and his life in...
00:17 You know, his family owned a number of strip clubs,
00:20 that was their business and they did it very well.
00:24 And all of the sudden, God steps in and I love that.
00:27 So, Aaron, God steps in.
00:29 The club gets sold,
00:32 it is now a church and incredible.
00:35 You're now a Christian counselor,
00:37 went to school, got your degrees,
00:38 all of that kind of stuff.
00:40 And so I would like you to say a little bit about,
00:44 you know, the kind of the bad guy in the story,
00:47 looks like dad.
00:48 All right, and say a little bit about that.
00:50 You know, Michel,
00:52 actually it kind of co-interphrase amongst us
00:55 with my dad, where he was just kind of a bigger than life
00:59 kind of guy or whatever and Michel just said,
01:01 "Oh, he's just the dark side of John Wayne."
01:03 You know, and it was something that really...
01:06 When all of a sudden done, you know,
01:08 as he was dealing with cancer
01:10 and like literally on his deathbed and stuff like that
01:13 or as you go through it, yeah, there is.
01:16 There almost has to be a villain or something,
01:18 you know, and the first...
01:19 And at that point even in his life at that point,
01:23 he's left your mom, he marries somebody half his age...
01:26 Right, he married.
01:27 It's just like a story somewhere
01:29 that he married the stripper half his age
01:31 or whatever and he did.
01:33 And there is so many things with that, you know,
01:36 a brand new will that nobody had ever talked about
01:38 or seen or whatever, literally three weeks before he passes,
01:42 this comes into play,
01:43 which just created a change of events and court
01:46 and this and that, I mean, it was just...
01:49 It was easy to make him a villain for sure.
01:52 Because of the past,
01:53 because of what we were dealing with at that time
01:55 and everything but, yeah.
01:58 If... How did you...
02:00 What do you think about that now?
02:03 You see the villain. No, he's not.
02:04 He's not, he isn't any different
02:06 from the rest of us.
02:07 I think getting...
02:09 Going through everything that I went through
02:11 in getting my degree especially.
02:14 Getting to know some people that I could really trust
02:17 outside of my family,
02:18 that had some skills like a clinician or whatever.
02:23 It was very helpful
02:25 because I was able to look and go who is he?
02:28 Who was he?
02:29 How did, where did this start? How did this go?
02:32 And he had passed, so I couldn't ask him
02:35 but I could reflect back to conversations
02:37 that we had, you know, and why...
02:41 I guess one of the biggest questions for me
02:43 as I look back on it was, why is he so...
02:47 I mean, it's animated, it's like a, almost a hatred
02:50 where anything Christian is concerned, you know.
02:53 And through that thought process I thought,
02:56 I mean, he was a Catholic Altar boy,
02:58 he was, you know, like where do these things come from?
03:01 Where you start out on this path
03:02 and end up or handed up, you know.
03:04 And nobody knows that they've, less back ground,
03:07 did he have any of that kind of stuff you don't know?
03:09 You really don't, you really don't.
03:11 I mean, my dad was a...
03:12 He was unlike the smallest guy in my family sort of thing
03:15 and so it's really hard to envision
03:20 anybody taking advantage of my father
03:22 but he was a 10 year old too at one point, you know.
03:24 Did you ever forgive him, were you able to forgive him?
03:26 Yeah, absolutely, for sure. For sure.
03:28 I just want to say, you know what?
03:30 I welcome to the family.
03:33 Thank you for coming and sharing your story
03:35 of how incredible grace is, how incredible God is
03:39 and there is nothing outside of the reach of God.
03:43 Sometimes we'll say, you know what?
03:44 That family is too gone, that guy is too gone,
03:48 she is too lost, they are evil, that's not true.
03:53 That is not true and what God says is,
03:55 "If you trust me,
03:56 if you turn your life around that I promise you,
03:59 I will change everything."
04:01 So if you're out there watching this,
04:03 remember, turn it around, surrender it.
04:05 And not just somewhere,
04:06 it's only with a very poor of who you are,
04:09 surrender everything.
04:10 Until next time, always remember
04:12 that God is crazy about you, me too.
04:16 God bless.


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