Celebrating Life in Recovery

Prison in My Own Home

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Lisa Eliuk


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Program Code: CLR000129C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behaviour.
00:04 Parents are cautioned
00:06 that some material may be too candid
00:08 for younger children.
00:13 I can't even tell you how much I love Lisa.
00:17 You know, some people,
00:19 we just have to get up and do the right thing
00:21 even when we don't feel like doing the right thing
00:23 and you've been doing that for years.
00:24 You've been fighting for your children
00:26 for years and for your family.
00:28 And right now,
00:29 I know that you're still even fighting for a place
00:33 to get Andrew into.
00:35 Can you say a little bit about that?
00:37 I found a program in Sheffield, Massachusetts
00:39 called the Son-Rise program or America.
00:42 And they have an intensive program there
00:44 that I would like to get my son Andrew into.
00:47 And right now what my husband and I
00:49 are doing are fundraising for him
00:51 to bring him to that program.
00:52 Yeah, I don't do this too often but, you know,
00:56 If you're out there and you heard the story
00:59 and you say, you know,
01:00 what I want to help this family,
01:02 you know, contact us.
01:04 We'll put you in touch with them
01:06 and you can maybe even help get Andrew some help.
01:09 If you have some ideas for them,
01:10 if you are struggling with anything,
01:13 you know, contact the ministry
01:16 'cause we have a lot of things on the website
01:19 they just say how do you deal with this?
01:20 How do you deal with discouragement
01:22 and anger and hopelessness, all that kind of stuff?
01:24 Do not do this by yourself and if it's not gonna go away,
01:28 it doesn't mean that you're not gonna survive it.
01:29 It means that you're going to have to learn
01:31 how to survive it
01:32 and you're gonna hook up with people
01:34 that can say, you know, what?
01:35 Me too.
01:36 So don't do any of these battles
01:39 by yourself.
01:41 And when you hit the hardest,
01:42 know that there is a God
01:43 and there is a day after resurrection
01:45 and we are gonna get home.
01:46 So thank you for joining us today.
01:48 Always remember that God is crazy about you.
01:52 I'm too and know
01:54 that there will never be anything in your life
01:58 that will take you out of the hands of God.
02:01 And it wasn't his fault.
02:03 See you next week, God bless.


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