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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Nico Hill


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behaviour.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:10 There are some people that have been saved
00:13 from the very abyss.
00:15 Surrounded by demons
00:16 and it is a most incredible thing to watch.
00:19 Today's guest, Nico,
00:20 The Dragon is one of those folks.
00:22 It's gonna be amazing.
00:24 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery.
00:25 I'm Cheri, come join us.
00:54 Okay, can God save us from the abyss?
00:57 And my next guest,
00:58 exactly that Called From the Abyss,
01:00 it's an amazing, amazing story or journey.
01:04 But I want to start with some where else
01:05 cause when I first came to Christ,
01:08 when I first got into recovery,
01:10 when I first decided that, man, what if?
01:13 What if I could actually have a normal life?
01:16 What if I could step from all of this darkness
01:17 and turn things over?
01:19 And man, what if God is crazy about me?
01:23 What if He loves me?
01:24 It was a scariest thing,
01:26 one thing went to another and at one point
01:28 somebody gives me a book and the book was called,
01:30 "Ministry of Healing"
01:32 and I read chapter four.
01:34 And chapter four talked about,
01:36 the chapter title is "Saved to Serve."
01:39 And I'm kinda going through that
01:41 and it's all good,
01:42 but I come to this place where it says,
01:45 "That part of the journey was literally
01:48 to look at heaven itself
01:52 and the throne room of God
01:54 and there's a bunch of angels kind of around God
01:56 and they are looking at us."
01:57 'Cause that's the kind of the scene that was set.
01:59 And I'm thinking,
02:01 the throne room of God and angels around Him
02:04 and they're talking about someone like me.
02:07 And the angel says, "Man, can I work with her?"
02:13 That got my attention.
02:15 Can I work with her?
02:16 And can I work with him?
02:18 Can I work with you?
02:19 And what they're saying to God is,
02:21 they are going to stumble around a lot.
02:23 They're gonna relapse, they're gonna mess up.
02:26 They're not gonna be sure of themselves,
02:28 they're gonna have such a hard time
02:29 and I know that I could encourage them.
02:32 I know that I could stand them up.
02:34 And I thought, "Wait."
02:35 There's someone in heaven,
02:38 there's angels in heaven asking to give me
02:41 that kind of strength and that kind of encouragement,
02:43 it changed my life.
02:44 'Cause I thought they would be arguing about the person
02:46 that had it all together.
02:48 The person that literally has degrees in theology
02:51 and can really go out and change someone's life,
02:54 that's not flaky like me, that's not ADD.
02:56 They didn't have addiction stuff,
02:59 that wasn't raised to even question
03:01 whether she had the right to breathe,
03:02 the air she breathe.
03:03 And these angels are calling me out saying,
03:05 "You know what?
03:06 I can help her, I know I can help her."
03:09 And I wanted to cry like a baby.
03:10 I wanted to weep at that
03:12 and saying, "God,
03:14 I have to hold on to the truth of that."
03:16 And I wanna go years later...
03:17 so, you know,
03:18 I really believe that my angel has done all that
03:20 and we'll continue to do all that till my last breath.
03:23 But what was incredible to me, is years later,
03:26 I'm in ministry
03:28 and I'm travelling around the world
03:29 and I'm in Australia
03:31 and I ran into this guy that I am awestruck by.
03:34 I'm really not awestruck by a lot of people,
03:36 I don't know why that is but every once in a while,
03:39 I get star struck.
03:40 And this guy, Allan Lindsay, I'm star struck by,
03:43 when I first came to Christ, he did a book called,
03:45 he did a series called, "Keepers of the Flame."
03:49 And I would sit there or I'd watch this
03:51 and I wouldn't be healed.
03:53 He would say something about some piece of literature
03:56 that he was trying to share
03:57 and I could feel the healing happen, right?
04:00 And so now, I'm in Australia
04:02 and I'm staying at him and his wife's house.
04:04 And I can't even stand it.
04:06 I'm thinking, "God, how do you do that?
04:08 How do you get here from homeless in LA
04:11 strung out on heroin
04:12 with a family that has a various addiction
04:15 to standing in the house of this incredible couple.
04:19 And so I'm doing that outreach
04:21 and I'm working with some folks in Australia
04:23 and I tell Allan
04:27 for the first time in my life,
04:29 "I would like to study what is the judgement?
04:33 What's investigated judgement?
04:35 How is God gonna judge me?"
04:37 'Cause I've been afraid to study that
04:38 because, you know, what?
04:40 Man, if you roll out a scroll of everything
04:43 that I've done wrong,
04:45 all the twisted stuff in my life,
04:47 everything that I would be ashamed of,
04:49 if you roll out that scroll, I couldn't argue any of that.
04:54 I am guilty, I am guilty.
04:56 I'm so far removed from anything that
04:59 I would think that God would value yet,
05:01 I know He values me.
05:02 But I'm afraid,
05:04 how do I learn what the truth is about that?
05:07 So I'm at Allan Lindsay's house.
05:10 So I'll ask him.
05:11 "Allan, I want to study this, where should I go?"
05:14 And he just looked at me and smiled.
05:15 And he said,
05:17 "I want to send you to the testimonies
05:19 and I want you to look at this chapter."
05:21 And so I find it and I open up this chapter
05:25 and it was Joshua and he's praying
05:27 and he's pleading for the people
05:29 and stuff and he's serious.
05:31 He's like, you know,
05:33 'cause you may be in the same boat together.
05:36 So he's like, you know, I wanna pray for them,
05:38 I wanna actually intercede for them.
05:42 And Satan himself stands up.
05:46 Satan stands up and walks around.
05:49 And he walks around like, "Excuse me,
05:52 I just wanna say something.
05:55 You kicked me out of heaven for this guy,
05:59 are you kidding me?
06:01 You kicked me out and this guy gets in.
06:03 Let me tell you what he's done."
06:06 And I couldn't even breathe because that was my fear.
06:09 Is, man, I can't stand up against that kind of argument.
06:13 I don't have anything that I can say
06:15 this is me and it's all good.
06:17 I'm here for the Grace of God.
06:19 I'm here because God said, "Stand up, don't be afraid."
06:22 But, you know, I'm reading this
06:24 and I'm watching that scene
06:26 and scene goes on and on about
06:28 who he is and what he's done
06:29 and finally Jesus Himself has enough.
06:32 When He has enough,
06:34 I could just feel it in the story
06:36 and He walks up and He just quiets everybody.
06:38 And He walks up to Joshua and He says,
06:40 " Joshua, you are standing there
06:43 in filthy garments,
06:45 can I change out your clothes?
06:48 Can I give you something clean to wear?"
06:50 And He covers him with a robe of righteousness,
06:53 so his sins are not even seen
06:57 and He says, "It's done."
06:58 It is finished.
07:00 I have died for him,
07:01 he has the right to be in this room.
07:03 And so what I learned about the judgement is,
07:06 I am...
07:08 it's finished for my case.
07:09 Jesus died for me, He's gonna get me home,
07:12 we're gonna be okay.
07:13 Our next guest, I can't wait till you meet him.
07:16 But I'd like to show you a little roll in of who he is
07:20 and a little bit of what he's done in his life
07:23 and then I'm gonna bring him up.
07:25 I...I just adore this guy,
07:28 incredible.
07:30 But you go ahead and watch this with me.
07:32 All right, now we're going to take you
07:34 into the world of a man who is an ultimate fighter.
07:37 Like the video you are about to see,
07:39 this sport is disturbing for some
07:40 but for "Nico, The Dragon, " it's a way of life.
07:50 It's called the ultimate fighting.
07:52 The idea is to beat your opponent into submission.
07:55 It's been call vicious and barbaric.
07:58 You know, you can't tap out.
08:00 And you can have your corner thrown in the towel,
08:04 but it's an honest thing.
08:06 Nicolas Hill or as he's called Nico, The Dragon,
08:09 is the 1999 UEFA world fighting champion.
08:13 He fought all over the world, for South America,
08:16 for Russia and it's closest Woodland Hill.
08:18 Were you ever scared at any point of time
08:20 when you've been learning?
08:21 Always scared.
08:23 Really? Yeah.
08:24 You learn to make through your friend,
08:25 you just invited in.
08:31 Oh, you may not like it, you may think it's barbaric.
08:34 What it is, is real.
08:35 Nothing phoney about mixed martial arts.
08:37 This feature spotlights
08:39 a local fighter named Nico Hill
08:41 or better known to his fellow competitors
08:42 as Nico, The Dragon.
08:44 And I kid you not,
08:46 this man physically destroys people
08:47 in a steel cage ring.
08:49 But at the same time
08:50 knows the entertainment value of a sports.
08:51 From his movie role, down to his car, The Dragon,
08:55 you can definitely see that Nico has stepped at Hollywood.
08:57 But before he hit the big screen,
08:59 the only way you could catch Nico was on underground video.
09:03 This is how Nico started his career,
09:05 it's known as mixed martial arts
09:07 or cage fighting.
09:08 The object, you and your opponent
09:10 surrounded in a wired cage,
09:12 no rules, fight to the finish.
09:15 You get there, the crowds there,
09:17 they shut the cage behind you,
09:19 it's you and your opponent.
09:20 It's not like football or another teams
09:22 where we've got other people behind you.
09:25 I can't even imagine the angel that said,
09:27 "Let me have that guy."
09:29 He better be a fighter.
09:31 That's all I am saying and I, you know, it's all...
09:34 I'm gonna go ahead and have a break.
09:35 I'm gonna call you back to just meet Nico,
09:39 hear his story and man,
09:41 know that God has the power to change any of us
09:44 and He does it
09:46 because He has a plan for our lives
09:47 and this plan for Nico's life was huge.
09:50 We'll be right back.


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