Celebrating Life in Recovery

Title Domestic Violence

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Program transcript

Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Connie Gilbert


Series Code: CLR

Program Code: CLR000127C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 You know what?
00:16 My favorite part of this program
00:17 is to realize that we have a God
00:19 that says nothing can take you from my hand.
00:21 And I've never lost sight of you,
00:23 never lost sight of you.
00:24 And whatever it takes, I will get you home.
00:28 And saying and I think, often I think, you know,
00:31 what is my goal?
00:32 Is my goal to be cleaned?
00:34 To pull a needle out of my arm
00:35 and not be so crazy in my thinking.
00:38 Is this my goal to have a loving family?
00:39 And I would love that 'cause I love my family.
00:42 We've been robbed by our addictions.
00:44 But I love them.
00:46 Each and every one of them is just so incredible.
00:49 But you know what? My goal is to get home.
00:52 You know, this wasn't how we're supposed to be.
00:54 We're not supposed to be lost in addiction
00:56 or being molested or being abused
00:58 or in dysfunction.
00:59 But you know when I listen to, Connie.
01:01 Connie, when I listen to your story,
01:02 I want to say,
01:04 first of all thank you for being on the program.
01:06 But when I listen to your story,
01:07 it makes me want to kiss God on the face,
01:09 that makes me want to say, God, you know what?
01:12 You do it over, and over, and over.
01:14 You convince some crazy person like me,
01:19 like you, that love can change us.
01:22 Absolutely.
01:23 How cool is that? It's beautiful.
01:25 So as we close, I would like you to look in the camera
01:29 and convince somebody else that love will change them.
01:33 Yes, this is to that woman, that man
01:38 that has had similar or not experiences as myself
01:42 and you're lost, you're still in pain,
01:45 you're hurting, talk about it.
01:48 Don't be afraid to open up and to share your life,
01:52 your pain with someone.
01:54 And God will lead you to that person.
01:56 And when He does
01:57 that will be the beginning of the end of your sorrows.
02:02 Give it a try. God bless. Thank you.
02:04 So not only the beginning and the end of your sorrows,
02:08 but the enemy has a strategic plan for you.
02:10 He lies you in the bondage or the shackles
02:14 like Connie says, that you get yourself in.
02:16 As soon as I see the truth,
02:19 the lie is void from the very beginning.
02:22 Are you kidding me?
02:24 From the very beginning, I think if this is true
02:26 then it's never been true that I'm not wanted.
02:28 It's never been true that I'm by myself.
02:30 It's never been true that God doesn't see me.
02:33 And when you get that truth,
02:34 it's like you just are freed up.
02:36 You take out some clothes that weren't yours
02:37 to wear in the first place
02:39 and you like God himself dress you.
02:40 And He has a robe of righteousness,
02:42 it covers all of your sin.
02:44 It's crazy cool.
02:46 And He said there's nothing you can do to change that fact.
02:51 I adore you. I'm crazy about you.
02:53 So until next time always remember
02:55 that God is crazy about you, me too.
02:57 Bye-bye.


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