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Title Domestic Violence

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Connie Gilbert


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:10 You know for some of us we have believe lies
00:12 from the very beginning, our entire life,
00:16 not sure who is safe and who is not safe.
00:18 Our guest today Connie, that's true for her.
00:21 But when she heard the truth, it changed everything,
00:25 so welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery.
00:27 My name is Cheri.
00:29 Please join us on the cafe today.
00:30 You are gonna be wowed.
00:59 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery.
01:01 You know today we're gonna be talking about lies and truth
01:05 and how do we get free and what's amazing to me
01:08 is our whole season right now
01:10 is going to be covered in a book called
01:12 Victory in Jesus by Bill Liversidge.
01:14 And the book is amazing
01:16 'cause the whole thing is about grace.
01:18 How do we come out from lies that we believed
01:22 maybe from the time we've come out of the womb to the truth
01:25 and I'm serious,
01:27 we have an enemy that strategically says,
01:28 I'm gonna set you up for every lie.
01:30 If you think you got strong on your feet right now,
01:33 tomorrow I'm gonna knock your feet out
01:35 from underneath you,
01:36 and God says, don't believe him anymore,
01:38 you've got to keep looking at me.
01:40 And when I say that for some of us,
01:45 the lies that we're being told become our truth.
01:50 We start acting out, we're using, you know,
01:53 people lost in addiction all the way
01:56 from not only lost in addiction drugs,
01:57 alcohol, workaholism, spending, lying,
02:00 religious addictions, all of that kind of stuff,
02:03 we get lost in that
02:04 so when the enemy comes over to tell us lies,
02:06 man, we can check off.
02:08 Yeah, I did that, did that, did that and God says stop
02:11 'cause the truth is, you are redeemed.
02:13 The truth is you're loved.
02:15 The truth is I've got your back and we're gonna make it.
02:17 And so the scripture for today
02:19 which I think is an amazing scripture is Romans 2:4,
02:23 and it says do you not,
02:26 like don't you have that regard for...
02:29 I'm gonna say it in my own words,
02:31 I'm just not good at this.
02:32 I'm just gonna say that it's like you know,
02:34 somebody says do you despise the kindness of God,
02:38 the goodness of God,
02:39 the fact that God in the midst of our junk
02:43 and our craziness and acting out
02:45 as soon as I literally say "help"
02:48 he's gonna walk with me,
02:50 and he's gonna walk with me until I get it.
02:52 And I want to tell you, I went to Alaska one time
02:55 and it was just a crazy trip.
02:56 It was the first time somebody ever asked me
02:59 to come and talk and I'm new with this
03:01 and I'm just barely, you know, out of,
03:03 you know, 10 years on the street,
03:05 heroin addictions and all that kind of stuff
03:07 and somebody asked me to come do Alaska and talk,
03:09 and I was so excited, I was so excited.
03:13 I thought are you kidding me?
03:14 You want me to talk about God and who I am in Christ
03:17 and what he's done in my life?
03:19 Could you imagine, Connie, I'm like,
03:21 I'm jumping up and down and then they said,
03:23 well how much do you charge?
03:24 And I'm like shut up! Are you gonna pay me?
03:27 And I couldn't even get over myself,
03:29 I said like a 100 bucks, you know, and somebody said,
03:32 well how much you can talk for 100 bucks?
03:34 I said I never shut up.
03:35 It's always like, it was like they said
03:37 we got to sign something, you know,
03:39 so I went to Alaska 16 presentations in four days,
03:42 ridiculous, but I get to this small village,
03:45 a small village and I'm in a school
03:48 and presenting in a school and this little kid comes up,
03:52 she's tiny, malnourished, she looked nine,
03:56 she was actually 12, and she came up when she said,
03:59 "you know what my life is just like yours"
04:02 and I thought what?
04:04 Your life is just like mine? And she said yeah.
04:07 And I'm talking about early molest
04:11 and drug addiction and being on the street,
04:13 I was funneled into a $32 million industry
04:15 at 13 years old, and this little kid is saying,
04:19 "Yeah, I get it."
04:21 And so I didn't know what to say to her,
04:23 I couldn't breathe.
04:24 And finally I said to her, you know what,
04:28 I don't have an assistant, would you be my assistant?
04:31 And she said, "What?"
04:33 I said I don't know anybody, would you help me?
04:36 And she said, "Yeah."
04:37 You know, and she's so cocky, you know, I love damaged kids,
04:41 they're like, "Yeah, I can do that" no problem,
04:44 and so she became my assistant
04:45 which meant that we could hang out,
04:47 that we could be friends,
04:49 that we could talk about those personal things
04:51 that she doesn't have to stay damaged,
04:54 that would ever God is gonna give me
04:56 to say to her I'm saying it,
04:58 and by the end of the time I was there,
05:00 I could see her healing,
05:01 I could see her start to relax in her own skin
05:04 and sort to have hope that maybe someday
05:08 I'm gonna actually be out of that
05:09 and she's a molested kid, her parents are on rehab,
05:12 grandparents have Alzheimer's.
05:14 She's a lost a ton of people in her family with alcoholism
05:17 and liver disease and all that kind of stuff.
05:19 She's trying to stay in school
05:21 by sleeping with everybody in the village,
05:22 I mean just crazy.
05:24 And so now, I'm getting ready to leave
05:27 and I think I don't want to leave this kid.
05:30 I don't want to leave this kid, I don't want to walk away,
05:32 what do you say 'cause you know what?
05:34 Nobody's coming on a white horse
05:36 and saving us.
05:38 You know, and I want to say that
05:39 'cause people think that
05:40 there are everybody's gonna doing that
05:43 and they're not doing that,
05:44 so I knew that nobody's gonna be on this white horse,
05:47 nobody's gonna be able to rescue this kid.
05:48 We're not gonna be able to just call social services
05:51 and all that kind of stuff that it is really a big deal,
05:54 and so I'm leaving and my heart is breaking.
05:57 My heart is breaking like, you know,
05:59 I want to take her home, you know,
06:02 and I know that that's not a possibility
06:04 and so I start to leave and we're praying in
06:07 and she says, Cheri, don't worry about me,
06:12 you know these, we're so cocky as kids.
06:15 We're just like don't worry about me,
06:17 I'm good and I'm thinking in my mind,
06:19 I'm thinking this is not what good looks like,
06:21 and she said, when I first read your book,
06:26 and I thought what?
06:28 What do you mean read my book?
06:30 She said, "This old guy" and he was,
06:32 he's a 1000 years old,
06:33 he picked me up from the airport,
06:35 this was a old guy, been doing ministry
06:38 in the outback in Alaska his whole life,
06:41 and this guy has just changed everything.
06:43 But anyhow this old guy gave me your book and I read it.
06:46 I read it all the way through in one sitting,
06:48 I've never read a book like that all the way through.
06:51 And she said, but when I was done,
06:53 I said God, if you're real,
06:55 someday I want to meet someone like this.
06:59 And I believe the entire Alaska trip
07:02 was for that moment.
07:04 The entire trip that we think we know God
07:07 and the kindness of God,
07:08 we think we know what he's doing.
07:10 We think it's about the gig that I got at the hospital
07:13 or that church or whatever.
07:14 It was about a girl
07:16 in the midst of nowhere that said "help."
07:20 And so when we talk about the kindness of God,
07:22 the fact that God says,
07:23 I am literally gonna turn everything around
07:26 because I love you, because I love you.
07:29 And I would like to say, you know what, that moment,
07:32 she was changed forever.
07:34 Never acted out, never did anything
07:36 but you know what?
07:38 I didn't see a real change in her life
07:39 till she is 21 years old
07:42 but the kindness of God bore with her every single day,
07:47 every single day.
07:49 And in Romans it says,
07:50 you despise God for being that kind.
07:53 Do you hate Him for overlooking
07:55 or for burying over our sins?
07:58 Do you despise Him every time somebody stumbles
08:00 and God says, you know what, I'm gonna help them up.
08:04 Do we hate God for that?
08:06 Because what we have to know about that
08:08 is every single time I stumble and He stands me back up.
08:13 I actually because of His love want to be different.
08:17 Man, I want to get it.
08:19 I don't want to stumble, I don't want to hurt someone,
08:21 I don't want to manipulate,
08:23 I don't want to do all that kind of stuff,
08:25 but God says until your last breath,
08:27 I'm gonna get you home, and I love you,
08:30 so don't despise His kindness,
08:31 His kindness leads to repentance,
08:33 and repentance is a gift.
08:35 I can't muster up, I can't be sorry enough.
08:38 The only thing that makes me see my sin
08:41 and be sorry is His love
08:44 and I'm not sorry 'cause I'm ashamed,
08:45 I'm sorry because I want to be what He sees in me.
08:49 I just want to be that.
08:51 And so today, I'm gonna introduce you to a woman
08:54 that I fell in love with right way.
08:56 I mean, I like who she is, I feel like
08:59 when she started talking, I thought you know what,
09:01 I'm looking at myself, you know, I get her
09:04 and I can't say hate when someone says
09:07 I know where you're at.
09:08 I mean that's so crazy
09:09 'cause we don't know we're each others out,
09:11 we're so uniquely different, but you know what,
09:13 I get about her as I get her beginning
09:15 and where she came from and all that.
09:17 So we're gonna take a break, we're gonna come back.
09:20 I want to introduce to my guest,
09:21 but I want you to know that if you're out there,
09:23 and you're feeling like you're on this yo-yo thing
09:25 and you're trying to figure out,
09:27 am I enough for God?
09:28 Does He actually see me? Can He get me through this?
09:31 I'm gonna say "yes" in every way that I can yes.
09:36 I don't care who you are.
09:37 I don't care and I know somebody's gonna get mad at me.
09:41 We've had got sexual stuff we're doing,
09:43 same sex identity issues, we've got drugs,
09:45 we've got spending, we've got workaholism,
09:49 we're lost in addictions of all kinds
09:51 and God says, "I will not let you go."
09:55 There's nowhere that I, that you can hide from me,
09:59 not because He's trying to shame us
10:01 'cause He's trying to free us.
10:02 And then the freedom of God is so good.
10:06 Stay with us, we'll be right back.


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