Celebrating Life in Recovery

Highlights of Season 10

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), CA Murray


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:04 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:15 As we look back at this season,
00:16 I am so glad that perhaps that the last story moved us,
00:22 or transitioned us
00:23 because Don and Janelle are recovering,
00:27 recovered and now have actively
00:29 leapt into helping others to recover.
00:31 And that's what you're trying to foster
00:33 at this point in your life and in your career.
00:35 You've been mentored.
00:36 Now you're self actualizing,
00:38 you're actually putting tools and mechanisms in place,
00:41 so that what you do,
00:43 you run all over the world but you can't keep doing that.
00:46 But now you're getting other people to run
00:47 and giving them the tools that they required.
00:48 And they're so good. Yeah.
00:50 Better out there than I am.
00:51 So it's even being able to say
00:53 and I'm gonna show you
00:54 just some of the tools we're using.
00:55 Definitely Celebrating Life in Recovery
00:58 and what we do here.
01:00 But we're getting tools on, here is a 14 week program,
01:04 you can do it a home Bible,
01:05 you could do it at a church,
01:07 you could do it at a prison, we have whatever.
01:08 But here is the tool
01:10 and we do training around that tool.
01:12 If you're working with somebody in jail,
01:15 here are some things that you can use
01:16 for somebody in jail.
01:18 Every week you can take them through a foundational work
01:21 from Steps to Christ with questions
01:23 and all that kind of stuff.
01:25 And if you don't know how to do it,
01:26 ask me to put something online
01:28 and we will drop something on.
01:30 We'll do a live question and answer
01:32 and we'll figure out what do you need,
01:34 and how do we get that to you.
01:35 Because our whole thing for the next little while
01:38 is to make sure that you are strong enough
01:41 that you could go out
01:42 and change the world around you.
01:44 And if we could that in every church
01:45 and my denomination alone 78,000 churches
01:48 if two or three people actually get equipped.
01:52 How fun would that be? Yeah, yeah.
01:54 We really change our neighbor and plus it gives,
01:56 it would get the church out of the building
01:58 and into the street where the needs are
02:00 and will enable us to really become relevant to those
02:05 who surround the churches that we attend every week.
02:07 And we could actually do our own healing too,
02:10 because when you speak healing,
02:11 you kind of check yourself. Oh, you do.
02:13 So you're doing that work too which is absolutely amazing.
02:16 Yeah, yeah, so this my dear lady is going to be
02:19 a wonderful season, a very powerful season,
02:22 a season that really takes us again to the very depths
02:25 and then bring us back and says Jesus can do it all.
02:29 He could do anything but fail.
02:31 And he wants to do it all. Yeah.
02:33 So I want to just say,
02:34 I am so excited about this season,
02:36 I am so excited about this upcoming year
02:39 with the mentoring the new mentoring thing.
02:41 Go to the website check it out.
02:43 Make sure that if you need something
02:45 just get back to us and ask
02:47 and till then, always remember
02:49 that God is crazy about you, me too.
03:02 So, you probably thought I was on drugs
03:03 when you saw me, didn't you?
03:04 I said, honestly yeah.
03:06 And she said I used to do drugs,
03:07 but now I am trying to get sober
03:09 and she was having some issues but...
03:12 That's incredible.
03:13 I just want to say, you know what,
03:14 thank you so much for sharing
03:16 and you know for anybody looking is even
03:18 the demoniac in the Bible,
03:20 there was a crazy guy filled with demons
03:22 and God said go tell someone what I've done in your life,
03:25 so that you can help someone else.
03:26 That's our gig, that's our healing,
03:28 that's how we're gonna really find who we are,
03:30 and be in our own skin.
03:33 You know, until next time, always remember that
03:35 God is crazy about you and me too.
03:37 God bless.


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