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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), CA Murray


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:07 may be too candid for younger children.
00:15 And we are back.
00:17 And as you can see, this is going to be a...
00:21 I don't want to say wild ride,
00:23 but, yeah, I think I'll say that.
00:24 I think I'll say wild ride.
00:26 This is going to be something
00:28 as we look into the human experience,
00:29 and what God is doing to change,
00:32 and re-arrange, and just recover,
00:35 and renew people.
00:37 Amen. Yeah.
00:38 And when you say that, to me,
00:40 it's always the most incredible thing,
00:43 I wish people could see behind the scenes,
00:45 because the healing that happens
00:47 even putting us together as you meet somebody
00:49 and you're on the road
00:51 or they come into your life in any way
00:53 and all of a sudden you watch the holy spirit,
00:55 just, do change after change after change.
00:57 Sometimes you can't even recognize folks
01:00 that their journey has been so rich.
01:03 And so, you know, as we get to do that
01:05 and as you get to see that, it is a ride.
01:07 And God is just saying that, "I promise you,
01:11 you trust me and I will do the rest."
01:14 And you know, in my journey, you know,
01:17 it's been years, I've clean 35 years,
01:20 that's ridiculous to me.
01:21 I'm now instead of looking to be mentored,
01:24 I'm looking to mentor someone else.
01:26 And then that whole world starts to change,
01:28 and God says, "Even in that world,
01:31 Cheri, don't think I'm done healing you."
01:33 We had a major, major crash, right?
01:36 Major crash.
01:37 I don't even think I'm gonna survive
01:39 and I am trying to figure out something.
01:41 And God says to me so sweetly,
01:44 "Cheri, what did I promise you when you were saved?"
01:47 And I'm thinking, what did he promise me,
01:49 'cause I think he promised me the world,
01:51 and I think everything changed,
01:53 and it was just amazing.
01:54 He said, "Nope, I promised to get you home,
01:57 I promised you the day after resurrection,
01:59 I promised you there's gonna be a day
02:02 that you're gonna look for this crazy stuff,
02:04 and this pain,
02:06 and this not working out or somebody being hurt
02:09 and you will not find them anywhere.
02:11 Every tear will be dried."
02:13 So even in this season, being able to say,
02:15 we're gonna show all this kind of journey all along the way,
02:18 but we're gonna keep bragging on God,
02:21 he promised to get us home.
02:22 He did.
02:23 And we're on our way home. He did, he did.
02:25 You know, what impressed me,
02:26 and we talk about this on another show that you know,
02:30 we talked about the camera looking
02:31 on something that's ongoing.
02:33 You've had times when you saw
02:34 a break through right here on set.
02:36 It's so fun.
02:37 And you kind of just stop the production process
02:38 and said, "Hey, I think some ministry time going."
02:42 And so you just, the ministry time
02:43 just super imposed itself on the production time
02:46 and lives of being re-arranged right here on the set.
02:49 And what I love about that is that we think God,
02:52 when the camera's got, you know,
02:55 and God's already done the work.
02:57 But that's not true. No.
02:58 So, when you do get that moment,
03:00 like there were times that I changed right on the set.
03:03 You know Stacey and Aaron were talking about
03:06 when I interviewed their brother,
03:09 Aaron's brother, years ago.
03:11 And I'm so angry, my sister is a stripper,
03:14 she's dying in the hospital.
03:16 He's a strip club owner and I want to strangle him,
03:19 I don't want to interview you, I don't want you here.
03:22 I don't think Grace is for you.
03:23 You know, I've made a mistake about all that.
03:26 But I'm feeling that angry and he comes on
03:29 and tells me his story, and I realized that,
03:32 you know, he got hijacked as a kid
03:35 for sexual addictions and with his family business.
03:38 And at one point I started to cry when he asked me,
03:41 "Would you forgive me for every girl I've damaged,
03:44 for every club I've opened.
03:46 Nobody's ever said this to you, but I'm sorry."
03:49 And I listen and I saw the grace of God
03:52 working in everybody's life.
03:53 And we had to stop.
03:55 Amen. Yeah.
03:56 You know, victimization
03:59 plays itself out in so many ways.
04:01 You know, some people just lie down
04:04 and sort of go into the fetal position
04:06 for the rest of their lives and just remain victims.
04:08 Others victimize others, generationally.
04:11 Others turned into a hard, cold people.
04:14 Others become dupes and pawns
04:16 or anybody with a game, you know.
04:18 You got so many things when you run into that
04:21 and you see a little light come on.
04:22 I know you merely kind of stop it
04:24 and kind of mind that thing and fan that flame.
04:26 And that's good, because
04:28 reclamation supersedes production
04:32 and you can do them both.
04:33 But if you see a little light come on,
04:35 hey, you got to chase that thing and get it done.
04:37 And every time you see that,
04:39 it's amazing to me when you actually see,
04:42 who God created that person to be,
04:44 I'm so proud of God.
04:45 Praise the Lord, yeah.
04:47 You know, sometimes we're hiding behind
04:48 all our addictions, all our craziness,
04:50 then God says, "You know what, that,
04:51 if you got to see him, if you got to see her,
04:54 you'd be honored."
04:56 Yeah, yeah.
04:57 It's like a person a week we saw little bit ago
05:00 who is he the beating up somebody or beating himself
05:05 up to the point of bloodying his own face with his own fist.
05:08 You know, that's crazy stuff.
05:11 And yet, God can reach down and take a person who...
05:13 some people cut themselves,
05:15 but I had never heard anybody punching themselves bloody.
05:17 You know, kind of thing.
05:19 Bashing his face on a brick wall.
05:20 Yeah, yeah. Hated himself.
05:21 Yeah, hated himself, just hated himself.
05:23 And now has enough love of God in him to love others
05:28 and most importantly to love himself.
05:29 It's so cool. It is, it really is.
05:31 So I'd like to introduce to you the next rolling
05:35 that you're gonna see,
05:36 when I first met Angela and Jay,
05:40 I was numb.
05:42 It felt like their pain became my pain,
05:46 it was so intense.
05:48 But Angela and jay,
05:50 Angela was at home,
05:52 watching the kids, having a great day,
05:54 throwing some clothes in the laundry
05:55 and till her son was quiet.
05:57 And so she walked around,
05:58 trying to find her 18 month old son.
06:00 And she said I just,
06:02 all of a sudden went to the backyard,
06:04 stood by the edge of the pool
06:05 and he was in the bottom of the pool.
06:07 Wow.
06:09 And everything changed in her life.
06:10 Jay comes home for lunch, he's a veterinarian,
06:13 comes home for lunch
06:15 and there's a helicopter parked in his front yard,
06:18 with all the rescue things.
06:20 And nobody had called him,
06:22 he said, he just started screaming like,
06:23 what happened?
06:24 They said, "Somebody drowned."
06:26 "What do you mean, somebody drowned?
06:28 This is my house." Yeah.
06:30 Everything changed for them and it was...
06:33 I don't think
06:35 they don't try to make this a pretty thing.
06:39 But there journey back to God,
06:40 their journey back to each other,
06:42 their journey to recovery was so amazing.
06:46 It's so amazing. Yeah.
06:47 So then, and Lisa, there's another guest
06:50 that we're talking about is
06:52 that she's an incredible woman,
06:54 married, fell on love, all that kind of stuff,
06:56 has three kids, had four kids,
06:58 one after another dealing with autism, severe autism.
07:03 And then we've got,
07:06 Damas said, I met him 18 months ago
07:11 and looked at him and he was the walking dead.
07:14 And just what happened in his family, in his life.
07:18 And 18 months later he's back on the top of this game.
07:24 So fun, so enjoyed this.
07:25 It is an amazing, amazing season.
07:30 First of all, I'm yelling for help
07:32 and I could not save my child.
07:35 So my second child comes in, 12 years old,
07:39 he became 27 within three minutes, you see.
07:42 He's a little child.
07:44 And he's suddenly in the bottom of the pool,
07:48 and the enemy speaks,
07:49 "Now, I'm going to take hem both."
07:51 I'm here to tell you,
07:53 the rubber met the road right there in my soul,
07:55 because now two of my children are in the pool
07:59 and I can't do anything.
08:02 I remember falling to my knees on that concrete and I said,
08:06 "God, you have got to do something."
08:12 I could have been there.
08:13 You know, I spent my whole life on a day-to-day
08:15 since I'm a veterinarian,
08:17 I'm working really hard to save one pound,
08:20 couldn't happen to me yesterday.
08:21 I was successful,
08:23 yet I was not afford of the opportunity
08:26 and I was not successful with my own son.
08:28 There's a lot of inequity
08:30 there that really will grind on you over
08:32 a long period of time.
08:33 And just like you said,
08:35 you've got all these big questions,
08:36 just like you said, it was who's fault?
08:38 There's, why did it happen?
08:39 And the idea that all those would come
08:41 and you might scream those out,
08:42 you might, but you'll scream them out
08:44 in really slow motion over about five years.
08:48 Every day something happened
08:50 and as I'm doing high ropes with my son and stuff,
08:53 and we're there working to build to work as a team.
08:55 It's about challenging relationships.
08:57 Right, as you're connecting...
08:58 As we're connecting with him, he got me through a challenge
09:01 when I said, "I can't do it anymore, son."
09:03 And make me pull himself out,
09:04 and this is where the parent became the child
09:07 and the child became the parent.
09:08 And he says, "Dad, I believe I you,
09:10 you can do this, I know you can."
09:13 I love that, are you kidding me?
09:15 Now my son is like, this my cool, calm,
09:17 and collected phlegmatic son,
09:18 you know, he just cruises in life
09:20 'cause that's the way he handles special needs,
09:22 you know. And he's like exotic.
09:24 "You can do that, you're so close."
09:26 We ended up being one of three parent-child
09:29 that summer to make it to the end
09:31 and I was exhausted.
09:33 And you know what,
09:34 something happened inside my brain.
09:36 Whatever it was, it actually let me know
09:39 that I was truly valued,
09:41 that I was truly loved.
09:42 That you're not done yet.
09:44 And I'm not done yet,
09:45 and my son saw something in me that I didn't.
09:49 You know, what I really loved
09:51 that it was so powerful to me about our guests,
09:56 especially, Angela and Jay,
09:59 is that Angela came on it,
10:01 she really is used to speaking in front of people
10:05 about her loss and about her recovery.
10:08 Men grieve differently, you know,
10:10 they really handle that differently.
10:12 And when at one point even during the program,
10:15 Jay had to get up and walk out of the room
10:18 and come back, and he said,
10:19 you know, for him, it was years later,
10:22 he's trying to fix everything,
10:24 he's trying to make his family,
10:25 help his family survive, he's trying to do the shopping.
10:29 Wife is in bed he's like, you know what,
10:31 his grieving was different.
10:33 And I think he clearly gifted us
10:37 with a little snapshot
10:39 of how maybe men would handle this.
10:44 And I think for men that don't speak often,
10:47 that don't, you know we grab our friends
10:49 and go for a walk and call someone.
10:52 And he said, you know what,
10:54 he didn't share with anybody hardly
10:56 and now he just repents of that.
10:58 And if somebody even dies in his community,
11:01 he will go out, especially children,
11:04 when people are burying children,
11:05 he said, "I just go stand there,
11:07 and if they want to speak to me,
11:09 I'm available."
11:11 And you know, Lisa, I just love her
11:14 and the struggles and the passion
11:16 she has to trying to make it right.
11:18 And the guy that from New Zealand that you know,
11:23 18 months later, and he is so powerful,
11:29 and so passionate about God, and so right there.
11:33 And I know that we shouldn't say man,
11:39 and I got to be a part of that of how cool is that.
11:41 You know, I know that there's probably
11:42 something that somebody wants to warn you about that,
11:45 but I want to celebrate, I just think, how cool is that.
11:48 I feel like he is my spiritual brother,
11:50 I feel like, you know,
11:52 somehow on the other side of all
11:54 of this kind of stuff in eternity
11:56 that we're just gonna look at each other and go like...
11:59 Praise the lord. Yeah.
12:01 You know, I'm thinking about Angela and Jay
12:02 and their experience,
12:03 I am having past in the New York city
12:05 and I know that the loss of a child,
12:08 when in the care of one of the parents
12:12 can occasion a break up of that family.
12:15 It's like, okay, I'm at work, you're home,
12:18 you're suppose to be watching and taking care of.
12:19 Yeah, we're worried.
12:21 Yeah, we're worried, you know, kind of thing.
12:22 So they've beat the odds on so many levels.
12:28 One, they're still believing in God
12:32 and believing in his ability to keep and hold.
12:35 Two, they're going through this together,
12:38 it's not, I'm here and this is on you
12:42 because I'm working
12:43 and you are supposed to be doing your job,
12:44 you're not doing your job.
12:46 I so fell in love with this couple but Jay especially,
12:51 'cause all of this chaos is going on,
12:54 helicopters, his son is dead,
12:56 they're working on him, had worked on him for so long.
12:59 But he walked through all of that chaos,
13:01 all of that screaming, all of that,
13:04 even neighbors screaming like, "What's happening?"
13:07 And he walked to his wife
13:08 and he put his hands on her face
13:10 and he said, "This is not your fault."
13:14 And I thought, he did what?
13:16 Yeah.
13:17 And so, he really addressed that early on in,
13:19 and not that it was easy for the next few years,
13:23 but she said,
13:25 " I couldn't believe he did that,
13:27 I couldn't believe he looked right at me."
13:29 And what he said even in the interview is that,
13:32 you know that,
13:33 I know how much she loves this boy,
13:36 I know her as a mother.
13:38 I don't know what happened,
13:39 but I know this was not your fault.
13:41 And so even if you are doing a loss,
13:44 and I love the fact that
13:45 we get e-mails from people that said that,
13:48 "I couldn't even hard to watch the program,
13:50 I was just in tears."
13:52 But if you are doing a loss,
13:54 so you don't know what to say to somebody
13:55 that has lost a child,
13:57 and these programs will really help you on what to say.
13:59 Because remember,
14:01 we're switching in a whole different way,
14:02 how do we mentor, how do we equip,
14:05 how do we let people know that this is not,
14:07 here's some tools that you can do
14:10 if you are in that situation.
14:11 Because I've been in a situation
14:13 where a friend lost a child
14:15 and I was so devastated that I backed away
14:18 instead of came forward.
14:20 And I will never do that again.
14:23 I can't change that. Yeah.
14:24 But I have tools now that I won't do that again.
14:28 And I have to say, most people,
14:29 simply because they don't know what to say,
14:31 say nothing and sort of just fold their arms and back away.
14:35 Because, truth is there's no perfect thing to say,
14:39 you know, there's no like you can get out of the box
14:41 and kind of mix in hot water and stir and it's perfect.
14:44 You know, it just not, it doesn't work that way.
14:46 But the fact that they're still together,
14:48 there's no blame, there's no ranker,
14:51 and they're holding on to each other,
14:53 that's what's powerful
14:55 and that's what we can't take away.
14:57 That this kind of loss doesn't have to tear you apart,
15:00 doesn't have to tear your family apart.
15:03 There is no cookie cutter solution for grieving,
15:06 everybody grieves differently,
15:08 and men and women grieve differently,
15:09 husbands and wives may grieve differently,
15:11 but you can grieve together
15:13 and you don't have to push each other away.
15:14 And I want to go to the next roll
15:17 but want to say that, 12 years,
15:19 she couldn't get to the bottom of the pool
15:21 'cause she was screaming and breathing
15:23 in water and unable to...
15:25 and she's a swimmer
15:26 but she said, "I couldn't get there."
15:27 And so, then her 12 year old son jumped in
15:30 and brought his dead brother up in his arms.
15:32 Wow.
15:33 And that boy,
15:34 now works for the United Nations,
15:36 that boy says, "I lived my life twice
15:40 as I what I would have to honor my brother."
15:42 So everybody, not only survived
15:44 but they're incredible, incredible family.
15:46 Amen.
15:47 That's a great, great story.
15:48 That's why you have to watch,
15:50 because we are giving you the tease,
15:53 we are giving you the aerial view.
15:55 You need to get right on a ground
15:56 and get up close to look at this stuff
15:57 because it will change your life.
15:59 It will encourage you, you'll laugh, you'll cry,
16:02 but you'll be encouraged to see the power of reclamation
16:06 and what God can do through, with, for, to individuals
16:11 who simply put it out there and say,
16:13 "God, take it, it's too heavy for me,
16:14 I can't deal with it, you got to take it."
16:16 And he can and he will and, Cheri, he does.
16:19 And we're going to the Victorian Jesus,
16:21 Bill's book.
16:22 But in the book 'God is crazy about you',
16:24 one of the things I was trying to figure out,
16:27 you know, how does God heal us?
16:29 What does that look like?
16:30 But one time I was speaking at an event
16:33 and when I was speaking at this event,
16:36 this woman comes up to me and she simply says,
16:40 "Does your mother love you yet?"
16:43 And I, you know,
16:45 my mom, I love her,
16:47 she's incredible but we never bonded.
16:50 You know, she was damaged,
16:52 you know, I got damaged,
16:53 it was not...
16:55 I don't think it was anybody's fault.
16:56 I mean, she wasn't evil and meant to hurt me.
16:58 Right, right.
17:00 It was just, all of the damage was so severe.
17:02 And addictions and all that.
17:04 But when this woman said that,
17:05 I started crying and it caught me off guard.
17:07 And I'm embarrassed
17:09 'cause I usually don't and I'm crying,
17:11 and she just held me and she said that
17:12 I want you to know that I love you.
17:14 Wow. I love you.
17:16 And I kind of just was in her arms
17:21 and trying to figure out what's that about.
17:24 And little while later, like a few months later,
17:27 I see her again and she says,
17:29 I talk with my whole family and we'd like to adopt you.
17:33 And I'm thinking, wait, I'm 43 years old,
17:35 what do you mean adopt me?
17:37 But when she said that, first time in my life,
17:40 in my own skin, I felt like a wanted child.
17:43 It was so bizarre.
17:45 And we talked then about the bizarreness of it
17:48 and she said, I know, but I think it's from God.
17:50 So she adopts me, her family adopts me,
17:52 John and Marcia.
17:54 So then, I get home from a gig,
17:56 I get the mail and I get a birthday card,
17:59 "Happy First Birthday."
18:01 A little tiny kitty-cat or something
18:03 and I'm thinking, how funny is this.
18:06 And then the next week, "Happy second Birthday."
18:09 And she said, "I'm gonna send you a birthday card
18:11 every weekend until I catch up."
18:13 By the third week,
18:15 I'm by the post box, I'm by the mail box,
18:18 and I'm waiting and I open it up
18:20 and it's a little duck holding an umbrella.
18:22 And she said, "If I would have been there
18:24 when you were three, I would've held you
18:26 and told you how beautiful,"
18:28 and I am weeping and every part of my body starts to heal.
18:32 I finally feel like
18:34 what it feels like to have a mom,
18:35 what it feels like to have that.
18:37 So, even when we start to trust God with our recovery
18:40 and we start to say,
18:41 "God knows exactly what we need to heal."
18:44 And if we are open to that every day thing,
18:47 stay in present in that day
18:49 literally knowing that God himself is our counselor,
18:53 that he is going to come and wrap around what we need.
18:56 Fabulous. That he will bring in healing.
18:58 So, the reality for me is that
19:02 we will get what we need from a God
19:05 who knows what we need and is trying to get us home.
19:08 Yeah, yeah. It's just amazing.
19:09 It is amazing.
19:11 Before you look to the next little bit,
19:12 there's a text that comes to mind,
19:15 just one verse.
19:16 2 Corinthian 2:14,
19:19 Paul writer to the church of Corinthian says,
19:21 and of course, when you talk about the Corinthian church,
19:23 you talk about this functional church.
19:25 The Corinthian church should be
19:28 on celebrating life in recovery.
19:29 They were a mess.
19:31 Yeah, because they were a mess, they were a mess.
19:32 So Paul is saying,
19:35 "Now thanks be to God
19:37 who always leads us in triumph in Christ."
19:41 You know, I'm thanking God
19:42 because triumph is guaranteed
19:44 and that's where the show highlights that...
19:47 "And through us," he says,
19:48 "defuses the fragrance of his knowledge
19:50 in every place."
19:51 So, we thank God because
19:53 at the end of the road there is victory,
19:55 there is triumph.
19:56 God always leads us in triumph.
19:58 If you trust him, if you put in his hands,
20:00 if it's too big for you to carry,
20:02 it is not too big for him.
20:03 Just because you are clueless or I am clueless,
20:06 doesn't mean he is, he's got an answer.
20:08 So he always leads us in triumph in Christ
20:11 and that's what we see.
20:12 No matter how far you've gone,
20:14 no matter how long you've been there,
20:16 he can go down, reach down and pull you back.
20:19 And that's what's so fabulous about this whole thing.
20:21 And what I love about that is
20:24 when you get into the word of God
20:26 and you actually start to open up,
20:28 what does God say is over and over and over
20:31 he says the same thing that, I'll lead you, I'll do it.
20:35 You know, somebody could have met me,
20:38 like you met me years ago, right?
20:40 I'm much different than I am, than I was then.
20:44 I mean, the things that I have dealt with,
20:46 the things that God has allowed me to surrender,
20:49 hopefully, next year
20:51 I'll be surrendering something else
20:52 or five years from now.
20:53 But God says, I will lead you
20:55 in all of those ways
20:56 and when we step alongside of each other
20:58 and actually figure out
20:59 what he means by that, we can heal.
21:01 Yes. So cool.
21:03 Yeah, praise the Lord.
21:05 The next group of folks
21:08 I want to introduce you to is Richie and Timari Brower.
21:12 They are marriage counselors and that cracks me out
21:16 because they were a mess.
21:19 They were a mess.
21:20 They shouldn't even have got married.
21:22 They fought during the whole engagement,
21:25 their first couple years of their marriage was so bad
21:30 because she was damaged
21:32 and then he thought it was all perfect
21:35 but he was raised by a hoarding mother
21:37 and had all kinds of stuff and divorce and everything.
21:40 But when they started to heal
21:42 and realize how powerful God is in healing,
21:45 they had to teach someone else.
21:47 Amen.
21:48 I got to teach somebody. Yeah.
21:49 And then Donald and Janelle Owen,
21:52 they have run our groups,
21:54 Celebrating Life in Recovery in the community
21:56 but they have really been in bondage
21:59 to sexual addictions, and divorce,
22:01 and abuse, and insecurity and they talk about that.
22:05 They may be offensive to some
22:07 because they talk so openly about that.
22:09 Yes.
22:10 I wanted to just hold them
22:12 and thank them for their honesty.
22:15 But you know, enjoy this group of shots
22:19 because it's a pretty amazing stories.
22:22 All the things we didn't know,
22:25 smashed us on the head like an anvil.
22:27 Would that be appropriate?
22:28 Yeah, so we went off on our honeymoon,
22:30 I mean, like lot of young couples,
22:32 we had you know said,
22:34 we're gonna save physical intimacy for marriage
22:37 and so we were excited about the honeymoon
22:40 and talking about how great this is going to be to connect,
22:43 you know, sexually
22:44 and we're looking forward to it.
22:45 And so we leave our wedding day,
22:48 exhausted, you know...
22:49 That's a tiring day. And hungry.
22:51 Yeah, and hungry.
22:53 And we are off on our honeymoon
22:54 and everything fell apart.
22:57 Whoa.
22:58 I had a dream, I know where I came from,
23:01 I came from God,
23:02 and he spoke to me through that dream.
23:05 It was very intense.
23:07 I was in a bar drinking,
23:08 having some fun with some friends,
23:09 there's Donald standing up.
23:12 This old man walks in, he had long white beard,
23:14 long white hair, made eye contact with me,
23:17 he literally look me in the eyes said,
23:18 "God is coming."
23:20 And I just shout up on my bed
23:21 and I just literally ran to the living room.
23:23 I've never read a Bible before, I grabbed a Bible,
23:25 started reading it, I'm like, why am I even doing this?
23:27 I started crying, I'm like, I don't know what's going on.
23:30 And so, I saw those changes
23:32 and I knew that it had to be God,
23:33 it had to be, you know, way beyond him
23:35 because of the repeated times he tried change.
23:39 And so we decided at one point, actually, he was ready.
23:44 Each time like, each step towards God,
23:47 he was ready before I was.
23:49 But he wanted to get rid of our porn stache
23:54 and our toys and stuff.
23:55 And so I said, well, no.
23:57 I'm not ready. I'm not ready.
23:59 And so, he know,
24:01 he got rid of some of his stuff.
24:02 And so you know, eventually,
24:04 I don't know whether I spend some time there
24:06 but eventually I wanted to do the same thing.
24:10 Janelle and Donald are people that I have known for a while.
24:14 I did not know that history.
24:16 And it says a couple of things.
24:17 One, it says that the Lord can totally change you
24:20 and re-arrange your personality that as I see you now,
24:23 I don't even know that you had that kind of past.
24:25 That shows how thoroughly a life can be reclaimed.
24:28 When she talked,
24:30 it was so interesting to me
24:33 because what she said is,
24:35 I just don't want to keep hiding.
24:38 She was hijacked in a sexual addiction
24:41 from the time she was a little girl
24:43 when people were divorcing
24:44 and relationships were falling apart
24:46 and all that kind of stuff,
24:48 and she said, "I don't want to offend anyone
24:51 but I don't want to hide because God was so good,
24:54 and you know, I burned all my pornography,
24:57 all my toys, literally changed my life."
24:59 Or somebody is shocked when they hear this story
25:02 because they just think,
25:04 if anybody is a saint, it's Janelle,
25:05 she's just beautiful, and pure, and stuff,
25:07 and she said, "You know what, I am that, now."
25:10 Yeah, now. But I was not that then.
25:13 And then even Richie and Timmy,
25:18 the same kind of the thing is
25:20 that they have this history that's just crazy.
25:22 And God says, "You know what,
25:23 let me change everything and then go teach someone,
25:27 go mentor someone else, take it out,
25:30 don't hold it just for yourself."
25:31 So we're gonna go ahead and take a break right now,
25:34 but you know, the whole thing
25:35 for this series is go tell someone.
25:38 Heal yourself and then tell someone else."
25:40 All right.


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