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Highlights of Season 10

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), CA Murray


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:07 may be too candid for younger children.
00:11 I cannot believe it is 10 years,
00:13 Celebrating Life in Recovery, and we are still standing.
00:16 We're still here.
00:17 Do you have any idea how many lives,
00:19 how many stories we've highlighted in these 10 years
00:21 that we've been doing this program.
00:23 No, but those very people are changing lives,
00:25 it's amazing.
00:27 Come and join us in the café,
00:28 I can't wait to share this season with you,
00:31 it's so fun.
01:02 Hello, and welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery.
01:04 My name is C.A. Murray
01:05 and I'm in the presence of the lovely
01:08 and talented Cheri Peters,
01:10 and I like to tease her,
01:11 because she's most lovely and talented.
01:12 And this show always
01:15 bespeaks a new season that is beginning,
01:18 and, Cheri, I'm told this is our
01:19 tenth sitting together,
01:21 we're in season number 10,
01:22 can you believe that we've done this 10 times
01:24 that you've been there for 10 years of programs.
01:29 Ten years of programs and every single time
01:32 we start to put it together.
01:34 I realize that this group that we have
01:37 the people that who we're gonna,
01:38 that we're gonna interview are so rich
01:40 and they are dealing with such intense issues
01:43 and I forget it's a program again,
01:44 I'm thinking this is ministry, heck with the program...
01:47 I tell them don't pay attention to any of these cameras,
01:50 let God take you this next step.
01:52 And so it's really exciting
01:54 that I still don't look at it as just another program.
01:58 Yeah and it is not just a little program,
02:00 it is by default we're producing content,
02:03 we're producing television programs for this network,
02:06 but it is active ongoing ministry
02:09 and you know, I have a thing called
02:11 objective camera, subjective camera.
02:13 Subjective camera is a camera just kind of sits there
02:16 and like it's peeking in on something that's going on...
02:19 And that's what this program is kind of,
02:20 something is happening and we get to look in and see
02:23 what is happening and enjoy what is happening
02:25 and be enriched and encouraged by what is happening.
02:28 And I love that. Yeah.
02:29 You know, and when you talk about content,
02:31 this is first year we're doing some changes and they are huge.
02:36 There you changes in that there in between
02:40 seasons people call so
02:42 or sometimes even come and stay at a week at a ranch,
02:46 do some pretty heavy issues that we go to churches
02:49 and camp meetings and prisons and all that kind of stuff,
02:51 and work with, you know,
02:54 anger and addiction and eating disorders
02:57 and workaholism, and religious addiction,
02:59 we work with all of that stuff,
03:01 but I thought you know what,
03:02 how can we do that for somebody that is looking on
03:05 and says I just need more.
03:08 I heard what the guest said
03:09 I get what you're saying but I need more,
03:11 so we're starting our own studio
03:15 so that we're not having to fly here every single time,
03:17 but our own studio at the ranch,
03:19 smaller studio that we could drop content online,
03:23 so if you go to our website,
03:25 you could actually find things that will help you
03:28 through the week or through your month
03:30 just to get your own legs underneath you.
03:32 Yeah. Yeah.
03:34 Because I believe for all of us,
03:36 all of us are so uniquely gifted
03:39 and when we get that and we get some tools,
03:41 we'll change the world.
03:42 And so we're just gonna drop content
03:44 and we're gonna start to mentor people in a different way,
03:47 and if there is anything that you want us to cover
03:50 just send us an email.
03:53 You know, I do love that idea and as I said you before,
03:56 it is the natural evolution of what you do here.
04:00 For two reasons, one you can't cover
04:03 everything in one hour
04:04 and you have several guests,
04:06 so sometimes it's in 30 minutes or even less,
04:08 so questions may arise and people are saying,
04:12 okay, I see that, but I got some questions
04:14 I need some more stuff, then I got place to go,
04:17 and two,
04:21 you may be called or you may know someone
04:24 who's in a similar situation
04:26 and you need some help knowing what to say
04:28 and how to approach it
04:29 because a lot of people we talked about this,
04:31 a lot of people really want to mentor,
04:33 want to help, want to do what they can,
04:34 they don't know what to say...
04:36 Absolutely.
04:37 They don't know what to do,
04:38 they don't know how to deal with that particular experience
04:41 and rather than going and say the wrong thing,
04:43 they say nothing,
04:44 so now I got some place to go to get
04:46 some stuff that will help me,
04:47 in case I want to help somebody with his problem.
04:49 And what I love 'cause I've thought about
04:51 how can we do that the best,
04:53 so not only are we gonna drop the content and saying,
04:56 you know, here's 15, 20 minutes,
04:57 30 minutes on this,
04:59 and we'd try to keep it short
05:00 'cause, you know, people don't want to stay online all day
05:03 but here are some short things
05:05 and then right underneath that,
05:07 we'll say, if you have a question
05:08 you want us to go further, let me know what you need.
05:11 Yeah. Yeah.
05:13 And then we'll, I'll grab somebody like,
05:14 you know, C.A, I don't want to,
05:17 you know, that I love you
05:18 and you have some brilliant teachings
05:20 and you have some brilliant stuff,
05:21 so if somebody needed, you know,
05:24 some insight from a man's point of view on this issue,
05:28 instead of me trying to figure out
05:30 what do I think about that,
05:32 I'll grab someone that I know and love.
05:34 So you know, here's some content,
05:36 ask questions, what do you need
05:37 and we'll drop it on.
05:39 This season I want to tell you
05:40 what we're covering this season,
05:42 every season we go through a book.
05:44 A friend of mine, he passed not long ago
05:47 which I'm really sad about,
05:49 but he wrote a book called Victory in Jesus.
05:51 And what I love about this book is Bill ended up
05:54 putting some things in this book
05:56 I was just talking about what is grace,
05:59 what is about salvation, what did God do,
06:03 what sought of response to that and he's so brilliant,
06:07 so the whole season
06:08 we're gonna go through a teaching on this,
06:11 so at the end of the season you say,
06:13 you know what, I want the book, get it,
06:15 it's a brilliant teaching, but I also have
06:18 because I wanted to for people that don't really
06:22 learn in the same way is I brought a book
06:25 about just different aspects of who God is in stories.
06:29 Same kind of teaching but it's in stories.
06:32 So this season we got, God is Crazy
06:34 about You available,
06:35 Victory in Jesus available,
06:37 and anything that you send us
06:41 helps us to do this content things,
06:43 so if you don't want the book just send us cash.
06:47 So I'm just saying,
06:49 but any so we're looking at Victory in Jesus,
06:52 we're looking at Grace,
06:54 and we even before I want to start showing
06:57 some of the Romans that we did is Victory in Jesus,
07:00 what is Grace, as we start out with Romans
07:04 to forward says, you know,
07:06 God is so amazingly patient with us
07:09 and gracious with us.
07:11 From the child molester to the drug addict,
07:14 to the preacher that is angry
07:18 or husband there're just addictions,
07:20 I mean He's so gracious with all of us,
07:22 and in Romans it says
07:24 are you angry that He is so gracious.
07:27 He is gracious 'cause that leads us to healing,
07:30 leads us to Himself,
07:31 so we're gonna start this whole season with that concept,
07:35 is God will lead us home
07:37 if we just say every day I surrender.
07:41 Praise the Lord.
07:42 I'm impressed that several years ago
07:44 you began to peg each series to particular book,
07:48 which became like the muse for that particular season
07:51 and of course these are two good ones,
07:53 but it also gives the person
07:56 who is watching who wants to get some foundation,
07:59 some place to go and some place to start from
08:01 and it does give a context for the whole series,
08:04 so these are two great books.
08:05 I have not had the privilege of reading this,
08:07 I have to get this and read it.
08:11 I think this is the really cool cover,
08:12 I just, I like the cover, yeah.
08:13 The God is Crazy about You.
08:15 Yeah, God is Crazy about You.
08:16 And I buy books because of titles,
08:18 just see and I'll see a book,
08:19 oh, I like that title, I'm gonna buy and read it.
08:21 I will buy this and read God is Crazy about You.
08:22 Yeah, I'll read that.
08:24 Oh, he's willing to meet even in the writing of this book
08:27 is when I was saved.
08:28 I really got the fact
08:30 that God was crazy about me, I got it.
08:33 I mean, I felt like he was kissing me
08:35 on the face everyday,
08:36 couldn't wait till I got up, to show me something new.
08:39 I felt like for the first time I have a family
08:42 that absolutely delights in me and adores me
08:45 and in the midst of my craziness
08:48 there's hope and there's a direction...
08:50 And but what was really crazy as every time I went out,
08:53 I would watch God do something brilliant for someone else
08:58 and everything would be set up
09:00 and I'm thinking is he doing this for everybody.
09:04 How far is that?
09:06 You know, one little girl left at Alaska,
09:09 she's in the middle of nowhere...
09:11 Read Miracle from the Street which was our first book
09:14 and all she did, she was, had been molested,
09:16 her family are drug addict,
09:18 she has had people die of alcoholism
09:20 and she just said someday I'd like to meet her, right.
09:23 And all of a sudden I get a call 16 gigs in Alaska
09:27 and all I end up on this island
09:30 in front of this kid and I think,
09:32 it was the whole event about her.
09:35 And so the aspect of God saying that,
09:37 you know, what I promise you don't look around
09:40 at all of the big things that are happening,
09:42 I care about you, I'm in your life,
09:45 I'll move things for you
09:46 and devil will scream that's not true
09:49 and we have to really stop listening to the enemy
09:52 and start saying God, are you here right now?
09:56 Do you see me right now and when he says, yes,
09:58 it is so sweet,
10:00 so...
10:01 You use an expression,
10:03 I think no one else on planet earth
10:04 could use this and get away with it.
10:07 But it has become such a part of who you are...
10:12 I feel like kissing God on the face,
10:14 it is such a,
10:16 when you get the mental picture of where that is coming from,
10:19 it is so sweet and so genuine
10:21 and so, Cheri, I just, I really love that, yeah.
10:24 I think that even growing up in abuse home that I...
10:28 at times even as a little girl I thought,
10:31 I wish somebody would even touch my face,
10:34 would even, you know,
10:36 you see that kind of a mother kissing a child
10:39 or a child kissing a mother, I never got that.
10:42 And so to me when all of a sudden
10:43 I just felt God saying that you know,
10:46 there's gonna be a day
10:47 that I will kiss you all of your face.
10:49 That I love you, and I think it's so sweet
10:53 that God knows our injuries and speaks right to them.
10:56 He speaks indeed. Yeah.
10:58 Indeed, yeah.
10:59 So that's what, that is the genesis of that
11:01 and it's a beautiful story,
11:03 and it's a nice way to relate to God
11:05 and to see God relating to you, He really is.
11:08 Yeah, He truly is my father, He truly is my friend.
11:11 And you know, when the first time
11:14 I don't know why but the first time
11:16 He told me a joke, I could not stop laughing
11:19 and I thought did you just tell me a joke,
11:21 and everybody is like God doesn't tell you a joke,
11:24 that's not true, if you ask Him,
11:26 by the end of the day He will tell you a joke
11:28 and I want you to email what it was.
11:30 It's just crazy
11:32 that we have a feeling that God is only this.
11:34 Yes.
11:36 And God says if I was only that,
11:37 I couldn't get you home.
11:39 Precisely. I'm everything to you.
11:40 Ultra-relational.
11:41 Yeah, very much so.
11:43 And he gives it to you in the,
11:45 the way that you can digest it and accept it
11:48 and let become part of you,
11:50 so we've got some good stuff that you do, do we not?
11:51 It's so amazing. Yeah.
11:53 Let show the first time roll in I want to show you
11:56 who's coming on, a friend of mine
11:59 was a mess and she was little.
12:01 I've known her for probably 12, 13 years
12:04 and her husband was convicted of being a perpetrator,
12:11 child molester when he was 18 in high school.
12:16 He turned 18, he still has a same girlfriend
12:19 the day after his 18th birthday
12:21 they actually say you need to register
12:23 for the rest of your life,
12:24 and he's been registered as a convicted sex offender
12:28 since that time and wanting to scream at somebody,
12:31 you know, what I didn't do it and the story is so sad
12:35 but so incredible watching this family healed.
12:40 The other couple on this roll in
12:44 is some friends of mine that I love,
12:47 Stacy and Erin and they when I met them,
12:51 they own five strip clubs,
12:52 they were very, very well to do
12:55 as far as moneys that come in this industry.
12:58 But you know,
12:59 something happened and God stepped in...
13:01 And it's like how you know,
13:03 even when somebody says what do you do for a living,
13:05 and you're trying to figure out who you are spiritually
13:08 and you have to answer I own the strip clubs in town.
13:11 Yeah.
13:12 And it really waxed him
13:14 like how do I do this transition,
13:16 and how do I walk away from everything
13:18 I know his family
13:19 generationally has own these clubs.
13:21 His brothers, he was raised there,
13:23 all of that stuff.
13:25 And Stacy, his wife was a stripper
13:28 and that's what she knew
13:29 and so now this family allows God
13:34 to show them actually who they are in Christ
13:36 and most of us want to throw people like that away.
13:39 And that's what that was coming to my mind,
13:41 yeah, yeah, we just...
13:42 first all we think they're beyond hope,
13:44 they'll never, there is nothing we can say,
13:46 nothing we can do to reach them
13:47 so we just back away from them.
13:49 And even if I could reach them, they should pay.
13:53 Yeah. Yeah.
13:54 They should pay. Yes, yes, yes.
13:55 They erect this whole town. Right.
13:57 Right, yeah. And God said I pay it.
13:59 Jesus said I pay it. Amen.
14:00 And it's such a cool thing that we have to get over,
14:03 that none of us could pay.
14:05 My dad when I came to God was too big.
14:08 So I'm gonna have you watch this roll in
14:09 and know that we can't pay.
14:11 Right.
14:12 We don't have enough.
14:17 So to study even...
14:20 I was on parole after I got out of prison.
14:22 I was on parole for three years which,
14:24 it was a very hard parole years for sex offender...
14:28 It's impossible.
14:29 Yeah, they want you to fail.
14:31 I can't go to parks, I can't do anything.
14:34 But anyway Rayne gets pregnant in a term of parole
14:37 I said about this and she says you can't be around your kid
14:40 until if you take this class for sex offenders.
14:43 Now I was in prison and I have to take this class,
14:45 but I'm on parole I got to take it,
14:48 so for me even be around my own son,
14:51 I got to take this sex offender class
14:53 and so I do it.
14:55 Do whatever I got to be around my son.
14:58 About that time my grandmother
15:00 was getting out of the penitentiary
15:01 she had served her time,
15:03 she got out early actually
15:05 so I guess she didn't served all of her time.
15:08 And she heard about the living conditions
15:12 being so poor and send my uncle for me
15:17 because she was gonna be released and she,
15:20 we're gonna...
15:21 So your bags are packed again.
15:22 Well, if I had any bags
15:24 I would have packed and may have put what
15:26 few things I had into a garbage bag
15:28 and put in my locker at school.
15:31 And my uncle was late picking me up,
15:33 he got stuck in traffic,
15:35 the plan was for him to come and get me
15:38 and then they were gonna rescue me
15:40 and take me back to my grandmother
15:42 and he was late coming in
15:46 and so I just had to walk home,
15:49 and I got beat so severely that day
15:54 and not by my mother,
15:55 but by her boyfriend at the time
15:58 with an extension cord and it was just awful.
16:02 I had woke up one morning and I had just had it.
16:06 And I went and sat down in the shower,
16:10 I turn the lights off and everything
16:11 and I was literally just breaking down
16:15 and I was really letting God have it
16:18 and just that I upheld my end of the deal,
16:20 where are you and very, very colorfully
16:23 letting him know that I wasn't impressed.
16:25 Right.
16:26 And but as it continued
16:30 I remember literally just throwing my hands out
16:32 and tell him you do it.
16:34 Little more colorfully than that
16:35 but literally those words you do it.
16:38 So I got myself together and I got under the shower
16:41 and I just went on with my morning like I normally would
16:43 and went down and turn the computer on
16:45 and there were three mails,
16:48 I don't remember what the other two were,
16:50 but part of the conversation with God
16:55 was that I wanted him to make it
16:56 very obvious I mean like...
16:58 The direction. Right.
16:59 Like what do you want me to do...
17:01 A big white board with bright letters
17:03 so I don't get this wrong
17:05 'cause apparently I'm not doing this right.
17:06 And I found that was the problem,
17:10 I'm not doing this right.
17:12 Well, you know, one of the things that
17:16 we did years ago sitting and writing this,
17:18 I remember you and I made a pact
17:20 that we would not be shocked
17:22 anymore by anything that happened,
17:23 you know, this kind of stories
17:27 says a number of things, Cherri.
17:28 One, no one is too far gone. Amen.
17:31 No one is too hardcore,
17:33 no one is so resistant
17:37 that a spirit of God cannot break down and change lives.
17:40 Two, there is nothing that we can do that shocks the Lord,
17:44 you know, or that makes him recoil from us.
17:48 This industry has destroyed a lot of lives
17:53 and done a lot of stuff,
17:56 but God can reach in that industry
17:58 and pull brands from the fire just like He can by himself.
18:01 And that's what so exciting about what you do
18:04 and this kind of story
18:06 because if God can get in here and change this,
18:08 then there is nobody too far gone for the Lord.
18:10 What's really interesting to me about all three of these
18:13 'cause, you know, Adam comes,
18:16 he comes drunk and still in his mess
18:20 and on a program I remember looking at him and saying
18:24 how does it feel convicted sex offender
18:27 and you have to do that for 25 years,
18:29 and you were just with your girlfriend in high school.
18:32 And he said, you know, I just think, you know,
18:35 I get by one day at a time
18:37 and I'm thinking how about if you stop doing that with me,
18:40 how does it really feel,
18:41 I don't want to hear that stuff,
18:43 I don't want to hear what you tell your parole officer
18:45 and finally he said it feels horrible,
18:47 I'm so angry, I hate everybody
18:50 and I have to drink to survive.
18:52 And when he said that, I finally got it,
18:54 God has to get through somebody that says
18:56 I'm at my at the end of everything
18:59 and even when you get into some places
19:01 for the God himself to reach in
19:05 and pull one of his kids out in the midst of this darkness,
19:09 it is a miracle. It is a miracle.
19:10 It is a miracle indeed.
19:12 And so to me I love that,
19:14 it's truly tough when we start judging one another
19:17 'cause God says don't not even the angels are judging.
19:20 No one's judging right now, we're just trying to redeem,
19:22 we're just trying to get them home.
19:24 Yeah, and that's what so powerful
19:25 about this whole deal,
19:26 because you get a guy, you know,
19:28 he's not checking passports or checking driver's license
19:30 or carding anybody,
19:32 he was with his girlfriend
19:33 and now for the rest of your life because of an act,
19:38 a series of acts you get this label,
19:40 you get this,
19:41 you're put in this category that you know,
19:45 it defines a lot of who you are
19:48 and it certainly defines
19:50 how a lot of people think about you,
19:51 so now it's gonna be the Lord
19:53 and people like you will help me
19:55 think differently about myself,
19:56 'cause the world has kind of toss me away, you know.
19:58 Exactly.
19:59 Yeah, and I'm not that,
20:01 I'm much more than that.
20:02 So to me I think that
20:04 it's really interesting to me is
20:07 what is God doing to redeem people.
20:10 And so I was really glad to show
20:12 that I'm hoping that I didn't offend anyone,
20:15 because I love these guys
20:17 and I feel like there's nobody out of the reach of God.
20:20 There's nobody that grace can't change.
20:23 There's nobody that God can say,
20:24 let me change out your filthy garments
20:26 and nobody is innocent.
20:28 You know, and I would love to say,
20:31 no, no, no, I'm innocent, I was framed.
20:32 You know all of that stuff,
20:34 and God said there is nobody innocent,
20:36 that's why Jesus died, and he did it all.
20:40 He did it all.
20:41 We got to get that, surrender that
20:43 and let it change us.
20:45 So the next roll in I'd like to introduce is
20:48 Verism Barker is a writer
20:50 and she loves to work with many at risk women.
20:54 She puts them to work, blesses their lives,
20:57 steps into their lives all of that kind of stuff
20:59 but she had her own struggles and won my heart,
21:02 she's trying to call me to see
21:04 if I would interview an at risk girl named Connie,
21:07 but her story changed me.
21:10 Well, the fact that for a lot of us,
21:13 we don't slow down to mentor
21:15 and to reaching to each other's lives
21:17 and when we do, it changes us
21:19 and it definitely changes them.
21:20 And so you got Verism, you know,
21:23 I think on this rolling you're gonna see Connie.
21:26 Connie is, you know, a mess, her family was a mess.
21:29 She's been abused her whole life
21:31 and then jumped into her addiction.
21:33 And then a friend of mine, I love this guy,
21:37 and Nico, if you're watching
21:38 I just have to say I love him,
21:40 number one cage fighter in the world in 1999,
21:44 got so twisted, and he said at one point,
21:47 I would not tap out.
21:49 I'm in it for the long run, you know.
21:51 We're gonna...
21:52 one of us is gonna be dead at the end of this fight.
21:54 And that was his life, so enjoy this next segment
21:58 because each of these stories are really different,
22:03 but you'll see grace.
22:05 I remember one day,
22:08 my father wanted some money to buy more jewels,
22:13 you know, so he kept after my mother,
22:15 you know, for money, money
22:16 and finally said you know what she has no more money,
22:19 why don't you leave her alone.
22:21 And of course, we got into this big fight,
22:24 but I stood up to him,
22:25 and I remember her having a nervous break down
22:29 and she went to the bedroom,
22:31 and I know we had a gun in the house,
22:33 and I went behind my mother.
22:35 She said, I can't take this anymore
22:37 and I'm gonna kill myself,
22:38 so she grab the gun and she took it to her head
22:42 and I grabbed her
22:44 and I took it, the gun from her.
22:46 And I remember hiding the gun and then stopping
22:50 and I looked in the mirror and I was shaking like this,
22:54 and I said God, I can't do this,
22:56 this is just too much for me,
22:58 so I was still living with all those anxiety,
23:01 so I would have anxiety text,
23:03 and I would try to go to job interviews
23:05 so to fill out the application you know,
23:07 I was just totally shot.
23:09 So at that point in time
23:11 is when God started to reach me through a poetry.
23:16 And if you ever see a puzzle,
23:18 you need to see the picture
23:20 in order to put that puzzle together.
23:22 It's absolutely.
23:23 Right. Yeah.
23:25 But can you imagine putting that picture together
23:27 or that puzzle together when you had no picture.
23:29 No.
23:30 So here I am in this world with nefarious dark characters,
23:34 I like to see clowns from out of town upside down
23:37 and God, the Holy Spirit,
23:40 Jesus Christ our creative Father
23:43 thought enough of his child who was broken,
23:46 who was lost, who was addicted.
23:48 To start to give him words of compassion and empathy.
23:52 You talk not to be judgmental, I mean you receive that,
23:55 you were told in the home,
23:57 and then as you grow older
23:58 and you get into societies so...
24:01 You get it.
24:02 Then you get the lessons you were being taught,
24:04 so it taught me then that, okay,
24:06 there must be a reason why year after year
24:09 people will be here they're not moving forward.
24:12 It has to be more than that,
24:13 so I need to sit back and get away from myself,
24:18 and stop thinking that I am the example.
24:21 And let me start looking at how I can give back.
24:25 What I love about
24:27 those three interviews was Verism Barker.
24:30 When I first started talking to her,
24:32 I thought she wasn't the one
24:35 that we were even thinking about,
24:36 but man, when she talked about
24:38 how she had to confront the way she looked at at-risk folks,
24:43 they way she looked at situations,
24:45 the way she talked to people when somebody said,
24:48 hey, do you have a dollar.
24:49 She said I worked my whole life,
24:51 I had two or three jobs my whole life
24:53 and gone to school and worked hard,
24:55 what do you mean, do I have a dollar,
24:57 I have a dollar 'cause I work.
24:58 And she said when she realized
25:00 the deficits that some people have with their abuses,
25:03 she said I repented
25:05 and I thought that as a mentor
25:07 she just was life changing for me
25:09 and you met a couple of these folks say.
25:11 Yeah. Yeah.
25:13 Nico you know, Nico is hard to quantify.
25:19 First of all, he is a unusual character
25:21 and he's been through so much,
25:23 and he again, his testament to the power of God
25:26 to change a life and give a person
25:30 who was abused and who abused
25:33 a ministry of reconciliation and healing.
25:37 What a neat guy.
25:38 Somebody who used to beat people up
25:39 and objectify fight people
25:41 and going and just try to murder them
25:43 basically is now trying to give them new life
25:46 and because his life is new.
25:48 And when he won his title that says
25:50 he was Nico, the dragon.
25:51 He says now I'm Nico, the dragon slayer.
25:55 And I love it is that a little motto
25:58 and all that kind of stuff and it's really fun
26:01 because somebody he found his way back partially
26:05 by watching this very program.
26:08 And how crazy is this when he calls
26:10 and he's like you know, what,
26:11 I watched you guys and it gave me hope
26:14 and I stood up,
26:16 and so we're talking about this season
26:17 going into that mentoring world.
26:19 As I get older, I realize that
26:21 I can help someone else stand up
26:24 with all other gifting,
26:25 with all other fears with that the enemy screaming
26:28 and they are not good enough.
26:30 I can say don't listen to them
26:31 because God wants to kiss you all over the face.
26:34 You know, so even somebody like that is just saying that
26:38 as they stand up it is so rich and so beautiful.
26:42 And you see what God has brought
26:43 and that's why...
26:45 If you just sort of watch this show
26:47 and then turn off the TV and go by your life,
26:50 you haven't done everything at the show
26:52 it's designed to do.
26:53 It's designed to motivate you, to encourage you,
26:56 to equip you.
26:58 And now we're moving into that in a great way
27:00 because somebody like Nico who saw this and said,
27:04 you know, he was dissatisfied with his life,
27:06 he just, but he's making money, he's doing movies,
27:09 so from outside looking in, hey, he's got it.
27:13 He's at the top of his game,
27:14 he's the number one in the world,
27:16 you know, there is a planet,
27:17 you're number one on the planet.
27:19 Then you're making movies, you're making a lot of movies,
27:20 you got lot of money.
27:22 Has his own series.
27:23 Yes, your own series, you're doing a lot do stuff
27:25 and yet there is this God size hole in you
27:27 and you know, it's not right,
27:29 but you don't how to,
27:30 where do I go, what do I do.
27:32 And one day you sit down and you watch a show,
27:33 and then light comes on,
27:35 now I know and then a few years later
27:38 you're on that show doing for others
27:41 what that show has done for you,
27:44 that sort of completes the circle,
27:45 man, it's really, really great.
27:46 Absolutely incredible.
27:48 We're gonna go ahead in break. We'll be right back
27:50 'cause you're not gonna want to miss the rest of it,
27:52 it is so amazing,
27:53 this has been an amazing season.


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